pairings: 1x2 (YEAH), 3x4, and 13x5
warnings: PWP and a lemon *grin*

*stands on top of the 1x2 fortress* Hello all. This is the beginning of the fics for our little duel...a duel I accidently started *blush*

*pulls out her fic gun* READY...AIM...FIRE!!!!! *fires fic...but falls over from the hentai-ness of the fic* *Snow-Bat flies up and catches her*

the duel: 1X2 fires a shot

little duo riding heero: or hentai-fying an innocent fairy tale
by chibi shi-chan

O.K. so one time Randy Beamer's mom had a social to go to and she....oops...this isn't the Animaniacs *blush*

O.K. I need an opening. I know *the room turns dark* Once upon a midnightdreary, while I wander weak and weary....*looks as all the readers get scared* oh...sorry. What can I say, I like Mr. Poe *sheepish grin*

O.K. Since "Once upon a time" is soooo cliche, how about this: Once upon a computer screen during a very interesting duel...yep, that works....a fic writer checked her e-mail and saw she had 113 messages. This interested her to a great deal and she saw that the first shots had already been fired. So, while watching the Great Saiyaman try to keep Videl from finding out his identity, at 3:14 a.m., the fic writer decided to respond to the fired shots. Thus, starting the hentai-fying of a perfectly normal children's tale. I mean, I'm sure many girls walk through the woods to their Grandma's house and have to fight off a wolf who cross-dresses *snorts*

So in this fic there was a boy. Not just any boy, but a cute little innocent little virgin boy. This boy was called Duo. He wore a short, black dress that didn't seem innocent at all...but it was damnit!

Heero: I'm sure all innocent virgin boys wear a dress short enough to show off his ass and a cloak that is SHORTER than the dress so it can't cover anything *leers at Duo*

Duo: What?!?! It's hot in the woods *blush*

Yes, we all know this is Little RED Riding Hood, but hey, Duo-Chan looks delicious in black...or nothing at all..... He had a meter long braid and violet eyes, and was a very beautiful most cute little innocent little virgin boys. However, the guys he stayed with were NOT cute little innocent...ah fuck...CLILVBs (I hope we all know that this is abbreviated)....these two boys were cute little HORNY little DEFLOWERED boys.

The CLHLDBs were Duo's best friends, Quatre and Trowa. Quatre had blond hair and seagreen eyes and his lover had green eyes with a long bang covering one eye. Trowa was taller than Quatre, so he usually used the height rule in his advantage. You know the rule...the taller one is in charge. It's great romance material....

"He scooped him in his arms to bend down for a kiss."

"The shorter boy stood on his tippy toes to reach his lover's lips."

"The taller one pulled the boy against him, lifting him up so their lips could meet."

We all get the picture. Now...since this is Little Black, but is suppose to be Red but Duo looks delicious in black, Riding Hood, we need a reason for Duo to go into the dangerous woods. They MUST be dangerous because in the rules of fairy tales...everything must be difficult....
a) scary woods
b) old castle
c) stormy night
d) hot looking virgin boy...whoops...those are only in MY fairy tales *blush*

Hm...I GOT IT!!! Unlike most Little Red/Black Riding Hoods, Duo didn't have a Grandma. Now horny friends...THAT was something Duo did have. And after you passed the dark and scary woods that were filled with lustfilled creatures....

Duo: Lust...filled?!?!
Shi-Chan: Well sure why not...I got to get to the "riding" part of the fic somehow...
Duo: *blush*
Heero: *grin*

There was a house...a very hentai house...that housed hentai couples. It was actually where Quatre and Trowa met. The master of this house was a very hentai fanfic writer who spent her time watching Gohan and Goten train for the World Martial Art's Tournament at 3:44 a.m. as she participated in the most fun-filled duel there was. Currently, she had a former Oz general and a Chinese boy in her house...her very hentai house...that housed hentai couples. But her biggest project was getting the CLILVB laid. It was a hard task...and before she had a chance to devise a plan...her door bursted open.

"Mistress...we need more lube...but not just any lube...cherry flavored lube." Said Treize.

"Oh really...chapter one or chapter two?"

