pairings: Duo/Heero Trowa/Quatre Relena/Dorothy WuFei/MeiRan Treize/Zechs Sally/Noin

With Love's Eternal Grace
By Nazarri Blue

Eternal Loving Pairs -

Duo/Heero Trowa/Quatre Relena/Dorothy WuFei/MeiRan Treize/Zechs Sally/Noin

"Hatred can never put an end to hatred; hate is conquered only by love." - Buddha

"Love is our highest word, and the synonym of God." - Ralph Waldo Emerson

"Love in its essence is spiritual fire." - Emanuel Swedenberg

We have always known, what is and what will ever be. Our bodies may have denied ultimate consciousness at times, but our souls never strayed from the deep knowledge of our truths.

For we are the ultimate force, the final union, there is nothing real beyond our merged essences. Everything else is nothing but fading illusions that could no more touch us than a whisper in a sandstorm. We are that strong.

Inadequate human words such a sacred, divine, and holy cannot even come close to defining what we are. It is useless to try; for we are far beyond what human minds can perceive and understand.

In many different forms we are sent to challenge, enlighten, fight evil, inspire, and to show the universe the virtues of what we truly are. Two hearts shared within one soul, true limitless union, in the service of the Beloved.

We are called on once again.

Standing on the precipice of eternity, we watch the approaching evil. Hatred, bigotry, pettiness, jealousy, negativity, and oppression form a pulsating wave of unimaginable foulness. Such a force can corrupt and taint, seeping into the hearts of the weak, causing pain wherever it can.

We do not fear. The purity of what we share has the power to cleanse and heal, to bring joy and enlighten all who seek the light of true love. We are the essence of that very force.

We are love's radiant light, fending off the gloom that threatens to engulf all that is good and right in the universe.

The evil approached, swallowing the light of hope, leaving darkness in its wake.

It is time.

Duo and Heero turned to face one another, their hearts beating a single beat, merging with the other as no other entity could. Their outstretched hands met down at their sides, pressing together fingertip to fingertip. In complete unison, they moved their arms up to meet above their heads. Brilliant wings of blue and violet fire formed in the wake of their moving arms.

A pillar of swirling colorful spiritual fire completely surrounded them. Their lips brushed softy together as they whispered words of eternal love. "Through time and space" Heero began. "There is no other." Duo confirmed as they completed their eternal vow.

As they pressed into their kiss, the swirling fire intensified.

Quatre and Trowa joined as one. Aquamarine and green wings formed as they hands moved over their heads. Quatre beamed at Trowa, "You are my eternal joy." Trowa leaned forward, intensity burning from within. "And you are most precious in my heart."

Trowa claimed Quatre's lips. The sheer magnitude of their love fueled the vortex of fire that surrounded them.

WuFei turned to MeiRan, "Forever and always." MeiRan quivered as she felt the rising force around them. "For we are one."

Dorothy lowered her lips gently to Relena's, "For an eternity and a life-time." Relena drew in a longing breath. "Will never be enough with you."

Treize took his love by the hand and kissed it ever so gently. "Whatever fate befalls me," Zechs lowered their hands then drew them up together. "Can be faced knowing that you are waiting for me."

Sally smiled warmly. "Forever, side by side," Noin gazed up lovingly, "We will never be conquered."

As each union merged, the pillars of glowing fire grew and intensified, bathing all with love's eternal grace. The beauty and warmth could be felt within loving and open hearts, bringing tears of joy to its believers.

The pulsating vibrations shook the very corners of the universe, reminding all of its strength and resolve. Nothing can touch it, for it is pure.

The rising fires burned with increasing force, sending evil scattering like the cowardice that it is. Everything was touched by this luminescence and for a silent moment, there was only light, blinding the universe with the power of eternal love.

The silence was pierced by the screams of ecstasy, heralding the completion of sacred union. The merging lights burst forth in all directions at once, love's power dissolving evil into the nothingness that it is, healing all with a single touch.

We have always known, what is and what will ever be. For we are the ultimate force, the final union, there is nothing real beyond our merged essences. Standing on the precipice of eternity, we now see peace and love restored. Evil is gone, for the moment.

But we are here, forever vigilant in the service of the Beloved.

With love's eternal grace, hope will never be lost in the face of darkness.


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