Written by: Skylark (Cyclone2996@hotmail.com) and Nazarri (nazarri@houston.rr.com)
Pairing: 1x2x1 um … limey
Warnings: death of a soldier, angsty, and oh so sappy

Blue = Heero
Violet = Duo

Raining Tears
By Skylark and Nazarri Blue
aka The Duo/Heero Soulmate Bridge

The looming storm formations chased the sun across the sky, night falling quicker than normal under the weight of moisture laden clouds. Colorful rays of light reflect, twist, and turn, creating a stunning masterpiece in the sunset.

Outdoors, under the beautiful warm glow of the fading day, free from the bonds of clothing, Duo and Heero made love. Gently and passionately, upon a soft blanket, naturally expressing their feelings with mutual oral worship.

As it was before each mission, Duo and Heero always took the time to express their love for each other. They hoped and prayed that it would not be their last time, but made love as if it were. The best way to celebrate their life was to celebrate their love.

Duo and Heero lay wrapped in each other’s arms. Their kiss was slow and sensual, tasting their own essence upon the other’s tongue.

This is my peace. I honestly want nothing more than to hold Duo, make love, and share long lazy kisses with him. His heart beating in rhythm with mine.

I feel a moan escape my throat as we instinctively pull each other tighter into our embrace.

These quiet moments in each other’s arms are worth everything that we have and will fight for.

Now in the face of another mission and the possible consequences, I want to express my love for him, to let him know just what he means to me. No one has ever shown me the love and respect that he does and in this, he gained my trust.

No words could describe how much I love this… just being in Heero’s arms and kissing him. After searching for so long, I have finally found my home. My heart pounds strongly in my chest as we continue to kiss. I’m so proud of how far my love has come since the wars.

We both know what is expected of us. Another attack. Another day not knowing if we’ll make it. Just proves that some things never change. Even with our roles in the wars, Heero and I never hesitated to join the Preventers when Lady Une had asked us if we were interested. It’s just in our blood, this willingness and need to fight for what is right.

My tongue continues to dance slowly with Heero’s as if silently offer my strength and eternal love to him. I can feel the soft moan that escapes him as we hold each other tighter. We belong to each other. There is no question about it. Not even death can destroy this sacred bond that we share… not even Death.

We wait for dawn.


Duo and I, we fit together in ways that no one else can perceive; it is uncanny. Without words, we work as one: in movement, mind, and spirit. We are always paired together, as we should be. Both of us work at our best when we are side by side. It is good when those around us recognize this as well.

Since Heero and I have come to work with the Preventers, Lady Une sees to it that Heero and I are sent on the same missions. I smile at that thought, proud to know that those around us see how inseparable my lover and I really are.

Heero has been my whole world since the day that we met. It never ceases to amaze me that somehow, he trusted me enough to help him break down the walls around his heart that I never doubted was always there. The fact that I am the only one he has allowed into that warm, beautiful space leaves me in such awe that I actually find it impossible to express in words.

My Duo is leaning casually against the wall next to me, standing intimately close but not touching. Even as my mind listens to the mission parameters, my eyes shift downward as I secretly watch him.

Without looking at him, I know Heero’s eyes on me. I can feel them. His gaze is like a warm, protective blanket that I tightly wrap around me as I listen to the details of what we are about to do… It would be one of the very few times that we would have to fight on foot. Heero knows how uncomfortable I am when I am not taking out my enemies in some kind of mobile suit... to have to take lives with my bare hands… I can’t allow myself to think about that right now and I bury myself deeper in the warmth of my love’s cobalt quilt.

I look down at his boots as his feet move slightly with anxious tension. Duo has the most marvelous feet. I love the way that his toes feel as he uses them to caress my calves in the morning when our legs are entwined. Or how he wraps his legs around my body and pushes his heels into my lower back, encouraging me to thrust deeper.

It is so hard to be this close to my love without having my mind wander from the seriousness of this meeting. I am the only person lucky enough to wake in Heero’s arms every morning as our naked bodies intertwine. When you finally find your soul mate, making love to them, you lose a bit of yourself and gain a part of them in its place. At time goes on, it becomes harder for us for us to find where one of us ends and the other begins. There is something so liberating about sharing my nakedness with him, shedding any boundaries between us and allowing ourselves to be completely exposed with each other. I can feel my cheeks burning at the thought of Heero’s naked body wrapped around my own. I’m sure that Heero is trying to keep his own body in control, as his eyes have never left me up to now.

Damn, this is no time for blushing! Mind back on the mission. Reluctantly, I look away from him; to not focus on the mission details could endanger my Duo. I cannot allow that to happen.

I can feel the cobalt blanket around me slide off my body as a sure sign that Heero has, indeed, forced himself to refocus on the instructions that our dispatcher is giving. Biting back the laughter in my throat, I bring myself to concentrate on what is being said. I’ll make sure that Heero stays safe and that he’ll survive this mission.

We quickly have the information that is needed. The others move out as Duo and I stay behind for a moment.