"I don't mean the fic...I mean the real stuff." Said Treize. The mistress smiled.

"Sure...I'll have someone send you some."

"How about that CLILVB Duo..." An image of the boy popped up reason at all. Just to stare at him as he bent over to pick flowers...his ass on display. For some reason, the CLILVB named Duo wore a thong...not seeming innocent at all but it was damnit!!! The two hentais smiled.

"Sure...I can kill two birds with one stone. You get your C-F-L and Duo gets D-E-F-L-O-W-E-R-E-D." Hey, spelling counts k?

"But how?"

"Easy, he has to go through the dark and scary woods that are filled with lustfilled creatures..."

"Isn't there a path?" Asked Treize. There is an audible "boo" from the readers.

"Yeah, but he's gotta take the dangerous path to follow the fairy tale rules...and ALL CLILVBs follow the rules."

The phone rang at the house that housed two hentais and a virgin. Quatre limped over...cause that's what happens when you're a hentai and wanna *insert some reference to sex here* all the time.

"*yawn* Hello?"

"Hello Quatre...were you busy?" Asked a voice.

"Oh no...not yet anyway. Trowa's been really *insert some reference to being horny* ever since we got that CFL."

"Yeah so has Treize...after you sent us some he's been going at it like an Energizer Bunny...or any other thing with lots of energy." Said Wufei.

"I see, so what's up?"

"Oh, we would like to borrow your CFL if that's O.K."

"Sure...I'm positive I can get Trowa to sacrifice it for a minute."

"Great, so is Duo gonna bring it again?"

" know the fic author has to have SOME reason for Duo to go through the big and scary woods with lustfilled creatures."

"O.K. I'll send it back when we are finished."

"WHAT AGAIN!!! But WHY!!!"

"Because they need to use it. It will only take a minute."

"But...but I don't wanna..."

"Stop being such a baby and just do it!"

"But...Quatre..." Quatre sighed and stuffed the tube in the basket and handed it over to Duo.

"Now go...and don't forget that you have to bring it back...meaning that you have to stay over there until they are finished." Said Quatre. Duo smiled and nodded. As he walked out of the door only one thought crossed his mind:

"Man, Trowa can be such a baby's only CFL...whatever that is."

Now I know what you're thinking...what does he mean...what is it? Well, as I mentioned, Duo is a CLILVB, and that means that he knows NOTHING about sex, especially yaoi sex. Although he really should because of the people he stayed with and the house he visited at least ten times a day. This trip made trip number five. But he really didn't mind the house that much...besides the loud noises that always came from upstairs and the really...I mean REALLY careless people there. Like that guy Zechs who would always drop his pen or something so Duo could pick it up, or that girl Hilde that always ACCIDENTLY dropped her punch/pop/juice/milk/some other sort of beverage on Duo's crotch and INSISTED she cleaned it up.

"How can someone be se clumsy?" As Duo walked, he noticed a fork in the road...sticking in a plate of spaghetti.

"Oh YUMMY...I'm so hungry." Duo rushed over to the plate of steaming, hot spaghetti...then let out a shriek.

"WHAT'S THIS!!! This parmesan cheese isn't KRAFT!" He sighed as he stared at the no-name brand of powered cheese. He sank to his knees and began to sniffle.

"I...want...Kraft..." Suddenly, he noticed a note by the spaghetti.

"To get the Kraft, you have to walk through the dark and scary part of thewoods. The parmesan will be at the house...a very hentai house...that houses hentai couples." Duo nodded.

"O.K. I can get the parmesan and deliver the CFL."

" plan is working." Said the mistress.

"That's great...but when do we get the CFL?"

"Oh...uh...don't you know that he's taking the shortcut to the house?" Treize and Wufei nodded.

"O.K. good, cause I can't wait much longer..."

"What do you mean, you two have been at it all day..."

"Which is why we stay at this house...this hentai house...that houses hentai couples." The mistress smiled.

Duo walked through the dark and scary woods...that had lustfilled creatures, and sighed. This was the fifth time today that these people needed this...stuff. What was so special about it anyway, and what did they use it for? He had asked Quatre and the boy just laughed, saying he'd find out when the time was right.

