pairings: 1X2
warnings: yaoi, lemon, AU
note: all of the other pilots are dead.

Part 13
by Nazarri

The rolling sound of thunder woke Heero from his short rest. He instantly noticed that Duo was no longer lying on top of him. At least that is where Duo was sleeping last time Heero was the slightest bit conscious. He sat up and looked around. Most of the candles had burned all the way down and the rose petals from the bed were now scattered on the floor. Their once beautiful sheets were saturated with various scented oils, sweat, and loves elixir. The scent of sexual musk was enough to over power the fading candle fragrances.

Hearing Duo's voice in the next room, he pushed himself off of the bed and made his way toward the archway to check on his husband.

Duo had his hair braided and he had slipped on a pair of faded jeans. He was seated on the wide couch with the laptop in front of him.

"I love you, Daddy!" Rain squealed.

Duo raised his fingers to the screen, as if to touch his daughter's face. "I love you too, Rainy."

Duo's voice cracked, just barely, as he spoke to Rain. Heero's jaw clenched in anger as he heard this, it was killing Duo to be away from his children and he was determined to do something about it. No one treated his Duo that way!

Hilde's stern voice could be heard. "Time for bed, Rain."

"Nighty night, Daddy."

Duo's voice was almost a sigh. "Sleep tight, Sweetheart." There was a moment of silence as Duo continued to stare at the screen. "Hilde, may I please see Sky?"

"He's sleeping, Duo, and I don't like you calling this late!"

Duo took an obvious deep breath to control his anger. He really didn't need the judge to hear anything like "Duo just blew up at me because he called too late at night. Was he even thinking about the children's bedtimes?" No. He really did not want something like that to appear in any court record. "I'm sorry, Hilde. I just lost track of time. May I please see my son? I just want to look at him, not wake him up."

At that moment, Hilde saw a very naked Heero walk around to stand behind Duo and glare at her for all he was worth. She swallowed hard at the intensity that those cobalt blue eyes could express without saying a single word. The sound of thunder simply added to the moment. Somehow, Heero was going to find a way to kill her, she knew that.

It was not a good idea to be pushing all of this so hard. But Duo had hurt her and she wanted to hurt him just as badly. Unfortunately, Heero Yuy was going to make sure that Duo was not hurt, even if he deserved it! Shaking as if she were staring death in the face, and she knew that she WAS, Hilde stepped to the side to reveal Sky asleep in a carrier on the table behind her.

Duo's face instantly softened. He watched his sleeping son for a moment. "Thank you, Hilde." She cut the connection before he could finish her name.

Duo's face fell into his hands. Heero patiently watched to see if he was okay. Knowing that this was all very hard, Heero decided to give Duo a moment to relax. Then Duo's deep rich voice cut through the standing silence. "Heero. Please tell me that you are NOT standing behind me, intimidating Hilde without a stitch on!"

"It worked." He replied evenly.

"Well, what if I don't want anyone except me to see your luscious nakedness?" Duo smirked as he stood and turned to face Heero. He removed the hair band from around his braid and shook his chestnut tresses loose. Duo unbuttoned the jeans and pulled the zipper down to reveal just a peek of what laid beneath. "What if I strutted around behind you in the buff while you were on the phone with Relena?"

Heero's eyes narrowed dangerously as he snarled at the mere thought.

"Thought so." Duo grinned. Thunder rumbled again. "Sounds like a storm's coming." But his voice sounded quiet and sad.

Heero closed the space between them. He held Duo's face in his hands as they pressed their lips together. Once again, lost in a world of their making. The problems that plagued them simply disappeared in the moment. Heero slipped a hand into Duo's open jeans and pulled them off.

Taking his love by the hand, Heero led Duo to a spiral staircase.

"Where are we going, Heero?"

"To watch it rain."

They ascended the black iron staircase that led to a glass domed room that seemed to be directly over their bedroom. From that vantage point, they could see the forest and the surrounding hills.

The room was decorated very simply. The only furniture was a futon mattress surrounded by blankets and pillows. Silk sheets covered the futon; this time they were a deep royal blue.

