pairings: 1X2
warnings: yaoi, lemon, AU
note: all of the other pilots are dead.

Part 17
by Nazarri

Heero made his way onto the palace grounds with his handcuffed leather-clad braided spouse in tow. He was the one who installed all of the security measures on the palace grounds so he made sure that he had secret ways in and out. Heero was giving Duo the security codes as they went along, just in case he needed to sneak off. He knew that Duo was capable of remembering absolutely everything that he had said. But Duo wasn't listening to a word of it.

Very naughty thoughts continued to plague Duo's tortured mind and body as he kept his eyes pinned to Heero's ass. Duo was not even aware of where they were heading nor did he care. He was a man who never handled sexually frustration very well. He could hear Heero saying something and knew that he was supposed to be listening. But his mind was far too focused on Heero's ass and not his words.

Heero quickly noted that Duo had stopped speaking, a sure sign of trouble. "Duo? Are you paying attention to me?"

"Oh yes, Heero." He answered, licking his lips as his mind thought of running his fingers over those luscious globes. Lavishing them with wet kisses and loving licks. "I am definitely paying attention to you." Duo purred.

Heero shook his head hopelessly as he made his way through the tall hedges that hid the security fences from view. Obviously, he was going to have to go over the security codes again with Duo at another time.

The palace gardens spread out before him had been spruced up for the Peace Celebrations. The lawns and various shrubs had been trimmed and manicured to perfection. Tiny blue lights were wrapped tightly around the tree trunks and draped over the leaves. Small iridescent spheres floated dreamily on the colored water of the ponds and little streams. The vast twisted stone walkways were lit with soft white ground lanterns. It looked like a glowing fantasy world illuminating the darkness.

As Heero stood looking out at the gardens, he felt Duo's loving arms wrap around his waist and his chin rest on Heero's shoulder. He looked down at the hands that were supposed to be cuffed and growled with frustration.

He spun around to glare at his husband as Duo took a few steps back and smirked cheekily at Heero. There wasn't a pair of handcuffs invented that Duo Maxwell couldn't get out of, much to Heero's disappointment.

Duo had gotten out of the handcuffs and was twirling them tauntingly around his first finger. His free hand rested on his hip. Duo's hair was now loose and flowing free, a few strands falling over his chest. The fantasy lighting from the gardens gave Heero the impression that the sight before him was just a dream.

Those violet eyes were alight with unfathomable depths of love tinged with lust, causing Heero to squirm on the spot where he stood. No more thoughts of handcuffs, revenge or rough play. The only thought swimming through Heero's mind was Duo pinned under him writhing with unfettered orgasmic pleasure.

Beneath those expressive eyes, Heero could see something more. They had only been back together a few days and those days had been sheer heaven. But the emotional and physical toll that had been caused by the breakup of Duo's family still filtered through his beloved. He was also extremely exhausted but too wound up to relax. Well, Duo was now Heero's responsibility and he would take care of him to the best of his ability.

Never breaking eye contact, Heero walked to Duo and took the handcuffs, then pocketed them within his leather jacket. "Enough games." He whispered as he took a few strands of Duo's hair and pulled them to his lips for a kiss. Then Heero wrapped his arms around his love's waist drew their bodies together. "I'm putting you to bed."

Duo placed his arms around Heero neck, rubbing his body up and down Heero's as he purred like a big cat. "Is that a promise?" he asked while nibbling on Heero's earlobe.

With a deep kiss as his answer, Heero led Duo to their room.


She watched the two figures in the garden silently from her darkened bedroom window. Even as far away as they were, wearing all black, hidden within the seemingly endless garden menagerie, she knew that it was Duo and Heero. The passionate kiss that they shared spoke volumes of their burning desire for one another. It was at that moment that Dorothy realized something, a part of her hated Heero Yuy.

The man had everything. He was Prince of the World, General of Generals, and had Relena's heart on a silver platter. And he wanted none of it.

But then again, her resentfulness was misplaced. To be fair, Heero hadn't asked for any of it. Relena heaped it all on Heero in a hopeless effort to keep him at her side. Dorothy found it rather sad that for all the love that Relena thought she had for him, she didn't know Heero at all.

Dorothy turned away from the window and went back to her bed. She had no desire to see the love of Duo and Heero. Not when her true love mercilessly sought the affections of another.


Queen Relena stared at the empty pillow beside her on the bed. The tears no longer came; they had dried up long ago. Her voice whispered into the night. "Where are you, Heero?"


Steam rolled liberally throughout the shower as the water cascaded down over the two soap covered male bodies. The soap and shampoo making their very luscious skin soft slick to the touch.

