pairings: 1X2
warnings: yaoi, lemon, AU
note: all of the other pilots are dead.

Part 1
by Nazarri

The bodyguard watched Heero with a very weary expression. In the five years that he had been in royal service, he had never seen the Prince so intense. He was packing a bag with extreme precision. He knew that Heero had served as a soldier and Gundam pilot during the war, but the man had never seen this side of Prince Heero.

"Your majesty, do you want me to inform the Queen where we will be going?"

Heero scowled as he folded the last of his shirts and placed it in his bag. "We," Heero roughly zipped his bag closed. "are not going anywhere. I am going - alone."

The man looked at the Prince. "Sir, you know that her majesty won't allow it."

"You have vacation time coming, take it." With that said, Heero grabbed his bag and walked past his shocked bodyguard.


The din of the voices was becoming irritating as Relena visually scanned the meeting room. So many advisors and each one had a different opinion about any of the different crisis that they were expected to resolve. No one could agree on anything; it all seemed so hopeless.

She stood and walked to the window; she gazed at the people below. They went on with their lives as if that war had never happened. She still fought for their peace as they lived in total oblivion to just how erratic that peace really was.

"You'll want to see this." Relena's secretary said as she held out a sheet of paper. Relena took it and scanned the words quickly. She swallowed the lump that had suddenly lodged in her throat. "When did he get this information?" she asked quickly, knowing that there was little time to stop him from leaving.

"About five minutes ago."

"Excuse me," Relena interrupted. Every eye in the room settled on her. "I have to see to something urgent. I'll be back as soon as I can." She started toward the door when Heero came through. Relena put on her best and warmest smile "Heero, I was just on my way to see you."

Heero's cobalt blue eyes met hers momentarily; then they moved to the paper in her hand. Relena tried her best to keep from shaking; desperately wishing that she had given her secretary back the paper "Shall we go into my office?" Without any word or acknowledgement to anyone in the meeting room, Heero walked to the door off to the right. Relena smiled apologetically and followed her husband into her office. This is when she noticed that his bag was slung over his shoulder; he was ready to go.

As soon as the door was shut and locked, Relena went to a chair and sat down. Surprising Relena, Heero spoke first. "Why?" he pointed accusingly at the paper in her hand.

Relena wanted to shrink away from his deadly glare, but she refused to be intimidated. "I am concerned about you and I love you." A feeble excuse, but at least it was honest.

"So you invade my privacy?" Heero hated it. It almost made him wish that he had taken the offer to be King; maybe then he could have put an end to her meddling into every aspect of his life. But that would have been the end of his freedom. Being a Prince gave him the status without the responsibilities.

He had known for a long time that Relena was getting copies of his reports on Duo's status. But he had no idea that she was getting them as fast as he was. Every since Quatre's suicide, Heero had someone keeping an eye on Duo through the electronic records. He had no desire to know the intimate details of his former lover's life; he just wanted to know if Duo would need anything. Such records would show how he was spending money, medical records and legal entanglements, off colony trips, residence, and such things. Just enough to make sure he was alright. The last report showed a change of address (only for Duo. Hilde and the children stayed where they were) and his marital status had been changed to separated. No one had been there for any of the others and he wouldn't allow the same to happen to his beloved Duo.

Relena tried to be reassuring. "Maybe we should talk about this before you go and do something rash. Perhaps he and Hilde are still trying to work things out. Your presence may only complicate matters. I know that you wouldn't want to hurt Duo. They are only separated and this could be temporary. I don't see the need to rush to Duo's side."

"I'm sure you don't." Heero responded, his voice and mind bitter. Although Relena was sweet and kind, she had no idea what it was to watch while you're your spiritual brothers died from a hateful disease. Zechs, Wufei, Trowa and Quatre may have all died by their own hands, but they were truly killed by hatred and bigotry. A man cannot love another man nor can a woman love another woman, so society says. They had all been dealt blows due to this disease of the soul. And now, Duo was the only one left and if he needed someone, then Heero would be there for him. "Duo needs me. I'm going."

Relena, desperately fishing for something to keep him from leaving, remembered what she was going to talk to him about later that evening at dinner. Perhaps bringing it up now would take his mind off of Duo. "Heero." He just stared at her with his cold emotionless cobalt eyes. Relena stood and walked to stand closer to him. "Heero, my advisors have again suggested that we should have a child. It could do wonders for the morale of all our citizens. Unifying everyone with joy. An heir for the Peacecraft Line."

Heero still said nothing, but his jaw seemed to be twitching. Relena placed a hand on his upper arm, taking advantage of the situation to enjoy the feel of his muscles under her fingertips. Heero scowled and yanked his arm away.

Relena sighed. "Heero, this could be the chance we need to start over again. A child could bring us closer together and forever bonding us to one another. It could be so perfect, Heero." He continued with his silence. Then Relena took the last ditch effort to make her case. "For peace, Heero. Let's do it for the peace we fought so hard for."

He turned to go. "Fine, I'll leave a sample in the med lab."

"Heero!" Relena was aghast. She grabbed at her chest in frustration. She took a deep breath and calmed herself down. "Heero, we should do this the natural way, to be true parents for our child. It will be best for us all."

With one last glare before he left, he said "Best only for you." Then he was gone.

Relena looked down at her feet. Tears beginning to fill her eyes, her sadness overwhelmed her. She collapsed in the large chair. "Oh God, why Heero? Why won't you ever forgive me? I'm sorry, I'm so sorry." But he was gone, off to find Duo.

Regaining her senses and stifling her sniffles, Relena reached for the phone and punched in Hilde's number.

It only took a few moments for Hilde to appear. She looked grim and as if she hadn't slept in a long time. "Hello Relena. I've been expecting you to call."

"I heard you and Duo have separated. I called to see if there was anything I could do to help."

Hilde looked skeptical. "No, you called to see if we are getting back together again. The answer is no."

Relena's expression became more determined. "There has to be something that you two can work out. This is a marriage, not a mere convenience to throw away when you're tired of it! You have two beautiful children!"

"Yes we do!" Hilde broke in angrily. "It is because of them that I kicked his ass out! I will no longer have him in my house trying to pretend like he loves me! He loves Heero, Relena! Its plain and simple, we can't even have normal sex anymore! You will never believe what that Bastard gave me for my birthday!"

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