the art of masturbation

contest entries

i would like to, once again, thank everyone who participated in shinigami and wing's first contest.... both those who wrote fiction and those who read and voted for their favorite. the contest could not have happened without *your* participation!! *huggles everyone*

and now... without further ado..

*drum roll*

the winners are...

  first place - 'reach out and touch' by [ tkmaxwell ]

  second place - 'deviant' by [ syrupjunkie ]

  third place - 'through your window' by [ tayles ]

*cheers and tosses a handful of lemon shaped confetti around the room* - - CONGRATS!

k. now onto other business...

all fics are online and can be accessed via the fiction page using the link to 'the art of masturbation contest' down at the bottom of the page. please feel free to *poke* those authors whose fics left us dangling mercilessly and are desperately in need of a sequel       *eyes pond and tayles suspiciously*

also, please make sure to check back in the upcoming weeks for the illustrations ponderosa's will be drawing for the winning fics. she draws such deliciously, lovely eye candy... you won't wanna miss them!!!!     *purrs*

until next time...

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