Pairing: Dorothy/Relena
Warnings: Yuri Lemon

Dedication: For my Beloved Emily. Happy Birthday.

Pretty Petals
A Timeless Side Story
by Nazarri

My lovely Relena.

Dorothy stared at the stunning vision before her. Relena sat on the low stool in front of the large vanity mirror, fingering the family ring in her hand. Her newly washed hair draped freely down her back, over her pink satin robe trimmed with antique lace. Dorothy couldn't believe how lovely Relena was, set amidst her dimly lit ivory and gold boudoir, she looked every bit like the angelic beauty Dorothy believed that she was.

Once again, she Dorothy found herself struggling for breath.

For so long, she had watched her from afar, wishing that she could touch her. Dorothy longed to show Relena what it was like to feel as beautiful as she knew her to be. Relena was silk and fine lace wrapped in delicate threads. She was perfect.

Now she was standing at Relena's side as she came to term with her past, silent tears rolling down her face. Dorothy vowed to never allow that kind of pain to haunt her beloved Relena again. She wanted to show her what it was like to have someone truly love her, to appreciate her loving strength.

She ran her fingers through Relena's soft hair, the strands felt cool to the touch. The faint smell of chamomile and roses drift up as Dorothy continued to brush Relena's hair; she delighted in her new freedom to touch her hearts desire.

Dorothy's angel looked up, their eyes meeting in the mirror's reflection. She wanted to say something of comfort, but it is hard to find the right words. Dorothy was not sorry that he is gone from her life; in fact, she was glad. She believed that Relena deserved better. He heart screamed to let Relena know that she was not facing an end, but a new beginning.

Instead, Dorothy chose to just be there for Relena and let her vent her feelings.

"Why?" Dorothy asked in a soft but firm tone, not expecting an answer. "It is something that most women ask themselves when they are faced with the end of a relationship. Why? Was I not good enough? Was I not pretty enough? Did I not give enough of myself?"

Relena looked up at her with confusion, she honestly didn't understand what Dorothy was trying to tell her. With a sigh, she continued. "I really hate what we do to ourselves in the name of so-called-love. Ignoring despicable behavior, dismissing it as a misinterpretation, putting pretty twists on it to help in our denial. We do a great disservice to ourselves and other women when we choose this path of disaffirmation. This brings shame to us all."

Relena lowered her head as Dorothy's words danced through her thoughts. With every wish that Dorothy had, she would take this all away from her love if she could. But she knew that Relena needed to think it through for herself.

The young Queen smiles warily through the tears rolling down her face. Dorothy suppressed the urge to eliminate the source of her pain. Relena spoke quietly of her experiences and her confusion. "But I thought that it would hurt, it doesn't. What does that mean?"

Dorothy watched her carefully, not wanting to feed Relena her personal conclusions. Her love for Relena extended far enough to trust that she would figure it out without input. She was intelligent and strong; Dorothy had no doubt that the answer will come to Relena in time.

Pride coursed through her as she saw Relena coming to an understanding within herself. She saw her face beam through the fading tears. "I don't need him!" The words escaped her mouth in a rush of excitement. She stood and walked gracefully to the center of the room. She threw her arms into the air as she shed tears of happiness instead of pain. Relena spun around in a circle, her robe falling open in the process, but she seemed to be unaware of this. She lifted her face up as if thanking her deity. "I am free!" she gasped, as if she couldn't really believe it to be true.

Dorothy watched as Relena continued to spin and laugh, dancing lightly on her toes. It felt good to see her happy and carefree, this was the way that she was meant to be.

Relena stopped. Their eyes met once again, her voice was confident and sure. "I don't need him. I don't want him." She was glowing radiance at that point.

Relena smiled at Dorothy. Her robe was open and free; the delicate edges of the lace framed her lovely shape. Dorothy could see the confidence back in her eyes; it started a warm intensity at the base of her spine.

Dorothy forced herself to breath, silently thanking the Goddess for gracing her with an unobstructed view of the most beautiful creature in her existence. Her feet moved of their own accord, bringing her to stand before Relena, never breaking eye contact with her.

There were so many things that Dorothy wanted to say to her, but she was rendered speechless by being so close to Relena. Her eyes search the lovely face before moving slowly down her body. Relena was so amazingly beautiful.

Relena blushed furiously as she realized that her robe had fallen open during her dance around the room. Her eyes dropped to the floor. "Sorry." She whispered as she started to close her robe.

Dorothy's hands halt her movement. "You have nothing to be embarrassed about."

With those words, Relena blushed even harder as her hands fell to her side.

Dorothy takes Relena's chin and lifted her gaze from the floor, but her eyes refuse to meet the taller woman.

