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Pairings: 1x2, 3x4, 13x5
Warnings: Yaoi, lemon (in later chapters), angst, AU, slight Relena bashing...and if I think of more I'll tell you later *smiles*

Notes: *claps hands* This is my first major fic cause it has more than one part to it *blush*. I really hope everyone likes it. Anyways, I have been inspired to do this fic by reading another one by Jade. Her's is called, "Easy Rider," and it's great, just like all of the rest. She's one of my favs *sigh* I LOVE YA JADE! I also don't own the Sailor Moon song that I used for this chapter. All I own is...not much cause I'm a poor college student. However, if you want something, you can take my university bill for me ^_^

Summary: This is an AU about Heero being a popular singer and Duo being his biggest fan.

*sigh* The LAST chapter. Yep, it's about to be over. I have enjoyed this fic, and will miss it. Perhaps a sequel...I can't think of anything. Any ideas?
Warnings: *nervous grin* Uh...for Akuma, this part is my first 2x1 lemon!
All: WHAT!!!
Heero: I...I thought you were 1x2.
CSC: I am, but Akuma was down in the dumps when I wrote this part and I wanted her to feel better.
Duo: YAY!!! GO AKUMA!!!
Heero: *grumbles* Damn you Akuma. You know CSC is a sucker for friends that are down and would do almost ANYTHING to cheer them up, even a 2x1.
CSC: *sigh* I hope you like Akuma, and all the other 2x1 fans cause it's my first one *goes to hide*.

Biggest Fan
by Chibi Shi-Chan
Chapter Thirteen: The Epilogue

~Sometime later~

Heero stood before the crowd in Chicago. It was his second visit to the Windy City. He looked in the front row where a familiar looking Latin boy stood with his arms wrapped around a shorter Arabian boy. He smiled at them as he noticed the backstage passes they wore. He glanced backstage where he saw his two managers and his new personal advisor. He smiled at the three of them; two of them were wrapped around each other and the third smiled at him.

"Hello Chicago." The crowd cheered.

"I have a new song that should be appearing on my new album. It was co-written by my new personal advisor." The music played and Heero cleared his throat to sing.

"It's called, 'White Reflection.'" He took one more look back stage to whisper something to his personal advisor. It was rewarded with a smile.

"I love you too Hee-chan."

"Aw, how sweet." Said one of the managers. The advisor smirked.

"You have nerve to talk Wu-bear, you and Trieze give me a toothache."

"What about you and Mr. Yuy. Or should I say...'Oh yes Heero, harder,' Maxwell?" Asked the boy dubbed as, Wu-bear. Maxwell blushed while Trieze chuckled at the two.

"Ignore him Duo, he's just happy he can tease someone since Heero always teases him." Said Trieze. Wufei glared.

I feel you love...reflection
In your eyes as they gaze back into mine
Writing a distant, neverending story

Duo glomped the two boys who had just been escorted backstage.

"Nice to see you guys." Said Duo.

"You to Duo. So, how's everything? School isn't the same without you." Said Quatre.

"Aw it's fine. Heero got me my own tutor, Professor G. Don't ask me what the G stands for. Did you enjoy the show?"

"Yeah it was great. That new song was real pretty. Did you help write it?" Asked Quatre.

"Yep. That's what happens when you're the personal advisor. I just changed some of the words around."

"Thanks for the tickets." Trowa said, holding onto the pass around his neck.

"No problem. I'll send you some to the next Chicago concert. How's my parents?" By now, they had moved to sit down in the living room area to talk.

"We saw them in the grocery store. They're fine. They miss you a lot. Relena's in a private school now, and she has to work to get money to stay in the school." Said Trowa, a satisfied smirk on his face.

"Interesting. So, how are things with you guys? Still married?" Teased Duo. Quatre blushed.

"And what about you and Heero? Where's the ring?"

"Some things never change huh?" Said Trowa. They all laughed at that one as the friendly conversation continued. No matter how far apart they were, the blond and the chestnut haired boy would ALWAYS tease each other.

