pairings: 1X2
warnings: yaoi, lemon, AU
note: all of the other pilots are dead.

Part 7
by Nazarri

A scowl crossed Heero's face, that tactic used to always work. He made a quick mental note, fucking is only a momentary distraction for Duo anymore. Next time I should try making love for longer lasting results.

"Come on, Heero." Duo encouraged while smothering his lover's face with little kisses. "Stop scowling and just spit it out."

Now Heero was stuck answering the question that he was trying to avoid. It wasn't that the situation bothered him anymore. It simply meant lots of explaining. "Absolutely nothing is happening."

Duo frowned, the implication and tone of that statement was not lost on him. "She's not putting out? Why the hell not? She chased you all over the fucking world. Stalked you at every given turn and now you tell me that she isn't jumping your ass whenever she can? Is she mental?" Muttering under his breath as he looked up at the ceiling. "Dumb question."

"It's been over between us for a long time."

That was not the answer that Duo had expected. He propped himself up on his elbow and looked down at Heero's stoic face. "You and Relena? Why, Heero? It doesn't make any sense."

"I won't touch her."

"YOU are the one holding back? That doesn't sound like you, Heero. Why wouldn't you jump at the chance to have some lovesick girl at your beck and call? She adores you!"

"Because we were deceived."


"Me and you."

A deathly cold chill shot through his body as he narrowed his eyes. Duo searched Heero's eyes and knew that this was something serious and he wasn't going to like it. "What do you mean?"

"Remember Quatre's wake?"

Duo sat up and stared at the shuttle's wall. Those memories were so very hard and painful. Heero sat up and pulled himself up behind Duo, wrapping his arms and legs around the one he loved. He stroked his hair and lightly kissed Duo's shoulder. Heero wanted to comfort him, give him a chance to sort this situation out. "We were so hurt and confused. We lost Wufei right after the war. Trying to deal with that and adjusting to civilian life. Then we found out about Trowa and Quatre; I don't know about you, but I couldn't think straight. I remember Hilde sitting with me while I watched Relena try to comfort you." Duo snorted with disgust. "You have always been my love. But in our darkest hour, we couldn't even comfort each other in public. A man cannot love another man; such relationships are only about twisted sex. Perverts and sick souls destined to an eternity of hell."

Heero held Duo tighter and whispered in his ear. "I don't believe that and neither do you."

"No, I don't believe it." Duo said as he wiped the tears of anger from his eyes. "God is love, so God is a part of what we share. God does not condemn us, people do. It makes me sick!" His voice rose in anger. "Look what that kind of hatred did to our friends!! They are dead, Heero!! OUR FRIENDS ARE DEAD!!!"

"I know, I know." Heero tried to hush Duo. "I miss them too."

Duo turned around in Heero's embrace to face him. "So I watched as Relena held your hand and spoke soft words to you."

"You know it was you that I wanted."

"I know, but it still hurt." Duo said with a small smile. "Then I Hilde said something to me that killed me."

Heero brushed Duo's lips with his own. "Tell me what she said."

"She said, "Look at him, Duo. You are killing him. If you really love him, you will let him go. Do it or you will be burying him next."

"That is what Relena said to me about you."

There was silence as Duo absorbed this disturbing information.

Heero felt Duo shake within his arms as he spoke. "That is what you mean, isn't it? They planned it. They purposely used our love for one another against us, to split us up. At our friends funeral, they plotted to break us up?"

"It was the only way they could." Heero conceded with bitterness. "And we let them."

Duo held Heero tight. "Oh God, what have we done? We should have been stronger; not only for each other, but for our friends. We should have made a stand at Quatre's services! We should have walked in there hand-in-hand. But we just walked away from each other without a single word, just a knowing look."

Heero twirled the ends of Duo's hair in his fingers. "Deep inside we knew that we would be together again. There is no need for words between us."

"I love you, Heero. Only you." Duo pressed forward to kiss Heero. Passionately their tongues caressed each other.

Heero pulled away. "I love you, Duo."

"We must promise each other that we will never let anything come between us again. No matter what."

"I promise." Heero said firmly.

"I promise." Duo smiled. "No matter what."

They sealed their promise with a soul-founded kiss.


Relena just stared at the blank screen, rendered speechless by Heero's sudden disconnection. In all the time that they had been married, he never did anything like that. He may have been unresponsive or cool, but never mean.

Swallowing her pride, she locked up her office and went to her suite, alone. Relena went to bed staring at the empty space at her side, wishing Heero would come to her. She passed the night thinking of better days.

There was a time when they shared a room and a bed, when they were first married. It was so beautiful. Heero was never affectionate; it just wasn't his way. He never seemed to want to do anything romantic or passionate; he didn't like kissing her lips. But he always came to her bed and took her. He was rough, but he was there and not with Duo. That was all that mattered.

But that one night, two months after their wedding, everything changed. She and Heero had just received the news that Duo and Hilde were already expecting their first child. Relena remembered feeling rather envious, she and Heero should have been the first couple to conceive.

Heero didn't seem to take the news very well either; he was even more sullen and withdrawn. He sat in a chair staring out the window at the moon; as if longing for something or someone.

Relena sent for a bottle of wine, hoping to get Heero tipsy enough to relax. Maybe he would even kiss her during sex. She was giddy just thinking about it. But the plan went terribly amiss when she got a little loose-lipped and spilled the beans about her scheme with Hilde. That was the last time Heero ever stepped foot in her room.

He removed his things and put them in a suite at the far end of the palace. Heero would shake off any of her attempts to touch him and try to make amends. Relena prayed that things would eventually be right between them.

"Oh Heero, please forgive me." She whispered into the night. "Please don't let it be too late for us."

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