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Pairings : 2x1
Rating : NC-17
Warning : yaoi, BDSM, bondage, S/M
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Notes : I wrote this to counter Syn-chan's fic Forbidden Control. (Just count how old this fic is *sweatdrops*) This is my wildest dream in making Hee-chan submissive and torturing him with his consent *grins* Anyway this is not for readers under 18.

Enslaving Heero
by Akuma
Part 1

It had been six months since the end of the war and Heero Yuy was at the brink of losing himself. The war was over, having abandoned him like a puppy shoved away from it's owner. He would receive no more orders, not even from Doctor J, who had prematurely passed away.

During the war, he knew what his orders were. Destroying enemy bases, fighting mobile suits, and trying to stop the war. But now, since he had accomplished all of them, he didn't know what to do.

After the end of the first war, he still had to keep his Gundam safe. The rumor of another rebellion kept him busy by supplying him with things to do, in preparation for the next battle.

After the Marimeia episode, he didn't know where to turn. With his Gundam long since destroyed he was directionless, with no missions or orders to follow. He disappeared and left his comrades without even a note. He then changed his name and stayed on earth doing miscellaneous jobs.

But still, he felt something hollow inside him. No one cared about him. Well, maybe that wasn't fully right, his comrades would care. He was sure of that, especially a certain braided boy, who often chewed him out for being a suicidal maniac.

But Heero didn't want that. He wanted to be controlled, to be owned, too feel that he belonged to someone. Someone who was strong enough to stop him from taking suicidal actions and someone who would spend their time with him. The ex-Wing pilot often spent time on his laptop after work, looking for some information or places that could fulfill this craving.

Eventually, he stumbled upon a site, which caught his interest. The site delved into submissive and dominant relationships. Reading the explanations, Heero was positive that he was submissive and became fond of the relationship descriptions. He explored the site, absorbing every bit of information it gave and then hopped to a similar site. After a week of intense study and the enjoyment of some of the stories, which were written on the site, Heero decided that he wanted a dominant partner. He wanted a Master to order and control him.

With that intention, the Japanese boy joined a chat room, which was recommended by most of the sites as one of the best places to find a dominant or submissive partner. The chat room was moderated by some people, who were famous in the area. They acted as guardians for everyone who was involved, making sure everyone consented to play and not because they were forced. So, needless to say, this agreement meant that this chat room would be safe and controlled.

Heero logged in with "Wing" as his nickname. There were only six persons in the chat room, including him and he was welcomed by one of the moderators.

<GoD> Welcome Wing. Are you a sub or a dom person? Or you could be both? <Wing> I'm a sub. <GoD> Okay boy, since I'm a dom, I'll address you like that. You're a boy, aren't you? <Wing> Yes, Sir. Understood, Sir. <GoD> You're good as a sub. Are you waiting for your Master? <Wing> I don't have a Master. <LordX> Hmm, how old are you, boy?

Knowing that one of the rules in this chat room is "never lie", Heero typed his age.

<Wing> 18, Sir
<GoD> 18? You're a bit young for this. Are you new to this game?
<Wing> Yes, Sir
<LordX> Have you ever been with a man?
<Wing> No, Sir
<Mrs. Blood> How about a woman, then?
<Wing> No, Madam.
<GoD> *whistles* you're a virgin then? What made you come here, boy?
<Wing> I want to be owned and ordered by my Master, Sir.
<LadyS/M> Master? Not Mistress?

Heero thought about it. He had no objection for having males or females as his Master. The one he needed was someone who would own and order him.

<Wing> Male or female isn't important, Madam.
<Pedophile_Lover> Will you subject sexually to your Master?
<Wing> I'll subject to everything my Master orders me to do, Sir.

And Heero meant what he typed. He wanted to be fully controlled, owned, and of course if his Master were kind, it would be even better. He didn't have anything to lose. Oh, maybe his virginity, but he didn't mind to exchange it, if he could have what he wanted.