Heero pulled himself and Duo onto the futon; kissing all the way to the mattress. Lying back, they caught their breath. "This place is fabulous! And I haven't even seen it all! I can't believe that Quatre left us this house. What was it for?"

Heero pulled Duo to him; they looked into each other's eyes. "For Trowa."

"Quatre was always the romantic." Duo sighed dreamily. "And generous." Sadness crossed his face as he whispered to Heero. "They were so beautiful, weren't they? I don't mean just looks. The way they would touch each other and how Quatre would hold Trowa". He chewed on his lower lip. "I really miss them, Heero. Wufei too."

Heero nodded his agreement as he pushed Duo onto his stomach. He may have agreed with Duo, but he had something else on his mind. Heero kissed the back of his neck. His body slid down Duo's sleek flesh until he was face to face with the small of his back. Heero's tongue made wide sweeps across the skin while his hands cupped the cheeks of Duo's perfect ass. He playfully grazed his teeth over each globe. He settled himself between Duo's legs; then slid his thumbs sensuously down the crack and pulling those cheeks apart.

He loved looking at Duo this way, to see the opening of the tight passage where he was about to thrust into him. Heero's tongue flickered out and teased, circling first before stabbing repeatedly inside.

Duo bit his pillow to keep from screaming out; not because anyone would hear him, but he was already hoarse from all the screaming he had done earlier. To feel Heero's tongue dance in such an intimate place absolutely blew Duo away. "Oh God, Heero" Duo moaned as he pushed back to the active tongue. He felt Heero withdraw just before he was flipped onto his back.

Thunder and lightning cascaded across the sky as Heero scooted back up Duo's body until the young man under him was kissing the head of his cock. Heero watched as Duo's lips sucked him in his mouth. It was so erotic to see those lips wrapped around him like that. He watched the movement slowly as he guided his manhood in and out of Duo's willing mouth.

Heero felt his heat slowly building and knew that his release was near. Duo was just so talented with his swirling tongue and greedy sucking of the head. He leaned forward to plunder Duo's mouth, tasting himself as he settled between those open thighs. Heero stroked himself with oil as his prepared fingers dipped inside of Duo.

Neither one was willing to draw their lovemaking out any more. Heero lunged into Duo with a single stroke. A crash of thunder drowned out Duo's passionate scream into the night. Heero braced himself as he thrust into Duo over and over. He felt strong legs wrap around his hips to drive him deeper and further within. He took Duo's manhood into his oiled hand and Heero quickly felt the waves of passion washing over him. The primal thrusts pushed them both over the edge at the same time. Heero captured Duo's cries with his mouth as he soothed his husband with his lips.

Exhaustion finally washed over them. Heero reached for the sheet to cover them. The relaxing sounds of soft rain and distant thunder lulled them into precious sleep.

There are moments in life when everything seems to come to a stop, when all that you have ever wanted and needed comes together in a single moment. The complete culminations of their pasts, the severe training and hardships of battle, the torture of civilian life and failed marriages, the absolute horror of their friends' suicides, and society's hatred of their true selves seemed insignificant to this shared moment. Duo and Heero were together, despite the hardships that they had faced. Together in a timeless love that had neither beginning nor end.

In the aftermath if exquisite lovemaking, they rested. In their moment of peace, they found an even deeper sense of what they were. Under the silken sheet, they lay side by side, facing one another. Their fronts of their bodies cemented together, each conforming to the other. Legs intertwined and arms encircling the other's body. Faces turned ever so slightly on the carefully arranged pillows to allow their lips to continue to touch, even in sleep. Breathing patterns began to work in a solid single rhythm, as did their hearts. No longer separate beings interacting or working to physically be together, they were truly one.

Neither Duo nor Heero wanted to move. In their state of semi-conscious sleep, they were experiencing a spiritual oneness that could not even be achieved through lovemaking. Their single consciousness expanded well beyond the physical limitations of their bodies. For the rest of the world could fight on with their petty desires and hate filled hearts, only Duo\Heero remained.

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