Disclaimer: Don't own the boys or the songs. The songs are by Two Mix and they are the translated versions to some popular Gundam Wing songs.

Pairings: 1x2, 3x4, 13x5
Warnings: Yaoi, lemon (in later chapters), angst, AU, slight Relena bashing...and if I think of more I'll tell you later *smiles*

Notes: *claps hands* This is my first major fic cause it has more than one part to it *blush*. I really hope everyone likes it. Anyways, I have been inspired to do this fic by reading another one by Jade. Her's is called, "Easy Rider," and it's great, just like all of the rest. She's one of my favs *sigh* I LOVE YA JADE!

Summary: This is an AU about Heero being a popular singer and Duo being his biggest fan.

Biggest Fan
by Chibi Shi-Chan
Chapter Eight: Relena Takes the Stage

Duo woke up to the smell of pancakes, sausage, and hot cocoa. He turned to see a tray of food sitting on the dresser with a glass of orange juice and some roses. He smiled as he got out of bed....only to remember that he was naked and a little soar. A confused look crossed his face, trying to remember what had happened the previous day.

When he did, he had to control his hormones. Oh yeah...they DID do...uh...that last night. Flashes of Heero crossed his mind. Heero kissing him, touching him, naked, thrusting into him, over and over...

...that didn't help his hormones. He let out a happy sigh as he picked up a white button-up shirt and threw it over his head. It was obviously Heero's cause it swallowed his thin frame up. He heard the shower running and smiled; he had the perfect guy. They shared the perfect night together and....OH SHIT! Duo realized one problem to the equation...

"Mom and Dad are probably sooo worried about me!"

A tired voice picked up the ringing phone.

"Um...hello?" The person immediately winced at the volume of the voice.


"Oh, hi son. We understand."

"....IT JUST SLIPPED MY MIND AND....what?!?!"

"We understand. Quatre told us last night that you were spending the night at his place, but you had fell asleep." Said Mr. Peacecraft. Duo let out a long breath he hadn't realized he was holding.

"O.K." Thank the stars for Quatre.

"Yeah, he said you went out with that Heero guy and then, since it was O.K. with Mr. Winner, spent the night over there. You're over there now right?"


"Well, come home pretty soon. We need to talk about something."

"About what?" Duo asked.

"Well, we saw something very....interesting on the news yesterday." Duo cringed.

"Oh yeah, about the kiss..." He didn't know how they would react to it.

"...oh Duo it's not that. We knew you liked him, his poster's were everywhere. We don't care if you are interested in boys and not girls, we love you none the less. It's just, well, are you sure it'll work?" Mrs. Peacecraft had taken the phone to talk to her son, needing to hear his voice. Mothers are like that afterall.


"It's nothing, we'll talk later. Bye." Mrs. Peacecraft hung up the phone. Duo stared at the phone in confusion. Would it work? What did THAT mean. He'd figure it out later, but now, he was too busy staring at a soaking wet Heero Yuy.

"Hey there." Said Heero, slipping on some boxers. Damn, couldn't he at least put on a robe? Duo really didn't need to see a naked Heero. He groaned when he felt his cock begin to wake up, disagreeing with his logic and thinking that a naked Heero was the perfect thing to see.

"Hi...uh...thanks for breakfast." Said Duo.

"No problem, so, let's eat." Heero took Duo in his arms and sat him on the table, running his hands over the creamy skin that the shirt revealed. Duo gasped when he felt hands go inside the shirt, spreading his legs open.

"I thought we were having breakfast." Said Duo, feeling his legs quiver when Heero's fingers began to dance across his inner thighs.

"Yeah, I am." Duo shivered at the look Heero gave him. He gasped when Heero laid him ontop of the table, knocking over the orange juice glass. Duo felt the shirt being raised up, his erection on full display.

"Don't you ever get tired of this?" Duo asked.

"With you? Never. And it appears that you don't either." Heero said with a smirk, eyeing the arousal with hunger. Duo groaned when he saw Heero grab the maple syrup and lick his lips at Duo.

Duo learned that breakfast was the most important part of Heero's day.

After breakfast, which took longer to finish than usual, Heero drove Duo home. Duo grabbed his shopping bags from their shopping the previous day and smiled at Heero. He was sure to put the shorts at the very bottom of the bag.

"See ya later." Said Heero from inside the car, giving him one last kiss by sticking his head out of the window. The kiss lingered longer than necessary, Heero reaching a hand out to rest on Duo's back. Duo groaned into the sweet kiss, dropping his bags and wrapping his arms around Heero's neck. Heero used the other hand and wrapped his arms around Duo, nearly pulling him into the car. Duo gasped when he realized that Heero had indeed lifted him up, his butt resting on the edge of the big window the car had.

