Warnings: angst, discussion of bigotry, mention of suicide, and true love.
Pairings: Duo and Heero, Relena and Dorothy, Noin and Sally, mentioning of Quatre and Trowa, and some vague allusion to Wufei, Zechs, and Treize but only if you want to see it that way.
Notes: This is a conversation between Dorothy and Relena. Let's just say that I was inspired and actively motivated, stupidity and bs have a way of getting me off my ass. But it will lightly discuss what happened to Quatre and Trowa as well as skimming over what happened to Zechs and Wufei.

Part 29
by Nazarri

The young Queen watched the unfolding scene in front of her with horror. What had become of this situation that had turned things so badly? So many things had happened in the last few days, few hours that changed everything. Her entire life had taken a complete u-turn.

It was like a dream, almost unreal.

Heero sat down on the couch next to Duo as Hilde ran out of the room in tears. Fear, anger, and pain were written all over the poor woman's face.

It was so sad.

Relena could hear the voice of Noin and Sally behind her, ordering everyone out and summoning a physician for Duo. Lady Une backing up the orders with a stern glare.

It was strange; she didn't want things to end this way. She had played a role in getting peace for the colonies and Earth and yet those around her still seemed to suffer.

Relena swallowed hard and turned to face Dorothy. "Is it truly this bad, Dorothy? This hatred of homosexual couples?"

"Hilde's words reflect a lot of people's ideas, she is not alone in her thinking."

"How horrible." Relena shuddered.

Dorothy put a comforting hand on her lover's shoulder. "Consider your own recent words. Things have come out of your mouth that was quite angry and spiteful. Where did you get your ideas of same gender relationships?"

The queen turned red as she remembered the terrible words that passed from between her lips. It had been such an automatic response, certainly not thinking or loving one. She knew what she felt for Dorothy, even if she denied it for so long, it was always there. It occurred to her that perhaps she held on to her imaginary romance with Heero to keep from facing what she truly felt for Dorothy.

A woman was not supposed to love another woman, especially not the princess. Fairytales were of handsome men and lovely women. Society brainwashed her and all females into thinking the only happiness would be found in the arms of a strong silent prince.

A twisted sick lie.

She felt a deep loss for the years that she wasted. She should have faced herself and the crap that women were fed long ago.

It is so sad, to see what women do to themselves and what they do to each other.

Dorothy looked at her very seriously. "People are killed everyday because they love people of the same gender. Killed! Without mercy! There have been horrifying situations of brutality, torture, and mutilation. And even those who often appear to accept it truly feel that heterosexual couples are superior to what same gender couples share. Their snide and smug attitudes can be felt everywhere. Although the ones with tact are careful not to say so, many believe that only romance and true love can be found in heterosexual relationships."

Relena looked quite pale. How could her peace ever last with such hatred and bigotry brewing below the surface?

"Not to mention the incredibly high suicide rate." Dorothy shifted her sight to Duo and Heero over on the couch. "Those two are the only ones left. Need I remind you about your brother? Or Wufei? Duo was the one who found them, did you know that?"

Relena shook her head no; she didn't know the details. Somewhere she had heard something about secret videotape with some very incriminating evidence on them and Treize. She only knew that Heero had done everything he could to remove all the copies from the known sources. But more than likely, some had escaped destruction.

Dorothy continued, "Do you remember what happened with Trowa and Quatre? The Winner family was so opposed to them, that they arranged a marriage for Quatre without his consent. They wouldn't tolerate having an heir to such a fortune being a homosexual. What would people think? They planned it to coincide the wedding announcement with Trowa's visit to his sister. It was in the news before Quatre was notified in order to force him into accepting the arrangement, to save the family from so-called "dishonor". Well, you know what happened after that, Quatre felt Trowa take his life, so he took his own. Neither of them would live in a world where they couldn't be together."

There were tears in Relena's eyes as she remembered the fallen pilots. So much beauty and love with each and every one of them. It killed her to see it twisted and perverted into something horrid. Her heart fell as she realized what part she had played in all of it.

She slowly gazed at Duo and Heero. What had she and Hilde done? What ever possessed her to be so selfish and cruel? She had no idea that her actions were based on such horror.

But she had been childish then, only thinking of her fairytales, not what was right and wrong.

Relena knew that she had to make amends and to fix what she had done.

To see them now, the obvious love that Duo and Heero shared, it really was beautiful. Her heart filled with warmth as she saw the way that Heero looked at Duo. His Duo. Just the loving way that he touched Duo, they way Duo responded, they were gorgeous.

Their love made them beautiful.

She saw the way that some of the guards looked at Duo and Heero before Noin and Sally got rid of them. Some were obviously uncomfortable at the simple gesture of Heero touching Duo's face, concern for the one that he loved.

Why was that so horrible?

She reminded herself that it is what people are taught, the hatred and bigotry. They are even taught that it is okay to hate because a man loving a man or a woman loving a woman was evil and wrong.

But no one should ever be afraid to love honestly. Not Duo and Heero, not she and Dorothy.

Such perverse bullshit would not stand while she still had breath in her body.

Never again would she let this happen. "I will change the laws." Relena stated firmly. "I have the power. I can make this right."

Dorothy smirked and leaned forward to lick the tip of her Queen's nose. "I love it when you get all feisty." She pulled back and sighed. "You can change all the laws that you want, Relena, it will not change people's hearts. Until people face the reasons as to why that they fear homosexuals so much, the contempt will remain. They will continue to spout their "what's normal" rhetoric and using a deity to justify their hatred."

Dorothy gave her love a small sarcastic smile. "Love may come in many forms, but so does hate. It is everywhere."

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