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Part 24
by 0083

- The Twenty-Third Encounter -

Apparently, it is a law of the universe that trouble comes in packs, like ravenous wolves or cigarettes. Not only did I ruin my sense of security with my brother, I think I managed to completely annihilate any chance Heero had of having a semblance of good cheer for his new year’s. Sure, I never identified myself to the woman on the phone and hung up like my phone was on fire, but my intelligent brain and I came up with some interesting conclusions.

First, that woman was most likely Relena. Second, she most likely did something awful to Heero. Third, he is never, ever going to speak to me again.

Around three in the morning, I went home. Wufei insisted that I stay over after seeing the stricken look on my face after the ill fated phone call, but I had to get out. My friends fell all over themselves trying to tell me that I had done nothing wrong, but that did not erase the fact that I had just outed Heero to his fiancée over the phone.

Quatre and Trowa reluctantly dropped me off and let me bully them into leaving me completely alone. I had to think about what had happened so far. Well, let me see.. I had alienated my only brother, I had ignored Heero for about a week therefore driving him insane with worry and I had just blurted out all sorts of personal business to an unknown woman probably named Relena. So much for starting the new year off on a good foot.

I finally did check all the voicemails that had accumulated during my time of depressed apathy and found that I had forty two messages. Most of them from Heero, but none from Solo. Go figure, I suppose. I had one from my mom wishing me a happy holidays from the cruise and from the sounds of it, she had not heard about my recent case of boyfriend acquirement from Solo. However, it seemed that Heero had not called after my midnight call to his cell. I wondered, therefore, had he received a scathing tongue lashing from Relena or had she opted not to mention that some strange man had called to proclaim his love and his need for kisses?

I shudder to wonder about it.

When the clock on my mantle blinked four in the morning, I decided to get ready for bed. After all, I had spent most of the week brooding about the sorry state of my life and it had definitely taken a toll on me. Then, just when I had gotten back to feeling something other than sorry for myself thanks to my friends, I had to do something that backfired badly enough for me to want to wander back into the pit of depression.

Mentally berating and beating myself up for my earlier blunder, I meandered towards my bedroom dressed only in my pants. I thought about hanging up my shirt and suit jacket, but I was too damned tired for all those niceties. So it was no wonder that I got cranky when there was a knock on my door.

I swore rather savagely as I walked to the door, ready to tear the head off whoever was there on the other side. I had two people in mind, first being Quatre and second being Trowa. I knew they had left too damned easily when I had ushered them off earlier.

“Quat,” I said as I unlocked the door and opened it, “go home for Christ’s sake! I don’t need your babying right now.”

“Oh. Sorry.”

Well.. slap me twice and call me Susie.


There he was, just on the other side of my door, standing in my hallway with his hair mussed from the wind and his cheeks slightly red from the chill. He was wearing a grayish sweat shirt that might have been black at one point, well fitting jeans and a leather jacket the color of his hair. He looked so damned good, especially after I had studiously avoided him for so long.

“Hi. Thought I’d.. drop by?”

I can feel a silly grin forming at the corners of my mouth. There he was, my boyfriend, standing there so hesitantly. His eyes were drinking me in as if he had missed me as much as I had missed him, his hands twitching as if he wanted to hold me as much as I wanted to hold him.

Oh, god, what had possessed me to ignore this man?

Idiocy, that’s what, and well.. justifiable depression, but really, I had no excuse.

“Come in, okay?” I hear myself say as I step aside in a welcoming gesture. My eyes are so filled with Heero that I almost miss the fact that he is holding a suitcase.

A suitcase?

“I got your message, Duo. And you look great without a shirt. So..”

That’s all I get to hear and ponder before Heero latches his lips to mine and propels me backwards into my apartment. My brain shuts down immediately thereafter, only able to process the one needy fact that I finally have Heero with me. His lips were as I remembered them, the indescribable sweetness mingled with tingly passion.

We part to catch our breath and I notice that the door is shut and we are standing in the middle of my living room. It’s a wonder that I did not trip over any of my furniture during our blind foray into the room.

“I’ve missed you, love.”

