Warnings: Duo's POV, Life and Death, but never sad
Pairings: Forever 1+2+1 with (3+4+3 & 5+M & 6+13+6)

Notes: This is my Christmas Present to all my Beloved Spouses: Noa, Emily, Opal, Joriel, Dalton, Becky, Queenie, Olivia, Aimee, Top Ace, Laisia, BZA And Dedicated to my 1x2x1 Family of Loves. Also to my supportive friends, my love to you.

Beyond Life and Death
by Nazarri

I am at his side, as I have been since he started on this physical journey. This time, I did not join him, but I never left him either. We cannot be truly parted: it is not possible.

He owed a karmic debt, so he chose a body-vessel and did what was needed. That happens sometimes, what we do in life effects all. And so it goes.

When he was first in his body-vessel, he could still see me. The veil between the living and not is very thin for the first few years. We were playmates, the parents of his body-vessel thought I was imaginary, silly folk. We would dance and sing, hold hands and exchange sweet innocent kisses.

But as time went on, his body-vessel became more important and the eyes no longer could see me.

That changed little though; he could always feel me, even if he didn't understand what I was. Through the rough times, he would close his eyes and feel the warmth of my love, our love. For it is strong and without end. When he was sad, I would hold his hand and remind him that I was near, even if his mind could not comprehend. When he would shed tears in the dark, I would hold him and stroke his hair.

I watched as he went through the life, forever with him. I was there for it all, the good times and the bad. And as he got older, the veil between the living and not thinned once again.

Slowly but surely, his eyes could see me. Funny thing about a body-vessel, they eyes never change. His beautiful blue eyes would watch me; his smile was enough to let me know that he understood.

The family of his body-vessel assumed that he was becoming senile, as he would speak to me. I would respond, but only he could hear or see me, for we are one. Blessed are we for what has been joined shall never be parted.

Even now, as his body-vessel lay dying, he is smiling softly at me. The body is in pain, trying to push the spirit out. I hear the voices of the body-vessel's family; they want to know what he is looking at.

They are asking what he is seeing, but he does not answer. His body-vessel is wracked with pain in the throes of death.

I take his hand and place a loving kiss there; it is my last needed comfort.

It is time to go.

We stand together; hand in hand we walk away, leaving his body-vessel behind.

Neither of us looks back. There is no sadness or sorrow at what was left behind. It does not matter. We never remember who they were; they do not matter. We only know each other and the others of our kind.

We share a long loving kiss, my Heero and me.

Forever this is the way of things; we are never truly parted, for love is stronger than life or death. It is stronger than anything.

Hand in hand, we walk to the other side.

Ahead, we see our family, forever joined as we are. Quatre and Trowa, Meiran and Wufei, Zechs and Treize, hand in hand they wait for us. A million different names and lifetimes, this is how we are known.

Such is the strength of family and love. We never fear, for we have each other. We are perfect unions of pure love, never tainted by the outside world.

Heero and I join our family. We never speak of our life experience except for the parts that apply to our soul's growth. It is such a joy to be back with our loved ones. It feels as if hardly any time has passed. We are simply not aware on this side.

What we are cannot be defined by the simplistic bounds of life and death. We are sacred and whole, sharing the bonds of spiritual love.

So raise your voices and join the angels in songs of blissful joy. Reach out to your loves and know that you are never alone and you have nothing to fear.

Blessed Be.


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