pairings: 1X2
warnings: yaoi, lemon, AU
note: all of the other pilots are dead.

Part 12
by Nazarri

With lips in permanent lock, Heero carried Duo over the threshold of their suite. He carried his precious bundle with great care as he made his way through the outer rooms and around the furniture.

Heero passed through the elaborate archway that was the entrance into their bedroom. It was a round room with a round raised platform in the center and a large round bed atop it. The fur bedspread had already been folded back and rose petals have been sprinkled on the bed. Heero gently deposited Duo on the rose petal covered silk sheets.

Neither one noticed the beautiful room illuminated only by candlelight or the exquisite décor with the cobalt blue, violet and black color scheme. There was nothing in the universe except each other.

Heero sat one the edge of the bed looking down at his husband. He was handsome beyond words, his thigh length hair splayed beneath him. His skin glowed in the candlelight like pure porcelain. Those blue-violet eyes looking up at him with unfathomable love made the perfect soldier feel complete. "Thank you." He said as he caressed Duo's face.

Duo turned into Heero's touch. "For what?"

"Being mine."

He pulled Heero down to his lips. "Forever."

With a true heart-felt smile, Heero stretched out over Duo so that his entire body was pressed against the other. His slid his hands down to Duo's outstretched arms until their hands intertwined. They melted into another soul-binding deep kiss, tongues dancing with each other.

Heero kissed Duo's chin "Mine." He whispered.

He slid down Duo's body and grazed his teeth over the taut nipples. "Mine."

His tongue teased Duo's belly button. "Mine." Heero's sensuous claim on him sent chills down his spine.

Duo was thrusting his hips forward for Heero to claim to his manhood.

But the man had other ideas. Heero settled himself comfortably between Duo's wantonly spread legs. Face to face with Duo's raging hard-on, Heero's grazed his fingertips over the throbbing length and covered every millimeter with feather kisses. It was a loving act of oral worship on the altar of the physical being.

Duo moaned as his hands fisted in Heero's hair. Desperate for something harder, he tried to thrust forward, but Heero held his hips firmly in place. Then he moved in for the kill. "Mine." he growled before engulfing Duo's entire length within the velvety wet warmth of his mouth.

"Heero!" Duo screamed aloud as he wrapped his legs around Heero's shoulders. The slow movements up and down drove Duo to the brink of madness. "Oh God!" he moaned over and over again. But Heero was relentless in his sweet torture, continuing to tease without relief.

Heero pulled his lips over the shaft one last time; then placed a loving kiss on the tip before sliding back up Duo's luscious body. He reached under the pillow searching for the oils. He felt the handcuffs and leather cock ring before he finally found what he was looking for.

Straddling Duo's hips, he oiled both of their burning lengths, one in each hand. Duo watched in utter fascination as Heero worked the oil over them both. Then he leaned forward a little and pushed an oiled finger into himself. A small moan emanated from his mouth as he worked his fingers even deeper.

Duo began pumping on his own manhood as he watched Heero. He couldn't believe how erotic it looked to see Heero over him with his face twisted in pleasure as he fingered himself.

Heero looked down to see what Duo was doing and swatted his busy hands away. "Mine!" He moved forward and eased himself onto Duo's rigid length, hissing at the pleasurable pain.

"Oh shit!" Duo swore as he felt and saw his cock steadily disappear within Heero. He wanted to scream; the intensity was so great.

With a ferocious growl, Heero began to ride Duo. Slowly at first so that he could adjust. Then, he switched to something so deep and primal that words could not describe. Heero impaled himself over and over again in a pounding fury that seemed to be beyond any control. Duo threw his head back and thrust upward to meet Heero's frantic movements.

They could both feel the impending surge rising. As their bodies came together, so did their souls. Heero reached down to touch himself only to find his hand wrapped around Duo's. They both pumped Heero's erection, their finish eminent.

The walls of their home shook when they shouted each other's names as the waves of ecstasy washed over them. Heero was still for a moment to allow each wave to pass completely. He collapsed onto the body beneath him.

Duo wrapped his arms around Heero. They snuggled and kissed in the comfort of their love. "That was wonderful." Duo purred.

Heero's hand slid over Duo's chest and tweaked a nipple. "This is our wedding night, we just got started." With that said, he slid his hand further down Duo's body. "We are no where near done." Duo growled as Heero showed no mercy.

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