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Pairings: Slight 1x2, slight Solox2 (yes Solo is here), and Solox? (who could it be?)
Warnings: yaoi, language, angst

Gundam Fury
A Fatal Fury Crossover
by Chibi Shi-Chan
Chapter One

The atmosphere was very tense. There was a nervous energy flowing around the entire area. People were running back and forth throughout the place. Everyone was on edge and standing up and keeping busy.

Except one person.

This person sat on a bench and had his head down, a hood over his head that was attached to a robe. No one could see his face because his head was bowed, the hood covering everything up.

Finally, someone approached the man sitting on the bench and began to talk to him, but his words were unheard. It was as if the man was in some deep sort of meditation.

The man continued to talk to the sitting man until he finally stood up.

Time seemed to stand still when the robed figure stood.

Another man came up with a mat in front of his body. The robed man suddenly kicked the mat one, two, and then a third time that sent the man flying. Everyone gasped at the action then turned to look at the robed man.

He only chuckled and stepped into the light, revealing bright green eyes and a confident smile.


Outside the area lights flashed and a huge crowd cheered. A ring was shown, obviously for fighting, and the crowd cheered more.

In the front row, two individuals sat together. One looked very interesting in the fight, his hand in a bag of popcorn. He had his long curvy legs crossed, his short black leather shorts raising up more to reveal more creamy skin. He wore a short black shirt that showed his flat stomach, the shirt having the word, "Bishie," in dark red writing. The figure tossed up a popcorn kernel and caught it in his delicious looking mouth; his lips glossed a little to bring them out. Bright violet eyes shown in anticipation of the fight, and long chestnut waves were tied in a braid that snaked down to his ass.

Any normal man would be more interested in this boy and not the fight.

His companion wasn't normal.

He was in denial of the other's beauty.

The second figure wore loose fitting dark blue jeans with a black T-shirt that showed everyone that his size was made up of muscle. The boy wore a pair of glasses, although he really didn't need glasses to see it just made him look even better. His cobalt blue eyes watched the ring so the fight could begin, his fingers running through short shaggy brown hair that looked like bed hair but was really the boy's natural style.

Suddenly the moment arrived when the fighters made their way to the ring.

"Look Heero there's Solo!" The leather clad boy said happily. The one dubbed as Heero nodded, not saying anything. The other boy frowned and crossed his arms and pouted.

"You are the worst person to try and start a conversation with." The announcer came on and then introduced the two fighters. The first guy was not the main topic of interest...

...it was the second one.

"We are happy to announce his return to the ring....Solo Maxwell!" The smug looking figure approached the ring wearing baggy black shorts and a robe on his shoulders, but it was open to reveal an amazing muscular build, but not too muscular. He had bright green eyes with blond hair that went past his shoulders, and at the end of the hair were red tips.

The leather-clad boy in the audience jumped up.

"SOLO! Hey SOLO!" For some strange reason Solo was able to hear him and smiled at the boy, the other one smiling back.

"Baka." A voice said. The leather clad boy looked at his companion.

"Heero...I'm happy he's able to fight again O.K. I mean he IS like a brother to me and he was so upset that he couldn't fight because of his injuries from our last little adventure."

"You have a point Duo. But sit down O.K. He'll be fine." The leather clad boy being revealed as Duo pouted, but sat down anyway as the fighters stepped in the ring.

Their last adventure was against an evil man only known as Goro (1). He was, like most villains, trying to take over the world. But the group also wanted him for another reason...

...he had killed an innocent girl named Middi.

This wouldn't be too important to Heero and the others if it wasn't for one thing.

Heero's older brother was in love with Middi...and Goro had killed her right in front of him.

The fight had been a brutal one, and it had left many of them injured, especially Solo. He couldn't get back in the ring and fight for a long time.

But Heero's older brother was able to defeat Goro. And his name was spread about because of it.

The man who defeated Goro.

That name would change their lives forever.

Duo sighed as he remembered the entire fight. He was happy that Solo was O.K. The boy loved to fight, and that battle had taken that activity from him.

Solo fought for money, where Heero and his brother didn't.

And Duo...well he fought when he had to. But it was also a good way to be around Heero.

