pairings: 1X2
warnings: yaoi, lemon, AU
note: all of the other pilots are dead.

Part 24
by Nazarri

In the midst of the horrors of war, Heero Yuy had been blessed with a sacred symbol of hope. His Earth-bound angel of death had given him a spiritual understanding of life and true love. He had never known that there was something beyond his mission parameters or anything other than the goal of peace.

His scope of reality was so very limited. That was until he met Duo Maxwell, the only light in his dark world.

And now, his cherished gift from heaven sat upon the bed, lost in a silent pain. Heero was feeling slightly helpless. How could he make things better for Duo when the world was so heartless and cruel toward them?

Hanging up the last of his uniform, Heero left the closet to address the unnerving silence in his bedroom.

Clad only in his white dress shirt, Duo's body screamed misery. His sullen figure sat in the center of the bed, his legs curled to the side. Duo's mind seemed to be wandering somewhere in the subconscious realm as he twisted the end of his braid between his fingers.

Picking up a brush from the nightstand, Heero slid his nude body on to the bed behind Duo. He lightly kissed Duo's neck as he took the young man's braid from his hand. Taking the tie from the end, he unraveled the braid by running his fingers through the chestnut tresses.

With loving tender care, Heero brushed his beloved's hair. He understood that Duo needed the silence and he respected that. After all, mutual respect was paramount to enduring and lasting love.

When Heero was finished, Duo leaned back into him. "I'm sorry." He whispered, trying desperately to find the words to express himself. "I should have had more faith in us. What we share is stronger than all the stupidity and callousness that the world can throw at us."

Heero kissed the soft hair that was pressed to his cheek as he slid his hands over the front of Duo's shirt, unbuttoning the fabric. He wanted to help Duo find his faith again, to remind him of their eternal strength. "Remember that poem?

Duo turned so that he was cradled against the solid chest behind him. He nuzzled Heero's neck; his warm breath was a gentle touch to the skin. "Actually, it was some lyrics from an old song."

"Sing it? Please."

Duo pulled back a little and looked Heero straight in the face. His eyes were smiling as deeply as Heero had ever seen. He took Heero's face in his hands, moving forward to close the space that separated them. Duo sang the words from memory. He moved his lips to brush Heero's as he softly sang.

"If the sun refused to shine,
I would still be loving you.
When mountains crumbled to the sea,
There would still be you and me."

Heero could feel Duo's melodic voice permeating to the very foundation of his soul.

"Little drops of rain whisper of the pain,
The tears of loves lost in the days gone by."

A flood of warm memories of their fellow pilots dancing through their minds and hearts, they shared a sweet kiss. Their friends would never be forgotten and justice would be served.

"My love is strong; with you there is no wrong,
Together we shall go until we die."

They both felt the dampness of tears rolling over their touching lips; death would be their eventual parting in this life. A reality they knew too well when they were faced with war.

"And so today my world it smiles,
Your hand in mine we walk the miles."

They looked down at their intertwined hands giving each other a firm squeeze. After five years, they were together again and nothing was going to change that.

Duo graced Heero with a warm loving smile. "But thanks to you it will be done,"

Heero completed the words, but he whispered them instead of singing. "For you to me are the only one."

"The only one, Heero?"


Heero pushed aside Duo's open shirt and licked his lips at the sight before him. His fingers lovingly grazed over the hard planes of muscle, the ultimate perfection in his eyes. He swallowed hard as he laid eyes upon Duo's cock, swollen and heavy with passion.

Giving into his most immediate emotion, Heero lowered himself onto his stomach between Duo's open legs. He took the entire organ into his mouth, surrounding Duo's desire with wet warmth.

Heero could hardly contain himself as his intense need grew with every touch. With his tongue, he slowly caressed Duo to full hardness, wanting to feel every inch within him.

Above him, Duo hissed with pleasure as he leaned forward to stroke Heero's back. He slid his hands from the shoulders, all the way down his back. Then his hands would push further down, over the luscious curves of Heero's ass. Then with a single finger, he gently teased the hidden entrance.

With his one of his out stretched legs, Duo located the oil from under the pillow. Using the bottom of his foot, he rolled the oil toward him by raising his knee. He kissed the top of the bobbing head in his lap as he retrieved the bottle and flipped the top open. Duo poured some of the slick liquid over Heero's back and over his finger brushing the tight opening.

Duo pulled his hands all the way back up Heero' body and then down again. He moaned in his love's ear when his hands smoothed oil over the perfect soldier's ass, "Oh Heero, I want you so bad."

Heero lowered his chin; his lips kissed and very lightly sucked on Duo's balls as he felt a finger circle his entrance. He gasped when the tip of that finger slowly worked its way inside, circling and stretching.

Duo heard Heero's muffled gasp. With a knowing smirk, he teased the young man even further. "Need something, Heero?"

In an act of sheer wantonness, Heero raised his ass high into the air, silently begging Duo to stop teasing. He needed more, so much more. With a purr, Duo pushed one slick finger in and out, going in as deep and fast as he could, pushing more oil inside.

