pairings: 1X2
warnings: yaoi, lemon, AU
note: all of the other pilots are dead.

Part 5
by Nazarri

On the shuttle, Duo opened the small hand-tooled leather folio that contained his new military credentials. They looked rather impressive with the Royal Insignia imprinted on it. Colonel Maxwell, Duo - Commander of Special Services for H.R.H. Prince Heero.

Duo laughed "Special Services? Why didn't you just put Prince Heero's fuck bunny?"

"I thought about it." Heero snorted.

"Aw Heero, I love you too." Duo beamed lovingly. He unfastened his harness and made his way over to Heero's seat. He held out his hand; their eyes met. "We have waited long enough."

Heero took Duo's hand and stood. They were alone now, nothing but space between the two of them and the rest of existence. He moved his hands up to hold Duo's beautifully handsome face in his hands, his thumbs lightly brushing those luscious lips. "I love you, Duo." He pressed forward and pressed his lips to Duo's, claiming the young man once again as his own. Hearts and souls mingled as one with a single touch of their lips.

After a few tentative moments, they deepened their kiss. Duo's tongue sought Heero's in a playful tease that seemed to last forever. They knew they had plenty of time. Duo's hands slid down the front of Heero's shirt then slipped underneath seeking the planes of his rock hard stomach. Heero's hand went straight for the braid; he snapped the hair band and ran his fingers through the silky tresses.

Duo reluctantly pulled away. Holding eye contact with Heero, he slid down his lover's body until he was on his knees. "I want you, Heero." He whispered as his eyes begged. Duo's hand unsnapped the jeans and slowly pulled the zipper downward. "Make love to me." He reached inside, knowing that there would be no undergarments to get in the way. Without breaking eye contact, Duo released Heero's manhood from the confines of the jeans and placed a loving kiss on the tip. "Fill me. Only you, Heero." With that said, he began making long wet strokes up and down Heero's length.

Heero shuddered, the intense longing in Duo's eyes was actually painful to perceive. But he understood, they should never have been apart, no matter what the consequences. He watched Duo's actions with a growing need. Heero wrapped his hand around Duo's upper arm and pulled him to stand. He picked up Duo, carrying him in his arms to the back of the shuttle.

Duo wrapped his arms around Heero's neck and began nibbling on his ear. "Oh God, Heero, I love you."

Heero pushed his way into the back section. It was full of comfortable over-stuffed chairs and couches. He gently placed Duo down on one of the couches that had been opened to make a bed.

"Convenient." Duo smirked knowingly.

Heero grabbed a briefcase that was beside the couch. He opened it up. Inside was a bottle of very fine wine, two glasses, moist wipes and a huge tube of lube.

Duo reached for the tube and pulled Heero to him. Duo removed his own shirt, licked his fingertip, and slowly ran that wet finger down his bare chest. Heero watched with hungry cobalt blue eyes. Duo unbuttoned the button on his jeans and teased the zipper down slowly.

Heero growled, as his exposed hardness just got harder. He ripped his own shirt over his head and peeled off his jeans. Then he climbed onto the bed with Duo, lying across his chest. Heero's lips claimed Duo's once more with savage passion as his hand slid into the open black denims. To feel Duo in his hands once again was sheer ecstasy. It just felt so right.

He broke away from Duo's lips and began a soft trail of kisses, from his chin and then down his throat. Duo moaned, loudly, as his hands fisted in Heero's hair. He playfully bit Duo's skin as he descended his lover's torso. Soon, the waistband of those black jeans was in his way, so Heero sat up and pulled them off of Duo.

The sight below Heero took his breath away. Duo's beautiful chestnut colored hair splayed underneath the perfect ivory skin of his exquisite form. Loving violet eyes twinkling with lust. Legs and lips parted with wanton desire. His name spoken with those full red lips, "Heero."

At that point, nothing else in the universe mattered. He had to be deep inside of Duo. Heero placed himself between those long muscular legs, rubbing his face over Duo's impressive member. Kissing and nibbling its length, remembering the familiar scent and flavor. He grabbed the tube from the bed and pushed Duo's knees up to his chest. Heero placed a delicate loving kiss on Duo's tight entrance before sliding his lubricated fingers inside.

Duo quivered with more than a little anticipation. It had been so long since he had been loved this way. His mind stopped working when he felt Heero's feather kiss just before he began to prepare him. He hissed with pleasurable pain as Heero's fingers stroked him, it had been so long. The sensations were so incredible. Then, he felt Heero shift his body to place himself between Duo's open thighs.

Ever so slowly, Heero watched himself as he pushed inside of Duo. He felt the tight ring give in to him, allowing his entrance into his beloved. Once he was fully sheathed within the incredible velvety warmth, he looked down into Duo's eyes only to find those violet eyes looking right back at him.

Heero began the slow sensuous rhythm, as Duo never missed a single thrust upward to match his lover. Their eyes were locked hard, violet to cobalt blue. Nothing could have stopped their joining as they picked up speed. Each thrust increasing the long unspent passion between them.

They both felt the rising power within them; it could no longer be contained. Their soft pants quickly turned to shouts of pleasure. A fine sheen of sweat broke out on Duo and Heero's bodies as they slammed their bodies together in mad frantic motions.

"Please!" Duo shouted.

Heero grabbed Duo's suffering length. That was all it took to send the two over the edge, both screaming each other's name in the dead silence of space.

Heero collapsed on Duo; they wrapped their arms around each other, never wanting to let go. Sleep came quickly for them; they would consider the consequences of what they had done, later.

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