Pairings: Duo/Heero Quatre/Trowa Wufei/Meiran Relena/Dorothy
Warnings: um .... sap and spiritual sex ......

Part 30
by Nazarri

From the depths of despair, the light of love will lead the way, for this is the light of the Beloved.

Trowa and Quatre stood within the circle of their embrace, near the veil that separated the living from the non-living. A quiet moment of pure love shared before they made ready for another journey to the physical plane.

"I will never be far." Quatre smiled.

Trowa caressed his love's face, "I know, I carry your heart as you carry mine."

They kiss, the tender loving feelings that they share beam brightly from their soul. Then hand in hand, they walk to the other side.


Seated on the couch in the lounge, Duo scowled as the summoned physician examined him. He did not want to be fussed over. Luckily, Heero was the only one left in the room to witness the spectacle.

Having someone poke around his ears and shining lights into his eyes reminded him too much of his training. "Sheesh, I'm fine. Really. No need to make a federal case out of it. So I got a little dizzy, no big deal."

"Remove your coat, please." The doctor requested firmly as he turned back to his bag for another piece of equipment.

Duo looked up at Heero, hoping that he would get some support. He silently pleaded with Heero to help him, his eyes promising anything in the world. Absolutely anything.

"Quit it with the puppy eyes." Heero glowered, knowing full well how effective the look was on him. As much as he wanted to give in to Duo's every plea, this was very important. "No party until you are checked over."

With a pout, Duo relented, working through the buttons of his overcoat. "Fine." He groused as he pushed the garment from his shoulders and tossed it carelessly into the chair next to him.

Rolling his eyes, Heero walked over to get the coat and hang it over the back of the chair. He made certain to shake it out and straighten up the medals decorating the front.

The doctor turned to Duo again seeing that he wore a dress shirt under his coat. "Your shirt too, please, Colonel. I need to hear your heart."

"Yeah, yeah." Duo grumbled, yanking his shirttails from this pants. He leered over at Heero. "I had better get something good for this."

Heero said nothing but he gave Duo a small smirk from behind the doctor. This seemed to relax Duo somewhat, at least enough to let the doctor finish examining him.

Heero's eyes never left Duo as a doctor looked him over. He knew that it was irrational, but he just didn't like anyone touching Duo like that. It seemed to be incredibly intimate to have a stranger touching Duo's personage in any way. He tolerated it only because it was necessary.

With a sigh, the doctor put away his equipment and shook his head. "I don't see anything wrong with him other than sheer exhaustion. I recommend that you take it easy tonight, Colonel Maxwell, then take a vacation." The man turned to Heero and gave a slight bow, "Your Highness."

The prince of the world showed him to the door, which was promptly locked.

Slipping into his shirt as he stood up, Duo rolled his eyes. "Okay, are you satisfied?"

Before he could locate his buttons and start working on them, Duo found himself wrapped in Heero's embrace. He felt those wonderful arms slide around him under the shirt, allowing for the contact with his bare torso. Duo found himself wishing that Heero were in the same state of undress instead of his formals. The feeling of skin against skin would have been very comforting about now.

"Duo." Heero whispered his beloved's name, feeling almost as desperate as he sounded. "I am so sorry." He tightened his grip, needing to feel the oneness that he shared with Duo in a physical way. He had to admit that he was actually afraid. To lose his Duo after their time apart would be the death of him. Not that he was afraid of death, it was nothing compared to losing his Duo. Heero was determined to do whatever it took to provide Duo with whatever happiness that they could find.

Understanding Heero's concern for him, Duo showered Heero's face with little feather kisses. "I am here, now, with you. My eternal happiness is right here in your arms."

Heero pulled back just slightly, but not releasing his firm hold on Duo. His face alight with concern, "I think we should talk about what Hilde said."

This was not really something that Duo wanted to discuss, their separation had almost killed him inside and he knew that it had been the same for Heero. "There is nothing to talk about. We have to take responsibility for ourselves. No matter how we were manipulated, we allowed it. And it was painful, I wanted you."

The depth of sadness that crossed Heero's face was heartbreaking to see; his voice reflected the anguish that he had felt. "And I wanted you, more than life."

Duo nodded in understanding. "We both felt this pain and longing for our mate, it's normal. All people know this feeling; they just don't understand what it is. Many people abuse themselves by sleeping around or deadening the pain with drugs and such, the love that they need is not with them. The idea of soulmates is often mocked because it is easier to deny than to face the truth."

With a smile, Duo shyly continued. "But I have always known about us, that must sound strange to you."

"No, Duo, it doesn't." Kissing his beloved Duo along the ridge of his eyebrow.

"Quatre immediately knew because he could see it, we are joined as he and Trowa are. It is rather humbling in a way, knowing that God has ordained what we are. You know in a wedding when they say, "What God has put together, let no one put asunder." it is not about what is happening at that moment. It is about the marriage of the soul, something that man cannot put asunder. So honestly, no one can come between us unless we choose that path for some reason. And I think that we needed to do what we did, even if the hurt. We are together now, let's not look back."

