pairings: 1X2, 4X3, 5Xdancer, 5XM
warnings: yaoi, AU, serious sap, lemon
category: romance

notes:This is a birthday gift for Dena Pearson - Happy Birthday (four and a half months late, but this one is for you.) Your wonderful Duo/Heero fics and lemons have always been an inspiration to me.

This is my idea of Duo and Heero's first time.

Desert Night Passion
by Nazarri

The tie-dye of sunset announced the approach of night over the desert camp. Men scurried to build the large communal fire while cooks prepared food. Servants went to the task of lighting candles and incense within the tents. Warriors laughed and exchanged stories of battle as the devout tended to their prayers.

This all went unnoticed by Duo as stood at the edge of the camp scanning the harsh landscape. Watching the last of the sky's fading colors as the desert winds blew through the stray strands of his hair. He was lost in his own little world, wondering if Heero would make it back anytime soon.

Watching the stars grow brighter in the encroaching blanket of night, he suppressed the urge to laugh aloud. Their brilliance, no matter how bright or beautiful, was nothing compared to the deep love beaming in his heart.

Before he ever set eyes upon his true love, Duo never believed in such things. But one look into those eyes sent his known world out of the window. There was a fine line between coincidence and fate; that line was crossed the moment that his eyes met Heero's.

From that moment on, Duo knew that past and future lives were reality and that the soul lived forever mated to another. He had found the missing piece of his heart and it brought him to life, as if God had opened the door to forever.

Duo Maxwell knew for a certainty that his soul was mated to that of Heero Yuy.

But he would not act upon this knowledge.

This was war. They had forever to remember who they were to each other.


Content to be wrapped in the arms of his own true love, Quatre watched Duo from afar. His sage eyes noticed the serious tone that emanated from his friend and it weighed heavily upon his heart. "He misses Heero."

Trowa's gaze was drawn over Quatre's head to the braided figure silhouetted against the fading sunset. He sighed heavily, "Yes he does."

"Why is it so hard for them?" Quatre asked sadly. He leaned back into Trowa, forever grateful that they got to be together. They were each other's refuge within the constant horrors of war that surrounded them.

He only wished that Duo and Heero could find such solace in each other. Quatre knew that their true strength could be found in what they shared.

Trowa kissed the top of Quatre's head, the cool silk felt wonderful to his lips. "It will come to them. Just give it time, my Love."

Rashid approached Trowa and Quatre. "Master Quatre?"

Quatre, not pulling his gaze from his friend, answered softly. "Yes Rashid?"

The tall man followed Quatre's line of vision, concern crossing his face. "Your comrade Duo seems to be lacking for something. I was wondering if you had any suggestions. I would ask him myself, but I do not wish to intrude."

Quatre graced Rashid with a warm understanding smile. "You are a kind man, Rashid, but no one here can help him. Only Heero can fill the hollow feeling inside of Duo."

Rashid glanced at Trowa; but as usual, the taller pilot's face was unreadable. He then looked down at Quatre. "Heero? I do not understand."

Quatre wondered if this was why Duo and Heero had such a hard time. Was the world so cruel and closed-hearted that the obvious could not be seen? Did they fight what their hearts knew because the rest of the world turned a blind eye to them, refusing the truth? Quatre found this unacceptable and he would not tolerate it from those around him or his loved ones. "As Trowa and I are sacred, so are Duo and Heero. They are a single flame that burns throughout eternity, just as we do. To treat what they have as being less than what Trowa and I share is an insult to us as well Duo and Heero."

Rashid nodded. "Of course, Master Quatre."

Before the man could get far, Quatre thought of something else. "Oh Rashid? Would you make sure that someone sees to Duo's bath. I'm sure that he would like to wash the desert heat from his skin."

Turning within the circle of Trowa's arms, Quatre looked up into his love's face. Those gorgeous green eyes burned with endless desire. Trowa tilted Quatre's chin up, ever so slowly, basking in the warmth of their passion.

Knowing what Trowa craved, Quatre smirked. "Perhaps we should have our dinner brought to our tent instead of joining the others?"

"Indeed." Trowa whispered as he pressed his lips to Quatre's, relieving any doubt of their oneness to those around them.


Wufei too, was concerned for their friend. He watched Duo from a safe distance among the sea of tents. He knew and understood the longing that called from Duo's soul, he felt such yearnings for his beloved Meiran. Though she was no longer with the living, he could still feel her with him, always.