As if throwing off the sadness and pain
I flap my wings
and in my heart, I spread wide
the wing of courage that you've given to me

Duo sat in the hotel room as he dialed the number to his house. He still kept in contact with everyone, but there was still something about seeing your loved ones face to face, like he did that night with Quatre and Trowa. After him and Heero found each other, Duo insisted that he stay by his side. Duo's parents decided that it was up to him, and watched as their son left. Quatre and Trowa said bye to their friend, not good-bye, because it wasn't good-bye. They kept in touch and saw each other when Heero had his concerts in the city, like he did tonight.

"Hi Mom!"

"Hello Duo, how are you?"

"Good. I just saw Quatre and Trowa a while ago." Said Duo.

"At the concert, we heard it was a hit."

"It was. You guys should go sometime." Duo heard his mother pretend to choke over the phone.

"What? With all those teenagers? No thanks. So, where's Heero?"

"Oh, he had some stuff to do with Trieze and Wufei. He has an interview on Oprah (1) tomorrow and they had to set everything up."

"I see. Well, here's your father." The phone was handed over to Duo's dad.

"Hello son."

"Hey Dad, how's life?"

"Fine. Your sister keeps calling, begging to come home. How are you?" Mr. Peacecraft asked in a sturn voice, although there was a tone of softness in his voice. He really did miss his son.

"Same as always."

"That means trouble."

"Ha ha Dad, very funny."

"Listen, I gotta run. I'll talk to you later son. Love you."

"Love you too Dad." The phone was switched again.

"Hey honey. I gotta go and fix dinner. How long are you boys in town?"

"A week I think. How about we all go out to dinner...uh...tomorrow night. After his interview, Heero's free."

"Sure, it'd be nice to see my son-in-law again."

"Wow, everyone is full of laughs tonight."

"Duo. Why don't you do something nice for Heero tonight to relax him. He'd be tired after the concert and all that other stuff he has to do."

"Hey, maybe I will. He's done so much for me. Thanks for the advice."

"That's what mom's are for. Love you honey."

"Love you too."

Ah...I want to feel the beat of this irreplacable love
So much, it's heart-wrenching and maddening

Heero entered the hotel room tiredly. First the concert and the press, then the autographs, and then he had to talk to those people from Oprah's show to set up tomorrow's interview. He was glad he sent Duo home early; he didn't want him worn out too. It was then that he realized that the hotel smelled really nice. Like...like peaches and cream (2) He followed the smell to the master bedroom and gasped at what was inside the room. There were candles everywhere, which gave off the scent. On the bed, sitting indian style, was his love. But it was how the boy looked that gave him a shock. His hair was down and he had on a black, slik robe and nothing more. The angel smiled.

"Tough day at the office love?" He asked, getting out of the bed. Heero held his breath as the fey creature sauntered over to him. Duo pulled off Heero's coat and threw it on a chair.

"You don't know the half of it." Said Heero as the boy stood behind him, his nimble fingers massaging his shoulders. He sighed at the treatment.

"Aw my poor Heero. Why don't we take this off..." Duo them un-buttoned Heero's shirt, kissing the now exposed skin. Heero let a moan slip past his lips. Duo gave into temptation and kissed those sweet lips. Heero immediately wrapped his arms around the slim waste to take control of the kiss, but Duo broke it off. Heero moaned in protest at the lost, but immediately forgot why he was mad when his shirt hit the floor.

"As I was saying..." He bent down to undo Heero's belt and soon, the pants were gone too. Duo moaned at the arousal straining through the blue silk boxers.

"...we need to get rid of these clothes too." Duo slid the boxers off, licking his lips at the weeping arousal. He looked up at Heero and gave him a sly grin.