For us, just a private moment together, before we follow the others out to the waiting vehicles. It is not that I am uncomfortable about expressing my eternal love for Duo; but what we share is sacred, not a sideshow.

To me, this is one of the most precious times that I get to share with my angel. Just before a mission, with no one else is around, when his deep blue eyes meet with mine. Any uncertainty and anxiety surrounding the realization of what is to happen vanishes in that instant. I can feel his concern and I know his devotion for me without the need of a single word between us.

Duo steps toward me, his eyes sparkle with the love that makes me feel as if I could fly. No words are necessary as he gently presses his lips to mine, a simple act of pure feeling, our arms wrapping around each other. We are all that is needed for this moment; this is ours and ours alone.

I wrap my arms around his waist tightly, pulling him as close as possible as he does the same for me. The warmth and love generating from Heero right now is all that I need to get through the battle ahead. I lock away his taste, his feel, everything about him so that he’ll always be with me

We pull away at the same time, knowing it is time to go. I nod, letting him know that I am okay. With a smile and an answering nod, Duo steps up beside me as we walk side by side down the hall.


Our commander was right; the enemy was expecting a mobile suit attack. As guards protect the base with radars and only an occasional glance to the forest surrounding the large plant, it is easy for us to creep through the tall grass under their noses just as the sun rises in the horizon. Since they are stationed in a secluded field with miles of forest surrounding them, even if we were discovered before our work is done, no reinforcements of theirs will make it in time. Quickly, our team sets up explosives outside along the massive plant’s perimeter. Heero and I meet up once again once we have done all we could, not moving to retreat until we know the others are finished. Finally, we hear over our headsets that everything is ready. Instantly, Heero and I run to the forest as fast as our legs can carry us.

The sound of enemy soldiers shouting fills the air, along with gunfire. It won’t matter. In a few minutes, the base and those men guarding it will be no more that dust. Pulling our own guns, we fire back on any opponents in our way. Everything is a frenzied haze as Heero and I continue to race for the forest, just a half-mile away now.

Suddenly, I watch as one of our own is hit in his lower abdomen as the bullet soars right through his back. If there is any chance he’s alive, he won’t be once the explosives go off. Heero was already ahead of me as I turned back and ran to our fallen comrade. I take out the foes closest to him as I approach. Just then, I feel a bullet rip into my left shoulder and the force of the shot knocks me from my feet.

No time. The explosives have to go off, the Preventers that could have already made it to the forest. Already, I can see more soldiers spill from the base. If I’m going to die, at least it’ll be while talking out those assholes with me. Pulling my microphone as close to my mouth as possible, I shout and order for the others to set the detonator off. There is a hesitation and I curse, managing to stand on shaky legs as I yell the order again.

I hear Duo’s voice in the headphones, ordering the detonations to be set off. We are still too close, but he would not call for such as action unless it was necessary. My trust in him is implicit.

Without thought or concern for my own welfare, I turn around and reach out to Duo, to protect him with my body.

He is not there.

Time stops as I wait. I know that Heero will realize I am not with him soon. Lowering my lead, I close me eyes and whisper that I love him.

I see soldiers running from the base, firing their guns in all directions. Standing there in the midst of raining bullets, my eyes search for my love, he has to be close. He was right with me, as always.

Like a whisper upon the wind, my heart hears him. “I love you.”


Over the shouting and gunfire around me, there is the sound of a loud explosion, followed by another, then a third. It isn’t long before the massive blasts fill the air with fire and a forceful wind that sends me into the air. I am vaguely aware of a sharp pain at the back of my head just as everything becomes black.

I can't breathe. I can hear Duo's voice in the headset now. I cannot clearly understand what he is saying. The explosions shake my footing, throwing me backwards. The noise is deafening.

Then, I hear nothing.

My world stops.

My heart crumbles.

This cannot be.


I quickly stand. My eyes search, but all I see is destruction.

Everything becomes surreal. All around me, I hear voices, but they are vague and far away, even when they are standing before me. I feel nothing, as if I have collapsed back into the shell of my body, looking through a window instead of my eyes. The billowing heat and smoke saturate everything, as if a heavy fog.

I see my friends and comrades, as they speak to me. But only the eyes register in my mind, the windows to the soul. No names or features come into play; it is all a menagerie of expressed feelings.

The voices say nothing that makes sense, sounding stretched and distant. But the eyes tell me everything. They know, if Duo is gone, so am I. It is not even considered a question or possibility. He is my only anchor to this pathetic hateful world.

Some try to touch me, but I instinctively jerk away, refusing any sense of comfort that is being offered. I only want his touch.

A light rain has started to fall, the droplets roll down my face, hiding the single tear that seeped through my defenses.

My despair becomes all too real. I hear my voice in the headphones, demanding a response using his code 02, but there was no answer.

I must find him. He is not dead; he cannot be dead. Ignoring the obvious sounds of protest behind me, I head back toward the destruction. No one in their right mind will try to stop me; they are not stupid enough to court their own death.