It pained him to see two of his soul brothers dance around each other, to deny what was right for them. Like Meiran and himself, Duo and Heero burned as one.

Deciding to take the time for mediation and prayer before dinner, Wufei headed back to his private tent. He kept his mind focused on his soul brothers and reuniting them.

Kneeling at his portable altar, Wufei took a moment to clear his mind and center. He opened his eyes; with sincere reverence, he lit the three candles set before him.

As he lit the first candle, he felt Meiran's spirit surround him, the strength of their bond clear once again. A single tear rolled down his cheek. "Love to you, my beloved wife, most precious to my heart. For us, the vision of honor and justice."

Wufei lit the second candle. "For Trowa and Quatre, vision of purity and heart." He took a deep breath as he lit the last candle.

"For Duo and Heero, the vision of strength and passion." Wufei focused on the last candle. "Meiran, guide our soul brothers, show them the way. Remind them of what they are to each other, that they are but one in the eyes of the universe."

As he continued his meditation, Wufei felt a stranger's eyes upon him. With incredible strength of will, he pulled himself back. He turned his head in the stranger's direction, feeling the visual caress across his chest. No fear. He opened his eyes to gaze upon one so bold.

Wufei found a breath-taking creature watching him through the opening of his tent. This luscious vision of male beauty was watching Wufei with a kind of lust that sent heat straight to the loins. The young man's dark hair was almost as long as Duo's; it was currently loose and free, caressing the muscles of his tattooed upper arms. Wufei remembered seeing the young man before, he danced around the fires during drum circle. Wufei gasped as the young man softly rolled his hips in his direction in a very blatant invitation and then slowly kissed the air before moving out of Wufei's sight.

Forcing himself to breathe again, Wufei stood and followed with only one thought on his mind.


The chill of the night desert washed over Heero as he headed toward the collection of colorful ethnic tents in front of him. Quatre's latest safehouse idea was to disguise themselves and the Maganacs as a nomadic tribe of the desert. It was extremely mobile and would not draw unnecessary attention to a large group of men.

The rhythm of drums and percussion could be heard in the center where many of the men were gathered around a large fire. A slow sensuous beat coursed through the tents as Heero made his way through the maze. The alto voice of a young man floated in the air giving it a heady aura.

Heero approached the fire looking for any of his comrades. Many of the Maganacs sat around laughing and eating. Some of the men had formed a drum circle, recreating the ancient sounds of their ancestors. A few of the young and beautiful men danced to the heavy beat of the drums, enticing all with their sexual movements.

He could see Wufei on the far side of the fire watching one of the dancers with an openly lustful expression. The young man undulated in front of Wufei obviously feeling that he had found a lover for the night. And by Wufei's expression, he was most likely right. It didn't surprise Heero at all to see the dancer straddle the pilot's lap and push the front of his loose pants down to show Wufei his desire. Those around them applauded as Wufei accepted the offer with a kiss to the exposed flesh.

Trowa and Quatre were absent from the festivities, most likely off somewhere worshipping each other in private. So where was Duo?

It was very important to Heero that he made sure that Duo was protected, safe, and comfortable. He had even made it part of his routine. Check his Gundam, file his report, and see to Duo. Heero was not quite sure why Duo was so important to him, but he decided that it was best to follow his feelings even if he didn't understand what they were.

"Master Heero" Rashid interrupted the young pilot's thoughts. "I assume that your mission was successful."

Heero gave a single nod in reply and continued his visual search for Duo.

"Master Quatre has retired for the night, I will inform him of your safe return. Allow me to have someone bring you food and drink."

There was no doubt in Heero's mind that Duo would make his presence known soon enough, but he did not want to wait. "Duo."

Rashid seemed to immediately understand that food and water was not what Heero needed. It was the one with the long braid and vibrant amethyst eyes, just as Quatre had said. With a nod, Rashid motioned Heero toward a tent just off to the side of the fire.

Heero pushed aside the flap and quickly found his very being drowning in a swirl of unidentifiable and conflicting emotions.

The tent floor was covered with earth colored carpets and carelessly strewn textured floor pillows. A soft warm glow from brass candle plates covered with white wax pillars illuminated the small area. Incense filled the air with an erotic aroma that simply added to the effect of the music that seemed to surround them.