"Now, try to relax." He took a swipe at the erection, making Heero shiver. Liking the result, he swirled his tongue just around the head, tasting the pre-cum there. Heero grabbed the boy's hair as his pants grew louder. Duo's hands started at the ankles and gently massaged their way up to the creamy globes, then stayed there to hold his love still. Before Heero could say a word, Duo swallowed him whole. Heero threw his head back as Duo began to find a rhythm he liked. The taste of Heero drove him on. He could both smell and taste the pure passion his lover emitted. This pleased him, and his love.

"Oh...god Duo."

"Hmmm." Heero was in heaven. His angel was absolutely amazing, and he would be the only one to know how amazing he was. Duo's entire world was standing before him, making the most wonderful noises. His fingers started to squeeze Heero's ass in time with his sucking. That broke Heero in half.

"DUO!" Duo happily swallowed Heero's seed, licking the few drops that remained on his now limp cock. He stood up, looking up at the sated boy. Heero looked at the innocent looking creature before him.

"That was..." Duo stopped him with a kiss, their tongues becoming one as Heero tasted himself in Duo's moist cavern. Duo felt Heero's hands unbuckle his robe as it fell to his feet. He was wonderfully nude under the silk material, which Heero took quick advantage of. He attacked Duo's neck as his hands held on to the round ass. Duo's breath quickened, but he pushed Heero away. He couldn't let him take control, because then he'd be lost in the passion.


"Tonight is for you." He pulled Heero to the bed.

"Lie on you stomach koi."

"Duo, what are you..."

"Please let me do something special for you." Heero smiled.

"You being here is special." Duo smiled at him and gave him a soft kiss.

"Thank you, but this is something I want to do." Heero nodded and laid on the bed. Duo grinned and straddled his hips.

"You mean so much to me Heero. Let me show you my love." Heero said nothing as he felt fingers on his shoulders, gently working.

"So tense, we must fix that." Heero purred as he felt those fingers work out all the knots. The tension began to slowly melt away.

"You do so much from me. This is the least I could do."

"You don't have to do...ah...anything...mmmm." Duo loved those sounds, and worked to hear more. His fingers went lower, to his upper back, massaging.

"Mmm Duo."

"Enjoying it I see." And it was obvious Duo was too. Heero let out a moan when he felt his lover's hard length gently rubbing the crack of his ass. Duo smirked.

"Soon love, soon." His fingers venture lowered, to glide along the perfectly round globes. Duo gently kissed the creamy flesh, feeling Heero squirm under him. His tongue traced patterns on it, tracing the crack and finally entering it. Heero felt himself harden again. Duo let his tongue slip inside the hidden pucker, going in as far as it could. Now, slick with his own saliva, Duo entered a finger inside. Heero jumped.

"Relax." Purred Duo. When he saw his body calm down, he continued. He let another finger enter the hole, stretching it open. Using his fingers like a pair of scissors, Duo began to kiss on Heero's muscular back to calm the tense singer.

"I would if you would hurry and...ah..."

"Now now Heero, we must prepare you. Jesus you're impatient. And YOU'RE the one who said I didn't have to do anything." He added one more finger and chuckled when he heard Heero gasp. He had found his target.


"Mmmm, sing for me koi." He poked it again, and again.

"Stop teasing...ah..." Duo just watched in a daze at his sensual lover. Heero let a hand slide under himself to touch his own hardness. Duo gasped.

"Naughty Hee-chan." But he watched as his sexy love pumped himself. He felt his erection get harder when Heero gave him a wicked grin.

"Ah Duo, more..." Duo moaned as he gave Heero's prostate one more poke as he pulled his fingers out. Heero moaned at the loss, but Duo flipped him over, watching as Heero continued to touch himself.

"Ah Heero, you're a tease." Said Duo. Heero smirked as he pumped faster.

"Maybe I should watch you. You look asolutely delicious like that." Said Duo. He then moaned as Heero grabbed his own arousal and started to pump it in time with his own pumping.

"Cum with me Duo."