I smile a bit goofily and put my hand on his cheek in a gesture of comforted content. The week of depression had miraculously evaporated at the touch of his lips and I forgot for a moment that I had been miserable, that he had been worried sick. However, I did not forget that he had a suitcase with him which was still gripped in his left hand rather tightly or that I had most likely caused the said suitcase to be packed.

“Uh, so,” I begin, guilt faintly coloring my voice, “not that I’m not ecstatic to see you, but.. did Relena toss you out or something?”

At that point, Heero puts down his suitcase and we sit down on the sofa in unison. He has a slightly chagrined look on his face colored at the edges by embarrassment and I can only imagine what might have occurred between him and Relena.

“Well,” Heero says softly, “there was a bit of.. tension.”

“Yeah, I bet. I’m really sorry about that phone call. And I’m more than sorry about how I behaved.. you know, after Christmas. Which, by the way, went absolutely horribly, thanks for asking.”

Perhaps I have not completely erased my bitter depression, if my snipey comment is of any indication. But thankfully, Heero is the understanding, reasonable type.

“I’m sorry I did not call on Christmas. I didn’t want to burden you any more than you already were. And please, don’t apologize to me, Duo. I understand why you avoided me. I was much worse when I came out. I think my friends almost sent out a search party for me before I got my head together. And don’t be sorry about the phone call. It made me happy.”

I raise my eyebrows at him, conveying just how much I did not believe him. Had I not just caused a major catastrophe in his life?

“Heero, let me get this straight,” I say, still a bit skeptical about his reaction, “you’re happy that I blurted out your big secret to Relena who is on her last legs of being alive.”

“No, not that,” he says in horrified surprise, “the message made me happy, that you loved me and that you wanted to kiss me. How I got the message, though.. but don’t worry. Relena is fine, I mean, healthy. She didn’t have a relapse or anything.”

“So she’s just incredibly, flaming pissed at you.”

“I’d say murderous rage would be more apt for her current mood.”


We sat in silence for a while, each of us contemplating our lives as it was currently. We were both in horrendous messes, me and my brother being on the non-talking terms and Heero’s non-fiancee ready to put a hit out on him. I have to say, ever since we tread into each other’s lives, there has been nothing but trouble.

“Hey, Heero,” I sigh out, “do you get the feeling that our lives are beginning to resemble a badly written Mexican soap opera?”

I get a chuckle from him and an arm around my shoulders as he pulls me closer.

“Yes, only not in Spanish.”

“Good,” I mumble as I burrow my head into his shoulder, “because I don’t know Spanish.”

“Aren’t you going to ask me about the suitcase?” Heero says in a whispery voice as I edge closer to him. I suppose I should ask, but I feel so content being snuggled that I don’t want to deal with certain things right now. I do know, though, that if we don’t straighten out certain things now, it would eat away at me until I did something stupid again.

“Relena kick you out for real?”

“Yes and no.”

I peer up at him through my eyelashes at his noncommittal response. I know he can see the questions dancing around in my head, so I need not voice them out loud. Good thing too because I don’t think I could have vocalized them very well.

“You see,” he explains, “she is very unhappy with me and I am unhappy with her. She demanded to know who the.. uh, person was on the line..”

“I bet she called me something worse than that,” I cut in rather smoothly.

“Oh, she called you and me many things that I cannot repeat due to their violent and adult content. That is beside the point, though. She accused me of being dishonest with her.”

“Wait,” I pipe up, indignant for him, “how could she say that? I mean, you were only there to keep her from dropping dead.”

“I knew that, her family knew that, but I honestly don’t think she knew that. I think she really thought I loved her.”

“Oh. That makes this whole situation even sadder than it already is.”

The explanation went on after that, with me interjecting every once in a while with a pithy yet relevant wise crack. To summarize, Heero told me that she screamed at him a fair bit about being a lying cad and refusing to stay with him if he was only there out of some twisted sense of duty and pity. He, in turn, told her that he was quite gay and that he had a boyfriend. She told him to get out, he agreed and voila, here Heero was with a lightly packed suitcase.

Talk about an ugly situation.

“So she knows now,” I say, unable to keep the happy tone out of my voice, “so you can be totally open. You don’t have to worry! Oh hell, you’re here with a suitcase, practically all moved in.”

“Yeah,” he says, but a little too slowly, “only that.. did I ever mention that Relena’s last name is Peacecraft?”