"I'm never gonna make it inside my house this way." Duo said, looking into the deep blue eyes. Heero chuckled.

"I suppose." One last kiss was shared between the two, Duo resting his hand on Heero's soft cheek while Heero rubbed a hand up and down Duo's leg and...

"...we better stop. Otherwise I'm gonna tell you to drive off and take me all over again."

"That isn't a bad idea." Heero said, reaching to start the car up.

"I would love to, you know that, but I better talk to them now and see what's up. The sooner I do, the sooner I can come back. Fortunately there is no school today." Heero sighed and let Duo go, watching the boy slip out of the window and grab his bags. Duo smiled at him, the two saying their, "I love you's," and separating.

On the way back to the hotel, Heero got a call on his cell phone..


"Heero, we need to talk."


"In person, come to the hotel A.S.A.P." The line was disconnected. What was this about?

Duo stepped in the house floating on cloud nine when he saw his parents in the living room. He sighed, he knew that this talk was serious if both of them were sitting in the room together.

"What's up Mom, Dad?" Asked Duo. They sighed and told him to sit down.

"We...well...we don't think you should be dating Heero?"

"WHAT!" WHY!" Duo was shocked, why would they say this?

"Cause, he's a celebrity, he won't be here forever. He probably wanted to have a good time and that was all."

"HOW could you say that about him. We LOVE each other." Said Duo, defending Heero. They sighed and gave him a paper.

"What's this?"

"Something your sister found. It appears that Mr. Yuy is leaving for a concert in L.A. tomorrow."

"L...lea...leaving?" Stammered Duo.

"That's right." Said a new voice. All turned to see Relena.

Heero sat in the hotel room with Wufei and Treize, sipping on a cup of cocoa.

"So, why so glum?" Asked Heero.

"Well, we gotta leave tomorrow." Said Wufei.

"Leave? Where? Why?"

"To L.A. for the next concert."

"I'm sorry Heero." Said Treize.

"No...no I can't. Duo..."

"We know, and we can't think of anything else." Said Wufei.

"Unless if by some miracle he'd come with us." Said Treize. Heero smirked.

"Maybe, just maybe he would."

The two parents left the room as the two siblings talked alone.

"He used you. He's leaving tomorrow."

"He didn't use me." Suddenly the room seemed so cold and small...and the air seemed to be getting thin.

"Then WHY did this happen? Why didn't he tell you he was leaving? He leaves tomorrow, he probably wanted some Chicago ass." Duo felt smaller and smaller. They DID get intimitely close before he was leaving. His body began to shake as he thought about the words.

"I'm sure he's had several partners. And you...well...I don't know about that." She gasped as tears left her brother's eyes.

"I....I let him take me. He took...took my virginity. I gave him everything...and now he's leaving? Was he even gonna tell me? Is that all he wanted, was it all a lie?" The thing on T.V., the dates, all of that? Did it mean anything? Duo stood up and left to go to his room. Relena watched him leave and gave a tiny smile.

"Sorry bro, but if I can't have him, no one can." She stood to go to her laptop to e-mail a certain someone.

Heero was playing on his computer to kill time. He would pick up Duo tonight and tell him. Maybe he would come with him. They had good teachers so he could get educated. But....Quatre and Trowa. Duo's whole life was here, would he be ready to leave with him? He sighed as he continued to play until....

"You got mail."

"Hm." Not many people had his true e-mail address, except like the top people of his fan club. He opened it up and cringed as pink letters met him. He could tell who it was already...

heerolovesme: Heeeeerrrooooooo!!!

"Oh great." He sighed and responded.

perfection: What do YOU want?

heerolovesme: Nothing, just wanted to say bye before you left.

perfection: How'd you know about it?

heerolovesme: Oh, I AM your biggest fan after all. Being the president of your fan club helps. Duo says bye too.

"What?" What did that mean?

perfection: What do you mean?

heerolovesme: Oh come on Hee-chan. He knows all about you, so why wouldn't he know your concert dates?

Heero thought about this. Why wouldn't he?

heerolovesme: So he says bye and thank you for last night.

perfection: Thank you?

heerolovesme: Yeah, he usually tells his lovers that.

perfection: L...lovers?

She had added an "s" to that. He said he was his first. He knew he had taken many but Duo didn't have to lie. And he was just gonna leave it at that? Not even say bye in person? He sounded like he didn't care.

User "perfection" has signed off.

Relena smiled. After giving her parents that paper with the concert dates they immediately took her side. They felt their poor little son was being used. And who knew a few words and twist of the truth could be so powerful. She smiled even wider, those two would be broken up for sure.

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