"But when will that be?" He asked as he continued his journey. Well, according to the scientific calculations of the thirteenth constallation of the formula E=MC squared and that SOHCAHTOA is just a cool, and useful way, to remember how to find sine, cosine, and tangeant...the right time was approximately in about...5, 4, 3, 2, 1.....

As Duo walked, he felt a pair of lustfilled eyes on his scantly clad body. But not just any lustfilled eyes, but lustfilled cobalt blue eyes. Now everyone knows the story of the Big Bad Wolf...and he was a bad wolf indeed. But not as bad as this wolf...this wolf took over that punk's job long ago. Now this new wolf was a bad wolf indeed. He had wild, brown looking but according to the officials moss green, hair and pointy little ears. He wore no shirt, showing the perfectly built body that I wish some of these boys in real life had but nooooo, and wore tight, leather pants that kissed the lower half of his body. And to top it off, he had a bushy little tail that was the same color of his ears/hair. This wolf, ladies and gentlemen, was the sly and sexy Heero-Wolf.

O.K. I take time out to let everyone soak in the image of a leather clad, shirtless Heero as a wolf........who is about to pounce on a CLILVB named Duo who is in a short, black dress with an even shorter black cloak with a thong...







Is that enough time?


Ready? Alright. Anyway, the sly and sexy Heero-Wolf had been watching the scantly clad boy for a while. I mean, he was the one who brought everyone....whatever it was in that basket. He never found out and was curious to know...and today was the day. Yep, at 12:40 in the afternoon after the fic author finally got her ass up to finish the fic while she listened to Just Communication on her very own "Songs for the Anime at Heart, disk 4," CD.

Fic author takes time out to thank her father for making her 6 CDs worth of anime music.

So Heero-Wolf sprinted through the trees to get ahead of the boy. It was time to a good way (hentai thoughts are allowed, and encouraged, in that line)

Duo shivered from a sudden gust of wind that hit him...and blew up his dress showing off his ass *audible cheering from all Duo fans* He suddenly felt a hand on his ass and blushed.

"My my little boy, what a pretty dress we have on." Said a sly and sexy voice. Duo turned to look into deep cobalt blue eyes. He felt himself blush at the lust filled in those eyes. I mean, he'd walk through the dark and scary woods with lustfilled creatures before...but never had he encountered one.

"Thank...thank you...uh...."

"Call me Heero, but others call me Sly and Sexy Heero-Wolf." Said Heero, circling the boy, his eyes roaming.

"Oh, I'm Duo. But friends call me Little Black, but it should be Red but Duo looks delicious in Black, Riding Hood." Said Duo. He offered his hand for an handshake, but Heero just grabbed it and pulled the boy into his perfectly built chest, his arms wrapping around the slender waist. Duo blushed...he was awfully agressive. Another gust of wind blew and Duo's dress flew up again. Heero smirked and ran his hands over the glowing globes, gently carressing them.

"My my little Duo, what a firm ass you have..." Yes, I know it's the other way around in the story but HEY who cares. Duo blushed again as he felt a strange tightening down there that he never felt before

"Uh....the better to...."

"Tempt me with?" Finished Heero, licking on Duo's ear like a cat...or a wolf


Duo then let out a sound that he never made before...but he heard it plenty of times in the house....the hentai house....that housed hentai couples. Thinking of the house, Duo gasped and broke away from the sly and sexy one

*several shrieks heard from 1x2x1 fans, cheers from 1xR and 2xH fans*

"I'm sorry Mr. Heero, but I got to go to the house..."

"What house?"

"The hentai house...."

"...that houses hentai couples? What for?" Now Heero was very curious...what would the CLILVB be going there for?

"Oh, I have to deliver this tube to them...and get my parmesan cheese for my spaghetti." Said Duo, taking out the said tube. Heero gasped.

"This tube?"

"Yes." The tube started to glow, because it wasn't just any lube, but it was CHERRY FLAVORED LUBE!!!

"Wow, I haven't used this in a while." Said Heero.

"Oh really, well I never used it. I don't even know what it is."