Heero scowled, "But Hilde "

Cutting off Heero's line of thought, Duo tried to explain the situation to his spouse. "Hilde is hurting, her hate and anger are eating her alive. She kicked me out but now is furious because I am not with her. It is irrational. What she is feeling is not about me, it never has been. The same applies to Relena too. Our love is strong, like a moth to a flame; it awakened a deep-seated need within both of them. They mistakenly assumed that these wakened feelings were love for us, but it obviously wasn't. So now their concepts of love are gone and they must look at love with an honest heart. They must learn that love isn't about individual wants, its about the power and strength of the universe. It cannot be defined in such small and selfish ways. One must look at love beyond themselves to truly understand."

Heero had such a hard time understanding Duo's level of tolerance, but it made him so incredibly proud. "You are a good man."

They shared a warm smile as Heero pressed his lips to Duo's, slowly caressing with intensity, drawing forth the force of love within them. The world dimmed as their mouths and body joined the eternal union of their soul.

Duo lowered his arms, allowing his dress shirt to slide from him and land in a puddle on the floor.

"We shouldn't." Heero whispered. "You need to rest."

Working on the buttons of Heero's military dress coat, Duo shook his head. "Heero, I can only find peace in your arms. Make love to me, help me forget how much we are hated and despised." He tossed the coat to the side and pulled Heero's dress shirt open, sending buttons flying in all directions.

Hoping to stem love's impatience, he took Duo's face into his hands; Heero lifted his beloved's gaze to his own. "I exist only for you." He kissed Duo gently, pulling their bodies' flush to one another, wallowing in the glory of bare chests pressed together.

In mid liplock, Heero lifted Duo into his arms and carried him to the couch. He gently laid his love down, looking down into the depths of those perfect eyes.

Duo reached up, his fingers tracing Heero's jaw. "Let's forget the horror of being apart." He whispered. "Let's live life to the fullest, in each others arms, as we are meant to be."

Barely able to breath, lost in Duo's eyes, Heero leaned down and brushed his lips to his love's, "My Duo, my dear precious Duo."

Nothing more needed to be said as they melted into each other. Their mouths opened allowing their tongues to slowly dance together, expressing their deepest love for one another.

Heero pressed his chest to Duo's, aligning their beating hearts, the rhythm of the eternal passion that they share.

Holding Duo to him with his left arm, Heero lightly ran his right hand over Duo's stomach, easily finding the waistband of Duo's pants. Without breaking his pace or looking, Heero unfastened his beloved's pants and released the thick blood-engorged length. His fingers wrapped around Duo, lightly teasing.

His loving touch reverberated through Duo's willing body. He felt a calmness settle over him as he just let himself go, feeling the divine love flowing from Heero to his heart and back again to Heero.

So sacred, so pure.

Heero could feel the building energies as built into a glowing essence. Without touching himself, he could feel Duo, everything about Duo. He felt their soul blossom from the source.

The touch turned strong and bold, Heero was bringing his love higher and somehow, he was going with him.

The sacred within them stirred to life, growing as the pleasure overtook them. Duo's breath was lost as the lights of pleasure began to burst behind his closed eyes.

Heero pulled back so that their lips continued brushing as he whispered gently. "Duo, open your eyes, look in me." They were so close, it was impossible for the eyes to focus, but their gaze was locked, coming together in a way that had no words. Into each other's eyes, they fell over the edge of eternity, together.


Only they existed, no realm of life could define them. And as they slipped back to the physical, both inhaled deeply, neither realizing that they had ceased to breathe.

"Oh God " Duo whispered. "What was that?"

They continued to gaze at one anther, weak from the intensity of their experience.

Duo hesitantly looked down, seeing that Heero was still contained within his pants. "Oh Heero! You didn't "

Heero looked shaken "Um I did."

Wide-eyed, Duo bit his lower lip. "How?"

"Your pleasure is mine." Heero pressed forward and kissed Duo deeply.

That is when they heard the noise.

A soft moan, movement, wet noises.

Heero slowly raised his eyes to the closet on the far side of the room. Duo turned just as slowly, wondering if they had been caught and by whom.

Quietly, Heero got up from the couch, approaching the closet with his gun drawn.

Duo went for his coat and gun, as silently as a shadow, certain that they would have to kill someone.

Heero didn't need to look back to know that Duo was ready. He grabbed the doorknob of the closet and yanked the door open.

Both men were stunned to find Relena and Dorothy engaged in well engaged in each other. Neither seemed to notice that the door was wide open, sharing their activities to the entire world.

Heero just stood there, his eyes as wide open as his mouth.

Duo was the first to regain his senses. Walking over to the door, he shut it firmly. "Sorry Ladies!" He called out with a giggle. "Well, I guess Relena found a new path for herself."

Heero nodded and lowered his gun before going to get his clothes, pleased that Relena had moved on.


Hilde stirred in her fitful sleep. Her tear-stained face tense, seemingly to struggle with her mind even in dreams.

In the world of dreams, she stood on a beach watching a fierce storm brewing over the shoreline. Thunder and lightning rolled in the black clouds. Rain whipped around her, showing no mercy.

From the clouds came two figures. Hand in hand, a young man and a young woman walked on the air toward the spot where Hilde stood. They both had black hair and eyes that looked as if they could shrivel a person with a single glance.

Hilde took a step back as they approached. "What do you want?" she asked, wondering why this seemed so real.

The young woman spoke, her voice as strong as the blowing wind. "I am Meiran, this is my mate Wufei, and we have been sent to give you a message."

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