pairings: 1X2
warnings: yaoi, lemon, AU
note: all of the other pilots are dead.

Part 10
by Nazarri

"Where are they??" Relena spat with disgust.

Dorothy watched her friend with a subdued smirk from across the desk. There had been a certain amount devilish joy in informing Queen Relena that Maxwell had been reinstated and that he was now in the company of her delinquent husband Heero. "The Major on the base informed me that General Yuy and Colonel Maxwell had gone fishing and they couldn't be reached."

"That's ridiculous!" Relena ground her teeth together. "Someone must know where they are!"

Dorothy sat back. "One would assume that his wife would know."

Relena glared at her friend. "I don't need your crap today, Dorothy!"

"Oh, such language!" Dorothy mocked. "What would Heero say?"

Wisely choosing to ignore Dorothy, Relena turned her thoughts back to her main concern. "I must find them before Heero is forced back into that sick and twisted relationship."

"Forced?" Dorothy raised a speculative eyebrow. "Interesting theory."

"Duo can talk Heero into anything! That's why it is important to get Heero away from him as soon as possible. Then, when I am with Heero's child, no one will ever come between us again!"


Duo was the first to wake. He took in a deep breath, enjoying the fact that his face was buried in Heero's hair. The scent of his lover seemed to permeate every aspect of his being. The absolute feeling of eternal love was almost overwhelming. After those few years of an empty and hollow relationship, he finally felt whole again. Duo decided that he had better get up before he broke out into tears.

He carefully unwrapped himself from around Heero. Neither one of them had bothered to remove or pull their pants back up after their "welcome home fuck"; they were just too spent to care. Duo looked around and found the seating area was covered with blankets and pillows. He pulled his own pants up and grabbed a blanket to cover Heero before he noticed that the warmth covering his ass was gone. Then, Duo was off to explore their home and find something to eat.

A while later, Heero forced himself out of his restful slumber. It was a fact that he slept better when he was home, but he wouldn't allow himself to waste the day. Besides, he had plans for tonight, if all went as he hoped.

A quick scan of the room found no sign of Duo. Heero listened carefully, but he heard none of the usual noises coming from his loud-mouthed love. But he wasn't concerned, the house was huge and there were plenty of places to explore. Duo was most likely having the time of his life.

Heero pulled back the blanket and snorted as he saw that his leathers were still halfway down his thighs. After fixing his pants, he went back out to the motorcycle to get their luggage, especially his laptop.

In the kitchen, Heero found evidence that Duo had been there and eaten. The sweet rolls that were left on a warmer were mostly gone. The glass that Duo had used to drink milk had been placed in the sink. His leather jacket was still hanging on the back of one of the kitchen chairs. This all brought a warm smile to Heero's face. It was wonderful to finally have Duo home.

Heero grabbed a few rolls and headed up to his study to take care of his business responsibilities.


"Your majesty, I have Prince Heero on the line."

Relena quickly pasted a warm smile on her face as she reached for her phone. "Heero! Where are you? I've had people all over trying to get in touch with you."

"I see that." He said evenly without looking up at the screen. "What do you want?"

Relena pouted, trying to look seductive for a male who wouldn't even look at her. "Do I need a reason to call the man I love?"


Heero just woke up and he was already exhausted. After taking care of a few calls, Relena's secretary made it through. Now all he wanted to do was crawl back into bed, preferably with Duo. He managed to tune out her voice as soon as he saw his beloved Duo standing in the door.

There was no doubt in Heero's mind that Duo was the most beautiful creature ever created. He watched, totally mesmerized, as Duo sauntered up to the back of the phones monitor and slowly pulled his shirt off over his head. He ran his fingers around the edge of the view screen, just out of Relena's eyesight. Heero smirked as Duo blew a kiss in his direction.

Relena kept speaking, "Heero! Are you listening to me?"

Duo knew that he had Heero's undivided attention. He sucked the tip of his finger and traced a line all the way down his chest. Duo smirked as he stepped off to the side and began toying with the zipper of his leather pants. He pulled the zipper all the way down and slipped his hand inside. Duo moaned as he stroked his hardening length.

Heero broke out into a sweat. It was getting so hot! Duo was so hot!

It was getting obvious that Heero was struggling to not jump him. Duo turned around then peeked over his shoulder at Heero. Slowly he lowered the leather pants, revealing the creamy smooth skin of his beautiful ass, an inch at a time.

With a growl that was a mixture of frustration and need, Heero slammed his hand down on the disconnect button and launched himself across the room at Duo.

Duo giggled with delight as he found himself slammed to the floor. "So Heero, see something you like?"

Heero playfully bit the back of Duo's neck, his leather clad crotch pressing against Duo's bare ass. "I see you." He growled.

"Lets go to our bedroom, we could break it in! I don't know which one it is but they're all great! Come on! It won't truly be our home until we have made love in every room on every piece of furniture!"

There was a moment of silence.

"Heero?" Duo asked softly, beginning to be a little concerned. Maybe he shouldn't tease Heero while he was on the phone with Relena.

"I want to wait until we get married."

"But we haven't waited! It's too late for us to wait, Heero."

"I want to carry you to our bedroom." Heero nibbled on Duo's ear. "I want to make love as a married couple."

Duo sighed. "Heero, you know that same sex marriages are not legal and certainly not accepted. Not to mention the fact that we are both still legally married to someone else."

"I want to be married to you. Legal or not, you are mine."

Duo wriggled around until he was facing Heero. "What are you suggesting?"

Heero took Duo's hand and kissed the palm softly. "Marry me?"

A loving grin spread across Duo's face. Of course he would marry Heero, but it would be years before they could legally. "Sure Heero, as soon as we can."

"Good." Heero smiled. "We'll get married tonight."

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