Pairings: Proudly Duo/Heero. Mentions of Trowa/Quatre Wufei/Zechs
Warnings: Heero's POV, Limey hints for now - and oh yes, Sappy

Notes: I first want to apologize for the two-part ending. But I have two very different things in mind and I will write it better if I break it up.

The Biting Silence
Epilogue B
by Nazarri

Like a gift for the immortal God of Sensuality, Duo slowly removes each piece of my clothing. The fact that he is already nude only reaffirms his status as a deity. His touch is like the fire of life, coursing through me at such depths that I am rendered completely silent. There is nothing in the universe except for the perfection of male looking down at me.

His eyes draw me into their depths, his soul wraps lovingly around mine. I am completely immersed in his very being.

I can hear him purr softly as my skin is uncovered, for his eyes only. Only Duo.

And as I lay upon this bed, my hands grip the velvet covering as my mind struggles to will my breath in and out of my body.

In and out there sparks a craving deep within myself. Undeniable. The eternal need of my soul to be at one with its mate; I long to fill and be filled by him.

My Duo.

He leans forward, letting his loose hair drape over me. With my top long gone, disappearing quickly between fevered kisses, his hair teases my bare skin. He whispers sweet words into my ear. "I have waited for one year to see you in this outfit, and now all I want is to see you out of it."

I feel his lips turn to a smirk against my cheek as his hand slides down and casually slips into my leather leggings, behind the codpiece. He wraps those slim fingers around my passion heavy cock; his grip is firm and sure.

My entire body shudders as his hand strokes me; I need Duo's loving touch.

I envision his beauty beneath me as I make love to him, the primal screams surging forth from us. Lifetime after lifetime, it is so. Flashes of our other selves, immersed in blissful union, burst through my mind.

It is terrifying and comforting at the same time.

I feel him move lower, kissing my stomach, easing the codpiece out of his way. The cool silken strands of his hair trailing down my body, following the path of his kisses. Duo's hand effortlessly works the fasteners on the heavy leather leggings, and then he slides the garment off of me.

As he looks down on me, I see nothing but sheer love in his eyes; he makes me feel so perfect. With him, I am so loved and adored, a treasure of the body, mind, and soul.

My eyes focus on his lips, full and red, parted with intense desire. His tongue slowly traces his lips. There are so many delights that I wish to experience involving that wonderful tongue.

I reach out toward him, silently expressing my body's need of his. A light blush tints his cheeks as Duo moves into my arms.

We feel so much when we come together like this. Our bodies intertwine as one, legs and arms curling around each other. All of our barriers are shed, no clothes or masks, bare to the core.

We share such a joy of innocence, not of body, but emotions. This is perfect and feels so pure of heart. When I think of the horrors of our parentless childhoods, cruel training, and bitter war, we deserve these moments of happiness.

My Duo and I will never be normal as society sees it, but we find our bliss in the best way possible, with each other.

I gently pull Duo closer, pressing my lips to his own. Such a simple act, but truly the most powerful and profound of intimacies. I would never share this with any other than Duo; it would feel dirty.

Our kiss grows deeper as does our need. I know this feeling, as familiar as breathing, the tingling warmth that spreads through my body. My toes curl as my body begins to quiver.

His fingers lightly graze over my chest as I realize that I am flat against the mattress. My Duo is smiling down on me, showing me in every way just how much I mean to him. There is nothing fake or false between us, just an open healthy honesty and respect.

Pushing my hair from my face as he nibbles playfully at my lips. "I want you Heero."

We have moved slowly through our intimacies, savoring each step instead of jumping feet first into the deep end. But now this feels so right.

I nod my understanding; I want him too. My mind is not really certain what he has planned, but I am willing to do anything.

Duo slides down my body once again, placing loving kisses on my cock. My hands are shaking as they weave into his hair. I want more, of what, I am not sure. My cock aches, the throbbing like a pulse.

He takes my hands from his hair and guides them to my straining hardness. I practically scream; it is his touch that I want.

Then I feel his head moving even lower, pushing my thighs wide.

My hand takes a natural course, stroking myself as I feel his lips gently caressing the soft skin of my inner thighs. Duo's moans as he pushes my legs up and as far apart as they will go, exposing me fully.

Duo loves my ass.

He tells me often, especially as he places kisses there. I feel his tongue teasing around before gently brushing flat over my entrance. Every fiber of my being screams in ecstasy.

I want more. His tongue wiggles inside as my hand grips firmly on my cock, stroking myself hard.

Yes, everything about me is beautiful; Duo does everything he can to show me just how precious I am to him. He loves me so much.

"I love you Duo."

The words spill helplessly from my mouth. My mind is barely coherent now and I feel myself getting close to release.

Duo must realize this too as he quickly removes his tongue from my ass and uses his hands to stop mine.

"Wait " he whispers to me.

I gaze up at him, knowing that this is the moment. He is looking down at me, his hair falling around our faces. Great Gods, he is so beautiful.

A cold wetness closes over my raging hardness as I notice Duo's hands are behind him. He is rubbing lubricant on me.

My confusion must show since he smiles reassuringly at me.

Duo moves forward a little, coming closer to my face. My cock feels something pressing against its tip. He purrs as he slowly impales himself on my cock. I can feel every inch moving over me, "You are so mine!" he hisses as I am taken completely into his body.

I can feel the shaking in my body swiftly building into a roar. I had no idea that he would claim me like this. Everything closes around us as I throw my head back in a silent scream.

Duo pulls up slightly and I shake my head furiously, I want to stay in. My cock thrusts up just as he slides back down, riding me.

Riding me hard.

He leans forward, brushing his lips to mine. "I can feel it Heero. Do it, do it with me."

I nod, I am aware of the approaching tides. Waves of crashing ecstasy hovering over us, we are balancing on the edge of eternity.

"Now!" he screams in my awaiting mouth. His body is slamming onto mine as I let go. "Now "

We both fall over the edge, screaming out each other's names. I feel my soul burst forward, meeting Duo's in a melding of spiritual union.

The waves descend upon us, through us, sending Duo and I spiraling together. We feel everything about each other and nothing beyond. All time stands still as we float, a single joined soul in the loving hands of God.

My breath forces me back into my body, I wasn't even sure when I left. Duo has collapsed on me, his release on my stomach and chest. We are quite messy; we don't care.

His hand gently caresses my arm. "You okay?" he asks, almost tentative.

I wrap my arms around him, pulling him tight to my body. "Thank you, Duo."

He smiles against my neck. We both know that I am thanking him for everything.

As long as we are at each other's side, facing life hand in hand and treating each other with respect, there is nothing that we cannot conquer.

Even the biting silence.


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