pairings: 1X2
warnings: yaoi, lemon, AU
note: all of the other pilots are dead.

Part 15
by Nazarri

Heero pushed the disconnect button on his laptop and frowned at the blank screen. He really did not enjoy the games that they were now playing with Relena, but he would do anything to keep their home private from the rest of the world.

Duo's suggestion had been simple enough to implement. All Heero had to do was get his secretary in the palace to go to his room and connect the laptop in his room to the one he took with him everywhere. With Heero's extensive skills, he was able to route and secure the signal from the laptop in his room in the palace. This gave the illusion to anyone trying to trace his calls that he was always at the palace. No matter what new equipment and devices anyone had at their disposal, Heero was simply better.

But that was only part of the plan. The other part involved moving all of his belongs to a new room. This would cause confusion. While Relena searched the palace for Heero's true whereabouts, Duo and Heero could get back and slip in unnoticed.

"Do you think it worked?" Duo asked from a spot on the far end of the couch where he was out of Relena's eyesight.

Heero nodded yes, but remained silent.

Duo understood Heero's reluctance to his plan because it was very manipulative. Heero was much more inclined to the straightforward approach to situations. But things were moving too fast to really come up with anything else.

Duo scooted his way down the couch and wrapped his arms around Heero and laid his head on his love's shoulder. Then he draped his one of his legs over both of Heero's.

Heero, in turn, put his arm around Duo's waist and pulled him tight up against the side of his body. His hand gripped Duo's braid possessively. They stayed like that for a few silent minutes just enjoying the fact that they were together again.

It had not been the best day for the two young men. The day started out just fine, with Heero screwing Duo over the side of the bathtub. But things took a turn for the worse when Relena called and Heero realized that she was trying to trace their call. There were the quick arrangements to make with Heero's secretary, then the mad dash to throw on their leathers and get to the military base. They were exhausted and disappointed about their honeymoon getting cut short. And now they faced the trip back to the palace and reality.

In their own little world, in their own home, they were a married couple with nothing but love in their hearts and sex on the brain. It was a perfect little world. No one was around to oppose their love for one another so they lived in blissful joy.

But the palace meant getting back to broken relationships, political intrigue, and a society that reacted to homosexuality as they would a plague. Even in Relena's world of peace, tolerance was treated like a weakness of principles.

A sudden knock at the office jerked the two young men from their thoughts. Duo untangled himself from his husband then stood and went to answer the door.

Heero was horrified to notice how gloriously seductive Duo's ass looked covered in tight leather with a braid teasing back and forth as he walked. Now all the appreciative stares that Duo was getting from the other soldiers was beginning to make sense. Heero was quite used to seeing men and women giving Duo more than his share of attention, he was just so beautiful. But every since they had arrived at the base, Duo had been receiving more then his normal share of very lustful glances and now Heero understood why.

Quickly, he got up and moved past Duo to open the office door. A confused and curious Duo peeked over Heero's shoulder as the door was opened. Duo tried to get around him, but Heero kept him back with his arm. The possessive action caused Duo to be pinned against Heero's back. In revenge, Duo rubbed his crotch up and down the crack of Heero's ass. It appeared to the untrained eye as if he were simply trying to see around the General.

A young military officer saluted sharply as General Yuy appeared at the door. "General Yuy, the plane for yourself and Colonel Maxwell is ready as requested. May I take your bags, Sir?"

"No bags. We'll be in the hanger very shortly." Heero shut the door. He took a moment to catch his breath before he spun around and wrapped his arms around Duo's waist. "Do you have any idea what you do to me?"

Duo grinned mercilessly. "Is it anything like what you do to me?" He continued to rub against Heero except now they were face to face. Growing erections making their leather riding pants even tighter.

"You are a fucking tease!" Heero growled.

"That's right." Duo purred as he nipped playfully at Heero's lips. "I am a fucking tease." His hands slid down Heero's back and cupped those beautiful leather clad ass cheeks, roughly kneading them. "Yes, I tease, then I fuck. And I'm going to fuck you silly, Heero Yuy." He hungrily devoured Heero's lips with unbridled passion.

Heero returned the kiss, momentarily giving into the intense sexual hunger that he was feeling. Then he remembered the awaiting plane and military crew. He reluctantly pushed Duo away. "We need to get to the palace before this plan blows up in our faces."

"Oh, come on Heero, two minutes. Give me two minutes, that's all I need." Duo pleaded softly in Heero's ear, caressing the body before him like one inspecting a yard fine goods.

"Two minutes?" Heero snorted as he grabbed Duo by the braid and pulled him to the closet door. "That isn't something to be proud of, Duo." Heero opened the door and looked inside for some regular pants.

"It's not a matter of pride, Heero, it's a matter of horny."

Heero frowned, "Plane now, we'll make love later." Then he handed Duo a pair of his jeans.

Duo pouted and looked at the jeans with growing suspicion. "You want me to change out of these leathers?" He backed away slowly and then turned around. He ran his hand over the luscious curve of his perfect leather-clad ass. "Afraid that you can't control yourself until we get back? Or is it that you don't want anyone else to see how good I look in them?" He looked over his shoulder and blew a kiss a Heero. "Well my Love, if I have to suffer, so do you." Duo headed for the door.

"Let's get going."

"Duo! Get back here!" Heero hissed, but it was too late, Duo was already heading for the hanger. He quickly grabbed a pair of handcuffs from his desk drawer and followed Duo out of the door. He walked behind Duo, watching him stroll down the hall, his ass swaying enticingly. Heero glared at any who dared to scope out his love's ass. He didn't care one whit what anyone thought of his obvious protectiveness.

One thing Heero knew for sure, it was going to be a very long ride back to the palace.


"That's ridiculous. This is Heero's room." Relena said as she wandered about the room looking for any sign of the Prince's belongings. She knew that his was Heero's room; she had been in there many times looking for him. But now the room was void of any of his personal belongings, seemingly ready for the next occupant.

She turned to the secretary. "Have you seen him today?"

The young woman smiled warmly. "Yes." This was not a lie; she had seen Heero on the phone. She preferred not to lie, but she would do what was needed to protect Heero.

Relena seemed exasperated. "Well, he's got to be here somewhere. I'll just have to find him. Come on, Dorothy, let's see if anyone knows what room Heero has moved in to."

Dorothy followed Relena out, but not before giving the secretary a piercing look. The Queen simply did not question the secretary properly. Dorothy would have volunteered, but she wanted to stay out of the situation. She would willingly support Relena, but she would not add to the hysteria. So much for her peaceful plans for the evening.

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