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Pairings: 1x2, 3x4, 13x5
Warnings: Yaoi, lemon (in later chapters), angst, AU, slight Relena bashing...and if I think of more I'll tell you later *smiles*

Notes: *claps hands* This is my first major fic cause it has more than one part to it *blush*. I really hope everyone likes it. Anyways, I have been inspired to do this fic by reading another one by Jade. Her's is called, "Easy Rider," and it's great, just like all of the rest. She's one of my favs *sigh* I LOVE YA JADE! I also don't own the Sailor Moon song that I used for this chapter. All I own is...not much cause I'm a poor college student. However, if you want something, you can take my university bill for me ^_^

Summary: This is an AU about Heero being a popular singer and Duo being his biggest fan.

Biggest Fan
by Chibi Shi-Chan
Chapter Twelve: Love Found Again

Duo sat in the cab in silence as he absurbed the new information.



Going home?

He sighed; it was all over. The traffic was so terrible back there. It would take a miracle for them to make it in time.

"Well I for one believe in miracles." Said Zechs. Duo turned at that. Did he read his mind or something?!?!

"No, you think out loud kid. Now, let's get to this airport to stop this kid. I think I know a shortcut." Said Zechs.

"Thank you." With that, Duo set out on his ultimate mission: Love.

Heero sat in his limo as he neared the airport. There were tons of cars following him, but he didn't care. There would be tons of people following him or blocking his way to the plane, but he didn't care. There was only one thing he cared about; a lost love in Chicago.

"Why don't you go there and get him?" Asked Treize.

"Yeah, before you go home." Added Wufei. Heero shook his head.

"No, he didn't even call me to say if the song meant anything to him or not. I just want to get away from here." Said Heero as they neared their destination. Treize and Wufei nodded with a heavy heart.

Zechs zoomed through the lights and alleys as he came closer and closer.

"The streets usually take longer, but not tonight. Everyone is taking the expressway." Said Zechs. Duo nodded.

"I hope I'm not too late." Prayed Duo.

At the airport, Heero stepped out the limo with his two managers, listening to the screams of his fans.

On the streets, Zechs growled as they waited at the red light. He could see the signs to the airport ahead.

Inside the airport, Heero got his tickets and his luggage checked, ignoring the fan's pleas for him to stay.

Zechs sped through the terminal as they came closer to the airline.

Heero walked through the airport to his flight number.

Zechs stopped the cab at the crowd of people.

"Guess this is it" Said Zechs. He got out the cab along with Duo.

"Shit, how do we get through THAT?" Asked Duo. Zechs glared at the crowd and took Duo's hand.

"We plow through, I was the quaterback of my highschool football team. That's how I got this name."

"Zechs isn't your real name?"

"No, it's Milliardo." And with that, Zechs rushed through the crowd with Duo in tow.

Heero saw the security guards holding people back from entering his private jet and smiled sadly.

"Let's go home." Treize and Wufei nodded, going ahead of Heero to board the plane. Several calls for Heero to stay entered his ears; most calling his name. Maybe it was his imagination, but one voice sounded familiar. He sighed, he was hopeless, that voice was miles away. Heero swallowed the lump he didn't realize he had in his throat and approached the gate, not wanting to look back.

They had finally made it, but security made it impossible for him to reach Heero.

"NO! HEERO STOP!!!" Of course he didn't; he couldn't tell is was him. Zechs shook his head.

"Sorry kid, we tried."

"No, I'm not giving up. Pick me up." Said Duo.


"Please, that way can I see over the crowd." Zechs nodded and lifted Duo up on his shoulders. Duo called Heero again and again, but still got no response. He was about to give up when an idea hit him....


"What did he call him?" Asked one girl.

"I don't know?" The crowd quieted down as Duo continued.

"ODIN PLEASE STOP!!!" And Heero froze.

Someone was calling him by his real name. A name nobody knew of but those closest to him. And the person doing it sounded too familiar. He turned and gasped as he saw Duo above the crowd with tearful eyes.

"Please don't leave." Duo said, holding in a sob. Heero felt tears sting his eyes at that.

"Move it." Ordered Heero to the guards. They nodded and moved out the way, the crowd parting for Heero to reach his one and only love.

Duo smiled as tears left his eyes, Zechs putting him down on the ground.

"Heero." He whispered. He charged through the parted crowd to meet his love. They stood, inches away, and smiled at each other.

"Hello Duo. I'm glad to see you again. For a second I thought that I wouldn't see you; that's why I'm going home, well, was going home. I mean..."

"Shut-up Heero. You had me at hello (1)." And with that, Duo charged at Heero. Heero let a tear fall as he held his arms out for his love. Finally, Heero held the boy in his arms. They were together again, and this time, no one was going to separate them.

(1) O.K. I've never seen Jerry McGuire but this is my mom's favorite line from the movie.

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