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the new era

It is A.C. 199. A new century is about to begin. The world is comfortable, resting on the laurels of peace created by two wars. The five warriors who fought valiantly are common citizens, working with others to live on in the peaceful world. A world leader of impeccable tradition and talent is busy shaping the future with her capable hands. An organization dedicated to maintaining the peace smoothes the texture of life. In the midst of this ideal comes a new threat. The source is no longer human. It is alien. It is powerful. It is unforgiving. Welcome the new era of Gundam Wing. Welcome the Empire of Zeon.

Prologue: Unknown reality

The world cheered and basked in its own glory. It had been announced on this first day of A.C. 199, that human race would take the next step into the new world. Over the broadcast, the most respected leader of the time Relena Dorlian had announced to the entire worlds of earth and colonies that on the first day of the new century, a year from hence, humanity would embark on a new exploration journey. They would travel beyond the solar system into the unknown universe, mapping, exploring, journeying, evolving. She had announced that both the governments of earth and the colonies were collaborating to build the most advanced space ship in history for this new endeavor. Then one hundred from earth and one hundred from the colonies would man this new craft and set off into an unforgettable journey through space and time. In one year, at the dawn of the new century, human beings would stretch out their hands and grasp the universe in their hands. So, the people glowed from the prospect of becoming space adventurers, looking to the new century with hope and confidence. Peace had finally given them a chance to go beyond the means of their ancestors, to stop fighting each other long enough to search out new secrets. It would be a glorious century, not like the previous one so stained by blood and war.

The preparations for this new era began on this veryday. The five scientists who were responsible for the gundams were called in to design and build the new ship. The five misfit geniuses would see to it that the space ship would be the most advanced piece of machinery anywhere in the known universe. And finally, they would not be working for the cause of war and destruction but for the true advancement of mankind. A team of experts were also contacted to actually construct the ship, a group formerly known as the Sweepers led by an eccentric old man in a Hawaiian shirt. As mismatched as the crew looked, they were reputed to be the finest technicians of the time. At the same time, the Preventers working in tandem with Relena Dorlian's office began screening for potential members of the crew, accepting applications and running background checks. But no one called the five heroes of the wars, the boys the world only knew as the gundam pilots. They would not be a part of this new era for they were the quintessential element of the old one. No one wanted to send in blood stained warriors, however heroic they were, into the unknown reaches of space. They were immeasurably grateful for their efforts to bring peace, but still uneasy at the prospect of ever seeing them again. For most, it was a relief that they did not know what these pilots looked like. They could then live in the cocoon of blissful ignorance of their true identities. Everyone liked the quiet and joy of peace. No one wanted to be reminded of the ugly past, nobody wanted to ever experience war again. They wanted to forget and go forward with a new era without wars, blood an violence.

And for nearly a year, things went without a hitch. The ship was built on schedule, shiny and new. A perfect crew was chosen, from all backgrounds and personalities. The technicians who built the ship marveled at their own audacity. A.C. 199 had been a good year so far. People looked forward to the new year celebrations which would start with the ship's naming and christening followed by its launch for its maiden voyage around the colonies. Then it would rocket off into space, finding new places to colonize, spreading humanity's influence throughout the universe. New year. New century. New era. During this effervescent glow of triumph and elation, something dark brewed in the further reaches of space. In a place that humanity had not yet charted or imagined swirled a force beyond anyone's nightmares. It looked towards the earth and its satellite colonies with a hateful eye filled with contempt and malice. It contemplated the new era about to befall on the earthlings. Before its eyes stretched vast miles of death and violence. New year. New century. New era. New threat. As humanity cheered itself on, this unknown reality lurked in the darkness, ready to strike.

to be continued

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