Heero abandoned his oral worship to move up Duo's body until they were eye to eye. For a moment, they simply gazed into each other's eyes, staring into the forever that they alone shared. Slowly moving to press their lips to one another, giving into the loving passion that burned like fire.

Tongues sought the familiar caress of the other, needing the soft moist touch. Heero pushed the shirt from Duo's shoulders, tossing the garment aside.

Heero fell back, pulling Duo with him. He couldn't help but smile. His beloved loomed over him as cool silken strands of hair grazing his chest and arms. A wolfish grin spread across Duo's face as he realized what position they were in.

Locking eyes with Duo, Heero slowly spread his upturned knees. Duo's hips slid down between Heero's thighs until erection touched erection. Heero moaned as Duo ground his hips downward mercilessly.

"You are so mine, Heero." Duo growled as lifted his body just enough to oil his very engorged erection, still slick from Heero's oral ministrations. His cock throbbed in his hand as he guided the plump tip to the opening of Heero's eager and willing body.

Heero closed his eyes as he felt Duo push slowly into him. His back arched against the intense heat, needing more than he would ever fully understand. It was so much more than a joining of bodies or hearts. It far exceeded anything that words could describe as Duo filled him completely. Heero threw his arms to the side and his head back in a silent scream that could be felt through the waves of the universe.

They rocked together in perfect unison, pushing into each other, claiming what was rightfully theirs. Nothing else existed; nothing else was even close to real. Wave after wave of building passion coursed through their joined bodies. They could feel the intense fires within them and rising together as one, for they were one, as God intended.

Heero wrapped his legs around Duo's waist, pulling his beloved's thick cock further and deeper inside.

Reaching between them, Duo wrapped his hand around Heero's arousal, pumping it in time with his strong thrusts. He could feel the intense fall coming.

No words were needed as they felt each other peak, souls joined, falling into the bliss as one.

For a moment, time stood still. They could see their eternity together, flying hand in hand through time and space. Everything else was false when faced with truth before them.

They collapsed rolled onto their sides. Melting their bodies together, flesh-to-flesh, contour-to-contour, they lay together as one. Their heartbeats settled to a rhythm of a single beat. Their lips never ceased touching, even as they drifted into the dreamlands together.


Later, as Heero regained some sense of consciousness, he peeled himself from Duo's firm grasp. It wasn't that he wanted to go, but he had something important to take care of.

Slipping into a quick casual outfit, Heero knew that it was time to set himself and Duo free. It was time to end the farce that he had shackled himself to those many years ago. He went to his dresser and found the little pouch that contained his old wedding ring.

Without regret or hesitation, he walked out of the room and headed for the Queen's suite.

He walked past the posted guards without being questioned, like it was the most natural thing in the world for the Prince to be visiting the Queen in her suite. But the occurrence was rare and even then, it was strictly royal or military business.

Heero always ignored the guards exchanged smirks. But it had never ceased to piss him off that anyone assumed that they knew why he was visiting the Queen.

Entering the room without knocking, he heard Relena gasp, surprised to see him in her room.

The lighting in Relena's room was dim to match the lighting of the banquet and ballroom. The young queen sat at the large antique mirrored vanity. Wrapped in a pink satin robe trimmed with delicate lace, Relena was getting ready for the evenings festivities. Her hair was free from any style, cascading beautifully down her back. No make-up marred her face so that her true self was shining through.

She looked comely, but it didn't matter. It had never mattered.

Heero said nothing as he approached the mirrored vanity. Carefully, he placed his old wedding ring on the wooden surface in front of the Queen.

Relena slowly looked away from Heero and down at the ring in front of her. The family heirloom sparkled in the soft light. It was supposed to be Milliardo's when he was old enough to take a wife. She sighed at the mere thought, of the future that would never be.

All of her hopes and dreams were fading quickly. No children, no prince, no fairytale love, no hero of the world to shine at her side, it was all gone in a simple gesture.

Her hand shook as she picked it up, holding it in her warm delicate hand. She had the answer to her earlier question. Leave it to Heero to answer her without words.

Relena turned to him, hoping to spark some sense of reason within him.

"So you are prepared to watch Duo die, like all the others. If you really love him, you will let him go. The path you are choosing leads to nothing but death. Remember your friends? My brother? Is that what you want for Duo? His death and you all alone?"

Anger welled up in Heero. Not only was Relena willing to use his love for Duo to keep them apart, again! But she just assumed that Duo would be the one to take his life next! Heero knew that if Duo was not a part of his life, he saw no reason to live, that he would be the next to go. The last five years of his life had been a living hell; without Duo, there was no life to live.

Deep down, Heero knew that he shouldn't expect anything better from her. Relena had always treated Duo with nothing but contempt from the very first day. His head burned with the hateful words that she spewed at Duo when he had saved her life, when Heero was going to kill her. It was the only time that she ever spoke directly to Duo. Relena had been spiteful and angry even then. It was as if somewhere deep in her soul she knew that Heero was never meant to be hers.

But Heero intended to make his feelings very clear to her, so that there would be nothing to question or delude herself into.

He stated very firmly, "I will never be alone again."


"Duo's last breath is mine."

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