Disclaimer: Don't own the boys or the songs. The songs are by Two Mix and they are the translated versions to some popular Gundam Wing songs.

Pairings: 1x2, 3x4, 13x5
Warnings: Yaoi, lemon (in later chapters), angst, AU, slight Relena bashing...and if I think of more I'll tell you later *smiles*

Notes: *claps hands* This is my first major fic cause it has more than one part to it *blush*. I really hope everyone likes it. Anyways, I have been inspired to do this fic by reading another one by Jade. Her's is called, "Easy Rider," and it's great, just like all of the rest. She's one of my favs *sigh* I LOVE YA JADE!

Summary: This is an AU about Heero being a popular singer and Duo being his biggest fan.

CSC: *dressed as a witch stirring in a pot* Hocus Pocus, Alakazam! Give them another chapter and....I'll be damned...it worked *smiles* Duo: She's flipped. CSC: *grabs lime and tosses it in brew* That's right, there be kisses and touches in this here chapter. We gots us a lime *smiles* And when there's lime, there's bond to be a lemon nearby *grins wider*

Biggest Fan
by Chibi Shi-Chan
Chapter Five: The Date

No matter how hard he tried, Duo could not get the day's lesson in his head. All he could think about was the events that would happen after school. The date with Heero. He smiled as he watched the clock, waiting for it to strike 3:10 so he could leave.

Quatre smiled at his friend. He knew the boy was excited. He talked about it all day with him and Trowa, making Quatre very happy for his friend. He glanced at the clock...only 5 more minutes. He couldn't wait either, Trowa was keeping his word about him and Quatre having plans that afternoon. He couldn't wait to find out how Trowa would pass the time with him.

The five minutes soon vanished and the school day ended.

Duo quickly grabbed his things out of his locker to rush outside. Quatre and Trowa approached him, smiling at his excited expression.


"A little I guess. I can't wait to see him again." Said Duo. Just then, they saw a crowd form at the opening driveway of the school as a black stretch limo pulled up. Duo smiled; it could only be one person.

Heero sighed as he watched the crowd surround the limo. He wished that he could just get the boy and go. Perhaps the stretch Navigator was too much. He saw the view screen slide down as Wufei came into view.

"Want me to go get him?" Asked Wufei, sitting next to the driver.

"You're a lifesaver, I owe you one."

"Think nothing of it. After all, it's not everyday that your boss lets you leave early everyday to spend time with your boyfriend." Heero smirked at the comment as Wufei stepped outside. If anyone could find Duo in this situation, he could.

"EXCUSE ME!!! IS THERE A DUO MAXWELL HERE!!!" Screamed Wufei. The crowd groaned as they parted to reveal Duo.

"And I thought it was Heero Yuy, it's just some Chinese boy." Said one girl. Duo began to approach Wufei, smiling brightly at him.

"WAIT A MINUTE! THAT IS HEERO!" Screamed a familiar voice. Duo sighed at the sound of his sister's voice.

"How do you know?" Asked one girl.

"Because he came out of the front of the limo, the driver's side. Heero's in the back, this boy is his assistant manager." Said Relena.

"Really?" Asked one girl. The crowd began to enclose the limo. Relena smirked, if she couldn't have Heero, no one could.

Heero sighed again as the crowd came closer. He saw that Relena girl trying to open his door. He knew this would happen. He was going to lose hope until...


Trowa stared at his lover in pure confusion. The little blond was jumping up and down and pointing at Wufei.

"Yeah, that new Chinese singer! He's awesome." Trowa soon got the drift and drug Duo along with Quatre over to Wufei. The crowd groaned again.

"I've never heard of him." Said one.

"I wanted it to be Heero." Said another.

"He's kinda cute, but I've never heard him sing before." Said one more person. Wufei smirked as he grabbed Duo. Relena stared in shock.

"No...no he's his manager. He's in the limo, just look!" She cried. Wufei turned around to face her.

"I do not know this hero you speak of." He said, forgetting the extra "E" on purpose.

"It's Heero, two e's." Said one girl.

