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The Blood of Peace
Third Movement, the Sixteenth Part: Epilogue and Coda

Warriors, rest in peace
Your duty is done
Your honor preserved
The voices of the living
Salute you, thank you

Warriors, rest in peace
Our souls bleed for you
Our hearts cry out for you
The voices of the living
Miss you, mourn you

Warriors, rest in peace
The gods look kindly upon you
The demons envy your courage
The voices of the living
Honor you, glorify you

Warriors, rest in peace
Your sons are proud of you
Your daughters are awed by you
The voice of the living
Remember you, Forever.

Heero stood in the night wind that still seemed to carry the scent of death. He looked out into the horizon from his room and saw nothing but beauty. He felt rather than heard Duo enter his room. Duo padded to Heero and held him, resting his head against Heero's shoulder while his arms encircled Heero's waist. Heero breathed in Duo's scent and held him tighter. The war was over. Truly over.

"Duo, it's all over. After everything, after all the death, it's finally over."

They held each other in deep silence for an eternity. Then Duo broke the silence. Some things did not change, even after a war.

"Where is everyone tonight, Heero? I thought people would stick around after the celebration, but everyone's just gone."

Smiling, Heero pulled back lightly and kissed his curious lover's nose. Resting his forehead against Duo's, Heero answered in a low and husky voice.

"Trowa took Quatre to Catherine's. They are probably going to talk into the morning."

"That's why Trowa was preoccupied tonight. I hope Catherine doesn't scare Quatre."

Chuckling wryly, Heero brought Duo's lips to his for a quick peck. Feeling Duo's lips smile in response, Heero replied.

"Quatre does not scare easily. With those two watching over him, Trowa's bound to have a good life. Just as we are."

Sighing, Duo let go of Heero and stepped back. Looking Heero steadily in his eyes, Duo asked the one thing that had nagged him for a long time.

"Heero, how are you going to be king without a queen?"

Heero's response was quick, as if he had been anticipating the question."I can be king without a queen. I have you. I have my brothers. What more do I need?"

"An heir."

Duo was trying to be practical about this, but Heero merely pulled him back into his arms and kissed him thoroughly. As much as Duo enjoyed the intimacy, this was an important matter. Wasn't it?

"Duo, you worry too much. Don't. It's not that complicated. I can always choose a successor."

Eyes widening, Duo stared at Heero. That was the plan? Seeing Duo's surprise, Heero continued before his verbose lover regained his powers of speech.

"I love you. I want to be with you always, forever. My father told me to follow my emotions and they led me to you. Be with me. Love me. That is all I ask of you."

Overwhelmed with emotion, Duo could only nod before he kissed Heero with all the feelings within his heart. When they broke for air, Duo hugged Heero tight and whispered, "I will never leave you. Never. I love you. Love you so much."

They held each other in the moonlit darkness, feeling the intense emotions that swirled between them. They would never leave each other. Not in life, not in death.

WuFei placed Altron on top of Meiran's gravestone. From long ago, he remembered his wife telling him that she needed to know his name to carve it into his gravestone. Smiling sadly, he crouched down and kissed the cold marble.

"Meiran, I miss you more every day. I love you more everyday. I will come to you someday. Wait for me."

In the wind, he heard her laugh. Caressing the marble, WuFei traced the words upon it gently.

Chang Meiran
Beloved Wife of WuFei
Warrior of Centaur Valley

"See you later, girl."

WuFei walked away from the grave, leaving Altron behind. He would not pick up that sword until he saw Meiran again. Behind him, Altron gleamed in the moon, awaiting the day.

Relena watched the flames as it took Milliardo's body. Next to her, Noin stood and mouthed a noiseless goodbye to Milliardo. Relena could only guess at Noin's pain. She had lost her brother. Noin had lost her one true love. They were both painful, but in different ways. Relena reached out and gently touched Noin's hand and they shared a sad smile. Then Relena felt another's touch on her shoulder. Turning her head, she saw Dorothy offering her support and strength. Relena's free hand touched Dorothy's hand. When Dorothy had begged for her forgiveness after the battle was over, Relena had brushed it aside casually. She had still been hurting from Milliardo's death too much to consider Dorothy's heartfelt apologies and humbleness.

Only now, as she saw Milliardo's body taken by flames, could she find it in her heart to accept Dorothy again. It was not her fault that all this happened. Dorothy had said she would help her change the face of war. In a way, she had fulfilled her mission. Relena squeezed Dorothy's hand in reassurance, once again conveying her forgiveness and love. No matter what had happened, she still had her advisors, her friends. Relena turned her head to the person who stood just beyond Noin, a girl her age with her head bowed in mourning. Hilde had returned as well and she would stay by Relena's side along with Noin and Dorothy. Somehow, Sanque had become a kingdom led by women of strong emotions and scarred hearts. Relena hoped that it was enough.

Hilde raised her head and Relena saw that there were tears in her eyes. There were tears in everyone's eyes tonight. More than that, Hilde was a kindred soul to Relena in one special way. They both loved men who did not love them. Ironically, their dream men loved each other. But that no longer hurt either of them. It just made them stronger and made the bonds between them tighter. It was true, then. If something didn't kill you, it made you stronger. And so here stood four women of strength and power, illuminated by a warrior's fire.

'Millie, my brother, I understand the pain of war now,' thought Relena, 'and I will rule so that it will never happen again. Thank you for the lesson that cost you so dearly. It will not go to waste. You'll be proud of me. I swear it.'

The fire danced as if responding to her thoughts. Relena smiled a true smile. Milliardo had heard and approved. She would make him proud.

Une watched as Treize's body was laid out onto the marble bier at the royal crypt. Even in death he looked regal. When everyone left, Une remained by the body. She had made sure that he was dressed in his favorite jacket. He would have wanted that.

"Treize-sama, the war is over. You have taught us all a valuable lesson. I will continue to preach your teachings. I will guide Mariemeia as you would have."

Silence answered her. Still, she continued her one sided conversation with her dead emperor.

"Queen Relena renounced her claim to Oz and returned to Sanque. Your wife will not continue your dreams in this world. But I will. I will make sure you did not die in vain."

Her icy voice softened and then became sorrowful.

"Treize-sama, I will forever be by your side. I will do everything in my power to see that your dream of a place filled with righteous peace comes true. There will be no more war to make beautiful souls suffer. Your death, it has cleansed us all."

Une placed a blood red rose onto Treize's still chest. Carefully, she leaned over and kissed his cold and unmoving lips. Then she turned and walked out of the crypt, never to return.

"Daddy.. Daddy.. Where are you? Why are you gone?"

On the battlements of the Oz castle stood a lone figure. She was no more than eight with a slight childish figure and a haze of red hair. She looked into the sky from the exact place that her father had stood months ago.


Mariemeia's grief stricken voice was soft and only the stars heard her silent plea to her father.

"Daddy, the dance isn't finished. There was war, now peace. But the revolution. It hasn't come yet. I'm still dancing Daddy. I'm still dancing."

The sky did not talk back to her. She was all alone in this place. Alone.

"I just need a new dance partner, Daddy. Then you'll see. I will fulfil your greatest wish. I will finish the dance."

Mariemeia smiled at the sky. She imagined that her father was looking down upon her right now, approving of her, proud of her. For her father, she would continue on. She would be brave.

"For you, Daddy. I will finish the dance for you."

The End of the Third Movement: The Voices of the Living

The End of Blood of Peace

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