The fighters were in the ring now and Duo grabbed his soda to sip on it, only to discover that it was all gone.

"Heero?" Heero's eyebrow twitch, the only way of showing Duo that he was paying attention.

"I'm out of pop. Can you get me some more please?" Duo smiled at Heero, trying to work his charms on him.

It didn't work.

"Your legs work fine Duo." Heero didn't want to admit that they LOOKED fine as well. He kept that comment to himself.

"That's not a very nice thing to say to him." A voice said from above. The two boys looked and saw a man who looked about twice their size staring at Duo.

Duo would've twitched at the drool escaping the man's lips...but he was thirsty right now.

"So will you get me some pop mister?" Duo asked in his sweetest voice, bending over his seat to get a better look at the man. The man smiled and nodded dumbly, falling for Duo's charm right on the spot.

Heero's eyes widened, because from how Duo was sitting now he had a good view of his ass up close and personal.

He would not touch the tantalizing object of many men's desires.

Including his own, but he wouldn't admit it.

"Oh thank you! I would like a large Pepsi. Oh...and my friend here would like a Mountain Dew." The man nodded again, then blushed when Duo gave him a small kiss on his cheek.

"And I don't have any money so..."

"...no problem. It's on me sweet cheeks." And Duo's cheeks were sweet...both sets of them. Duo smiled as the man walked away. He then plopped down in his seat and smiled at Heero. His smile brightened when he noticed a bulge in his pants.

"You're welcome by the way for your pop."

"Duo. You are a little seductive bastard."

"I know Heero. And I love you too."

The announcer had just finished his announcements of the match and both fighters grinned, their fist raised to get ready to fight.

Solo's opponent was a baldhead man who had the craziest look in his eyes. He would make a great opponent.

The match started, and the man charged at Solo fiercely. Solo blocked all of his attacks but it wasn't easy. The man was fast and his attacks were right on the mark.

Duo glared at the ring and jumped up, his hands in the air.

"HIT HIM STUPID! That's what you do it a fight!" He hadn't noticed that the big man had came back with his drinks and had accidentally knocked them all over the poor guy's shirt. The man groaned and went back to get more.

He wouldn't deny the beauty anything.

"Relax Duo. I'm sure Solo is just toying with him." Duo sat back down.

"Are you sure? It could be his injuries." Heero smirked at Duo.

"Nah. He's just getting warmed up."

The fight went on, the bald man smirking at Solo.

"That kid in the front row is right. This isn't a real fight. I think I'll just take the prize money and him along with it." Solo glared as he ducked away from another attack.

"You better watch what you say. That boy is like a brother to me. I raised him when he was all alone with no family. So watch what you say about my kid brother." The man grinned, attacking Solo more until he got backed up in a corner.

"Hm. You're kid brother huh? I wonder how the kid would like to get fucked by a real man."

That did it.

Solo's eyes narrowed and he dodged all of the man's attacks to raise his knee up and jam it in the man's jaw. The man gasped, feeling his entire face protest at the move as blood was coughed up from his lips.

His eyes were wide open and the lights flashed all around him, but the last thing he saw was darkness as he hit the floor.

The crowd sat in awe as the referee came over to check the man's pulse. It was still there, but barely, but it was obvious that he wasn't going to get up.

A wide grin spread over Duo's face, and even Heero had to smirk.

"The winner...Solo Maxwell."

"ALRIGHT!" Duo jumped up again...and once again knocked over the drinks the big man was trying to bring him. Not even taking notice, Duo rushed up to the ring and entered it to congratulate Solo personally.

Heero looked up to see the dripping wet man who was busy grumbling about not being able to please the boy. Heero couldn't help but smirk.

None of these goons were good enough for his Duo.

It took him a while to realize that he was claiming Duo.

Solo grinned and hugged Duo tightly, spinning the boy around in a circle and then hugging him again. He looked at the crowd and held onto his kid brother tightly. They both smiled as Solo proclaimed his victory.

There was a huge reception in the hall of the place where the fight was. Several pictures were being taken of Solo, the fighter now wearing a comfortable looking gray colored kimono. He grinned stupidly as he was being handed flowers from one of the top models in Japan.

"That was a wonderful match Mr. Maxwell." The boy said. Solo just grinned like an idiot again, taking in the boy's looks.

