Pairings: 1x2, glimpses of 6x5/13 and 4x3
Warnings: Lemon

Notes: This fic contains details of sex; you have been warned. It also contains lots of the use of the word "tongue", and silliness abound -

Bondage Duo Gets a Big Surprise
by Nazarri

Bondage Duo
Trussed-Up Heero aka Pookie
Uke Trowa
Super-Seme Quatre
Kinky Wufei
Leather Master Zechs
In-Denial Treize

Love and passion were abloom in Habitat Hentai, but of course every day was a grand celebration for the habitat's true loves.

Trussed-up Heero had chosen a stunning bouquet of red roses for his Bondage Duo. He wanted nothing but the best for the man who held his heart and soul for all of eternity.

Besides, there was something that he really wanted to try, something that he and Duo had never done before. He was curious and ready to find out what it was like … to be on top.

On his way to their dungeon, he heard an obvious uke cry of pleasure from Uke Trowa.

Trussed-up Heero looked through the open door of the conservatory. Super-Seme Quatre was sitting at the piano with Uke Trowa in his lap, riding Quatre's cock for all it was worth. Bouncy Bouncy Bouncy!

Super-Seme Quatre watched as Uke Trowa impaled himself repeatedly. "Oh yes, my uke love, take it! Take it all!"

This encouraged Trowa to move at a faster pace, his cries of pleasure simply a song for his passion.

Shaking his head, Heero moved on.

Further down the hall, he found his other housemates, Kinky Wufei, Leather Master Zechs, and In-Denial Treize together in the den.

Kinky Wufei was bent over a metal bar; his right and left wrists were tied to its corresponding ankle leaving his ass pointing straight up in the air. He was dressed only in a pair of beautiful iridescent faery wings and body glitter.

Behind him stood Leather Master Zechs, dressed in a red leather devil tail and horns. Around the man were various culinary delights to decorate his precious Kinky Wufei with. It was important to find just the right foodstuffs for this art.

Whimpering could be heard from the closet nearby. In-Denial Treize continued with his mantra "I am not gay. I am not gay."

Rolling his eyes, Leather Master Zechs walked to the door. "Come on Treize, come out of the closet, Kinky Wufei wants you to smear something on his ass."

"But I'm not … wait … smear something? Really?" Came the soft yet dignified reply. "Like what?"

Leather Master Zechs smirked, "Anything you want, Treize. Wufei is our banquet. The only limit is our imagination."

Another whimper could be heard from the closet. As Zechs went to work, he could not resist adding one more bit of torture. "And he would love it if you would smear strawberry preserves on his bum and lick it all off. But, if you don't want to join me, I guess I will just have to do it all by myself."

It wasn't long before heavy breathing and other obvious self-pleasuring sounds could clearly be heard from within the closet.

Trussed-up Heero, taking in the scene, noticed a jar of cherries among the smorgasbord of treats. Without hesitation, he walked right in and picked up the jar, he had a scathingly brilliant idea. It was something along the lines of a cherry for a cherry ass …

Leather Master Zechs glared furiously at Heero "Give those back!"

Trussed-up Heero hissed viciously at Zechs devil before heading off toward their bedroom. No one, ever, told him what to do when it came to his beloved Bondage Duo.

He pushed open the large wooden door of their dungeon, hoping to find Bondage Duo waiting for him.

As he entered, the wondrous sound of Duo singing in the shower hit his ears and went straight to his cock. The image if wet and naked Duo always had that effect on him.


Quickly, he went to the bed and set down the cherries and flowers, then double-checked for the other "necessities" under the pillow. He had a mission and everything must be just right for him to pull it off.

He heard movement behind him. Turning, he purred as his love appeared.

Duo emerged from the bathroom, not even bothering to wear a towel. His damp unbound tresses flowed gracefully behind him. Heero never got tired of seeing his beautiful Duo in all of his glorious perfection.

"Welcome home, Pookie." Duo smirked and then slowly moved his gaze down to his hard cock. He lightly ran his fingers over the skin as if amazed at how hard he was. "I was just thinking about you."

Both young men watched as Bondage Duo's hand firmly gripped his cock and pumped slowly. He raised his eyes to meet those of his Pookie. "I want you so bad… I want to touch and taste every inch of you before I bury my cock inside of you."

Trussed-up Heero knew that these words were enough to drive him insane with need. But this time, he wanted something else.

Staring into Duo's eyes, he shook his head no, very slowly.

With a slightly surprised and quizzical look, Bondage Duo smiled. "No?"

Heero nodded no again and stepped forward, determined and confident. He knew what he wanted and he was certain just how to get it.

Looking slightly bewildered as Heero closed the gap between them, their lips barely brushing together, Duo whispered. "Well, Pookie, what is it that you want?"

With a low primal growl, Trussed-up Heero lifted Bondage Duo and tossed him onto the bed.

Giggling nervously, Duo watched as Heero slowly approached him. Like a lion stalking their prey, his eyes never wavered from his target. As he moved forward, he removed what little clothing he wore.

Duo loved the sight of his Heero, so strong and perfect. His hard lines that defined his muscles had Bondage Duo melting into the bed. "Oh Pookie, you look so good …"

Heero crawled onto the bed, settling himself firmly between Duo long luscious legs. Without taking his eyes from Duo's, he grabbed the flowers and practically shoved them into his love's face.