I feel your love...reflection
passionately uniting our dreams into one
in our youth, we seek each other out,
without being afraid of our own faults

Duo moaned at that statement, but again, pulled away. He grabbed Heero's legs and gently placed them over his shoulders. He wrapped his hand around Heero's as he placed himself at Heero's entrance.

"Oh, I plan on cumming with you." And he entered the tight heat that was Heero. Heero threw his head back, exposing his gorgeous neck. Duo bent over to nip at it, licking and kissing it as he pushed himself deeper inside.

"Duo, oh yes Duo."

"Heero, you feel so good." He sat for a second to make sure Heero was adjusted to him. He got his answer when Heero began to push into him.

"Ready love?" Purred Duo into his ear, licking it.

"Hai Duo...do it." Duo pulled out, nearly all the way, and pushed back inside the warm cavern. Heero's soft moans were swallowed by Duo in a passionate kiss. At the same time, the two pumped Heero's erection together. Heero broke the kiss with a low scream as Duo thrust harder into Heero.

"Oh...harder Duo."

"As you wish." Duo slammed in harder, making Heero's screams louder. Duo held Heero's other hand in his free one, comforting his koi. He knew Heero wasn't use to playing uke, so it was a tad bit more painful for Heero. Of course, he'd never admit that.

"If it hurts..."

"Never...oh never Duo! You could NEVER hurt me..AHH!!!" Duo hit Heero's prostate right on the mark and smiled, kissing his lover's sweet lips again.

"Gods Heero, you're so tight."

"Oh Duo!" They pumped faster, going in time with the now maddening thrust. Heero began to shake his head as he felt his climax approach.

"Duo...oh yes, I'm gonna..."

"...then do it. I want to see you." Heero threw his head back in the wonderful heat of his orgasm. Duo literally pounded into his magic spot, making Heero see stars before his beautiful cobalt eyes. Their hands pumped even faster until Heero screamed.

"DUUUOOO!!!" His evidence of the entire earth shattering experience leaked out onto both of their hands. Duo pumped once more before he felt his climax enter the wonderful paradise that was Heero.

"HEERRROOO!" Duo collapsed onto Heero, their breaths and sweat mingling together. Heero held him, his hands running through Duo's hair.

"Thank you Duo." Heero panted after a few minutes of catching up on lost air.

"For..for what? I told you I wanted to do this."

"No, I was thanking you for helping me relax. Now I can...rest easy." Said Heero. Duo laughed.

"Sure thing Heero. Anything for my biggest obsession."

"Remind me to find a way to pay you back." Said Heero, lightly smacking Duo's ass. Duo grinned.

"Well, you can start by taking me and my parents to dinner tomorrow." Heero's eyes widened.

"And WHO exactly approved of this?" Asked Heero, tightening his hold on the little sneak.

"Well, Mom wanted to see her son-in-law again." Heero smiled.

"I guess I have to think of a way of paying you back for making dinner plans without me." Said Heero. Duo blushed at the lustfilled look in Heero's eyes.

"For now, I think you should rest for the interview."

"Of course, of course." Duo snuggled into the solid chest.

"Love you." He mumbled before he entered the world of dreams.

"Love you to, my biggest fan."

I feel your love...reflection
In your eyes as they gaze back into mine
Writing a distant, neverending story

(1) I mean, she's the most famous talk show host I know besides Jerry Springer. I don't like her that much but hey, she was needed for a second so I used her *grin*

(2) Listening to 112 is becoming very unhealthy for me. If you listen to the song you could probably get a really good image of the lemon...er...peach *blush*

The End!!! At last it's over. Anyhow *blushing deep red* I hope my first 2x1 wasn't THAT bad. I guess it sort of turned into a song fic *shrug* but I thought it'd be a good song to use to show their neverending love. Hope you enjoyed this fic. I guess *sheepish grin* I should finish the rest *sigh* I really hope Akuma enjoyed it cause SHE'S the one that turned me over to the 2x1 side for it. I'm not sure if I'll do another 2x1, but HEY, we never know *smiles* Ja ne!


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