pairings: 1X2
warnings: yaoi, lemon, AU
note: all of the other pilots are dead.

Part 16
by Nazarri

In the darkest of the night, the streets of the city were empty save for the unmarked military car traveling toward the palace grounds. The front seat was occupied by two young eager to please military MPs. The back seat contained General Yuy and Colonel Maxwell.

With Duo's extensive verbal skills, they were able to convince the two young men to drive them where needed and had given an oath of secrecy, in the name of the Queen. Heero had watched in utter fascination how quickly Duo had convinced them that they had been working undercover, which explained the leather clothing and the need for keeping their flight plan a secret. He did this without telling one lie!

He fingered the handcuffs in the pocket of his leather jacket as he openly eyed his beautiful husband. The steamy thoughts of what he was going to do to Duo as soon as they were alone were enough to drive him mad. Desire burned like fire throughout his body, Duo was his blood. He no longer needed food, water, sleep, or even air as long as he had his beloved Duo.

The plane ride had been torturous. One hour of being trapped in an aircraft made for battle and speed, not comfort. So fucking in the john was out of the question because there was no fucking john. With the crew on board, there was no screwing over the back of a seat or cock sucking while seated in the pilot's chair. It didn't take long for Heero to realize that he just should have given Duo the two-minute fuck that he had wanted. It would have been a lot easier than being subjected to Duo's blatant teasing.

Of course, it wasn't blatant to anyone else, just Heero. The bending over to pick something up from the cockpit floor, with his ass directly in Heero's face! The "accidental" rubbing of Duo's crotch against Heero's hand as it gripped the front of the armrest. Then there was the hard candy. Duo put the candy into his mouth. Then he would tilt his head back and roll the treat around with the tip of his tongue. With his eyes closed in sheer ecstasy, it looked as if he were imagining twirling that tongue around another tasty hard object. Yes, the plane ride seemed to last forever

Now Heero watched as Duo was sprawled lazily against the other door of the military car pretending to be looking out the back window. He was sitting with his legs spread wide, one on the floor and one on the seat. Anyone looking at him would assume that he was just toying with his braid, but Heero knew his husband far better than that. He growled softly as he watched the tip of that braid tease the impossibly hard thick bulge in the front of Duo's leather pants. The slow sensual up and down movements of the braid virtually hypnotized Heero. The delightful thoughts of Duo sitting in the same position doing the same thing, but without clothes, sent Heero's body into an intense state of over-whelming desire. His mouth went dry and a series of chills shot through his entire system. Heero was dangerously close to losing control.

"Stop!" Heero barked. No one in the car was quite sure to whom or what the General was referring to, but he got immediate results.

The car swerved over to the side and the two officers turned to look at their passengers. "What is it, General?"

Duo, seemingly totally unaffected, slowly slid his eyes from the back window to Heero. A small knowing smirk crossed his face. Those full lips forming just the slightest kiss at him.

That was the last straw. Heero opened his side door and reached for the tantalizing braid to get a firm grip on it. "Come, now!" he hissed through his teeth. He pulled Duo across the seat and out of the car door.

The side door was about to get shut when Duo stuck his head back in. "Hey Guys, thanks for the ride. We'll take it from here!" The officers blinked, as the Colonel's face seemed to be yanked backwards from the door just before it was slammed shut. With a shrug, the two men drove back to their base.

With what little control Heero had left, he pulled them into the trees that lined the road before taking Duo's face into his hands and pressing his lips to Duo's. A slight sense of relief washed over him as he got over the initial frustration of not being able to touch Duo.

Their kiss deepened as Heero reached into his pocket and found the handcuffs. Making sure that he kept Duo's attention focused on their kiss, he traced Duo's lips with the tip of his tongue. So lost in the wondrous sensations, Duo did not notice the subtle actions of his mate.

Heero wrapped his hands around Duo's upper arms. Then, he slid his hands down the soft skin of Duo's strong arms and guided his hands to meet in the back. Duo's eyes shot open in mid liplock as he felt the handcuffs being secured around his wrists.

Duo pulled away just enough to give Heero a lop-sided grin. "I know I teased you, but don't you think this is a bit much?"

Heero ran his finger along Duo's jawbone. "Mine."

Leaning into the touch, Duo nodded. "Yes Heero, yours forever. Let's get to our room so I can prove it over and over again."

"No. Now."

"Now?" Duo giggled. "Heero, we're just a few feet from the road."

"Now." Heero whispered as he gently pushed Duo to his knees.

Duo understood. He put Heero through all that teasing, now he was in pain. He watched as Heero lowered the zipper of his pants and released his blood-engorged length. A single drop of moisture oozed from the end, Heero guided his cock to Duo's luscious lips.

