pairings: 1X2
warnings: yaoi, lemon, AU
note: all of the other pilots are dead.

Part 20
by Nazarri

A bitter battle raged within Dorothy, though her cool exterior showed nothing of the struggle within. On one hand, she wanted to wrap her arms around Relena and protect her Queen from what was happening around her. But another part of Dorothy wanted to lash out at Relena for the pathetic display of denial she just saw in Heero's room.

Relena knew her friend too well; she could feel Dorothy's anger pulsing like the beat of her heart. "You are angry with me." She stated.

"Relena, you demean yourself when you play stupid, especially in front of HIM. We obviously interrupted them. You should have ripped Yuy's nuts off and force-fed them to Maxwell through his nose."

"Dorothy!" Relena admonished, honestly shocked by her friend's crudeness.

"Where is your dignity?" Dorothy demanded of the young Queen. Her sympathy for her friend was quickly slipping away.

"There is no proof that Duo has seduced Heero yet." Relena's voice shook slightly, revealing her own subconscious doubts.

That was the last straw! Dorothy spun around and gave Relena a cold hard look. "How can you expect your people to respect their Queen when you don't even respect yourself?"

With that said, Dorothy walked away from Relena, leaving her speechless and very much alone.


After getting dressed and having arranged for a staff meeting with his secretary, Heero went back to the bedroom to check on Duo. He was pleased to find that the young man was still resting peacefully. He certainly deserved it.

He wondered what Duo dreamed about. Did he ever dream about their friends like Heero had last night? A shiver shot down Heero's spine as he recalled the kiss Quatre placed on the back of his neck; he could still feel it.

This did not surprise him in the least; Quatre was a very powerful being, dead or alive. The strength of his spirit was as strong as his love for Trowa. Quatre "felt" Trowa die. He chose to end his life instead of living without the man that he so dearly loved. Soul mates were how Quatre referred to himself and Trowa.

But it did cause Heero to wonder about his relationship with Duo, why were their feelings so intense for each other. Were they as bound to one another as Trowa and Quatre?

In his mind, he could still picture the large stone table from his dream; their names deeply carved into the top. His and Duo's names were side by side, as were Quatre and Trowa's, Zechs and Treize, and Wufei and Meiran.

What did it mean? Quatre's parting words in the dream played over and over, "You are never alone, Heero. We are always with you." Even as Quatre said it, Heero seemed to know that he wasn't just speaking for himself and Trowa.

Heero found himself fervently wishing that Wufei were still around so that he might discuss the matter with him. Wufei was far more spiritually inclined than Heero and his wisdom could have proven useful.

Such wishful thinking would have to wait for later, he could hear his staff arriving for the meeting that he had called.


"Have you contacted Prince Heero?" Relena asked her assistant as he approached.

"Yes, your Majesty, I contacted his staff. I was informed that Prince Heero is currently indisposed." The poor man squirmed under Relena's angry gaze.

"I see." Her voice was cold enough to chill the air around them. She turned away from him to mask her disappointment. "So he won't be coming down for the breakfast reception."

The young man nodded even though Relena was not looking at him. "That is what the Prince's office has indicated."

"And what of Major Catalonia?" Relena asked, forcing her voice to not sound too hopeful. "Is she on her way here?"

"She has not answered any pages and security says that she is not in her room. In short, we have been unable to locate her."

Relena lowered her head; she was alone. Even Dorothy had abandoned her. She was quite used to Heero being gone, but Dorothy had always been there for her. Relena felt a chill slowly creeping into her body like a thick rolling fog.

Things were spinning out of control and she felt powerless to stop it. Somehow she understood this was just the beginning to the end of her little contrived secure world.


A late morning shower graced the palace and its impeccably manicured gardens. Heero watched in silence as the raindrops splashed upon the bedroom window, his mind sorted through the information that he received. After meeting with his staff, Heero wanted more than ever to take Duo from the palace and never return.

Not that Duo was in danger, nothing like that. It had become obvious that some of Relena's staff were up to no good and petty little games. This was most likely at the Queen's prompting and they had every intention of making Duo feel unwelcome. In Heero's mind, Duo had been through enough with his family troubles, the war, and the horrendous struggles with his past. There was no need to make things worse on another emotional front.

Heero looked over at the bed that cradled his beloved Duo. He slept peacefully unaware amid the silken sheets. The beauty of the vision before him reminded Heero of an old masters painting.

Duo slept on his stomach, one arm tucked under the pillow while the other was gracefully draped over. He had obviously kicked the blanket down his body to expose his entire back and most of his naked backside. The fall of Duo's hair whispered delicately across his ivory skin. Most of it swept over the hard muscles of his back, but a few strands fell over his face and upper arms.

Looking at him now, it was hard to believe that just last week Duo had wanted to kill himself. The sound of Duo's voice when he made that confession still twisted at Heero's heart. He was determined to see that Duo never felt that alone or helpless ever again.

Much to Heero's relief, Duo was finally looking more like himself again. The dark circles under his eyes were almost gone. A relaxed sated smile lingered over his lips, even in sleep. Healthy color was returning to his handsome face. Several days of doing nothing but making love, resting and eating were paying off.

The movement of Duo's hand caught Heero's attention; it blindly searched the empty spot on the bed next to him. A frown crossed Duo's face as he realized that he was alone in the bed. "Heero?" he whispered, his eyes scanning the room.

Heero watched in silence as Duo's eyes moved to the window where he stood and rested upon him. Duo smiled. Not just any smile, but that warm special smile that was for Heero and Heero alone.

Urged on by some over-whelming unnamed emotion, Heero felt his soul leap toward the amazing creature sprawled on the bed, his earthly body followed. He went to the side of the bed and sat next to his mate. His hand reached out to caress the smiling face. The Prince still found himself in awe of the way he could feel for Duo, so deeply without any want for so sort of return.

With a mischievous grin, Duo sat up and immediately reached between Heero's legs. His skillful fingers began working Heero's denim-clad bulge into a raging hard-on. "This morning, everything that you did, you did just for me. Now, I'm going to return the favor in spades."

"Pleasuring you pleases me." He whispered softly, almost looking shy. Heero eyes widened as he watched Duo's handwork and felt the results.

Duo snickered. "I am going to thoroughly enjoy drilling your perfect soldier ass into this nice mattress!" Heero didn't have time to respond before Duo leaned forward to explore Heero's mouth with his agile tongue.

Remembering that there was actually something important to discuss with Duo, he reluctantly pulled away. "We can't, not now."

"Why not?"

"People are waiting for us."

Of course, Duo didn't see this as an obstacle. "They can fucking wait all day for all I care. I have a mission to screw one Heero Yuy until the sound of him screaming my name echoes throughout the halls of this musty old palace."

Heero snorted.

Duo continued. "Laugh if you want, I fully intend to stay in bed all day completing my mission."

Taking Duo's hand into his own and kissing the soft underside of his wrist, Heero shook his head. "I want to, but we can't." Heero lightly kissed Duo's pouting lips. "Your children are coming."

Duo brightened up immediately. "Rainy and Sky? Oh Heero, thank you!"

Heero found himself pinned under Duo and smothered by the lively young man's kisses. "You are the best and I love you so much!"

"It wasn't me." Heero confessed.

"What do you mean?" Duo asked.

"Hilde and Relena were trying to slip them in without our notice."

Duo's eyes narrowed dangerously. "But we aren't going to let them get away with that, are we Heero?"

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