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pairings: 1X2
warnings: yaoi, lime

Restaurant Behavior
by Nazarri

Heero was seated on the left side of the u-shaped booth. He looked up silently as the three other pilots approached. Wufei stood next to Heero hoping that he would scoot in toward the back, but Heero didn't budge. With a snort, Wufei went to the right side and slide all the way around to the back of the booth.

"Good evening, Heero." Quatre greeted his friend as he slid into the booth next to Wufei. "It's good to see you."

Heero just nodded slightly in response. Trowa took the spot next to Quatre, which placed him directly across from Heero.

"Where's Duo?" Quatre asked. Nervously wondering what sort of mischief he was already up to. Knowing Duo, it could be anything.

"He's here." Heero answered rather evasively as he seemed to sink slightly down in the seat.

Quatre shrugged and started chatting at Wufei. Neither one noticing Heero's odd behavior, but Trowa did. Trowa immediately noticed that Heero was not looking directly into anyone's eyes. He wasn't looking for Duo either, which meant he knew precisely where he was. Even if Duo was in the bathroom, Heero's protective eyes watched the door until the mighty braided one came back out.

Trowa looked down at the white tablecloth, it was long and hung all the way to the floor. He now knew where Duo was and smirked as he watched Heero's face trying to keep from revealing his pleasure. Trowa pushed his foot forward, just slightly, under the table. His foot came in contact with a large object he knew to be Duo. With the toe of his shoe, Trowa poked Duo's butt. He suppressed a grin as he felt Duo swat his intrusive foot away.

Quatre felt the rising sexual tension rising. He stopped in mid sentence as he turned to look at Trowa, who was now watching Heero intently. Quatre blushed with a clear understanding of what was happening under the table. He cleared his throat as a waiter appeared. Before the man could even ask, Quatre told him what they needed immediately. "Three hot teas and two coffees." The urgency in the young man's voice sent the waiter away quickly.

Wufei looked at his comrades and knew something was up. Quatre was blushing and smiling, Trowa stared across the table at Heero, and Heero seemed oblivious to the world. He looked down in the seat next to Heero; this is when he discovered the white knuckled fist resting on the leather seat gripping the end of a thick braid. "Maxwell…" he hissed furiously. Before thinking his actions through, wondering what sort of joke Duo was playing, he lifted up the tablecloth and looked under the table.

Slowly raising his reddened face, Wufei sputtered. "He's...servicing....Yuy.....under.....the....table!"

Quatre sighed, "I think it's sweet. He couldn't wait to get home."

"We can't take him anywhere." Wufei looked around to see if anyone noticed Duo's unseemly behavior.

"No one can see, Wufei, relax." Quatre tried to reassure his friend.

"Yes," Trowa nodded. "And with his mouth full, he's being quiet."

"Well, there is that!" Wufei snorted. "I suppose it is a small price to pay for a quiet dinner for once."

At that moment, Heero shuddered silently with release. His friends watched with a morbid sense of fascination.

Duo poked his head out from under the tablecloth licking his lips. "Hey Wufei!" he winked.

"Are you quite finished?" Wufei asked while arranging the napkin in his lap.

"Yeah! Let's order dessert!"

Quatre smiled patiently. "Duo, we haven't had dinner yet."

Duo grinned at Heero "Well, I've already had mine."

"Disgusting!" Wufei cried. "How am I supposed to eat after that remark?"



"Don't worry so much Wufei." Quatre smiled reassuringly. "He'll get to you in a minute!"



"Why should it bother you?" Trowa asked. "He's my husband and I don't mind."

"Yeah!" Quatre chimed in. "He's my boyfriend!" Quatre lifted up the tablecloth. "Hey Sweetie, I'm next, okay?" Duo gave him thumbs up and kept working on Heero.

"Because he's carrying my child," Wufei exclaimed. "And I think this sets a bad example for the baby!"


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