Without hesitation, Duo licked the tip. He flicked his tongue all over the velvety hardness of Heero's cock. He then placed loving kisses on the swollen head before engulfing the entire length at once.

Heero gasped and thrust his hips forward, starting with a slow pace then moving on to a more primal rhythm. It never ceased to amaze him how talented Duo's mouth was. His fingers dug into the silken strands of hair as his hips gyrated into the braided one's mouth.

Duo could feel the speed and intensity of Heero's strokes and knew that it wouldn't be long. He relaxed and met each one of Heero's hard thrusts.

The rumbling roar within Heero rushed from all directions and burst through him like an exploding star. He threw head dead back in a silent scream as he filled Duo's loving mouth with his passion.

Duo rocked back to sit on his heels. He swallowed as he looked up at Heero. "Feel better, now?"

Heero stroked the side of Duo's head and nodded yes. But he guided his semi-erect manhood back to Duo's mouth with a smoldering look in his cobalt blue eyes. "Again."


An assistant walked into Relena's office with a silver tray loaded with coffee and sandwiches.

"Thank you." Relena muttered as she stared at her computer screen.

Dorothy helped herself to some coffee; it had been a rough evening and night. It was now quickly working its way into a terrible morning. "You should get some sleep." Dorothy suggested after a few sips. "A Queen needs her beauty sleep before a Peace Banquet."

Relena turned to her friend with a look of resignation. "I suppose that sleep would be the best option. I do want to look nice for the dance. Heero is such a wonderful dancer. You will help me get ready tomorrow night, won't you Dorothy?"

"Of course." Dorothy offered pleasantly.

Relena's eyes brightened. "What about my dress? Do you think that Heero will like it?"

Before Relena could notice, Dorothy schooled her features to hide her anger and resentment. "He would be an idiot not to."

She leaned forward slightly and eyed Dorothy. "Most likely Duo will be here tomorrow."

"Yes he will. That is if Heero is going to be here."

"I need you to keep him company so that Heero doesn't feel any obligation to entertain him."

"Heero doesn't do things for Duo out of obligation, he does them because they are close." Dorothy leaned toward Relena to emphasize her point. "Very close."

She dismissed the idea with a wave of her hand. "The friendships formed during battle are very strong and I have to respect that. But Heero and I need to get down to the business of bringing a little Prince or Princess into the world. Tomorrow will be perfect because we will all be relaxed and having fun. A few drinks, a romantic dinner, and then an evening of slow dancing. It will be perfect."

"Perfect?" Dorothy looked skeptical.

"Oh yes, Dorothy, the perfect plan. I have seen to it that Hilde and the children are going to be here for the festivities. After seeing you with Duo and me with Heero, Hilde will know that Duo isn't in love with Heero. That it was all a big misunderstanding and she'll take him back home with her. That way, Heero won't have to worry about Duo anymore and Duo will not get a chance to snag Heero back into that twisted relationship." Relena beamed with pride. "See? Perfect!"

Feeling the bile of anger rising in her throat, Dorothy got up. "I'm going to bed. I'd ask you to join me in a mutual oral worship of each others bodies, but you believe something that beautiful would be twisted." With that said, Dorothy left the office.

Relena stared after her friend and wondered when she developed such a strange sense of humor.


Heero gently helped his beloved to stand. He wrapped his arms around him then nuzzled his face in Duo's neck. Pressing feather kisses along his ear, "I love you." he whispered. Heero kissed a line down Duo's jawbone to his chin. He looked up at that lovely face and realized what an awful mess he had made of his beauty. He silently apologized as he licked his own dribbling essence from the corners of Duo's mouth.

"I love you, Heero." Quaking from the inside, Duo pressed against Heero, rubbing his leather-clad erection on Heero's thigh. Not being able to contain his own need much longer, Duo captured Heero's wandering lips and devoured them.

Finding it strangely erotic that he could taste himself to clearly in Duo's mouth, Heero moaned. Their tongues caressed each other in an imitation of wandering hands.

He reached down and rubbed Duo's erection. For a fleeting moment, he almost felt sorry for him. It had to be very painful. But then he remembered the hard candy twirling at the end of Duo's tongue and any thoughts of sympathy few out of the window.

Duo squawked as Heero pulled all sources of stimulation away. "Heero?"

Heero turned Duo around to check the handcuffs. "Yes, my love?" He purred in Duo's ear from behind.

"What about me?"

Heero walked back around to face Duo. His eyes were bright with mischief and lust. "You?" He licked his lips in a perfect imitation of Duo. "After what you put me through, you are in for a long night and hard night."

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