My search is frantic, although I am vaguely aware that it does not appear that way. Everything is internal, my screams, my shaking, my fear. There is no sense of time as I wade through the rubble. Minutes, hours, days, it has no meaning.

And even as my mind shuts off from the world, my heart goes over every moment that Duo and I have ever shared. His laugh, his smile, the look of ecstasy as his eases himself into me. The quiet moments spent on the couch, Duo enjoying his morning coffee as I brush his hair.

Ahead, there is a body among the dead soldiers, close to where I last had Duo within my sight.

It is one of our own.

A comrade is dead. I can see the others cold despair as they move forward to get him. This is to be expected; we all know the risks. We are willing to sacrifice ourselves so that other may live in peace; this is the heart of a soldier. They cover him up before I can see him, it must not have been pretty.


Beautiful Death.

My Duo. My heart. My breath. My very soul.

Everything is quiet. Slowly, I open my eyes with slight effort as a deep groan of pain leaves my throat. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, you just can’t kill death. Sitting up slowly, I hold onto the ground to keep from becoming sick at how quickly everything is spinning. Gazing down, I can see that my body must have rolled along the jagged ground for a good few yards as my blood seeps through my green uniform in a number of places and I am now lying somewhere in the forest that surrounded the battlefield. Rolling up my sleeves past my elbows, I wince slightly in my efforts and examine the damage.

My hair had fallen from its braid as is falls around me in waves and I realize that my headset is gone. I curse to myself. Heero must be going crazy right about now. I cannot make out the sun as a light drizzle falls from the skies, but I make a pretty good guess that it’s been a few hours since the base was taken out. Groaning to myself, I force myself onto my feet, holding onto my left shoulder wound. Let me rephrase my remark. You can’t kill death, but you can come pretty damn close.

All that I want right now is to make sure that Heero is all right and to be in his arms again. Holding onto my thoughts of him and the last kiss we shared, I step forward through the forest and towards the opening where the base had stood.

They carry the body away. My eyes know that the fallen one it is not my Duo. I feel more than hear the verbal reassurances of my friends.

And as I close my eyes and think of Duo, I feel … something. A spark perhaps, or maybe I gain a sense of hope.

If my Duo were dead, surely I would feel my soul ripping in half. I must have faith that my heart still lives. My hand tentatively reaches up to touch my lips, remembering our last shared private moment, his kiss imprinted upon my heart forever.

Finally, I can see the field at the edge of the trees before me. Stepping into the sunlight, my eyes widen at the destruction left behind from the attack. All that remained of the massive plant was mere rubble for miles. Dust and smoke was still filling the air around it even now. It is difficult to make any of the Preventers searching through the debris as the dark clouds around them obscure my vision. Taking a deep breath, calling Heero’s name out in my mind as I search for him. Just beyond a ring of red smoke, I can just make out a lone figure and I know that it’s my love. Without breaking my eyes from that vague shadow, I walk towards it as quickly as I can.

I hear Duo say my name, but it is not my ears that hear it. I turn and see a shadowed figure breaking through from thesurrounding woods.

Just as I step through the red cloud, my breath hitches in my throat as I gaze on my lover. His own body is covered with blood in a few places as it seeps through his own uniform. His headset was still in tact, most likely to try and make contact with me all this time. I can instantly feel all of the emotions coursing through him as our eyes hold each other. My fallen angel never looked as beautiful to me as he does right now.

Covered in blood, his hair loose and flowing, my angel of death stumbles out of the red smoke. His beauty is unrivaled by anything that exists. Our eyes meet, saying more than words ever could, he knows every emotion that has wracked my heart.

But the mere sight of him washes the pain away.

My beloved Duo.

Biting my lips, my eyes fill with tears and I stifle a sob of relief and joy.

I need to hold him, to receive his assurance that he is truly there. My arms fall open as I see him move toward me.

I run forward, forgetting the pain in my body instantly, wanting nothing more that to be held by him.

I fear no more as my love jumps into my waiting arms, my heart beats once again. Holding him tightly against me as his arms wrap around my neck, I feel complete.

He lifts and cradles me in his arms, holding me as close as possible as I throw my arms around his neck, burying my fingers in his unruly hair. Our lips meet in a passionate kiss as we whimper and moan in each other’s mouths. I am finally whole again.

With his fingers in my hair, our lips meet, almost desperately. I part my lips to draw our kiss deeper, as if we are breathing life back into one another.

I hold my heart and soul in my arms; I will not let go.

He is everything to me.

I am vaguely aware that the others have spotted us and are gathering close by. A few are even tearing up, shedding tears of happiness, but it is nothing compared to the joy blooming in our heart.

Sighing in contentment, I rest my head on Heero’s shoulder and close my eyes, never loosening my hold on him. As long as he is near, I have nothing to be afraid of.

I’m finally home again.

I care not who sees us as I carry him away from the scene of destruction. I thought I lost my world. But the world has been set right now that we are secure in each other’s embrace once again.

Overhead, the sun began to peer through the clouds as the light drizzle continued…

Raining tears of joy as God’s light shines down upon them… blessing Duo and Heero and their eternal love.


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