"Yeah, my friends use it...a lot...but I don't know what it's for? Could you tell me? I always wanted to know what it was for." Heero smirked *insert evil laughter and thunder here* *1x2x1 fans cheer and 1xR and 2xH fans shriek* Hey, if this was non-yaoi he'd go through the nice path *winks* Heero took the tube from Duo's hand and pulled him close again.

"Do you really want to know?"

"Huh...yeah I do. I want to know why this stuff is so important that they use it so much." Said Duo. Heero smiled, not just any smile, but a lustfilled smile that only Heero-Wolves can produce. Duo gasped as he felt the warm lips touch his. And since he was a CLILVB, he had never kissed before. Heero anticipated this and took it slow. Duo soon felt himself melt in the strong arms, his lips moving on their own accord. He felt Heero nibble at his lips, his tongue tracing them. Duo felt the tongue gently pry his lips apart, and gasped as it entered his mouth. He made that sound again, the sound he heard at the house but never did himself. He felt weak in the knees and clung to the sly and sexy Heero-Wolf's shoulders. Heero pulled him tighter against him, his lips moving to the long neck of the soon-to-be cute little maybe not so innocent little DEFLOWERED boy.

"Is this...part of what you do with this stuff?" Asked Duo, still breathless from the intense kiss. He gasped as he felt teeth bite down on his neck, then lips kissing the sting.

"Part of it little Duo..." Heero then lifted up the boy and placed him against a tree. The sly and sexy one's hands proceeded to explore the untouched body, making the said body quiver.

"Oh Gods Heero-Wolf, what strong arms you have...." Moaned Duo. Heero smirked as one hand went under the front of the dress, caressing the evident arousal there through the silky thong.

"The better to touch you with my dear." Heero kissed him again and sank t his knees, Duo's eyes watching the wolf intently. Heero's hands travelled up the knee high boots and to the long, silky legs. Each part he touched he gave a teasing kiss. Heero uses his hands to spread the luscious legs apart, opening the gorgeous boy to his greedy lips. He looked up at the said boy and licked his lips and proceeded to kiss higher and higher to the thong. Duo gasped when the lips kissed his erection through the thong he wore. His hands went down on their own, burying themselves in Heero's shiny locks. He threw his head back and moaned as he felt Heero continue the maddening kisses.

"Heero...oh my gosh this feels so wonderful. Is this part....of what you do with this stuff?" Asked Duo, panting.

"Part of it little Duo..." Then Duo gasped again as he heard Heero growl and rip his thong off...with his teeth. He blushed as he felt totally exposed to the wolf.

"Oh my..."

"Mmm little Duo, what a lovely erection you have." Said Heero, licking the said part of Duo's body. Duo let out a startled gasp as he felt that slick tongue lick his untouched member. Heero lapped at the wetness on the tip, making Duo dig in his scalp even harder.

"Oh Heero-Wolf...what a...a talented mouth you have." Gasped Duo.

"The better to taste you with my dear..." And Heero proceeded to do just that. Duo sucked his breath in when he felt that wonderful mouth engulf him.

"Oh yes Heero...." Duo began to play with the wolf's ears, making him suck even faster. Duo's body began to shake as Heero gently scraped his teeth against the velvet flesh. Duo never felt like this before as his hands tightened their hold on Heero's hair, his legs getting weak from the pleasure he was receiving. He felt Heero's one hand gently tickle his balls while the other grabbed his ass...hard!

"Oh GOSH Heero-Wolf....what are you DOING to me?" Moaned Duo, feeling his body thrust into Heero's mouth, fucking it. Heero didn't respond, he just met Duo thrust for thrust. The boy tasted like heaven, and he was determined to taste the creamy liquid inside of him. This thought made his change his tactics, letting his tongue stab into the little slit at the tip, his teeth scraping, his mouth engulfing, his hands teasing. Duo closed his eyes tight as he felt something rush through him, something he never felt before.

"Hee...Heero...what is this...Oh GODS...what is this...feeling...." Heero smiled around the flesh, stopping for a split second to answer with one word...

"Cum..." And he took him in again. Duo didn't know how or why, but the order turned him inside out. He knew exactly what the wolf was talking about when he said it, and he threw his head back and let out a loud scream of Heero's name.

