pairings: 1X2
warnings: yaoi, lemon, AU
note: all of the other pilots are dead.

Part 25
by Nazarri

"You cannot mean that." She gasped, clutching her throat as if she lacked for air. Her lovely eyes searched for any wisp of hope in Heero's. All that she could see was the firm sincerity of conviction set within them.

The silence. It felt like a thick velvet drape hanging in the air between them.

They looked at each other, allowing the truth to settle upon her. It was over.

Obviously, it never was. In his own words, Heero would rather be dead than continue to spend his life without Duo.

Relena mentally cringed. What went wrong? What was is that she had done? Was it something that she didn't do? Was anything enough? Didn't she give him everything? What was it that he needed that she could not give him?


She mentally sighed as she remembered the night when they found out that Duo had gotten Hilde pregnant; Heero had looked as if a part of him had died. Looking back, perhaps something within him did die. He had just stared out of the window toward space, out where Duo was, like a silent call to his love. It was as if he wanted to walk into the stars and never look back. Relena was now certain that he would have done it too, if it had been possible.

It was Duo. It will always be Duo.

She looked deep into Heero's eyes, hoping to spark some sense of understanding. But his eyes were unfocused and she knew that his thoughts were already back to his Duo.

Without another thought or word for her, Heero Yuy turned around and walked out of Relena's room, walking out of her life.

Relena stared at the empty spot that Heero had most recently occupied. Her mind tried to contemplate what had just happened to her, to her life. It wasn't real, it couldn't be. She retreated into her mental world where Heero danced with her around the room, she was in his arms and he looked so handsome.

Sadly, that was so long ago. They were children. No, she was a child, emotionally stunted and clinging to fantasies. It was so much easier to hold on to hopes and dreams than face uncomfortable truths. It was the folly of women, as Dorothy would say.

Strangely enough, when she really allowed herself to take a breath and her feelings to surface, she found herself lacking in grief. Heero's leaving didn't hurt like she thought it would. She almost laughed at herself when she realized the waves of devastation weren't there. No, there was a quiet sadness and hurt, but nowhere near the feelings that she expected to experience.

So lost in her thoughts, she didn't see the woman coming up to stand behind her. Not until Dorothy reached around her for the hairbrush on her vanity did she notice that she was no longer alone.

Relena looked into the mirror in front of her and watched Dorothy's reflection. The tall graceful woman, dressed completely in black, lovingly caressed Relena's hair. She almost seemed mesmerized by the simplicity of her action. Dorothy smiled warmly as she began to stroke Relena's hair with the brush.

"Why?" Dorothy asked in a soft but firm tone, not expecting an answer. "It is something that most women ask themselves when they are faced with the end of a relationship. Why? Was I not good enough? Was I not pretty enough? Did I not give enough of myself?"

She looked at Relena's face and was once again faced with the young Queen's silent confusion. With an almost hopeless sigh, Dorothy continued. "I really hate what we do to ourselves in the name of so- called-love. Ignoring despicable behavior, dismissing it as a misinterpretation, putting pretty twists on it to help in our denial. We do a great disservice to ourselves and other women when we choose this path of disaffirmation. This brings shame to us all."

Relena lowered her head; she felt her world spiraling away, like water down a drain. Dorothy was right, what she allowed from him was downright abusive. Not in any kind of physical way, but emotionally. This is what hurt the most, not that he misguided her, but that she deluded herself. Heero had always been dismissive toward her and unaffected by her in any way. She was so hell-bent on making him her prince that she ignored how he treated her. Relena threw her dignity out of the window to cling to a fantasy.

She smiled through the tears rolling down her face. "All that I ever wanted was to marry Heero and have children. I guess I am just a romantic at heart, the picture perfect relationship, a man and a woman and beautiful children. Somehow, I always knew that there was a sweet and loving person inside of him. I was so sure that my love for him would bring out the real Heero."

Dorothy snorted. "The mantra of women; sadly, we never learn. We are always out to fix men when we should be fixing ourselves."

"Why have I been so foolish?" Relena pondered aloud. " I guess, deep down inside, I have always known that this day would come, when he would leave me for Duo. But I thought that it would hurt, it doesn't." She looked up into the mirror at Dorothy's reflection. "What does that mean?"