A deep moan rumbled from the depths of Duo's throat. Heero smirked as his fingers continued to work their magick. It pleased him greatly that he could elicit such a raw response from his beloved Duo.

"Yes, yes! Oh God, Heero." Duo panted. "Harder." He groaned. "Do it harder!"

With renewed enthusiasm, Heero's fingers massaged Duo's scalp while working the shampoo into a rich lather. Duo's pleasurable moans reverberated throughout the marble bathroom. When he was finished, he guided Duo's head back into the spray to rinse. A task that took far longer than most people realized.

Duo turned to face Heero, their soapy cocks rubbing against each other. He looked down between them and admired the view, quickly causing them to gain blood-engorged status. "Don't they look great together?" Rolling his hips in a circular motion to emphasize his point.

Heero shook his head, barely able to contain a laugh. "You're tired." he murmured knowing full well that Duo tended to say the first thing that came to his mind when he became exhausted.

Heero then lifted Duo's chin up to bring his gaze back to his own. He lovingly pressed his lips to Duo's. He moved his hands over both of their bodies to get the remaining soap off. Heero deepened their kiss and proceeded to slowly explore every millimeter of Duo's mouth with his tongue.

He slowly withdrew his lips from Duo's and turned the shower off. Heero took the time to wring the water from mass of silken chestnut before taking Duo's hand and leading him out of the shower.

Duo walked to the closet to retrieve some towels, but Heero stepped ahead of him "Let me." The longhaired man was rendered speechless as he watched the perfect soldier proceed to thoroughly dry every inch, crack and crevasse of his body. By the time Heero was finished, he was dry too. He picked Duo up, cradling him against his chest. He carried him to their bed in the next room. Heero gently laid Duo on the black sheets and leaned over him, totally amazed at the strength of the beauty under him.

"You're spoiling me again." Duo grinned up at those cobalt blues boring into his violet eyes.

Heero stroked the hard plains of the stomach underneath him. "It's my mission." He leaned down and replaced his hands with his lips. Heero settled himself between Duo's legs and covered the entire area with soft loving kisses.

Duo sighed in complete contentment. The world faded away under Heero's loving attentions. He closed his eyes and floated in a state of emotional bliss. He felt so loved and so complete. Only Heero ever had that effect on him.

Reaching for the massage oil on the side table, Heero warmed the liquid in his hands before applying it to his beloved's skin. With oiled hands, Heero worked on getting the tight knots out of Duo's muscles. The various sensual noises coming from the body beneath him let him know that his efforts were successful. He wanted to get Duo relaxed enough to sleep well.

Starting with the upper chest and arms, he moved downward, purposely avoiding the painfully hard length screaming for attention. Heero placed a delicate apologetic kiss on the straining cock before working down Duo's legs.

Heero gently rolled Duo over. He ran his hands all the way back up his love's body until his entire front was pressed against Duo's entire back. "What do you want, my Love?" he whispered softly with his cock resting comfortably in the crack of Duo's perfect ass.

"You, Heero." Duo exhaled. "Only you."

Heero placed a soft kiss at the back of Duo's neck to let him know just how much his response meant to him. "I love you, Duo. Only you." He reached down with his oiled fingers and carefully penetrated Duo's tight ring. Not wanting to cause Duo any pain, he took his time.

He moved down, watching his fingers disappear into Duo's opening. His free hand pried the luscious cheeks apart. He watched closely, fascinated by the sheer intimacy of his movements.

"Please, Heero." Duo's voice shook. "I need you inside of me."

Heero grazed his teeth across Duo's ass as he oiled his own impossibly hard length. Wanting only to give Duo pleasure, Heero placed himself at his love's entrance and slowly pushed his way inside. Not stopping until he was fully sheathed.

Duo lifted his hips to meet Heero's penetration of his body; his breath was literally taken away. Oh Gods, it was so right. Their merging of souls and being one, their completion of each other. Words were never enough.

Heero pulled slowly out very slowly them slammed back into Duo with a hiss.

Duo growled as he pushed back onto Heero. They took it slow and easy, feeling every inch of joined flesh scream with passion. The primal rhythm began to build, climbing higher with each thrust. They were quickly lost in the sheer sensual beat of their bodies as the waves of orgasmic ecstasy washed away any sense of the physical being. They were one spirit flying through the cosmos in the hand of God.

Duo collapsed onto the mattress, still shaking with intensity, taking Heero with him.

Heero untangled himself from Duo and settled into the soft blankets. He wrapped his arms around his husband, holding him possessively to his chest. He stroked Duo's hair until he was sure that the young man had finally fallen asleep. Heero kissed the top of Duo's head as he allowed the exhaustion over take him.

Sleep was more than welcome, for the morning brought the cold reality of a harsh and unsympathetic world.

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