pairings: 1X2
warnings: yaoi, lemon, AU
note: all of the other pilots are dead.

Part 19
by Nazarri

"Shit!" Duo hissed as he heard Relena making her way through the outer room toward their bedroom door.

Heero rolled off the bed and landed stomach first onto the carpeted floor. He reached out with his fingertips and with a hard shove, he managed to slam the door shut. But both men knew it was a useless gesture against Relena.

Duo jumped from the bed, dragging the sheet with him as tried to get into the bathroom. He wasn't trying to hide; he just knew how Heero felt about people seeing him naked and with his hair down. Such a sight was for Heero's eyes only.

As he reached the bathroom doorway, the bedroom door was thrown open. Duo spun around to face the intruder.

The obvious door slamming in her face was not going to stop Relena. She had been looking for her wayward spouse for weeks now and a single wooden door was not going to keep her from seeing him.

Relena got to the door and slammed it wide open, "Heero!" As she looked around the room, she was not prepared for the breathtaking sight in front of her. At first, she didn't recognize the room's occupant. Then it dawned on her just who this was. A painful gasp burst through the lump in Relena's throat. "Duo?"

Duo stood in the bathroom doorway on the furthest side of the room with only a black sheet strategically wrapped around him. A surprised expression was pasted on his face that gave him a look of total innocence or decadence, depending on your point of view. Even his parted full lips looked somehow brazenly wanton and virginal at the same time. His large violet eyes screamed sexual passion. He was so beautiful that it was hard to believe that he was male. Yet, his strong masculine jaw and hard lines left absolutely no doubt as to his gender.

His chestnut hair flowed freely down his back, almost to his knees. Some strands fell forward to tease his chest and arms. One sweep of the sheet was low enough to show that Duo's striking chestnut hair color was totally natural.

Every inch of exposed porcelain skin was an obvious source of artist inspiration to sculptors throughout time. The muscles on his body were clearly defined without being overly so. Duo was simply perfect; the epitome of unfettered sexuality and exquisite beauty.

It was at that moment that Relena Peacecraft realized that the Gods and Goddesses played favorites.

From his vantage point on the floor, Heero saw Relena looking at Duo. There was no mistaking the way that she was looking at Duo, either. His Duo! With no concern for his nudity or the fact that Dorothy was right behind Relena, Heero jumped up and stood in front of Duo.

Relena's body jerked back into Dorothy as Heero's sudden appearance startled her. To see Heero in all of his natural glory brought a predatory grin to Relena's face. It had been a long time since she had seen him naked and she found that he was even more handsome than before. "It's good to see you, Heero." She smirked as her eyes traveled down his stomach and then lower.

Rather uncharacteristically, Duo suddenly found himself feeling more than a little possessive. Relena was now openly leering at Heero's cock. That perfect specimen of manhood may be attached to Heero's body, but that cock belonged to Duo. He reached around his husband and held a corner of the sheet in front of Heero, effectively covering him from the waist down.

Heero pressed back into Duo's body, finding the emotional and physical security that he needed for their current awkward situation.

Disappointment flooded Relena as Duo quickly deprived her of the first view of Heero's wonderful body in almost four years. As she looked up to stare Duo down for his obvious obstruction, Relena found herself taken aback.

It was not Duo she was facing; it was Heero and Duo. Words failed to describe how together they looked. It wasn't just the proximity of their bodies or the subtle way that they touched. It was something far deeper. She realized it was the shared look in their eyes, the same intensity and fierceness. They were very much together; her heart saw it but her mind refused to accept that singular truth.

"Heero!" Relena admonished sternly.

Both men froze where they stood. Neither one was quite sure what she was going to say, but they would face her wrath together.

Relena replaced the puzzled look on her face with a warm smile. "Some host you are!" she scolded playfully. "You bring your best friend into town and you have him stay in your room! Shame on you!" When she saw the questioning looks on Duo and Heero's faces, she laughed. "Men!" Relena took a step forward and held a hand out. "Come, Duo dear, I'll get my women to take care of you and find you your own room."

"No." Heero snarled.

Relena turned her confused gaze to Heero. "What?"

Heero glared at her as only he can do. "He stays with me."

She looked at Heero as if he had gone daft. "Heero, I understand your wish to protect Duo during this difficult time in his life. But he is a big boy and can sleep in his own room."

Both men glared at her, she chose to ignore it. "Oh Duo, by the way, I have made arrangements for Dorothy to be your dinner partner at the celebrations tonight." Relena beamed with pride as she turned to smile at Dorothy.

Duo looked at Dorothy with a great deal of apprehension. Heero gave her a distinctly threatening look. No matter, she did not care what those two thought of her. Her concern was for Relena and her very undignified behavior. A Queen should never lower herself to chase after someone who is simply not worthy or her attention. To Dorothy, this meant Heero Yuy.