"Right, forgive me. I'm here to pick up this young man. Now, we shall get going. And look for my new album." Said Wufei, opening the door for Duo.

"I'm so happy I get to spend the day with you Mr. Chang." Said Duo, climbling inside.

"You're so lucky Duo, I wish it were me." Said Trowa, trying to sound as enthusiastic as he could, which wasn't much.

"Have fun. I LOVE YOU WUFEI!" Said Quatre, sounding enthusiastic enough for both him, Trowa, and the entire student population. Wufei cringed at the noise level of the blond, but smiled and closed Duo's door. He went in on the driver's side and instructed the man to pull off.

Relena was left speechless.

"Thank you Quatre." Said Heero to himself. But he had other things to think about, like shining violet eyes. Duo was so busy taking in the huge limo that he didn't hear Heero slide next to him.

"So, what do you wanna do first?" Asked Heero. Duo jumped as he turned to stare at the boy.

"Uh...well...how about we go see a movie." Said Duo. Heero nodded.

"Like what?" Asked Heero.

"Uh...Tomb Raider sounds good." Said Duo. [1]

"O.K. Let's go then." And the two were off to the movies.

Duo once again found himself staring at something. It was an empty movie theatre with 20 screens and only the people who worked there.

"I come here to watch movies when I'm in Chicago. They only let celebrities come here so they can get away from the cameras and just enjoy the show." Said Heero.

"Does anyone know about this?" Asked Duo as the two of them went to get the snacks.

"You do now." Said Heero, grabbing the snacks and going to watch the movie.

About half-way through the movie, they finished the snacks and watched as Lara Croft fought against a group of stone creatures. Heero sighed as he watched Duo watch the movie. He wanted to touch him so badly, but he didn't want to scare the boy. Trowa had said that he was use to getting hurt. He wondered who would want to hurt such a beautiful angel. Duo felt eyes on him and turned to meet Heero's gaze.

"What's up?" Asked Duo.


"You sure?"

"Well, I wanna do something but I think it may be the wrong thing to do." Said Heero.

"Well you won't know until you do it right?" Asked Duo

"Yeah." Said Heero, bringing himself closer to Duo.

"So what is it you want...to..." Before he could finish, he felt a pair of warm lips on his. His mind was going nuts and he tried to add up the situation. Heero was kissing him...so why wasn't he kissing back? Maybe part of him thought this wasn't real, maybe he was scared, maybe he should just shut-up and open his mouth for Heero's tongue. So, he did.

Heero mentally cheered when he felt Duo allow him entry. Not one to let an opportunity slip, Heero's tongue met with Duo's. The boys literally melted into the other...until they heard gunshots. They turned to see Lara shooting a huge stone creature who kept coming at her. They both let out a sigh of relief.

"Is that what you didn't want to do?" Asked Duo, mund still swirling after the sweet kiss.

"Well, I didn't want to scare you." Said Heero. Duo smiled.

"How considerate. What made you think I was scared?" Asked Duo.

"Well you weren't so thrilled to go out with me until Quatre talked to you...and Trowa said..." Heero stopped himself before he could put more of his foot in his mouth.

"Trowa said what?" Asked Duo.


"Come on, I won't get mad."


"Please?" Duo slid into Heero's lap, whispering in his ear.

"Pretty please?" He asked while flicking his ear with his tongue. Heero shivered, then smirked at the seductive boy.

"You little minx, alright I'll tell you. He said you're use to being hurt." Said Heero. Duo face suddenly looked down.

"I am." He jumped out of Heero's lap.

"Did someone..." Duo knew where the conversation was going.

"Oh no, no one beat me or raped me or nothin. It's just...well...I'm adopted. I don't know who my parents are. Relena's family adopted me. Now she acts like I owe her something. Her parents, I mean my parents, love me, but they always take her side. My only close friends are Quatre and Trowa cause Relena's so popular and she always puts me down, making her little fan club hate me too." Said Duo. Heero nodded.

"I knew there was something about her I didn't like." Said Heero as Duo sat back down.

