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Gundam Fury
A Fatal Fury Crossover
by Chibi Shi-Chan
Chapter Three

The next day after the reception, Trowa, Quatre, Heero, and Duo decided that leaving early was best. However, Solo wasn't home yet, still over Cloud's house. After much persuasion from Duo, the group decided to pick up the last member of their team no matter how early it was.

The gang pulled up to a nice looking apartment complex and entered the tall building. Duo smiled when he saw Cloud's name on one of the doorbells...

...the penthouse to be exact.

"Should we buzz the bell so we can get it?" Quatre asked.

"No. Let's surprise them." Duo reached into his long braid and pulled out a hairpin, and after a few twist, turns, and tugs the door to the apartment complex opened, the gang sweatdropping as Duo swayed over to the elevator.

The man at the front desk growled when he noticed the gang of strangers heading over to the elevator.

"Hey! You kids! Stop!" Quatre gasped.

"Great...now we are busted." Quatre said with a frown. Duo shook his head at the blond and smiled at him.

"No sweat Q-man...I got this." Duo suddenly turned to look at the overweight cop who was approaching him and gave him a hungry smile. He sauntered over to him, his hips swinging in the tight spandex shorts he wore, a big yellow shirt over his thin frame that had a black string tied around the shirt like a belt.

The cop stopped when his eyes met playful violet orbs.

"Oi...Duo really is a tease." Heero said. Quatre blinked.

"What is he doing?"

"Oh nothing. Just convincing the nice cop to let us up." Quatre blinked in confusion, dusting his hands over his blue jean shorts and blue shirt, an open white button up shirt over his body.

Trowa couldn't help but gaze at Quatre. Even if he wasn't trying...he was pretty damn tantalizing himself.

Trowa had opted on wearing a white T-shirt and blue jeans, Heero doing the same only his T-shirt was green. They figured that they should be comfortable for the plane ride to the island they were going to.

Rhodos Island, a cave in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea.

The group watched the guard blush at Duo, the other boy circling him and saying something about men in uniform.

"Argh. Why must he always flirt like that!" Heero bellowed. Quatre and Trowa blinked.

"Heero? Are you jealous?" Quatre asked. Heero glared at the blond.

"No...why would I be?" Trowa pulled Quatre over to the side, whispering something about denial low enough so Heero couldn't here.

About a minute later, Duo returned with a phone number in his hand and headed over to the elevator.

"Let's go peoples." The group nodded and entered the elevator, headed all the way to the top floor.

Duo sighed and ripped up the number, letting the pieces hit the bottom of the elevator floor.

"Duo. You mean you were just toying with that man? That isn't very nice." Quatre said. Duo smiled and hugged Heero tightly.

"Why do I need him when I have my Hee-chan!" Heero groaned and Quatre blinked again.

But Heero just said....and now Duo....

Trowa sighed and pulled Quatre over again, explaining the crazy relationship between his brother and Duo. Quatre gasped, as if he finally found the key to life, and nodded.

He hoped that the two would eventually get together. It was obvious that they were crazy for one another.

People were so difficult.

Duo pranced to the door and knocked gently. Not getting any response, he glared and knocked again, only harder.

"Hm. What could they be doing?" The answer came to him in a loud shout.

"Oh gods Solo! Oh yes...more...Solo...oh YES!" Everyone sweatdropped.

"Uh...and here I thought that they wouldn't be awake." Duo said sheepishly. The others just stared at the door more, even more noises coming out from the penthouse.

"Oh Cloud...oh gods you are so fucking tight...mmm..." Duo grinned evilly and pulled out his new lock pick. Heero glared at the boy who was picking the lock.


"Ah come on. I mean...we do have a flight to catch and it's obvious that they can't hear me knocking."

"He has a point. We really need to go." Quatre said. Heero sighed and the door was opened.

The first thing they noticed was clothes scattered all over the beautiful penthouse. The living room was decorated in shirts and pants. The kitchen had broken dishes on the floor, and a can of whipped cream was on the ground, the foamy substance leaking from the can.

As they headed towards the loud sounds, the smell of strawberries and sex assaulted them. Quatre blushed, covering his cheeks in shame. Trowa actually chuckled at his embarrassment, and Heero smirked at Duo, the usually talkative boy’s eyes were as wide as saucers.

"Well I guess Solo can last long in bed."

The bedroom door was closed and Duo knocked, hoping that the two people inside would hear.

No response. Only loud grunting noises and the musical sounds of romantic ballads. Duo sighed, ready to pick the lock again when Heero just opened the door.

It was unlocked.

And against the wall was one spiky haired model, another boy with blond hair and red tips thrusting into him wildly. Duo giggled and cleared his throat, the two boys finally getting their sense of hearing back and stopping.

Everyone just stared at each other.

Quatre stepped up, his face red as an apple as he spoke.

"Uh...well...the flight is kind of...uh...early so since you didn't come home last night...we...uh...decided to come and get you. And Duo...Duo thought you guys would just be...sleeping..." Solo smirked at the flustered blond and pulled out of Cloud, the other boy sliding to the floor and panting.