Dorothy ignored the looks that the two young men shot in her direction and walked up to Relena. "We should go. There are guests waiting for you."

"Certainly." Relena replied with a grateful nod. "You are right, Dorothy." She turned back to Heero and Duo. "Now Duo, I will have my women show you to a room and they can find you something appropriate to wear for tonight. I will not have you escorting my dearest friend in some old mock clergy get-up."

Duo cringed at the mere thought of Relena's lackeys finding an outfit for him to wear. Knowing their hateful tactics, he would end up wearing something too short, tacky, and a grand mixture of pea green and fluorescent orange in color.

Heero's growl of warning reverberated throughout the large room.

Relena sighed. "Now Heero, don't be that way." She reached out for him. Both men instinctively stepped back out of her immediate reach.

Sadly, Relena slowly lowered her hand. "I am only trying to help. It wouldn't be a problem to have a few of my women to look after him. They will get him a room, serve him breakfast, locate some proper court attire, and show him around. They could take him to the pool! Anything he needs."

"I take care of Duo's needs." Heero stated firmly. With that said, he backed himself and Duo the rest of the way into the bathroom, slammed the door, and clicked the lock.

Once they were secure inside of the bathroom, Duo released his grip on the sheet, allowing it to pool at their feet. Heero took Duo's hand into his own and lead him to the far side of the bathroom.

When they reached the wall furthest from the door, Heero used his entire body to press Duo to the cool surface. Duo's eyes were watching the door. Heero wasn't sure what his husband was thinking, but he would do his best to comfort him.

"Look at me." Heero's voice was barely a whisper. Duo raised his eyes to meet Heero's; the world ceased to exist when drowning in the warmth of Heero's loving gaze. "Don't think. Just feel." With that said, Heero nibbled at Duo's lips, gently coaxing him into a soft kiss.

Duo immediately relaxed under Heero's sensuous attention to his mouth. He parted his lips to allow Heero fuller access; a situation that Heero took full advantage of. Duo and Heero were quickly lost in a world of their own, making love with their mouths.

Relena stared at the door as she heard the lock click home. She didn't feel hurt, she was just really confused as to why Heero was being so protective of Duo. But it honestly didn't matter to her. Heero could be as irrational about Duo as he wanted to be. Once Duo went back home with Hilde and their children, Duo Maxwell would be long forgotten. Relena shrugged, "Heero, get dressed and come down for breakfast. I'll be waiting."

She frowned when she received no response from Heero. In fact, she heard no sound what so ever from the other side of the bathroom door.

Relena felt Dorothy's arms wrap around her. She found herself strangely comforted by her friend's simple gesture.

"Let's go eat." Dorothy encouraged.

Relena nodded and took one last look at the closed bathroom door before leaving the room. Her mind burning with curiosity, silently wondering what the two young men were doing within the confines of the bathroom.

Heero lavished Duo with his undivided attention. His tongue caressed Duo's as his hands stroked the silken ivory skin. His hips were working in small circular motions; his cock lusciously rousing Duo's to its most painfully engorged limits.

Duo moaned as Heero abandoned his lips to suck lightly on his neck. He could feel his beloved sliding down his body, Heero's tongue making wide sweeps across his chest and down past his stomach.

On his knees in front of Duo, Heero wanted nothing more than to give pleasure. He sucked his finger into his mouth as Duo watched him from above. Those beautiful violet eyes screamed with passion.

Teasing his Duo close to tears, Heero purposely avoided the impossibly hard length and tongued the tight sack beneath.

Heero's war calloused hands stroked Duo's upper thighs, urging him to part his legs. Quivering with anticipation, Duo willingly complied. He felt a saliva-drenched finger slide down the crack of his ass and press into his hidden entrance. Finding the pleasure spot within, Heero's tongue continued its merciless torture of Duo's balls.

"Heero. Please." Duo begged as his hand went for his straining length. Heero swatted the hand away. "Please." Duo choked back a tearless sob as his hands dug into Heero's scalp.

Feeling that he had tortured his spouse enough, Heero moved up and used wide strokes of his tongue to wet Duo's hardness. Then he moved back down to the neglected sack and stroked Duo's length with his free hand.

Duo's knees almost gave way as Heero attacked with a three-pronged assault. One hand stroking his cock, a finger up his ass stroking his prostate, and Heero's gifted tongue swiping over his balls.

The young man gasped for air as he felt the physical world fall away. White lights pulsed as he was pushed over the edge. He knew that he screamed out Heero's name, but he never heard it.

Heero caught Duo as he collapsed into a puddle of sated oblivion. He carefully cradled his beloved and carried him out into the now empty bedroom. Heero lovingly tucked Duo into the silk sheets before making plans for the day.

There were lots of things to take care of. But the most important thing Heero was going to do was return his old wedding ring to the unsuspecting Relena.

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