"It's O.K. I got two great friends. And, I got to meet you." Said Duo with a smile. Heero smirked and straddled Duo's hips in the tiny movie theatre seats.

"What are you..."

"Just enjoying the show." Said Heero, kissing on Duo's neck. Duo began to moan at the tender treatment.

"But...the movie is...the other way." Said Duo, trying to focus on the movie, but that was hard when you got your biggest crush's hands roaming over your body.

"You can watch Lara while I watch Duo." Said Heero, his hand going inside the boy's pants. Duo held his breath as the hand went past his boxers and to his growing erection.

"Ah Heero." Duo moaned out loud when Heero wrapped his hand around his hard flesh.

"You are so lovely, I have to have you." The hand sped up it's treatment as Heero began to nibble on his neck, leaving little marks all over. While one hand stayed occupied inside of Duo's pants, the other slipped inside his shirt and began to toy with his nipples.

"You got me...oh gods you got me." Duo couldn't think, all he could do was feel the incredible sensations Heero was giving him. His breath quikened as he felt that wonderful sensation spread over his body, the beauty of his orgasm.

"Oh my god, I'm so close...!"

"That's it, let go. I want to see you." With that said, Duo let go.

"HEERO!" Heero felt the slick seed hit his hand as he kissed the boy's trembling lips. The kiss seemed to last forever as Heero pulled his hand out of his pants, his other one rubbing across Duo's chest gently to calm him down. He tasted the essence on his hand and smiled, kissing Duo once more to allow the boy to taste himself.

"What a delicious snack to have at the movies." Said Heero. Duo gave him a shaky smile as he tried to regain the oxygen he lost. The two sat in silence as they finished the movie, occasionally kissing each other and letting their hands explore more of each other.

Most of the time, Lara Croft was watching an intense make-out session.

After stopping to get something to eat, the boys went to Heero's hotel. Duo was shocked at the size of it, and the beauty.

"This place is great." Said Duo, looking at Heero's video game collection, which put the one that was in his dressing room to shame.

"Oh no, not another video game head." Said a voice. Duo turned to see Treize and Wufei standing at the doorway.

"Hi guys, nice to see you again." Said Duo. They nodded.

"What brings you here, I thought you guys would love your time off since I was out." Said Heero.

"We did already, right Dragon?" Wufei blushed.

"Uh....and besides, I remember someone saying that they couldn't wait until a certain someone got here so they could stomp them in Marvel vs. Capcom 2." Said Wufei.

"Were you referring to me Heero?" Asked Duo.

"What can I say, I am the master of that game."

"We'll see." [2]

So after the video game challenge, which Duo showed Heero just how good he was, Duo was escorted home. They were at it for several hours until they both decided that the match would continue at a later time, after all, Duo did have school the following day.

Heero walked Duo to his door.

"This was the best night of my life." Said Duo.

"And hopefully not the last we share."

"Are you asking me out again Heero Yuy?" Asked Duo. Heero wrapped his arms around the boy's waist and gave him a light kiss.

"I guess I am."

"I accept, although you made me miss half of Tomb Raider."

"I didn't hear any complaints, and you beat me in one of my favorite games."

"It's O.K. You beat me in Tekken." They both laughed.

"Well, I'll see you tomorrow then?" Asked Duo. To answer his question, Heero pulled Duo against him and gave him a deep kiss. Duo melted in his arms immediately, giving into Heero completely. This truly was a magical night for him, and he couldn't wait to tell Quatre and Trowa about it the next day.

And inside of Duo's house, a set of evil looking eyes watched as her number one crush was kissing her own brother. She growled, it had to be Duo's fault cause Heero was hers. Well, she'd make the boy pay. Like she earlier said, if she couldn't have Heero, no one could.

[1] CSC: O.K. When this was written Tomb Raider had just hit the theaters. I know it's old now ^_^;;; Forgive me.

[2] CSC: I just LOVE beating guys at that game, or any fighting game. They assume that I can't play cause I'm a girl. But they soon learn....FOOLS!!!!
Duo: Uh...fic.
CSC: Sorry, got carried away.

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