Pairings: Duo/Heero Quatre/Trowa Wufei/Meiran Relena/Dorothy
Warnings: yaoi, lemon

Part 32
by Nazarri

Having taken care of the obligations of the celebration, Relena retreated to her office for a moment of peace. The stress and political wrangling came naturally to her, but she still needed a few quiet moments to recuperate. It helped to have peace of mind when keeping peace.

She entered her office, keeping the overhead lights off, allowing the moon to be her light. The music from the ballroom could be heard, muffled through the palace walls, but loud enough to be discernable.

Relena eased herself into her huge chair, grateful that the day and celebration was almost over. This day had been full of revelations, beginnings and ends. So much had changed, all for the best, but it still made Relena realize how fragile every moment could be.

One’s entire life could change course at any given moment.

Her attention shifted to her large and empty desk where two envelopes lay. Both were large and brown, obviously meant to be private. Upon opening them, she was not surprised at their content.

The first one contained her divorce papers. It was all very simple without too much legal jargon. She knew Heero well enough to understand that he wanted it ended quietly and without fanfare. Taking the time to read through everything, Relena was satisfied. He wanted nothing and gave nothing, basically parting ways legally. A mere formality of what they already knew.

She signed that papers knowing if she wanted to make any changes that did not interfere with his relationship with Duo, he would do so without a problem.

The second envelope contained the report from the people she had following Heero. It said all that she knew already. They were able to follow Heero to the market where he had located Duo and then lost them at the military base. But they were located again in her kingdom, where they had a tryst on the side of the road before secretly entering the palace grounds.

Enclosed was a picture of Duo on his knees before Heero, on the side of the road, his wrists were handcuffed behind him. He was obviously pleasuring the Prince of the World with his oral skills. Since it was obviously taken with special cameras to capture activities done in the dark, it was a bit grainy. But the picture was very clear as to what was going on and with whom. The negatives were included; they appeared to see this as a scandal that she would not want to get out.

“Oh kinky!” With a playful smirk, Relena placed the pictures and negatives in the envelope with the divorce papers. With a laugh, Relena just shook her head. “Goodbye Heero!”


On the balcony, overlooking the mystical looking gardens below, Duo waited patiently for Heero to return to their room. He had removed his clothes and rinsed off quickly in the shower. Duo, dressed only in Heero’s bathrobe, leaned forward, resting his weight and lower arms against the parapet.

It was getting late; he and Heero would be going to bed soon, wrapped in each other’s arms in a blissful sleep. They had waited so long to be able to enjoy such moments together.

For all the work that he had done during the celebrations, he was no longer in the party mood. Duo had excused himself when he couldn’t find his kids and realized that Hilde must have taken the children to bed.

Duo would have felt better if he could have seen the kids before they went back to their rooms. But he and Hilde were not exactly on the best of terms and he did not expect her to go out of her way to reassure him.

Still, it would have been nice for her to let him know that they had gone to their room. He chided himself for being concerned when they were most likely asleep already, chalking up his anxiety to sheer exhaustion.

But there was something else that just wasn’t right.

There was a feeling in the pit of his stomach that something was about to happen, something big. No matter how much he rationalized thoughts in his head, he just couldn’t shake the feeling. It left him restless and anxious.

He wanted Heero with him, holding each other until the morning.

“Thinking of me?”

Duo straightened up and turned around to see Heero standing in the doorway, eyeing the silk robe clinging to his damp form.

Smirking, Duo let the robe fall open, reaching for the stars in a cat-like stretch. His unbound hair flowed freely around him, a light breeze moving the silken strands gently.

Moaning at the sight of pure male perfection before him, Heero closed the space between them, pulling Duo into his embrace. He slowly pressed his lips to Duo’s, wanting to draw out the moment. Nothing but love could pass between them.

His hands slid inside the open robe, caressing Duo’s skin and coming to rest on his bare waist.

Heero pulled his lips away with an audible sigh. “I will never tire of the taste of your lips.”

Silence took the moment as Duo processed the information. “That has got to be the sappiest thing you have ever said to me”

“I mean it.”

Duo pressed himself even closer to Heero, “I know you do, that’s what makes what you just said so mind-blowing.” His gaze focused on Heero’s lips before he found the words to express his emotions. “Gods, I love you.”

Their lips met this time in a wave of fiery passion, wanting to drown in their kiss. The pent up feelings from the last few hours came through as they deepened their kiss, melting into each other’s very beings.

Heero’s hands roamed over Duo’s bare skin, coming to rest on his beloved’s perfect ass.

That is when he realized what was so wrong with this picture.

Looking down into his spouse’s beautiful eyes, he whispered, “Your ass is getting color for being out here naked and damp, exposed to night air.”

Licking his lips thoughtfully, knowing that he had been caught, Duo’s gaze challenged Heero. “Ah Heero, I knew you would come and get me all hot and completely fucked until I saw nothing but stars. It drives me crazy to see you in this uniform.” To make his point, Duo ran his hands over the jacket and down to his husband’s fabric-covered cock.

A perfect distraction method, not that having Heero’s strong hands warm his ass was a bad thing.

Quickly losing his breath and his train of thought, Heero closed his eyes as Duo stroked him firmly. “Those boots, you in them, nothing else.”

Duo purred, “Oh … found a new kink!”

With a look that promised anything, Duo pulled himself from Heero’s grip and walked toward the open bedroom door. The warm light cascading from the open portal highlighted Duo’s frame. His silhouette and flowing hair created a beautiful memory. As Duo stepped inside, a light breeze blew the silk robe and fall of tresses just enough to give Heero a glimpse of that perfect ass.