"Well...we weren't sleeping as you can see." Solo said, walking up to face his friends, not caring about his nudity. Quatre turned his back and Solo only smiled more.

He loved toying with innocent ones.

"We heard...and...saw." Heero said.

"How...did you get up here?" Cloud asked, wrapping a robe around himself. Solo frowned, he was hoping that the boy would stay naked.

"Duo...picked the lock. Then the guard stopped us...but Duo sweet talked him...we came up here and knocked but...you guys didn't hear us. So Duo picked the lock again...and we came in here...and you guys were..." Solo held Quatre’s shoulders and let his lips get really close to the other boy’s ear.

“We were what?” He whispered. Quatre’s eyes widened and he blushed more. Trowa frowned at Solo, silently telling him to back off.

“You were...uh...against the wall...”

“Solo quit fuckin with the boy.” Cloud said. Solo smirked and turned his attention on the other cute blond in the room.

“I’d rather fuck with you instead.” Solo purred, letting his hands grip Cloud’s hips from inside the robe.

“Uh...remember Solo...we came here for a reason.” Heero said.

“I came to watch.” Duo said playfully. Heero glared at him and Duo giggled nervously.

"Maybe some other time Duo. I think you guys have a plane to catch." Cloud said, breaking away from Solo’s grasp, purposely swaying his hips to tease Solo while he walked out of the room. Solo whistled at him.

“I love the view baby!”

"Well...uh Solo...we need to go." Trowa said. Solo sighed and nodded.

"You guys didn‘t happen to see my clothes out there did you?"

"You ain't mad cause I gotta leave are ya?" Solo asked as he stood at the door of Cloud's penthouse. The other boy smiled softly at him and shook his head.

"Of course not. You have to go. You just better come back in one piece...I'm getting kind of attached to you Solo Maxwell." Solo grinned and pulled the other boy close.

"The same here kid. I'll be back before ya know it. Just don't fall for anymore fighters while I'm away."

"I don't know. If I find someone else with red tips at the end of their hair then I can't promise anything." Solo laughed, kissing Cloud on the lips and holding him tighter.

"I'll see ya later." Solo opened the door and walked out to see that his other friends were standing right on the other side. This wasn't a problem, because he had told them to wait outside for him, but Duo was standing with his ear to the door, obviously trying to listen in. Solo glared.

"And what were you doing?"

"Listening in of course. I had to make sure you two didn't start anything that would make us miss our flight." Solo grinned and patted Duo on the head.

"I thought you wanted to watch that little act."

"I do. And Cloud said I can next time."

"Well next time it is Duo. You guys have a safe trip." Cloud said. They all nodded and walked away, Solo taking the longest to get away from the door because he was trying to get in a couple of last second glances.

And Cloud didn't close the door until the guys were inside the elevator and out of his sight.

The boys soon found themselves on a private jet to Rhodos Island. On the way, Quatre told the boys about the entire legend of the war, the Chang family releasing the evil creature, the creature going on a rampage, the six warriors splitting the creature's armor into six pieces that scattered around the world.

But it was when they got inside the cave that Quatre put the icing on the cake.

The weather was very beautiful, but also very hot. Trowa and Heero had stripped off their shirts to show their chest, much to the happiness of Quatre and Duo. Quatre had pulled off his button up shirt, revealing his dark blue shirt that was strapless and was tucked into his shorts. Solo was wearing dark swimming trunks with a white T-shirt, surprising everyone by not showing off his chest.

And Duo...well...him being the type of person he was he wanted to stay as cool as possible...and still look good.

So he wore a thin black spaghetti strapped T-shirt and a black silk thong.

The blushes that caused was record breaking.

"Does he...always dress like that?" Quatre asked, not really minding, because who would mind, but just curious.

"To be blunt kid...yeah he does. Duo has nothing to be ashamed of about his body." Solo said.

"You guys are talking about me aren't you?" Duo asked. The others just smiled and shock their heads.

"Oh no...not at all..." Duo smiled and leaned over the railing to look down below at the water, his ass raised high in the air.

Quatre once again wondered why the hell Heero didn't bag Duo.

"So we know about the armor and what it can do...and we know your brother is collecting it..." Quatre sighed, standing before everyone inside the cave.

"What you don't know is that we are direct descendants of that evil demon who wore the armor." Everyone gasped.

"How is that possible?"

"It is true that the leader of the Chang family released it to defeat his enemies. However, it is also true that the demon...was also his wife. She...had discovered the armor...and at the time no one knew what it could do. When they found out...the hard way...she was locked up. The leader of the Chang family thought he had some sort of control over her...but...when he released her to win the battle he found out that he didn't have any control over her at all. She was wild. She...she killed so many..."

"And let me guess...she was a Winner right?" Heero asked. Quatre nodded sadly.

"Her name was Irea. She...she was a very kind woman...and was just looking for the armor for fun...a hobby...but when she put it on she went crazy..."

