pairings: 1X2
warnings: yaoi, lemon, AU
note: all of the other pilots are dead.

Part 9
by Nazarri

A lone motorcycle sped over the thin roads that twisted without mercy through the heavily wooded area. Occasionally, sunlight would break through the dense trees and light the two gorgeous leather clad young men as they roared through the forest.

It had been a rough day so far and Duo was now in a state of sexual need that he hadn't felt in years. Every since he and Heero had renewed their physical and emotional relationship, all he wanted to do was smother himself in Heero. Or rather, he wanted to drill into Heero. For the past hour, he had been on the back of that purring road machine with his rock hard length snuggled in the crack of Heero's ass as he leaned forward while driving. Driving Duo insane with need.

Duo felt Heero slow down as they rounded a bend in the road. Ahead appeared to be an extremely tall iron fence and gate. Heero pulled up to a number pad and punched in a code. He sped ahead as the gate opened for them. They rounded another bend and stopped in front of a small white French chateau surrounded by quaint little gardens and works sheds. The scene looked like something from a European childhood storybook.

"Wow, this is nice." Duo sighed; the place just seemed so cozy. He stood up and stretched, it had been a long ride.

"This is the front house, ours is in back. The housekeeper lives here." He looked at the riding outfit that he had put aside for Duo. It consisted of tight black leather pants, black biker boots, a red tank top, and a black leather jacket. Now he watched as Duo slowly reached for the clouds, exposing his well-defined pale stomach, he almost lost the ability to breathe. With a frustrated growl, Heero pulled Duo back to him and plundered his mouth.

These were the moments that Duo lived for. The ride had been slow and long; although worth it since he rode all the way with his crotch pressed against Heero's beautiful leather clad ass. Now it was payback time.

Duo growled as he pulled back from Heero's forceful kiss, "I've spent over an hour pressed against your beautiful ass." Duo punctuated his words by grinding his hips into Heero's and cupping his ass cheeks in his hands. "All I can think about right now is being buried inside of you and making you scream my name as I thrust into your body."

Heero's eyes shot open at Duo's aggressive words and actions. He yanked Duo back onto the bike behind him. "We can meet the housekeeper later!" They sped off toward the back of the property.

Duo was barely paying any attention to where Heero was driving. He was wrapped around behind Heero, biting his earlobes and trying to slip his hands into the leather waistband of his lover's pants.

They pulled up to a steep tree-covered hillside. If one were to look very close, they could see balconies and odd angles from the architectural masterpiece now called Duo and Heero's home. But neither male was paying too much attention to anything beyond each other as Duo pulled Heero off of the motorcycle. He lead him to what he assumed was the front door. Duo didn't care at that point, if it wasn't the door, he'd take Heero on the ground.

Heero seemed to have enough presence of mind to grab the briefcase as he was yanked unceremoniously off the motorcycle. Since Duo was sucking his tongue out of his mouth, it was hard to see what direction to head for, but he was familiar enough with the house to know that they were at least heading in the right direction. With the expert skill that only the perfect soldier possessed, he managed to guide Duo and unlock the front door without releasing his lips from Duo's.

There was no time to look around or enjoy the expressions on Duo's face when he saw the fantastic structure that was their home. There was only time to pull him into the first room where he found himself thrown onto the large pillows of the sitting pit.

He immediately found himself pinned underneath his braided love, once against lost in a fog of sexual desire. Heero felt himself being rolled over and his ass yanked high into the air; his head pressed into a pillow.

Duo deftly opened his own pants and lowered them half way down his thighs; he did the same for Heero. He leaned down to lick that perfect ass that had tortured him for the past hour. Blindly, he reached for the briefcase and located the lube. Duo continued teasing Heero with his tongue as he prepared them both as quickly as possible.

Trying to remember that Heero hadn't been taken since the last time he had taken Heero, Duo tried to be patient. Grasping the raised hips, with one steady and firm push, Duo drove himself into Heero.

Heero felt Duo push into his body. He was in absolute heaven! It had been so long. They shared an unequalled animalistic drive as Duo relentlessly plowed Heero's velvety depths. Both snarled and growled as Duo rammed continuously forward and Heero pressed back into the blissfully painful thrusts.

Quickly, their movements became frantic as they both neared release. Heero reached under himself to grasp his erection and give it a few harsh strokes. "DUO!" Heero's voice carried throughout the house as he came. Duo felt that little tight ring constrict around his deeply buried length. That is all it took to bring Duo to his own very loud finish. They collapsed together on the piles of pillows, Duo still buried within Heero.

"Welcome home." Heero managed to spit out while trying to catch his breath.

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