<Pedophile_Lover> Describe yourself, boy.
<Wing> Japanese, height 155 cm, weight 45 kg, brown hair, blue eyes.
<GoD> Japanese, my favorite kind.
<Lady S/M> I love Japanese boys. They are so pretty.
<Pedophile_Lover> you seem to fit my category, boy.
<LadyS/M> I have a sub, but you're interesting, boy.
<LordX> Hey, I love taking a virgin and I don't mind having another sub.
<Mrs.Blood> Having a young boy as my servant is very pleasing. I think I want you, boy.
<GoD> Whoa, whoa, down you all. *chuckles* Wing, I think they are fond of you. It's very rare to have a newbie being asked by so many Masters at once.
<Wing> Is it?
<GoD> I never lie.
<Wing> Forgive me for doubting you, Sir
<GoD> You're really good for a novice, boy. I think I like you. And since I have no sub right now, I think I'll offer myself too as your dom.
<Mrs.Blood> Hey, GoD. Don't take all the fun for yourself. *giggles* We also want the boy, remember?
<GoD> Ah, so true. Of course, it's up to Wing to choose who will be his Master or mistress. So guys, I allow you to type privately to him, once, to offer what you have for him. And Wing?
<Wing> Yes, Sir?
<GoD> You don't have to choose your Master/Mistress right away. You still can come back later, to find another one.
<Wing> I understand, Sir.
<GoD> Good boy, so let's give the boy what we have, guys.

Heero soon had five new windows popping up on his laptop monitor. He never thought it would be so easy to find a Master. Now all he had to do, was choose the one who was most suitable for him. He quickly dismissed Lady S/M, LordX and Pedophile_Lover without reading the comments on their windows. The first two were dismissed because they already had another sub. Heero didn't want to share his Master with another, he wanted all the affection and orders to be given to him exclusively.

He dismissed Pedophile_Lover because the nickname had already described the person. Heero didn't like it from the first moment he read the nickname. That left Mrs.Blood and GoD as candidates. Heero read Mrs. Blood's comment. She offered so many facilities and described how she would treat him, making Heero's eyes hurt at reading her propositions, that still continued across the screen.

The Japanese boy, clicked on the last window and was surprised to see there was only one sentence. "You belong to me, body, heart, mind, and soul." Just by reading that sentence, Heero already felt like he belonged to this person. Belonged to him completely. This was what he needed.

<LordX> Have you made your choice, boy?
<GoD> Patience, LordX, he needs time to think about it.
<Wing> I have decided, Sir, Madam.
<GoD> Good, then tell us who the lucky person is.
<Wing> It's you, Master GoD
<LadyS/M> Damn, why do you always get what you want, GoD?
<Pedophile_Lover> Yes, I also wonder what you offer to the subs for them to always choose you over us.
<GoD> *chuckles* That's my secret
<Mrs.Blood> It's not fair...I wanted the boy
<GoD> Ah, but the boy wants me. Don't you, boy?
<Wing> Yes Master
<GoD> Let's talk privately. As the Moderator, there are some things I need to go over with you.
<Wing> Yes, Master
<LadyS/M> *sighs* There goes the boy.
<GoD> Lol, see ya later guys.
<Mrs.Blood> I don't think I'll see you two for a while. You're really lucky to have one of the most famous players as your Master, boy.
<Wing> Thank you, Madam

After politely excusing himself, Heero quit the chat room and focused his attention to the window where he would chat with his Master. His Master. He had already had a Master. Heero felt a wave of euphoria inside him. There was no turning back now.

<GoD> So boy, we are finally alone.
<Wing> Yes Master
<GoD> Right now, I am not your Master. I'm talking to you as the moderator. Since you've never had a Master, I'm asking for your data. Give me your email address, boy.

Heero gave him his email address and soon he received a form. His Master ordered him to fill the form with his true identity and attached his latest picture with it. Heero considered filling out the form with fake information, but he shoved the thought away. The war was over, he had nothing to lose by revealing his true identity. Moreover, this data would be confidential. Only moderators could access it and they used it to keep track of the players. And with his hacking skill, Heero could delete the data whenever he wanted.

Heero filled out the form, attached his picture and then sent it to his Master. He waited for 15 minutes, nervous and fidgity. He didn't dare ask his Master, for he knew a good sub never spoke without permission.

<GoD> Boy
<Wing> Yes, Sir?
<GoD> I have saved your data. Right now, let's talk equally...before I make you mine.

