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Pairings: 1x2, 3x4, 13x5
Warnings: Yaoi, lemon (in later chapters), angst, AU, slight Relena bashing...and if I think of more I'll tell you later *smiles*

Notes: *claps hands* This is my first major fic cause it has more than one part to it *blush*. I really hope everyone likes it. Anyways, I have been inspired to do this fic by reading another one by Jade. Her's is called, "Easy Rider," and it's great, just like all of the rest. She's one of my favs *sigh* I LOVE YA JADE!

Summary: This is an AU about Heero being a popular singer and Duo being his biggest fan.

Biggest Fan
by Chibi Shi-Chan
Chapter Two: The Concert

The next day, Duo and his friends sat in the cafeteria talking about...what else...

"That concert was awesome!" They were talking about Heero Yuy, which seemed to make up most of their conversations after Duo saw one of his concerts.

"Duo, you're hopeless." Said Trowa, sipping on his milk.

"I'm serious, did you see the way he danced, and sang, and looked in that outfit? I just love him." Said Duo. Quatre smiled.

"He did look nice." Said Quatre. Seeing the look in Trowa's eyes made the blond smile. Trowa grabbed the blond by the waist and pulled him into his lap.

"What was that?" Trowa asked. Quatre's smile brightened.

"But not as good as you." Trowa kissed him passionately and Quatre cheered in his head. His plan had worked...mission complete!

"That's better." Trowa then nibbled on his ear and whispered, "I'll have to teach you a lesson when we get to your place." Quatre shuddered at the lust in his love's voice. It looked like the mission came out better than he thought. Duo cleared his throat.

"You two are the hopeless ones." The two love birds smiled at their friend and was about to engage in another kiss whem they heard one of the girl's in teh cafeteria scream. The three jumped up as they headed to the source. What they saw took them by surprise.

Relena was listening to a silver radio she had brought to school just for that day, a smile on her face as a familar and heavenly voice filled the airwaves.

"It's nice to have you here Mr. Yuy." Said the radio host, Eddie.

"Yeah, thanks for coming." Said the second guy, Jobo. [1]

"Thanks for having me here." Said Heero. Duo gasped when he heard that voice.

"It's him, he's in Chicago." All looked surprised, but Relena.

"So, your concert is next week?" Asked Eddie.

"Yeah, and I have a special contest, thanks to you guys." Said Heero.

"That's right folks. Be the 96th caller after you hear, 'Last Impression,' and you can win four backstage passes to the concert. That's right, you'll get to meet this man and get to hang with him after the show." All cheered at the news...they all wanted to met Heero in person.

"Oh I hope they play it after school." Said one girl.

"Me too, I'd hate to have to run to a phone during my physics test." Said another. Duo's heart stopped. What is he won? What if met Heero in person?

"Also, you will be asked three trivia questions about me. Answer those and you win the tickets." Said Heero. Relena smiled, she knew everything about Heero, and everyone knew that.

"Oh Relena, I bet you'd win. Take me with you please?" Asked one girl. More and more asked the same question, wanting to go to the concert badly.

"Now, now, now. Let's not get excited. I'll decide who goes later."

"Me, please Relena, I'll do your homework." One person offered.

"I give you all my homework passes." This continued for quite sometime, more and more things offered to Relena for tickets she didn't even have yet, until lunch was over.

Duo sighed as he sat in his room with his friends. They were listening to the radio to try and hear the song.

"There's no way I'd win anyway." Said Duo.

"Why is that?" Asked Quatre, trying to pay attention to his friend instead of Trowa's lips on his neck.

"Relena knows everything about him. She's the president of his fan club and everything." Duo said sadly.

"Oh Duo, I bet you'd win. You deserve to."

"Yeah, especially since she's trying to buy people's services with the tickets, that's low." Mumbled Trowa. They all nodded at that. The current song ended and Eddie and Jobo came back on the radio.

"Here's the next one by...oh, it's Heero Yuy with, "Last Impression." Duo jumped as he heard the song title. He raced to the phone.

Relena grabbed the phone and began dialing...but it was already being used.


"NO!" Relena growled as she charged upstairs and burst through his door.

"OFF! Let ME call, I know the most about him. Besides, why would he want a guy when he could have such a lovely female."

"Shut-up Relena."

"Get off the phone Duo, remember who pays the bills here. It's MY family's money, yours left you on the streets." That crushed Duo, his heart feeling like a heavy iron. Quatre and Trowa glared at the girl for her cold-hearted comment.

Duo was an orphan and Relena's family had adopted him when he was young. Relena's parents loved him very much, but Relena always rubbed his misfortune in his face. He sighed and hung up the phone.

"Thank you dear brother." She left the room to go and try and meet her obsession.

"You shouldn't have taken that." Said Quatre. Duo smiled.

"It's O.K., she means well I guess. Besides, she has the best chance, maybe she'll invite me." Said Duo, listening to the song.