This was not what had Heero's undivided attention. It was the stunning nude figure in front of him with the ivory skin kissed golden by the candlelight. The thick chestnut braid fell down the strong bare back, over the rounded buttocks to tickle the back of the firm thighs.

Duo. His Duo.

He was standing in a shallow bucket, water pooled around his ankles, facing away from the tent's opening.

But Duo was not alone. A young man, dressed in the thin white gauze pants of a servant, stood to the side and squeezed a full sponge of water against Duo's bare shoulder. A soft moan of hedonistic pleasure escaped those lips as the warm water trailed over his skin.

To hear that incredible sound issued from between Duo's lips caused Heero to shiver with a long unanswered need of the soul. Forever. Mine.

Heero watched breathlessly as the water rivulets descended Duo's muscular back and over the flawless slope of his backside. The candle's reflection danced on the water's surface. Mesmerized by the traveling droplets, he hardly noticed as the servant knelt down at Duo's feet.

The young man squeezed the sponge in his hand to collect more water as he looked up into Duo's eyes. He found that he was eye-level with the beautiful one's semi-erect cock. His tongue traced his own lips in a wordless promise of services available.

The solid mind of the perfect soldier screamed with an unnamable anguish. Heero fought with every bit of his inner strength to not grab Duo, throw him over his shoulder, take him to his Gundam and then fly off to a secluded location. This was his Duo. No one in his right mind touched his Duo. His Duo.

His mind kept chanting the possessive mantra. He almost exploded as the servant reached for the precious braid to take it down.

Duo watched the male in growing horror as the servant reached around him to grasp his braid; he opened his mouth to object. Not the hair, only Heero would ever be so privileged. But the action was stopped before sound could escape his lips.

Like a smoldering fire suddenly doused with fuel, Heero's long repressed emotions burst forth. He was behind Duo and had the braid in his hand before the servant could reach his target.

"Out!" he hissed furiously at the bathing servant.

Fear gripped the young man's heart as he saw the glare of death and barely controlled rage aimed at him. He quickly scurried away and out of the tent before he became a victim of a lover's jealousy.

Duo slowly glanced over his shoulder, choosing not to move and splash water around the carpets. He had a million smart-ass quips on the end of his tongue, but he said nothing when he saw the way that Heero was staring at him. Duo knew in his heart that this was not the time to do any teasing. He stayed silent as Heero slowly walked around him, his eyes seeming to caress every inch of exposed skin. Duo shuddered at the openly possessive gaze upon his nakedness.

Heero did not bother to look away from his wet partner. He had seen Duo naked many times. But Heero was unprepared to deal with the surge of anger upon seeing someone else touching him and the feeling of possessiveness that followed. But this was how he felt, his feelings were very clear. And he was told to live by such things.

As his eyes traveled over Duo's hip, Heero saw a water droplet, twinkling in the candlelight. He gave into instinct and reached for it.

They both watched Heero's slow moving hand reach out and caught the liquid from Duo's hip with his fingertip. Closing his eyes, Heero's hand visibly shook as he raised it to his lips. In an utter act of worship, he licked the wetness from his finger. The droplet from his Duo's skin tasted like heaven.


It hit him then, like a shock wave. Beyond Duo, there was nothing. They were destined to be from before time. What is and always shall be. Duo was his Elysium.

Falling to his knees before naked wet Duo, Heero slowly raised his eyes to meet those of his mate.

Duo's eyes looked into Heero's trying to figure out just what going on with him. A gasp escaped from between his lips as those beautiful blue eyes screamed what the voice seemed incapable of expressing. Want. Need. You. Forever. Mine. Yours.

"Heero?" Duo reached out for Heero's face. But not being sure what was wanted, his hand stopped just before reaching Heero's cheek.

Heero took the offered hand, his eyes never breaking from Duo's. He pulled the hand to his lips and placed a very delicate kiss onto the open palm.

"Beloved" he whispered into the skin.

Duo shivered. He knows. He remembers. The music made it impossible to hear the soft confession, but he easily made out the words formed on Heero's quivering lips. Beloved.

Giving into his most immediate desire, Heero leaned forward and gently nuzzled Duo's passion heavy cock. The tip of his nose brushed the plump head of the quickly hardening organ. He inhaled deeply; his soul screamed with joy as the familiar scent assailed his senses. His lips grazed lightly over the sac beneath as his nose pressed into the soft chestnut curls at his root.