"The plan is working..." Said the mistress. The other two individuals looked somewhat disappointed.

"That's good, but I hope they don't use ALL the lube..."

Heero licked up the tasty essence that was Duo. It was a bitter sweet substance, but Heero enjoyed every last drop. He pulled back and watched as Duo slid down the tree, his eyes in a daze. Heero smiled at the boy.

"" Heero gave the boy a quick kiss and whispered in his ear:

"Hand me the lube." Duo nodded and stood up.

"It' the basket...." He gasped out. Heero stood with the boy, but not before giving the ass a playful smack. Duo jumped, but continued to get the lube. He bent over to get it out, his dress lifting up to show the bare ass, but gasped as he felt something hard hit his back side. He moaned when he felt that something hard grind into his virgin ass.

"Mmm Duo, you look so sexy bent over like this, is this short little dress." Purred Heero, grinding harder and faster. The hardening flesh in the leather pants made Duo lose his mind, and he felt himself thrusting back into Heero. His hands reached blindly for the lube, and he felt himself harden again as Heero stroked him, his lips attacking his neck again. Duo finally grabbed the lube.

"Got it." He moaned out. Heero smirked and stepped back, stripping out of his tight, black leather pants. Duo gasped as the sly and sexy Heero-Wolf revealed his nude form.

O.K. *drool* Take another time out to see Heero-Wolf naked....and wet...and sweating....

*nosebleeds and faints*

Duo: Great, now who's gonna finish it?
1x2 side: Come on Shi-Chan get up!!!
Snow: I got it *flys over to Shi-Chan and whispers* RELENA'S GROAPING HEERO!
Shi-Chan: *shoots up* BACK OFF BITCH!!! Huh...*looks at all the readers* sorry *sheepish grin*

"Like what you see?" Asked Heero, spinning around for the boy. Duo nodded, his hands going to take off his cloak...

"No, leave it on. You look so hot with it on." Said Heero. That comment went straight to Duo's arousal and he heard himself moan. Heero laid down on the ground and gave Duo a, "Come Hither," look. Duo slowly walked over to the nude wolf, standing before him.

"Lay down." Said Heero. Duo nodded and laid to him. Heero sighed.

"Not NEXT to me, but on top of me." Said Heero. Duo blushed.

"O.K." Duo then laid down on top of the boy, feeling his erection grind into Heero's. They both groaned.

"Now, put you legs on the outside of me." Said Heero. Duo nodded, now straddling the boy. Heero smiled.

"Good, now hand me the lube." Duo did, watching as Heero coated some on his fingers.

"Now, this is what lube is for." Said Heero. He sat up, making their chest slide into each other, and reached forward to let a slick finger enter Duo's virgin entrance. Duo gasped as the finger wormed its way inside him. He clenched his teeth to keep from crying out in pain.

"Shhh." Heero heard the whimper and began to use his other hand to massage Duo's back. Duo held on to his shoulders and buried his face in the crook of his neck. Duo then licked Heero's neck, wanting to taste the wolf's flesh. Heero gasped, but smiled as he entered a second finger. Duo jumped as they made a scissor motion to open him up even more.

"I know it hurts, but it's to prepare you."

"For...for what..."

"For...what people do with lube." Duo nodded as he tried to relax his muscles. Heero pulled the boy's face to him, and kissed him with all the passion he could. Duo moaned into the kiss as he felt his braid being unraveled, his hair being massaged. As the kiss continued, Heero added one more finger...and hit the spot which drove ALL CLILVBs crazy. Duo broke the kiss and screamed in passion.

"Hm...I found your spot." Purred Heero, hitting it again. Duo gasped as he felt himself trying to plunge the fingers deeper into him. Heero smiled and took the fingers out.

"Why do that?" Asked Duo.

"There's something better than that. Wanna see why lube is used so much?" Asked Heero. Duo nodded. Heero laid back down and put some lube in Duo's hand.