If there are glances that communicate
Better than words,
People can all live on freely
Without losing their way.
Overcoming our mistakes, we realize
What true kindness is.
Together, you and I discovered
That strength called love.

Relena dialed...busy. Dialed...busy. Dialed...busy. She was about to give up when....ring. She held her breath when she heard those magical words...

"We have our 96th caller, tell us your name." Said Eddie.

"Re...Relena Peacecraft."

"Hello Relena." She gasped.


"She get's to talk to him, she's so lucky." Said Duo. He sighed as he listened to their conversation.

"I'm the president of your fan club, and my room is decorated with all your stuff...I love you." She said. Heero laughed.

"I guess you may know a bit about me." Said Heero. It was her turn to laugh.

"Yeah I do." Of course she did...she was the only one worthy enough to win the tickets anyway...at least that's what she thought.

"So, let me ask you a question...what was my first song called?"

"That's so easy!" Shrieked Duo.

"'Just Communication,' even I know that." Said Quatre.

"It's called, 'Just Communication.'" Said Relena.

"Good, two more. What city was the video shot in?" He asked.

"It was in Tampa Bay, right Duo?" Asked Trowa.

"No, it was in Orlando while it was raining." Said Duo. He sighed, he should've been on the line not her. I mean, a child could answer these questions...they might as well had given the tickets away.

"Orlando, Florida." Said Relena.

"Right again. One more. What is my real name?" Relena paused, real name?

"Real name?" Asked both Quatre and Trowa. Duo thought for a minute.

"Oh yeah! Heero Yuy is his stage name, but his real name is..."

"Uh...isn't Heero your real name?" Asked Relena. Heero laughed, not many people knew his real name.

"No it isn't, care to guess?" He asked.


"She could've at least gave a Japanese name." Said Quatre. Trowa laughed.

"I can't believe she didn't know that." Said Duo.

"No, sorry."

"WAIT! Uh...Steve."



"I'm sorry, but you lost." Relena wailed into the phone.

"I can't lose, I need those tickets!"

"Well, we need another caller to answer the question." Relena began to cry into the phone.

"You hear that Duo, they need someone else to call, pick up the phone before she hangs up." Said Quatre.


"Yeah, she lost, your turn." Trowa added. Duo shook his head.

"No, I can't, it wouldn't be fair...I..." Quatre grabbed the phone.

"Please miss, we need to open the line, you have to hang up." Said Jobo.

"O.K. I love you Heero." She then hung up.

"Damn...that girl was loud and...what a minute, the line is still open, did she hang up?" Asked Eddie.

"Hello?" Heero asked.

"Hi." This was a different voice, not Relena's.

"Who are you?"

Relena gasped when she heard that voice on the radio.


"My name is Quatre and I'm a friend of Relena's brother. He wants to try and win those tickets."

"I see, well, where is he?" Asked Heero.

"He's...a little shy, give me a minute." Quatre put the phone down and grabbed Duo, dragging him to the phone.

"Come on Duo. "


"This is your chance."

"No." Then he heard Heero's voice.

"Don't be shy, pick up the phone."

Relena was about to burst through Duo's door when she found it locked.

"DUO!" Trowa snickered, he had seen this coming and wasn't about to let her ruin his friend's chance.

"Go ahead Duo." Duo picked up the phone.

"He...hello?" He asked.

"Hello, I'm Heero."

"And I'm...Duo. Duo Maxwell."

Heero had to hold in a sigh at the lovely voice, much lovier than the girl. His voice sounded like a soothing melody, pleasing to the soul. He hoped this boy won so he could meet him.

"O.K. Duo, just answer this question and you win. What is my real name?"

Quatre and Trowa watched as their friend thought on the question. Finally, he spoke.

"Not many people know that Heero is your stage name, named after a former leader that you looked up to. But your real name is Odin Lowe, after one of your many teachers." Duo prayed that he was right.

Heero was amazed, the boy knew so much about him, the real him, not, "Heero Yuy." He smirked, he had to meet this boy.
"Well Duo, I guess we'll meet after the concert."

Duo's breath caught when he heard that.

"You mean..."

"You get four front row seats and backstage passes to the show." Eddie and Jobo said at the same time.

"You've won." Heero added. Duo did the only thing he could at the time...he fainted. Trowa caught him before he could hit the floor and laid him in his bed.

"Duo?" Heero asked, his voice full of concern. Quatre grabbed the phone.

"He uh...fainted."

"Uh...well...stay on the line and we'll give you all the info."

"O.K. And thank you."

Trembling, we seal our flesh
With a sweet kiss
(You are here...
So am I...)
Please don't ever forget
A feeling that intensifies,
Turning affection into a prayer.
I want to let you know this pulsing sensation
So hot, so fierce, SO FAR AWAY

[1] CSC: Eddie and Jobo in the mornings...only on B96!
Duo: Oi...you are definitely from Chicago!
CSC: Yep! And there's no place like home Duo-chan.

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