Peacecraft. I recall that name. I’m good with names, it is part of my trade after all, remembering multitudes of names. I ponder silently and try to place the name. Then it hits me.

“Oh shit, isn’t your friend Milliardo’s last name Peacecraft?”

“Now you see the dilemma as it truly is,” he says calmly, “because they’re siblings. And I think Milliardo may castrate me for this one.”

“That’s not even fair,” I say, unbelievably incensed, “he met me! And I know that he liked me! Oh, and I know he thought you and I made a good couple. So what the hell can be his problem?”

“A possible dead or comatose sister?”

Okay, Heero had a point there. But still.

“Heero, do you think we’re doomed or something? It seems like every time we dig our way out of a problem, another problem even bigger and messier comes along to fuck with us.”

God, do I sound tired and defeated. And you know, maybe I am. How am I supposed to keep up with all these developments? Heero had been in my life for a few months now, not even a solid year and our few months have been fraught with more problems than an international trade agreement. Not to mention, we have so far managed to damage our relations with families and friends just by being with each other.

“Sometimes,” I say when Heero says nothing, “I think this can’t possibly be worth all this trouble. I mean, hell, we haven’t even had sex or anything and already we’re neck deep in ungodly amounts of shit.”

I can feel Heero tightening his hold around me, his arms banding around my shoulders and waist in an unmistakable hold of possession.

“Well,” he says, his voice shaking with an emotion I cannot quite define, “if it’s sex you’re worried about, we can fix that. But whatever the case, whatever the problems, I happen to think you’re worth it.”

Ah, damn. How could I have forgotten about that talent Heero has for making me feel gooey and mushy inside?

“Fine,” I say gracelessly, “as much as I think about all these things, I will say that you’re worth it, too. All I have to do is look at you, you sneaky bastard.”

“Oh, it turns me on when you call me pet names.”

With that, some of the worried tension and my defeatist attitude melts away and we laugh. It’s good to laugh with the person you love, when you can feel the laugh rumbling out of his chest like a low grade earthquake.

“So, Relena knows you’re gay.”

“And your brother certainly knows.”

“Neither of them are taking it too well, are they.”

We nod in agreement and shrug our shoulders. Yes, there are problems, but as with all problems, they must be taken on one at a time, step by step. No use worrying needlessly and endlessly about them. It is rather amazing how much clearer I think when Heero’s around. Well, at least about certain things.

“So,” Heero says after we stop laughing, “make any new year’s resolutions?”

“No, I don’t do resolutions. I never keep them anyway. But I did come to some conclusions.”


“Yep. I’m not gay.”

That got me a weird look from Heero and I had to keep the laughter from making a reentrance. Good gracious, how to explain..

“See, Heero, being gay is.. what, being homosexual, liking the men, right?”

I get a bemused nod and I take that as an agreement as I continue.

“And being heterosexual, being straight, is liking the women, right?”

Another bemused nod. So far, so good, I guess.

“And finally, being bisexual is the liking of all genders, sort of non-discriminatory when you think about it, really.”

“And your point is?”

I ruffle his hair playfully and give him a small peck on his nose. He looks confused and a bit pissed which only adds to his adorableness at this point in time.

“Point being,” I say, “as I am right now, I don’t like men, I don’t like women, I just like you. In fact, I love you. So, as logic goes, I’m not homosexual, heterosexual or bisexual. I’d say I’m.. Heerosexual.”

That gets me a short moment of silence before I am tackled onto my back and kissed thoroughly. And I mean thorough, as in his lips and tongue did not miss a single millimeter of my mouth. It drove anything resembling coherent thought out of my head.

“You,” Heero whispers into my lips, “are indescribable. Utterly special.”

“I know.”

He retreats a little so that we can look into each other’s eyes and he smiles gently at me. I can feel my heart stutter and skip a beat. I’m telling you, it’s a delicious feeling.

“We’ll get Solo, Relena and Milliardo to see that we belong together and that it is right.”

Heero said it with such conviction that it made my own resolve strengthen. Maybe we won’t get them to see anything other than how they want to see us, but we were not going to give up on each other just because of that possibility.

“Happy new year, Heero.”

“Happy new year, Duo.”

We sealed it with a kiss and I hope, oh god do I hope, that we can make it work with everyone involved.

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