He liked what he saw.

"Thank you very much."

"You can be sure that I'll be at another one of your matches." The boy then approached Solo and whispered, "And anywhere else you want me." Solo blushed, the spiky haired blond slipping a number in his hand and switching away. Solo held onto the number tightly and grinned even more, watching the leather clad ass walk away.

"Heero. Come on put this on. It will look so great on you." Duo said with a bright smile, holding up a necklace.

Heero frowned.

They had both changed clothes for the reception. Heero was in a pair of long gray pants with a black silk shirt tucked into them while Duo was in tight leather pants with a red turtleneck.

He liked leather a lot.

"Do I have to wear that?" The necklace had a little red gem on it, which happened to be the same color as Duo's turtleneck. Duo glared and Heero sighed, bending his head over so Duo could put it on.

He could never deny him anything.

Solo turned from looking at the sexy spiky haired blond sway away and saw Duo putting a necklace on Heero.

He smirked.

"So you two finally tyin the knot? You know, the honeymoon is usually done in private...we don't want to watch you two go at it like rabbits. Well...O.K. maybe we do." Heero turned bright red along with Duo, but Duo recovered faster.

"Oh Heero...Solo is so nice. Too bad...I don't think our first time should be publicly..." Duo suddenly pounced on Solo, his fist landing in the other boy's stomach, "...displayed!" Solo groaned and dropped the piece of paper in his hand. Duo smirked and grabbed the paper, Solo trying to snatch it up.

"Hm...Cloud (2) huh? Oh...the model! Wow!" Duo looked up to see the said boy getting some punch. Duo jumped up and ran towards him. Solo groaned and rushed after Duo, and Heero only stood and frowned, following the two.

"Excuse me? Are you really that model they talk about?" Duo asked. The spiky haired blond turned and smiled at Duo, nodding.

"Wow! You are even better looking in person."

"Thank you. You could be a model yourself."

"Really? Oh no I couldn't...not me." Cloud smiled at him and took his hand and kissed the back of it.

"I think you would make a great model..."

"...Duo. Duo Maxwell. In fact...I'm Solo's little brother. You guys goin out cause he had your number." By then Solo had caught up and was glaring daggers at Duo.

"Well if he calls me then we can." Cloud said, winking at Solo.

"You don't want Solo. He can't last that long in bed."

"Oh yeah! Well that's not what you said last night Duo-chan." Solo said, nipping at Duo's ear. Duo blushed and glared at Solo.

"You scumbag! I'm taken already. Right Heero?" Duo smiled at Heero who had caught up with them as well. Heero sighed and hung his head down.

"Hold on. Aren't you two brothers? Isn't flirting with each other...weird?" The two boys laughed.

"No...not blood brothers. We just treat each other like brothers." Solo said, going over to get closer to Cloud again. Solo grinned at the young model and ran a hand down his bare arm, thankful that he was wearing a sleeveless shirt.

"Cloud huh? I heard that they call you that because your skin is as soft as a cloud. I think it's true."

"Well you can touch other parts later. You won't be flying Solo tonight."

"Neither will Heero." Duo said with a bright smile. Heero groaned again.

He was thankful that the pants were big and hid his erection well.

"Speaking of brothers...mine is late. Where is he?" Heero asked, trying to change the subject.

"Don't worry Hee-chan. He'll be here. He called and said that the flight was running a little late."

"Don't call me Hee-chan Solo."

"Yeah...only I can call him Hee-chan." Duo said happily. Heero shook his head and everyone in the group was set off in a giggling fit.

The reception continued on in good spirits, but deep down the three friends were waiting for the arrival of one more person.

Unknown to them...so was someone else.

(1) In the movie it was Crouser (think that's spelled right) Technically, the only Fatal Fury history I know is from the movie, and all I know is that Crouser killed Terry's girlfriend. So this story on this battle is coming right out of my head. And the name Goro, if we know our Mortal Kombat trivia, is the four-armed baka you have to fight before Shang Tsung (gods I hated fighting the both of them)

(2) Yes. Cloud from FF7 guys. You may see more Final Fantasy bishies in this fic just cause I need someone to fill in for the extra characters.

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