Disclaimer: You know the drill. The song is "Fade Out" by Radiohead and that's not mine either.

Pairings: 1+2+1
Rating: PG-13 for scary stuff?
Warnings: Angst, OOC? Songfic.

Fade Out

Heero tossed and turned in his sleep, another dream plaguing him. Or rather, a nightmare.

***He could hear the screams, see the explosions, feel the pain, but he couldn't do anything to stop it. He had no remedy.***

/Rows of houses all bearing down on me/

Duo woke up to the sound of Heero's thrashing about. It had been like this for months now. Duo sighed and rolled over to look at his partner in the bed across the room from him. The dark-haired boy's face wore no mask now, and showed nothing but raw emotion. And fear. The sweat on his face and the tortured moans that escaped his lips chilled Duo to the bone. In all the time he'd been Shinigami, he'd never seen nor heard such pain.

/I can feel their blue hands touching me/

***He saw the faces of children he'd never met, their innocent eyes pleading with him to spare them. He heard crying, and shrieks, and crunching metal...he felt the touch of death as he looked down upon the wreckage caused by his hand. "No...make it stop...please..."***

A few hot tears escaped his closed eyelids.

/Hold these things into position
All these things will want this world/

Duo choked back a gasp as he heard what sounded like soft sobbing coming from his comrade's bed. Cobalt eyes opened wide in disbelief, as the braided pilot slipped out of his own bed and crept to kneel beside his friend. "Heero?" he asked softly, the words dying on his lips before they could claim volume.

/And fade out again and fade out/

Duo looked down at his friend, who was breathing heavily but was still very much sleeping. The whispered words fell from his lips, "No. I'm sorry. No..." Tears were flowing freely now, marking trails on smooth skin that was beaded with sweat.

/This machine will, will not communicate
These thoughts and the strain I am under/

***Heero was in the middle of a seemingly endless stretch of field full of beautiful yellow flowers and playing children. He smiled at a little girl who ran by him, her brown hair trailing behind her. He looked over to where her parents were sitting, sighing happily in each other's arms.***

/Be a world child form a circle
Before we all go under/

***Suddenly, the wind started blowing, and enormous red clouds began covering the sky above the field. The playing children and their parents ran for cover from the incoming storm, but Heero couldn't move. His feet were rooted to the ground, as he watched an impossibly bright beam of lighting shoot from the sky. 'Like my saber...'***

/And fade out again and fade out again/

Duo brushed damp hair from Heero's forehead as the Wing pilot's breathing became faster, shallower. He couldn't shake the boy from his restless sleep, so Duo took to stroking his arm and face in the hopes of calming him down.

/Cracked eggs, dead birds
Scream as they fight for life/

***Heero stood in the field in the middle of a crimson downpour. Beginning at his feet and stretching for miles were bodies, thousands of bodies of children and adults and animals. The blood dripped down his shoulders and off his hands as he screamed through his tears. "I never wanted to! I didn't mean for it to be this way!" He sank to his knees and looked at the black sky. "Why the hell did you pick me?" he sobbed, dropping his head in his hands.***

/I can feel death, can see its beady eyes/

Duo didn't know what else to do. Heero was shaking violently, and he was screaming aloud now. Gently, Duo climbed into his friend's bed and put his arms around the trembling boy. He willed calmness into the other pilot.

/Hold these things into position
All these things we'll one day swallow whole/

***Heero looked up from his place on the ground. The bodies were gone now, all evidence of the massacre had been wiped out. The landscape looked as though the color had been drained and had left nothing but grey. All that remained now was a silent figure clothed in black. Two bright specks of violet shone from the otherwise ebony silhouette. 'Duo,' Heero thought.***

Slowly, Heero's shaking stopped. Duo held him tightly, wanting to protect him from whatever was assaulting him in his sleep. He looked down at the pale face, which was pinched and drawn. Eyelids fluttered open to reveal a shock of Prussian blue. ***A figure clothed in black.*** "Duo," Heero said aloud.

/And fade out again and fade out again/


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