pairings: 1X2
warnings: yaoi, lemon, AU
note: all of the other pilots are dead.

Part 6
by Nazarri

Heero slowly awoke from the wondrous sleep that he was enjoying. It had been a very long time since he felt at peace enough to sleep freely.

A sigh of contentment emanated from his throat as he felt the warm body snuggled up against his chest. His Duo. Heero was wrapped around him like a child holding its' favorite tattered teddy bear. Duo was the embodiment of everything he wanted and loved in this world. To be true to himself, he knew that Duo was the only thing that mattered to him. This was his best friend and lover. To love Duo was to feel God in your heart; that was the only way that Heero knew that God existed.

How many nights did they sleep like this when they were together? When Heero's world was wrapped in his arms like he was now. He softly ran his fingers down Duo's back and over the luscious curve of his perfect ass. Taking a few strands of hair with his fingers, he rolled the silken tresses between them to appreciate the soft texture. Heero pulled his fingers to his nose to drink in his lovers scent and rub the hair on his cheek. Moments like this were so rare. There were times when holding each other was all they had strength for after an exhausting mission.

As he reluctantly pulled away, he felt Duo's arms tightened around him even as he continued to sleep. Heero kissed Duo's forehead lightly before moving from the bed. As much as he wanted to stay in that bed a while longer, he couldn't. He was the Prince and General of the Earth's Military Defenses. There were responsibilities and obligations to see to. He slipped into a formal shirt before he went to his laptop.

Heero groaned as he saw that 552 of his 597 messages were from Relena or one of her staff. Ignoring that very annoying fact, he went about the business of returning important calls. As Heero knew she would, Relena beeped into a call to one of his top advisors. The man gave poor Prince Heero a sympathetic smile as he said good-bye.

A deep breath was taken to force the anger from his body before he pressed the receive button.

Relena appeared on the screen wearing a very pretty dress and her hair arranged perfectly to complete a very lovely picture. "Heero!" Relena put on her best smile.

He gave her face a passing glance before looking down to type in some notes from his last call. "What?" he asked totally devoid of any emotion in his voice.

She pinched her lips together to hide her disappointment with his lack of response. "I've missed you, Heero. When are you coming home?"

He shrugged as looked past the view screen to the naked braided beauty still sleeping on the bed. Heero wanted to make sure that Duo was still resting; he looked like he needed the sleep.

"So Heero, did you see Duo and talk some sense into him?"

Heero slowly turned a dangerous look into Relena's direction. "Talk sense into him?" Now that Relena saw that she finally had Heero's full attention, she lifted her chin and squared off her shoulders to meet his "death glare". She would not allow him to intimidate her. "Yes, Heero. Did you tell him to be a man? Tell him to go back home and face his responsibilities! Has he given any thought to his children? Are they going to grow up without a father?"

"Duo didn't leave. She kicked HIM out!" Heero hissed.

"Well he needs his oldest friend to tell him to get home and make things right again! This is serious!" She smiled as if genuinely concerned. "You know that I care about Duo!"


Duo sat straight up in bed upon hearing his lover's command.

Relena looked at Heero like she wasn't quite sure that she heard him right. He had never spoken so tersely to her.

Heero was furious; his voice sounded low and threatening. "Lying doesn't become you, Relena."

She looked down. It wasn't "exactly" a lie. Of course she cared about Duo; at least she cared about him staying with Hilde. It was vitally important that Duo stay with his family and away from Heero. Relena looked back up at her husband and pleaded. "Heero, please."

Without another word, he cut the connection and stared at the blank screen.

Duo's deep voice broke the silence. "You want to tell me what that was about?"

Heero looked up to see Duo watching him from the bed with concern written on his face. He knew that he had to distract Duo from the question at hand and there was only one sure way of doing that. With a smirk, Heero stood and walked around to the bed.

Duo was rendered speechless as Heero walked over to him. The man was wearing nothing but a dress shirt to answer his calls. Duo crawled to the edge of the bed and grabbed Heero by his shirt. "Oh God, do you have any idea what you do to me?" Duo asked as he unbuttoned the bottom button of Heero's shirt. He pulled the lower part of the shirt apart to expose his lover. Duo engulfed Heero within his warm mouth, sucking and teasing with his tongue.

A gasp escaped Heero as he felt Duo's mouth work it's incredible magick. His hands reached down to fist themselves within the chestnut strands of silk. He looked down to watch Duo's head move rhythmically over his crotch. The luscious full lips wrapped around his steel hard member sliding up and down.

Heero groaned in protest as Duo pulled away to lean back on the bed. His legs seductively spread and his fingers tracing little patterns over his thick manhood. Heero growled as he pounced on his cheeky lover. In one quick motion, Duo found himself sitting on Heero, straddling his hips.

Duo leaned forward and took Heero lips with his own. He felt those wonderful hands reach down to his ass and fingers circling his tight entrance. Duo giggled. "So that's the game you want to play? It's fine with me 'cause I pick the speed. We do it my way, we do it hard and fast." Duo grinned as he began to unbutton Heero's shirt from the top, kissing the warm skin as it became exposed. As he undid the last button, Duo yanked to shirt open. He purred as he ran his hands up and down Heero's chest in long firm strokes.

He grabbed the lube and coated Heero's member. Duo shifted forward and then he impaled himself onto Heero. He moaned with the sheer pleasure of the mind blowing sensations was he took all of Heero's length into him. "Oh Heero." He gasped. Duo's body moved up and down. Starting slowly, then quickly picking up speed. His very lubricated hand found its way to his own manhood to relieve the pain.

Heero was too stunned by Duo's intensity to do much of anything except stroke his partner's inner thighs. He felt the movements get increasingly faster and he suddenly lost the mental capacity to breathe. Duo slammed himself down on Heero repeatedly, moving like a piston and quickly losing control.

Duo threw his head back as he screamed his release and shot all the way to Heero's chin. Heero quickly followed, thoroughly coating Duo's tightness.

They rolled over together on their sides facing one another. Their mouths melded in holy liplock, tongues dancing and teasing. They were one and nothing would change that fact. Time and space played no part in what they truly were.

Duo pulled back just slightly and suddenly looked very serious. "Love the distraction, but are you going to tell me what is going on between you and Relena?"

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