"For me?" Bondage Duo took the bouquet with a warm smile. "But what is the special occasion?"

To answer the question, Heero pushed Duo's hands to his sides and kissed the man he loved soundly. He opened his mouth slightly to deepen the joining of their lips.

Duo was so lost in the glorious feeling of having Heero's tongue slow dance with his own that he almost didn't feel hands lifting and spreading his legs. This left Bondage Duo feeling very vulnerable.

He felt Heero grinding his hard cock against his, he moaned with the sheer pleasure of it. Then Heero's hips began moving in a more thrusting manner, giving a very clear declaration of his intentions.

Bondage Duo's eyes shot open in mid kiss. Oh Gods! He pulled back slightly from their kiss and looked into Trussed-up Heero's eyes. He was rendered speechless by the depths of unfettered lust that stared back at him.

Before he could think, he found himself flipped over onto his stomach.

Trussed-up Heero made some very interesting growling purr type noises as he ran his fingers lightly over the perfect ass displayed before him. He wanted Bondage Duo, to take him and possess him, to ram his hard cock into that beautiful ass that tempted him with every breath.

Grabbing the jar of cherries and opening them, he dipped a finger into the sweet red liquid. Spreading Duo's ass with one hand, he ran the wet finger down the entire crevice, taking a moment to tickle the opening.

Duo panted as he felt himself fully exposed. No one had done anything like this to him. His pleasure had always been on the other side, this was all new. His hands gripped the sheets as his anticipation rose.

Heero took one cherry from the jar. Spreading Duo wide, he placed the cherry at Duo's entrance, picture of cherry ass perfection. Leaning forward, his tongue made wide sweeps around the carefully placed cherry.

Deep throaty moans emerged from Bondage Duo as he felt Trussed-up Heero explore every inch of crevice with his tongue. Nothing in the world could have prepared him for such erotic and sensual feelings. With every stroke of his tongue, a loving kiss would follow: it was simply mind-blowing.

Having removed every drop of sticky sweetness from Bondage Duo's ass, he went for the cherry.

Duo screamed as he felt Heero sliding his tongue just enough to lift the cherry from its secure hold.

Panting heavily and his mind swimming in a thick euphoria, Duo was flipped over onto his back again. Heero immediately covered his mouth with his own, feeding Duo the cherry with his tongue.

Trussed-up Heero reached for the lube stashed under the pillow. He applied some to his fingers before carefully teasing the entrance and sliding a finger inside.

He worked carefully and with patience that he really didn't feel. He wanted to feel his Duo, his warmth surrounding caressing his cock, to thrust his hips repeatedly into his love.

Bondage Duo arched his back as he felt Heero stretching him. He felt so wanton as he naturally spread his legs wider. He found himself wanting more and more.

But he would have to say it. Duo knew that he would have to give consent before Heero would proceed further. "Oh yes, Heero, more! Please!"

Adding another finger, Trussed-up Heero grinned, Bondage Duo was more responsive to the idea than he expected. To add to the final torture, Heero leaned down and licked Duo's cock with a swirling motion around the swollen head.

"Yes!" Duo thrashed at the extreme pleasure. "More! Give me more!"

Heero looked down at the four fingers that he was working in and out of Duo. Well…there was only on thing more to give him.

Duo felt Heero's fingers leave causing a whimper to escape past his lips. He nearly wept with elation as he felt the tip of Heero's cock push into him. And he knew this was all that he would get without consent. A quick small thrust of Heero's hips was all he needed to make up his mind.

"Oh Gods! Yes! Fuck me! I want it all!"

Heero slammed home in a single motion, quivering with desire and lust. Duo screamed with ecstatic joy as he felt every inch of Heero inside of him, possessing him in the most intimate way. Never did he imagine that being filled would feel so incredibly good, so perfect in every way.

"Oh Gods!" Bondage Duo moaned. "You feel huge! I can barely breathe."

With each thrust of Heero's hips, both young men lost the ability to sense anything but each other. Over and over again, their bodies slammed together in a primal rhythm of dance. Their passion rose as Duo pushed up to meet every stroke, working as one, breathing as one, becoming one with each other.

Duo's hand shook as he reached for his own cock, pumping furiously in rhythm to Heero's movements. He felt the edge of his ecstasy approaching fast.

"Yes! Do it! Now, fuck me hard!"

Giving his love all that he had, Heero threw back his head as he roared, releasing his seed into Duo's incredible heat. Rapture took them both over together. Duo's hoarse screams shook the house.

Trussed-up Heero collapsed onto his beloved Bondage Duo, feeling sated and loved.

Barely able to find strength for his voice, Duo whispered, his words filled with wonder. "Do you have any idea how perfect that feels?"

Heero nodded yes from the confines in the crook of Duo's neck.

With a snicker, Duo realized how true that was. "Yes, my love, I guess you do."

Bondage Duo ran his fingers over Trussed-up Heero, his very touch bringing his mate quickly back to passion. "You know, I hate to be a pushy bastard, but let's do that again."

He felt Trussed-up Heero harden quickly within him, driving Bondage Duo to be at his mercy again.

Leave it to Trussed-up Heero to make an uke out of Bondage Duo.


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