"Now, massage it onto my cock." Said Heero, his voice filled with lust. He would've did it himself, but he wanted to feel Duo touch him. Duo nodded, he'd do it just like Heero did him. Heero let out a startled moan when Duo began to stroke him, getting a good amount of lube on the hard organ. He eventually had to make Duo stop before he came. He then grabbed the boy's slender hips, raised them up, and gently push Duo into him. Duo let out a loud moan as he felt himself take in the hard flesh.

"Oh my GOD...Hee...Heero-Wolf...what a big...oh GODS!!!"

"The better to take you with my dear." Duo sat for a minute, trying to get adjusted to the new feeling in him. Heero was patient, he didn't want to hurt the boy. Suddenly, Duo pushed himself up and slammed back down on the flesh. Heero moaned at the feeling it caused. Duo threw his head back as he continued to ride the sly and sexy Heero-Wolf. Not one to just sit around, Heero began to pound up into the boy. Duo gasped as Heero quickly took control.

"Oh yesssss Heero-Wolf...."

"Who's a Big *thrust* Bad *thrust* Wolf *thrust*?" Asked Heero. Duo moaned as he felt Heero sit up, wrapping his arms around Duo's waist as he pounded into him.

"You big bad wolf...." Heero smiled and licked at the neck again, his free hand massaging Duo's nipples through the sweat soaked clothes. Duo arched his back, his hair flowing around him. Heero gazed at the image in wonder, loving the way the hair touched Duo's delicate body. They contiued their intense love making, Heero taking the fey boy and Duo letting himself feel the things he never felt before. It was so wonderful, so right, so perfect. Duo felt that feeling inside him again, the one when Heero and taken him with his mouth. This time, he didn't question, he let it take over. And as Heero stroked him in time with his thrust, Duo lost it.

"HEERO-WOLF!!!!" Duo's came, and this one was better than his first. Heero gasped as he felt Duo's muscles clamp down on him. He came inside the beautiful creature, Duo feeling the warmth of his new lover. The two held each other, bodies soaked with sweat and breaths blending together. Heero noticed that Duo has tears in his eyes and kissed one that escaped.

" you cry little Duo? Do you regret...." Duo silenced him with a kiss, then buried his head in his neck.

"Not at all my lovely wolf. I...just never felt something that intense before. It's no wonder why they use so much lube, this thing we did is great. What is it called?" Asked Duo. Heero smiled as he kissed the top of his precious Duo's head.

"It's called making love little one...making love."

Hours later, a slightly disheveled Duo emerged from the woods. His hair wasn't braided and was all over the place. His clothes were damp with sweat and his cloak hung on his shoulders. He walked with a slight limp, but he wore a smile that could put the sun to shame. He finally arrived at the house...the hentai house...that housed hentai couples. The mistress answered the door and smiled at Duo.

"Welcome young one, I see you made it through the woods." She said. Duo nodded.

"It looks like you had quite the adventure my little CLILVB." She added. Duo smiled and nodded, then felt someone groap his ass.

"Actually, he's MY cute not so innocent little DEFLOWERD boy." Said the new voice. The mistress squealed and clapped her hands.

"That's great." Just then, Treize and Wufei emerged from the back.

"So you finally made it. Do you have the item in question?" Asked Treize.

"" He felt his Heero-Wolf's arms wrap around his waist, pulling him back into a strong chest. Wet kisses touched his neck as he felt Heero grind into him. The two boys gasped as they watched the two in action. Heero stopped for a second to look at the two shocked faces.


"You've been..." Duo smiled and nodded.

"Yep, and it was great." He said. Heero nodded and proceed to grind into Duo again.

"Oh Heero...maybe we should take this somewhere else..."

"If they want to watch that's fine." Said Heero, lifting Duo's dress up to get better access to the still bare ass. The three gasped at that. The mistress fainted from a nosebleed, and Treize and Wufei just smirked. They began to walk away when Treize suddenly turned around.

"Hey, we still need the lube." An empty tube hit him in his chest. He looked and gasped as Duo was braced against the wall, Heero pounding into the boy.

The two sensed eyes on them and smirked.

"Sorry Treize...we used it all..."

And since "Happily Ever After" is so cliche, we'll just say they lived Lustfully After All *smiles*

Well, that's its for my first duel fic. Hope everyone enjoyed. Now, to go and get more ammo ready.


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