Heero took a deep breath, committing the stunning moment to his heart. This is how he always wanted to think of Duo, to keep him forever forged in his mind’s eye.

He slowly stepped inside and closed the door as Duo vanished into the bathroom. As Heero started to get out of his formal attire, he heard Duo from the other room, “And keep that uniform on!”

Narrowing his eyes, Heero turned to face the bathroom.

At that moment, Duo appeared in the doorway, wearing nothing but his black knee-high leather boots. He smirked as he teasingly placed his foot on the armchair near to him, spreading his legs in a most obscene fashion. His passion heavy cock was framed so perfectly by Duo’s luscious open thighs.

Heero’s breath was literally taken away, Duo looked better than any of his erotic notions of him. Those boots, slick and shiny, just enhanced the vision of his precious Duo ten fold. Lust rushed through him as his animal side burst forward.

He needed his mate.

This was his driving hunger.

Without waiting for a response, Duo moved to the front of the chair. He braced a hand against each arm of the chair and bent forward. His legs were spread wide and straight, his ass pointed so enticingly in the air, taunting his spouse without mercy. Duo arched his back causing his hair to fall beautifully down his back and spill over at his waist. He looked over his shoulder at Heero, licking his lips seductively, “Yours.”

Forcing himself to breathe, Heero went over to Duo and got down on his knees behind him. With reverence of movement, he lightly stroked Duo’s thighs with his fingertips. Starting with the tops of the boots, stroking slowly upward. Brushing his nose across Duo’s testicles, he breathed in deeply, taking in the scent of his mate. The recognition was made on the most primal levels. “Mine...” Heero’s growl rumbled from deep in his chest.

Duo could feel Heero’s hot breath closely following the touch of his fingers. He lowered his head, watching Heero between his legs. Before he felt it, he saw his spouse’s tongue moving toward him. This did nothing to stop the gasp that escaped his lips as he felt the moist warmth trail up his thighs, first one and then the other.

Palming a globe in each hand, Heero spread Duo’s ass, exposing him fully. He brushed his lips over the tight entrance, very lightly. Over and over again until Duo pleaded with a hoarse whisper, “Heero, need you.”

Heero moaned as his tongue slid out to touch his love, to taste his mate. His entire being shook as he worked his tongue inside. He heard Duo scream somewhere, but his mind was shut down, his body ruled. Heero’s tongue thrust over and over as his hands spread Duo as far as he could. He was in his own ecstatic world, wetting his mate, preparing him.

Finally reaching his own limits of impending insanity, Heero stood. Ripping the front of his military overcoat open and doing much the same to his pants, he released his raging cock from its confines. He quickly spit into his hand and gave himself a few hard strokes before pressing forward.

With every ounce of his fading control, Heero painfully and slowly pushed steadily into his Duo. His whole body was visibly shaking from restraint and desire. He leaned back slightly, pushing his hips forward, watching as each inch of his cock slid into Duo.

Getting a little impatient, Duo pushed back slightly. Heero pulled his hand back and gave Duo’s ass a firm quick slap. He pulled back out a little and then pushed back in, showing his mate just who was controlling this ride.

He continued until his cock was fully sheathed in Duo moist warmth. With a growl, Heero grabbed Duo’s hips and pulled his love hard against him, causing his cock to bury itself even deeper.

Duo cried out in surprise, but it wasn’t enough, “Deeper Heero! Fuck me!”

Heero let go, abandoning any restraint left to him. His hands gripped Duo’s hips, slamming his mate onto his thrusting cock. Heero’s panting breath fell into his body’s frantic rhythm.

It took every once of strength Duo had to keep himself upright. But this is exactly what Duo needed, to feel the strength of Heero’s desire for him and only for him. With each claiming stroke, his love told him what words failed to say.

The tide of ecstasy was rising fast. Heero slowed down enough to draw out the intensity. He bent forward, placing kisses on Duo’s back.

“Ahhhhh!” Duo screamed as his knees almost gave out. The soft kisses accompanied by hard deep thrusts was so perfect, so utterly Heero. “Close…” he hissed as his head bounced against the back of the large upholstered chair.

Reaching around, Heero took Duo’s cock into his hand. He could feel the incredible heat within. The weight felt so perfect in his hand. He opened his mouth, imagining how wonderful that velvet steel length felt on his tongue, sucked into his mouth.

That was all that it took, Heero fell over the edge, Duo falling close behind. Their screams were drowned out by the pulsating rhythm of their blood and soul. The tsunami of passion crashed over them, drowning the lovers in universe shattering ecstasy.

Catching their breath and still buried in his beloved, Heero pulled Duo to stand. His chest pressed against Duo’s back, Heero wrapped his arms around his spouse, holding him up. Their breath and heartbeat were in complete unison, slowing down together.

Duo relaxed, resting his head back on Heero’s shoulder. “By the Gods, I love you.”

“Love you too.” Heero whispered as he eased himself out of Duo and then lead him to the bed. He took Duo’s boots off and removed any of what was left of his clothing, then slid into bed.

Arranging themselves and the blankets for maximum snuggling warmth, Duo and Heero fell into an exhausted blissful slumber.


Through the veil, Trowa emerged.

He walked past the bed where his soul brothers slept peacefully, totally unaware of the coming devastations.

Trowa looked back for just a moment, watching them sleep.

It warmed his heart to see Heero on his back with his arm protectively around Duo, who was practically sleeping on top of his soulmate. Their oneness was so clear.

“Soon, my brothers, we will be at your side.”

Trowa turned and continued on, walking through the walls of the palace to his destination.

to be continued

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