pairings: 1X2
warnings: yaoi, lemon, AU
note: all of the other pilots are dead.

Part 11
by Nazarri

Relena was fuming! It was bad enough that Heero just cut her off in mid sentence but to do that to her when Dorothy was in the room was beyond embarrassing. "Don't say anything!" she hissed. "Not a single word!"

Dorothy could have sworn she saw Relena's eyes turn evil red and shadows of horns appeared around her head. She watched the young Queen, as she seemed to give her situation some serious thought. "Alright," Relena continued. "We have three days until The Peace Celebrations. Heero is coming home for that. So I'll just have to make my move then, before it's too late."


Duo took the band from his hair and brushed it out. Heero wanted him to wear his hair down for their wedding. That was the deal he made with Heero, Duo wore his hair down if they got married naked. Duo suggested it just to get a reaction from Heero, but he was the one who was shocked when Heero agreed, quickly too!

He would do anything to please Heero. Duo took one last look in the mirror before he headed downstairs to be married. He smiled at his own reflection, this felt so right. They had decided to make it simple, exchange words and rings in the garden. It felt like a wonderful dream. So he walked, naked, down to meet Heero in the garden.

Heero sat on the bed of his room. He slept in there when he was alone and after tonight, he wouldn't sleep in that room again. It was a time for changes. From now on, he would sleep in the room that Quatre had meant for Duo and Heero to have together.

He looked down at the old wedding ring he wore. It was an heirloom of Relena's family; it was supposed to go to Zechs but he was dead. It was a strange feeling for Heero to realize that he was going to take it off. He would return it to Relena; it belonged to her family. Heero slowly pulled the ring from his hand and placed it carefully in a leather case.

Then he picked up the small box resting next to him. These were the rings he chose for himself and Duo. They were simple thick gold bands with a hammered finish that gave them a very masculine feel. This is what Heero wanted to say, they were two men who loved each other and they would no longer deny it. He picked up two pillows and the wedding bands. With a firm resolve, he walked out to the garden to marry his Duo. Naked as the day he was born.

Duo walked out of the back door. The night was beautiful; he could see every star in the sky. Moonlight made the surrounding trees glow. The only sounds to be heard were the soft breeze dancing through the leaves.

Heero approached him; he took Duo's hand and placed a delicate kiss on the back of it. "Ready?" Even in the dark, as their eyes met, the world got brighter.

Duo nodded silently. They walked hand-in-hand through the gardens, bare feet padding quietly over soft grass. He wasn't sure where Heero was taking them. The gardens seem to go on and on. Duo had explored the gardens earlier in the day, but they were obviously far too extensive to see it all.

Heero and Duo came to a huge dark clearing. Duo could see large shapes all around, but he was too focused on his soon-to-be husband to pay attention.

"Here." Heero said as he led Duo into the center of the clearing. He helped Duo kneel on a pillow and went into the darkness.

"Heero?" called into the darkness, wondering what on earth Heero was doing.

Suddenly, the area was dimly illuminated, Duo found himself in the middle of the five Gundams. All five stood tall and proud, making a circle around him. They were totally cleaned and repaired to look as if they had never seen a moment of battle.

Heero came back and knelt on the cushion in front of Duo. "Do you like it?"

Duo smirked through threatening tears. "I should have known you had them. They can be our witnesses."

Heero caressed Duo's cheek with his fingers to bring the wonder filled eyes back to focus on him. "It's time." He placed his ring into Duo's palm as they took each other's hands to say their vows.

Encircled by five enormous mobile suits, two naked young men on their knees faced one another and pledged their love.

Tears pooled in his eyes as he struggled through the words. His breath and heightened emotions caused his lips to quiver ever so slightly. In a voice barely above a whisper, Duo spoke his words of love and commitment. "When I was young and my body was being used like a miniature blow-up doll, I didn't believe in love. Then I was rescued from that life, and I was shown that love exists. But I never felt worthy of it because I was dirty and used. But you, Heero, loved me honestly, without reservations. You are my first and only because you have been the only one to ever make love to me. Everyone else used me. Heero, you made me see that I'm worthy of love; that I'm not dirty or used. I love you so much. I pledge to you my heart, my soul, and my life." Duo kissed the ring before he slid it on Heero's hand.

Heero wiped away the single tear streaming down Duo's face. His words were simple and from the heart. "I was dead and you taught me to live. There never has been and never will be another. I love you, Duo, forever. I pledge to you my undying love, my life, and my soul." Following Duo's action, Heero kissed the ring before he placed it on his love's hand.

Duo shivered as he stared down at his new wedding ring, the light reflecting off the hammered gold. "Oh God, it feels so real."

Heero leaned forward, "It is real." He brushed his lips across Duo's. Their kiss was soft and loving, as if they were making love with their mouths. They parted their lips to allow for the gentle caress of tongues. A loving kiss to seal the two as one in heart, mind, and soul. Above them, Angels wept tears of joy, for the love of Duo and Heero has no equal in all of existence.

Never breaking their kiss, Heero picked Duo up. Cradling his husband in his arms, Heero carried Duo into the house to consummate their marriage.

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