Heero felt a slight happy sensation at the anticipation that he would belong to this man.

<Wing> Okay, Sir
<GoD> You don't have to call me Sir, since we are equal right now.
<Wing> Okay
<GoD> I know you want to be my sub for a couple of days or maybe a week, right?
<Wing> Yes
<GoD> Will you still want me to be your Master after a week?
<Wing> It depends
<GoD> On what?
<Wing> If I feel contented, I will. If not, I'll search for another Master
<GoD> I see. But I don't agree with you.
<Wing> What do you mean?
<GoD> I'm a possessive man. After seeing your data, your picture, and thinking about your personality, I have decided that I want to keep you with me.
<Wing> Keep me?
<GoD> I want you to be my slave

Heero stared wide eyed at the sentence. Slave? The man wanted him as a slave? He trembled as he recalled the information that he had memorized. A slave is a lower degree of a sub. Being a sub, he would have the right to negotiate any treatment he wanted. He would have his safe word, which could stop the game and he didn't have to use all of his time in the game. But being a slave would mean to fully surrender and submit to the man. He would have to trust the man, for he would have no more control of himself. He would not be free. The man would take his power of decision away and control his life 24 hours.

The Japanese boy didn't know what he wanted right now. He wanted to be owned, yes, but to make it into a permanent arrangement? He was not so sure. Being a slave meant that he would sign a contract that showed his consent. He didn't know whether he wanted to sign it. What if this Master wasn't kind? What if the man was an ex-enemy?

But to his surprise, Heero found that thinking about being a slave had turned him on. He could feel his black spandex becoming tighter as he considered this option.

<GoD> Well?
<Wing> How long will you take me as your slave?
<GoD> Until I get tired of you. And considering how beautiful you are, I think it will be a long time before I give you your contract back.

Heero was surprised to realize that he blushed when the man said he was beautiful.

<Wing> May I see your face, first?
<GoD> No, you'll have to accept me for who I am. I can be anyone, I can be your friend, your enemy, or a mere stranger.
<Wing> But...you have already seen my face
<GoD> I like to remain unknown. If you choose to refuse this offer then so be it.

Heero bit his lower lip. This man could be anyone. An old man, middle aged man, or even a boy like him.

<Wing> I would prefer to be your sub, then.
<GoD> I want you to be my slave. Take it or leave it.
<Wing> You won't consider taking me as a sub?
<GoD> Like I said before, I'm a possessive person. I don't want to share you with anyone else. You're mine. Mine to use, mine to order, mine to punish, and mine to love.

Love. This man will love him. Heero closed his eyes, feeling a warm sensation course through his body. Funny, Heero just met this man a couple of minutes ago but the he had managed to affect him so much.

<Wing> If I choose to be your slave, what will you ask of me?
<GoD> Whatever I want you to do. Mainly, I want you to stay with me, to be my slave, my servant, my valet, and of course, my bedwarmer. I'll use you anytime I want and you'll submit to my every need.

Use him anytime he wanted? Heero hugged himself, feeling the sensation swirl inside him, he really would have no control at all. This could be very dangerous. But then again, it was what he did in the past. Accomplishing dangerous missions and not hesitating to take suicidal actions. He always gave all his time for the missions and orders from Dr.J. What was the difference now, in being this man's slave? It was now or never. Heero thought he would never get an offer like this again, if he refused it.

<Wing> Okay then, I'll be your slave
<GoD> Have you considered this very carefully? Once you sign the contract, you'll have no way back.
<Wing> Yes, I want to be yours.

The screen was idle for a moment before GoD typed again.

<GoD> Very well, then. I'll send the contract to your email address. Read it carefully and think about it, boy. Although you have agreed to be my slave, I'll give you three days to think. If you still want me after that, print the contract and send me a mail notification of your agreement. I'll pick you up at 7 AM. You'll unlock the door and wait for me in the middle of the room, kneeling and head bowed. You'll have your belongings next to you and hold the signed contract in your mouth. Understand?
<Wink> Yes
<GoD> Good, I look forward to seeing you three days from now
<Wink> May I know your name?
<GoD> No, you'll know it later when you become my slave.

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