"Are you really going to miss him? Heero Yuy? The guy who has treated you like shit since the day you met? Or are you going to miss the fantasy of him that your mind has created?"



As Heero walked through the corridors back to his room, he quickly brushed past the palace folk who attempted to gain his favor or attention. This was Relena's world, not his and he was glad to be done with it. Life had so much more to offer than petty politics and false people.

Entering his suite, he went straight to the bedroom, hoping to find Duo still in bed. There was little time before the banquet and there wasn't a better way to spend that time than making love to Duo.

He found his beloved, not in bed but in the sunken whirlpool sized tub in the far corner of the marble bathroom. Duo was a breathtaking vision as he reclined back against the far side, steam rising from the water's surface. He eyes were closed, totally relaxed despite all the emotional stupidity that he had dealt with earlier in the day.

It never ceased to amaze Heero just how beautiful and strong Duo was. Heero wanted nothing more than to bury himself in Duo and join him in holy union. Everything that was Duo set his passion afire.

Heero quickly shed his few clothes and stepped into the water. Rounded steps took him to the depths of the wet warmth that surrounded him.

With a knowing smile, Duo slowly opened his eyes, his loving smile beamed from the core of his very soul. Heero was caught in the spell of eternity, feeling the joy that only a complete soul could know. He moved forward through the waist-deep water.

Reaching Duo, he pulled the young man into his firm embrace. Duo wrapped his arms around Heero's neck and pulled their faces closer together. "I was worried when I woke up and you were gone. I'm glad to see that you have come back to me in one piece."

Running his hands softly over Duo's back and ass as a low groan escaped his lips, need swelling gracefully between his legs. "I returned Relena's ring."

"I'm sorry." Duo pulled back slightly, not wanting to make light of the situation.

"I'm not." Heero growled, yanking Duo firmly back into place. He slowly pressed his lips to Duo's, wishing for nothing more than to savor the taste of his beloved mate. Their tongues caressed lazily within the oneness of their fused mouths. Heero's hands traveled lovingly over every accessible inch of bare skin, above and below the water.

Duo ground his stiff cock against Heero's, stirring both to unimaginable hardness.

With a groan, Heero guided them back to the steps. He flipped Duo onto his hands and knees in front of him.

In a gesture of silent submissive offering, Duo lowered his head, causing his ass to push high into the air.

Heero growled as he ran his hands over the perfect skin presented to him. He leaned forward, nipping at rounded globes and teasing the valley between with long swipes of his tongue.

Duo's body shuddered under Heero's merciless ministrations. His mind could not focus on anything past Heero's wondering tongue as it slipped casually inside of him. He bit his lower lip as his head thrashed from side to side.

Quickly scanning the various bottles within reach, Heero found a substance slick enough to use for lube. Pouring the substance over his fingers, he pushed them into Duo, stretching and preparing him.

Duo pushed back onto Heero's invading digits, desperately craving the real thing.

Unable to contain his need any longer, he gripped Duo's upraised hips. Heero placed his hardened length at Duo's eagerly waiting entrance and slowly pushed in.

The loss of breath came swiftly as Duo felt Heero enter him. He forced himself to take a breath as he felt Heero sheath himself fully within his body.

On wings of the universe, they joined together, never really sure where one of them started or ended. They were as one, complete as a whole. They felt nothing beyond the passionate rhythms that defined their union.

Feeling the fire build, they moved furiously against each other. Skin slapping skin echoed from wall to wall. They knew that it would be impossible to keep up their frantic movements without finishing soon. Heero gained sense enough to reach under them to stroke Duo's cock.

This was all it took; Duo felt the edge approaching fast. He threw his head back as an inhuman scream erupted from deep in his throat.

Feeling his love constrict around him, Heero slammed his hips forward as his head fell back.

A surge of endless intensity crashed over them as they fell together into bliss.

They stayed still for a long time, allowing their shuddering bodies to recover. Heero pulled Duo into his arms, enjoying the peace of their private time.

Soon, they would be going to the banquet, facing the lives that they had built and destroyed.

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