pairings: 1X2
warnings: yaoi, lemon, AU
note: all of the other pilots are dead.

Part 28
by Nazarri

Without a thought, Heero scooped Duo up and carried his beloved, growling various orders as they made their way down the hall.

He was worried far beyond what his face revealed. He had tried hard to get Duo to rest and eat; he had succeeded to a certain extent. But obviously the damage was far more serious than he imagined. It was just like Duo to put up a solid front.

But Heero berated himself, he should have known better. Duo's outburst earlier in the day was a clear sign that things were not okay. He only wished that he knew what to do to fix the problem.


Surrounded by darkness, Duo floated. He could feel himself surrounded by his family, his spiritual family. Zechs, Treize, Wufei, Meiran, Trowa, and Quatre formed a loving and supportive circle around his essence. They comforted him with caresses and soft whispers.

"This is not right; we should all be together."

"We are always with them, we protect them which is why they are together now."

"They need us to be with them in the physical realm."

"We must go back to be with them."

"They don't need our help."

"No, but they need our love."

"Then it is decided."


"Duo, we are coming back to you "


Climbing from the darkness, Duo was still dizzy, but at least he was no longer on his feet. This gave him a moment to mentally focus and made him aware of being carried. He cracked one eye open only to find himself staring at a chest full of medals. No surprise to that, he knew that Heero wouldn't allow anyone else to touch him. As much as he enjoyed the attention, he felt rather embarrassed. "Heero put me down."


Heero's tone of voice told him that there would be no argument. With a sigh, Duo closed his eye again, shutting out the mental picture of him being carried around in front of the world's dignitaries.

The lounge door burst open and a flurry of military security walked in surrounding the Prince of the world. Everyone in the room took a step back and watched as Heero carefully placed Duo on the couch.

Duo felt the couch against his back; he tried to sit up but found it impossible. Another wave of dizziness coursed through him and a soft moan escaped his lips. He heard Heero telling someone to get him a glass of water.

Ignoring the surrounding security, Noin, Sally, and Lady Une walked toward them. "What happened, Heero?" Sally asked.

Heero ignored everyone else for the moment; he was worried about Duo. He looked down at the man that he loved, once again feeling helpless to do anything constructive for him. "Duo, can you look at me? I'm taking you back to our room."

"No, please." Duo whispered quickly. "Just give me a minute, okay?"

Noin persisted. "What is wrong with Duo?"

Taking no heed to the eyes on them, Heero caressed Duo's cheek with the palm of his hand. "He is exhausted." He looked down at Duo, worried that things had gone too far. The stress of their circumstances, the emotional turmoil, and social hatred aimed at their love, the years of being without one another were taking a definite toll on his beloved.


Relena watched the loving scene from the other side of the room. She wanted to rush to Heero's side and comfort him, but it wasn't her place anymore. To see Heero's concern for Duo and his gentle touch, she knew that it had never been her place.

She turned to Hilde who was glaring at the two on the couch.

In a strange way, she wanted to help Hilde move on as she was trying to do. She took Hilde's arm and tried to lead her to the other side of the lounge. "Look, we wanted them in our little fantasy world so badly that we didn't think about what was truly best for them. I know that we cared about them because we didn't want to see society treat them cruelly, but that just proves that we didn't love them. Loving them is about wanting what is best for them, not what society thinks is best. If we really cared about them, then we would have supported their love instead of twisting it around and using it. Look at Duo and Heero right now; is there any doubt in your mind that they belong with each other?"

Hilde shook Relena off and walked toward the couch.

Heero saw her approaching and stood up to place himself between Hilde and Duo. "Stay away from him." Heero growled. "You've done enough already."

"Don't start with me! I didn't do this to him, YOU did! It was YOU that he waited for night after night. Do you think that it was really me he took to his bed? It was never ME; it was you every time! It was your name that he called out not mine! I loved him and that wasn't enough! I gave him children and that still wasn't enough! And I gave myself to him over and over, hoping that one day he might actually notice that I was the one with him, not you. You weren't there; you were never there! But I never meant a fucking thing to him! You are the only thing that he has ever given a shit about. So don't get all holy on me! This is your doing, not mine!"

"You used our love against us so you won't get sympathy from me." Heero hissed furiously.

"Its not fair!" Hilde practically shouted. "He is supposed to love me." She pointed at her chest as tears filled her eyes. "He is supposed to be with me. I am a woman; I can give him everything that you can't. The only thing you two can ever feel for each other is primal rutting! Nothing but animals! Just like pigs! There couldn't be any REAL feelings between you two! True love can only be found between a man and a woman! Everything else is just twisted and sick!"

The rest of the room was shocked into a deadly silence.

"Then you don't know anything about love." Heero responded in a calm voice.

"I hate you!" She seethed.

Heero was unaffected. "I don't care. But I will not let you hurt Duo or his children any more." With that said, he turned his back to her.

Fear flooded Hilde as she realized that Heero just might be able to stop her. "Not his children! My children! They are my children!"

Heero slowly looked over his shoulder as he leveled a glare at Hilde. "We shall see."

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