disclaimer: You know the drill.

pairings: 1+2
rating: PG
warnings: Fluff, sappy goodness.

Exclusively Duo

"Woohoo!" Heero heard a shrill cry coming from the field outside the safehouse. 'What is that baka up to now?' he grumbled to himself. Reluctantly, he got up from his desk, where he'd been pecking away at his laptop, and went over to the window. What he saw hardly surprised him, after almost two months of being stuck in the house with Duo while waiting for an assignment. He'd come to expect the braided pilot's quirky behavior.

Shinigami was acting anything but dead at the moment, wearing nothing but his combat boots and his trademark black pants, hair unbound, running through the field of daisies. The wind was blowing his mane in all directions, and the butterflies he was chasing were trying desperately not to become ensnared in it. 'Great,' thought Heero. 'Combing that hair out is a mission I'm liable not to accept.'

He watched as Duo almost caught up with one of the ill-fated beasts, then promptly fell flat on his face, having tripped over something that Heero figured probably wasn't there in the first place. Hair was the last thing Heero saw before Duo was completely hidden by the tall grass and flowers. Then, a hand emerged, waving, and Heero heard Duo yell, "I'm okay, for anyone who's watching!" and begin to giggle.

"Hn." Heero turned back to his laptop, and began cracking yet another of Oz's "dummy codes." There sure wasn't anything better to do, what with that crazy baka outside and Heero not really interested in other sorts of amusements anyway. Until...'How did he know that I was watching him?'


"Oh HEE-CHAN!! I'm home!" Duo said in a sing-song voice, coming in the front door. He was unaware of Heero watching him from the top of the stairs as he steered himself towards the kitchen for a drink. He went to the refrigerator and pulled out a carton of chocolate milk. "Ah, that's the stuff," he sighed happily, and proceeded to gulp it straight from the carton.

"And just what do you think you're doing?" a voice from the kitchen doorway asked. A startled Duo coughed, spilling milk all over his face, and sending some out of his nose in the process. He was a sight, standing there in the kitchen, milk streaming down his face, his hair tangled and full of grass from his romp, bewildered at the fact that Heero had spoken an entire sentence to him without being badgered into it.

That sight would linger in Heero's mind, even as he turned to go back to his room, a shadow of a smirk on his face.


"I'm going out," Heero announced gruffly, coming into the living room, where Duo was watching one of those old movies he was so stuck on. He looked up in surprise. Heero never went anywhere. He certainly wasn't dressed to go anywhere important---he was still in his jeans and green tank top with a black jacket.

"Where?" asked Duo, confused, one popcorn-filled hand poised halfway to his mouth.

"Nowhere special. I should be back in about an hour or so. There are some things I need to get," he said, making his way to the door. "Don't get into any trouble while I'm gone."

"Sure thing, Hee-chan!" Duo grinned. He was still curious, but would let it slide. He had more important things to do, like concentrate on his movie.


When Heero got back, Duo was sound asleep on the couch, sprawled every which way. 'Perfect,' thought Heero. He sat down on the floor a few feet away, and quietly opened the bag he'd brought in. He pulled out a spiral bound book and some pencils and leaned up against the armchair. After studying Duo for a while, he began to sketch.


The next morning, Heero got out of bed and, taking the sketchbook from beneath his pillow, locked it in the top drawer of his desk. He was tired from all the work he'd done the night before and wanted to stay in bed, but he didn't want Duo, who'd stayed on the couch all night, to wonder. And he certainly didn't want to knock the book out from under the pillow and chance Duo finding it. Not yet, anyway.

"Good morning, Hee-chan!" Duo chirped cheerfully from the kitchen. Heero thought he looked strange, because instead of his usual black attire he was clad in denim overalls and nothing else. He smiled up at Heero from the lunch he was packing and stated excitedly, "I'm going to go fishing in the pond on the other side of the field. Wanna come?" he asked hopefully.

"I have work."

"Work, schmirk. What could you possibly be doing now? There isn't any work! No missions, no nothing!"

"I said I'm busy."

"Suit yourself. But don't come crying to me when you get so intolerably bored stuffed up in here." And with that, Duo grabbed his lunch and stalked out the door. His absence didn't last long, though. Sticking his head back in sheepishly, he asked, "Do we have a fishing pole?"


Heero watched Duo from the branches of a tree a ways away. He didn't want the baka knowing he'd followed him. In his lap sat his sketchbook and pencils, which he was putting to good use. 'It's so much easier to draw him while he's holding still,' thought Heero exasperatedly. Unfortunately, that was a luxury he would never know. Duo had already fallen in twice, and when he wasn't in the water he was singing and prancing around the spot he'd chosen to fish from. Still, Heero couldn't help but smile inwardly. Those antics were priceless, and he was recording them for all eternity. He chuckled to himself, thinking about Duo's reaction if he ever (gods forbid it) found the book, which was already almost full. He'd have to get another one, and soon.


"Wow! Did I have a day! You'll never guess----" Duo stopped short when he saw Heero laying on the couch, passed out. 'HE must have had a day,' Duo thought sarcastically. 'What could he possibly have been doing in this boring house?' He then caught sight of a large book with a green cover on the floor next to the couch. 'Ah-ha! So there's that thing he's been guarding for the past few days. Wonder what's in it...?' Duo picked up the book and plunked down in the armchair. He opened the book and nearly dropped it, shocked by what he saw.

HIM. It was him. And a lot of him, at that. There he was, fishing, and coming out of the pond soaking wet, and sleeping on the couch. Him, stuffing his face, braiding his hair, burning his toast, scratching his head in confusion. (Now, when did I ever look like that?) But the most startling one of all was one towards the back. It was obviously drawn from memory, as it seemed to have more detail, more precision than did the others, which were still awfully good, he had to admit. But this one, it---it took his breath away. He saw himself come to life on the paper in front of him, running, arms outstretched, hair sailing behind him, laughing into the wind.

"How did he---I didn't know he could---" Duo was practically speechless. Heero had captured him in nearly every state that was Duo, exclusively Duo...and that's what the drawing toward the back was titled. "Exclusively Duo."

Heero smiled inwardly, continuing to feign sleep. At last, he had found a way to tell him.


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