pairings: 1X2
warnings: yaoi, lemon, AU
note: all of the other pilots are dead.

Part 21
by Nazarri

Duo stood staring at the vidscreen watching the security footage of Hilde and his children boarding a shuttle to Earth from the L3 colony. An enormous myriad of emotions flooded him. He had no idea how to react to the fact that Hilde was doing something so blatantly covert. There was no logical explanation for it. Why would she? What was the purpose?

Heero stood behind his spouse, wrapping his arms around Duo in a gesture of silent support and love. He would be there for Duo; they would face this together.

"Why does she hate me so much?" Duo finally spoke. "What would drive her to such extremes? Does she really think that I am such a bad father that she must do anything that it takes to keep my kids from me?"

The tone of Duo's voice unnerved Heero; there was such a sense of defeat to it. He tightened his embrace, "Don't worry. The best lawyers in the kingdom are yours."

"But why the hatred? And why bring the kids into it?" Duo asked in dismay.


Hatred burned like a self-perpetuating wildfire within Hilde. She hated herself, her life, and her situation, her soon to be ex-husband and his Prince of the World fuck toy. Her eyes reflected that intensity as she gazed out of the shuttle window in the approach to Earth.

It wasn't fair! She did not want to go to Earth or ever see Duo Maxwell again. But here she was being forced to do both.

Of course, Duo didn't know that she was on her way to the Sanq Kingdom with their children. It was her only hope, to catch Duo unprepared. Her lawyers on L2 had found a lawyer in the Sanq Kingdom to take her case. They all had been working on the custody case for the last several days. They hoped to have everything prepared and then serve Maxwell his papers by the following day. They hoped that there would not be enough time for him to find a lawyer and prepare a case, to give them the edge that they needed.

If everything went according to plan, Hilde and the children would be back on L2 in five days and they would never have to see that queer bastard again!

Relena had been a big help having made arrangements for their flight, slipping them in with dignitaries from L3 on their way to the Peace Celebrations. Of course, the Queen had begged Hilde to reconsider her actions and try to work things out with Duo. But Hilde flatly refused knowing that Relena's only concern was keeping Heero, not her pathetic marriage to Duo. She wondered when the Queen of the World was going to figure it all out.

A quick glance over at her children reminded Hilde of her own folly. She was in no place to be harsh with Relena. Hilde looked back out of the window, tears threatening to spill over. It just wasn't fair. Both of her children were spitting images of their father.

All those years of pretending to enjoy the strangest of sexual acts were wasted. In the beginning, she would have endured anything to make Duo forget Heero. Night after night of playing an insatiable sex kitten just for his pleasure and she still lost him to Heero. It was almost too much to deal with.

But she would have her revenge! Hilde would deprive him of what he loved the most, his children. His love and heart should have been hers; she put in the time. And now she would see him suffer as she had done during all of those years they were together.


The lawyer spoke softy as he sat next to Heero on the couch, he was going over the simple marriage termination papers that the prince had asked for. Dressed in his military uniform, Heero looked every bit like the General of the World that he was.

Heero listened and nodded as the technicalities were explained to him. He didn't want a drawn out process or media circus; he just wanted it ended. Heero took the papers and placed them in his briefcase. "Did you ensure that no one knows about this?"

"Yes, your Highness. I wrote and printed it out myself. So no one knows of their existence except for you, me, and the Colonel over there." The lawyer nodded toward Duo who stood silently staring out of the large window.

Now dressed in a military uniform as well, Duo's quiet and solemn demeanor concerned Heero greatly. The confidence that he expressed earlier seemed to have disappeared.


Duo turned around to face the lawyer; a smile plastered to his face. Heero winced inwardly as he recognized the defensive nature of that fake grin.

"Sir, for your case, I have your file and documents. I want you to know that I have been studying the information every since your job and address were legally changed. Everything seems to be in order. I see that your new job title is Commander of Special Services for the Prince, correct?"

Duo nodded. "Yes and my residence is here at the palace. Heero tells me that it means that by law my custody and divorce cases have to be heard in the Sanq kingdom."

The lawyer smiled. "Yes sir, Colonel. It's actually more than that. All royal staff is automatically part of the military for security reasons. And all military cases must be handled through the domestic courts closest to the stationed base. For you, that means the Sanq kingdom. You will find that the courts here are far more reasonable than what you experienced on L2."

"I only want to share my parental responsibilities with Hilde. My children should not be deprived of their Mom or Dad."

"I admire your attitude, it will go a long way in getting this action against you reversed. We will also need to get an idea of a financial settlement. I have the list of all the joint assets, I need to know what you would consider to be an equitable split."

Duo waved his hand in a dismissive manner. "She can have it all."

The lawyer looked shocked beyond words. "Everything? Even the business, the house?"

"Everything." Duo stated emphatically.