"Relena, please look at me."

After a moment, Relena responds to the request as her eyes moved up. Dorothy knew that could loose herself in that innocent gaze. "I am sorry that no one has ever let you know just how desirable you are. Please let me show you."

Dorothy waited for Relena's consent; it came in a barely noticeable nod.

At that moment, Dorothy's life purpose became clear; she was to show Relena the joys of being a woman.

With deliberate tenderness, she lowered her head to press her lips to Relena's. Her lips brushed with a gentle caress. Dorothy forced herself to hold back, she didn't want to rush her love.

Relena's soft moan inspired Dorothy to press forward. Her tongue eased into Relena's willing mouth. She was swimming in the glory of her; she tasted like the night of the full moon.

Dorothy slid the pink silk from Relena's shoulders, exposing her fully. She took her hand and led her to the bed, guiding her gently back against the comforter.

Against the ivory silk, Relena was the picture perfect beauty. Her hair spread out in a fan across the silk. Relena's lips were parted and slightly swollen from kissing. Porcelain skin against the ivory material completed a lovely vision of purity.

Dorothy stood there, awash in the wonder of what was finally happening. Her dreams were coming true and she didn't want anything to ruin it. "Relena, you have no idea how long I have waited to see you like this. My dreams are a pale comparison to what you are, right now, in front of me. But this isn't about me. What I am going to do now is for your pleasure. So if you are ever uncomfortable, you tell me."

With that said, Dorothy got on the bed and placed herself on all fours over Relena.

"I want to see you, Dorothy." Relena grinned as she noted that Dorothy was still fully dressed. But she found that she was surprisingly pleased to see her friend's amble breasts practically spilling out of the front of her black dress. Relena wondered what it would be like to touch the other woman.

Dorothy shook her head, tickling Relena's bare skin with her long hair. "No. This is about your pleasure. We can discuss mine later."

"But Dorů" Relena's thought was cut off by Dorothy's deeply exploring kiss.

For the first time in her life, Relena felt adored and precious to someone. Dorothy's loving touch was soft and gentle. Her mouth explored every inch of her skin as if she were a scared object. When Dorothy teased her nipples with the tip of her tongue, Relena thrust her chest up, desiring something more. Her frantic need was met as Dorothy engulfed each nipple within her mouth, sucking one then moving to the other.

All coherent thoughts raced from her mind when Relena felt Dorothy settle between her legs. Giving in to natural instinct, she lifted her knees and spread her legs. She felt fingers lightly stroking the insides of her thighs as she felt Dorothy's breath move closer to her source.

Relena could never have imagined the sheer intensity of what was about the happen. Closing her eyes to focus on her lover's actions, she almost screamed when she felt wet softness touching her. Dorothy was kissing her passion-swollen labia as if it were her mouth, very lightly at first.

Dorothy was fascinated; Relena was very responsive to her actions To kiss Relena in such a manner was the highlight of every fantasy that she ever had. She watched as her ministrations made Relena's labia bloom and open to her, like the petals of a flower opening to sunshine and rain. This beauty had no real words to define it, Dorothy felt privileged to be the one to see this.

Then she began pressing harder, sending Relena into mindless gasps for air. Again and again, Dorothy would passionately kiss her, even slipping her tongue in between.

Ever so slowly, Dorothy moved slightly higher. Pushing down on the outer flesh, she exposed the hidden source of Relena's ultimate pleasure. This time, Relena let out a scream as Dorothy sucked the smooth pebble into her hungry mouth.

Relena was torn, the feelings were so intense, and she almost wanted to tell Dorothy to stop. She doubted whether or not she would be able to handle what was happening, but she knew that this was a hunger that had to be fed.

Then she felt this intensity building and she thrashed wildly on the bed. Dorothy sucked gently knowing how intense this could be.

Relena felt something change; a vibrating wave hit her entire being. The sensation was rising fast and uncontrollably. Then she felt it fall away as she fell over an edge that had no definition. She was falling, shifting consciousness, and totally unaware of where she was. She screamed into the night.

With a proud smirk, Dorothy sat up. She looked down on her love knowing that she had accomplished what she had set out to do. "Relena, are you alright?"

Keeping her eyes closed, Relena responded by her mouth moving as if she were trying to say something, but her voice refused to work. Unable to express herself, she reached out with a hand in search of Dorothy.

Dorothy noticed the action and quickly took her love's hand. "I am here."

Relena pulled Dorothy down to her lips. Brushing them together in wordless thanks, she wondered how she would ever repay Dorothy for the wonderful gift that she had just received.

With a sigh and a grope, Relena realized that she had a lifetime to express her love for Dorothy.

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