Duo's blood-engorged cock pulsed with the rapid beat of his heart. He felt Heero's cheek roll over his velvet tightness, eliciting a groan from his throat. The intense need was quickly becoming unbearable.

He felt Heero's hot breath slowly travel up his body until he felt the moist heat poised over his lips waiting. Barely touching, their lips quivered in anticipation.

"I want to taste you." Heero breathed.

Duo parted his trembling lips slightly as he gently pressed into Heero's. This was all the consent that Heero needed. He placed his hands on Duo's hips and slid them around to meet at the small of his mate's back. Their kiss deepened and became tinged with a sense of rising urgency.

Finding the precious braid with his hands, Heero broke the band and freed the beautiful chestnut tresses. He ran his fingers lovingly through the silk, startled at the glorious softness.

They ended their kiss for lack of air; Duo whimpered at his loss. Heero nibbled his lower lip in silent apology with a promise of a swift return. Catching his breath, Heero went back for another taste of his Duo. His tongue gently coaxed Duo's out for a long sensual dance of touch.

As Heero pulled Duo to his body, his hands slid lower to cup that perfect ass. With a desperate moan of need, he felt Duo collapse against him. In one sweep, Heero cradled Duo within his strong arms.

He carefully walked over to a pile of pillows that formed a makeshift bed. With the utmost loving care, he gently placed his beloved down. He quickly shed his clothes, pleased to see that Duo was anxious to see the strength of his desire.

Duo was not disappointed. Heero was graced with a mouth-wateringly impressive cock.

Heero sat on the pillows next to Duo, running his fingers lightly over every inch of ivory skin. "Mine." He whispered with wonder.

Duo reached up to pull Heero down to his lips. "I always have been and always will be yours." He sealed his vow with a soul-melding kiss.

Blindly reaching out beside them, Duo found a bottle of massage oil and put it in Heero's hand. He settled down between Duo's long legs. Applying oil to his hands, he leaned forward so that their erections touched. Wrapping his hands around them both, he worked the scented oil over their hardened lengths.

Duo gasped at his touch, his head fell back as his body arched forward. "Oh Heero!"

Hearing his love's impassioned cry, Heero pulled back and pushed Duo's knees to his chest. His eyes literally glowed with unfettered lust as Duo's tight entrance was fully exposed to him. His oiled fingers tentatively brushed over, circling the puckered flesh before pushing inside. Heero worked his fingers inside of Duo, adding more oil and preparing him for his large cock.

Writhing with pleasure under Heero's skilled hands, Duo was teased to the point of tears. He needed more. "Heero, please!"

"Shhh." Heero answered softly. "Patience. I do not want to hurt you."

"It hurts now!" Duo pleaded. "I need you in me." Duo looked Heero straight in the eye. "Please."

Shaking with the sheer intensity of what he was about to do, Heero generously oiled his cock once more. He guided his blunt tip to Duo's opening; he pushed forward. Heero gasped as he pressed into Duo, surprised as he felt the tight muscle give way to his heat, sheathing himself fully in one firm push.

The scream that emanated from Duo sounded horrific. Heero froze. "Duo?"

Frantic that Heero had stopped, Duo thrashed wildly! He wrapped his legs around Heero's waist and growled viciously. His legs tightened, pulling Heero even deeper.

That was all the encouragement Heero needed. Pulling out until just the tip remained inside, then he slammed himself back in. He threw his head back in a silent scream as he pounded mercilessly into Duo over and over again.

The sound of skin slapping hard against wet slick skin could barely be heard above the revelry outside of the tent. The ancient music and rhythm of the drums created a sensual song of everlasting love. The building sensations rose, as did the intensity of the music.

Heero could hear Duo screaming his name to the winds as he grabbed his love's slick cock and stroked the burning flesh.

They felt the approaching abyss and they knew that they would go together. As one, they fell over the edge and into the waves of bliss. Their eyes shot open, locking gazes in an eternity of passion.

In the next tent, Quatre giggled. "Who thought that they would be so loud? Was that Duo or Heero?"

Trowa guided Quatre's mouth back to his cock. "It doesn't matter, they are one in the same."

On the other side, Wufei closed his eyes and listened to the beautiful passionate cries of his soul brothers. He could picture them so clearly in his mind, Duo under Heero. He let out a shout of his own as the beautiful dancer impaled himself on Wufei's cock, sending him into his own oblivion.


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