"Are you certain, Colonel? You don't have to give it all up. By law, you deserve half of the assets."

Duo turned away from the lawyer, secretly winking at Heero. "I already have everything I need." That was very true because he had Heero. But financially, he was set as well. He knew that Heero had already hidden all the money that Quatre had left to him. Hilde had no idea that the money existed and they planned on keeping it that way.

Heero shook the dumbfounded man's hand and showed him to the door.

A sudden sadness washed over Heero as he locked the door. He had to lock the door. They could not chance anyone catching them in an intimate moment. Not because he and Duo were together, but because they were both males.

If the Prince had ever been caught with a female, the situation would have been met with a nod and a wink. Then rumors of Prince Heero's "great sexual prowess" would be spread around with a certain amount of subdued pride.

But their world would be turned upside down if anyone knew of his love for Duo. Then the talk would be about him betraying Relena, not of sexual conquests. Pathetic double standards, not that Heero cared. He just wanted to love his Duo and be left in peace.

The Prince approached Duo with caution, something was wrong. "Speak to me." He whispered as he brushed a stray lock of hair away from Duo's face.

"This is so stupid. Colonel Maxwell, Duo - Commander of Special Services for H.R.H. Prince Heero. They will roast me in court when they find out that my title simply means that I'm the Prince's fuck bunny. I know you mean well, Heero, but I need a real job."

A warm chuckle met Duo's ears. "It is a real job. You are in charge of my charities."

Duo turned to face Heero. "Charities? What kind?"

"Orphans. No child should suffer as you and Trowa did."

For a moment, Heero was not sure about Duo's reaction. He stood there silently and stared into Heero's eyes. Duo had no discernable expression on his face as his mind processed the information. For a moment, Heero thought that he might have actually insulted Duo somehow.

That notion was quickly dissolved as Heero found himself flat on his back, landing on the carpeted floor. Duo fiercely plundered the deepest recesses of Heero's hot mouth, not giving him a chance to catch his breath.

"Oh God, I love you so much." Duo panted as he reached between their bodies to work his hands down into Heero's pants.

A firm knock on the door stopped Duo's wandering hands. "General, your car is waiting."

"All I want is my cock buried in your ass!" Duo grumbled. "Is that too much to ask?" He tried to pull himself off of Heero, but somehow the various medals on their uniforms hooked around each other in the midst of massive Duo groping. "Damn! We're stuck!"

"Hold still!" Heero growled. With expert ease, the perfect soldier detangled himself from Duo.

They helped each other to stand. Heero straightened his own uniform; then he arranged Duo's top and quickly brushed carpet lint from them both. Heero pulled Duo to him, lightly kissing his lips. He firmly pressed his hips into Duo's, his rock-hard erection a wordless promise of things to come. "Tonight, you can have me any way you desire."

Duo shivered within the circle of his Heero's arms. Heero's words were more than enough to keep him sustained until then.

With a nod, they both went toward the waiting car.


"You look lovely, your Highness." The hairdresser gushed.

Relena frowned as she looked at herself in the mirror. She loved pink, but it was far too childish for a Queen. Instead, she chose a finely tailored suit of dusty rose, a superb and tasteful choice. With her hair done up in an intricate bun of small braids, it gave her a very lady-like look. Yes, she did look quite lovely.

But she wanted to hear that from Dorothy, not from some paid simpering mouthpiece. There was something about the way that Dorothy complimented her appearance that always made her feel special.

Holding on to the hope that her friend would return to her side soon, Relena was escorted by her bodyguards to the limo. She was on her way to greet the dignitaries from L3; among them would be Hilde and her children. A small secret smile crossed her lips.

Alone, silently watching the passing buildings, Relena lost herself in fantasies of the Peace Banquet and dancing with Heero around the ballroom floor.


Feeling like he was part of some twisted entourage, Duo walked with Heero surrounded by masses of military personal. The General set the pace with firm strides. A Lieutenant seemed to be talking to Heero at an incredible speed, Heero just nodded as they walked along. The rest of the people seemed to take their duty to protect the Prince of the World and Colonel Maxwell very seriously.

They were escorted through the underground tunnels toward the vehicle-holding bay. Ahead, the entourage parted to reveal an open car door. Wordlessly, the two escorted men got in. Duo stared at the side door as it was shut for them. They stared straight ahead as the vehicle immediately began to move.

First they drove through dimly lit tunnels, and then they seemed to burst from the darkness into the daylight.

With two other cars and several motorcycle escorts, the General and Colonel were on their way to the spaceport. Speeding through the city, stopping traffic wherever they went.


Relena's limo went through the city with her regular security precautions. They found themselves having to come to a complete stop.

Leaning forward with a frown, she asked her driver, "Why are we stopping?"

She saw a massive motorcade passing in front of them. The center car was flagged with royal and military insignia. "Heero!"

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