"So you guys are this things descendants and your brother is trying to collect the pieces..."

"...yes. The legend of the armor says that anyone who wears the armor can become a god. That is somewhat true. Whoever wears it will gain tremendous power...but not exactly the power of a god. However..."

"...I see. If the descendants, namely you or Wufei...wore the armor...you would gain that power." Duo said.

"Yes. My brother already has three pieces of the armor. That's half of it. If we don't stop him his power will be...unstoppable..." Quatre lowered his head, sobs coming out of his throat. Duo broke away from Heero and approached Quatre, smiling at him.

"It's O.K. We'll help you." Duo said, holding Quatre in his arms. Quatre looked up at him and smiled.

"You...you will?" Quatre asked. Duo looked back at everyone and they nodded.

"You see...it will all be O.K. So...tells us more if there is anything else we need to know." Quatre wiped his tears and smiled.

"O.K." The two boys smiled at each other and began to approached the group, but a sudden noise from above them made them freeze. They looked up just in time to see part of the cave collapse, dozens of huge rocks falling towards them.

They didn't even have time to blink.



Quatre looked all around him, groaning as he blinked at the darkness. Everything had happened so fast. He heard a low moan behind him and looked to see Duo slowly standing up before him.

"Duo? You O.K.?"

"Yeah I'm fine...just..." Duo cringed and dropped back down, holding his leg. Quatre frowned and looked at him then at his leg, noticing that it was bleeding.

"Oh...you got hurt because of me."

"It's no problem...really..." Quatre shook his head.

"You pushed me out of the way in time so I wouldn't get hurt." Duo grinned at him.

"I got a soft spot for cute blonds I guess." Quatre blushed.

"Duo...you just have a soft spot for anything cute." The two boys turned to see the other three boys entering the area where the rocks had fell. Duo smiled at them.

"You know me too well I guess..." Duo tried to stand again, but hissed, his injury hitting him. Heero approached him and pulled his hand away to check it out.

"You're hurt."

"Not really Heero. It's fine..." Heero shook his head.

"Baka. Stop trying to act so tough." Quatre noticed the frown that crossed Duo's face and frowned himself. Poor boy, he must've wanted to look tough in front of Heero. Quatre smiled at the concern the said Japanese boy was showing and kindly pushed him out of the way.

"I can take care of it."

"How?" Before anyone could say anything, a glow emitted from Quatre's hand, surrounding the wound. Duo gasped when the blood seeped back into the wound and closed up, the wound totally disappearing as if it were never there in the first place.

"Quatre? How did you..."

"It comes with the family I guess. My brother and I have little abilities of our own. Like when I told you that he has three pieces of the armor...I knew that because I can feel his power increase when he gets them. We share a bond." Quatre stood, Duo standing too and smiling because his leg really was better.

That didn't stop Heero from helping him up and holding him for a second to make sure that he was O.K. Or at least that's what he told himself.

"That's a neat trick to have." Solo said. Quatre nodded, but the act seemed to take too much energy to do after healing Duo and his body swayed, about to drop to the ground, but Trowa caught him.

"You O.K.?"

"Yeah...I'm fine. Just a little dizzy." Trowa nodded, Quatre stepping away from his arms so that the blush he wore wouldn't be discovered. He cleared his throat and turned to look at the others.

"Come on. We're almost there."

After stepping into another area of the cave which had water flowing all around it, Quatre had took off the chocker he wore and placed it in one of the stones by a beautiful waterfall. When the chocker was placed, the water from the waterfall suddenly stopped flowing and another opening was shown.

This one had what they were looking for.

"This map shows all the locations of five of the pieces of the gundamnium armor. My brother has already gotten the pieces from three locations...leaving two more. One is in Baghdad, Iraq and the other is Antakya, Turkey."

"And the last piece?" Duo asked.

"The map doesn't show it. Either we're not seeing it, or it's not on there. But what's important is that we get these pieces before he does." Trowa placed a hand on Quatre's shoulder and smiled at him.

"We will stop him. Don't worry about it. I say we split up into two groups, it will work out better that way." Trowa said. Quatre smiled back at him.


“And I know which team I’m going to be on.” Duo said, latching onto Heero's arm. Heero sighed at him and rolled his eyes.

"Yo Duo...can you stop your usual flirting with Heero and be serious. This ain't some kind of field trip kid." Solo said, a smirk on his face.

"Fuck off Solo. I know that. I just thought...well...since we have to split up and all...and Quatre will be able to go with Trowa just like he wants to that I could go with Heero. Besides, Heero isn't social enough so I can cover that area, and we work great together." Quatre wisely hid his face in his hands when Duo said that and Solo just smiled.

"Sure Duo. Whatever you say."

"Alright then it's settled. We head out."

Meanwhile, across the world inside a huge office building, both Wufei and Dorothy stepped inside one of the elevators to go to the basement floor after a long day of negotiations. Even if he was going to become a god, Wufei had an image to uphold, the image of the son of the late Mr. Winner. And since he was the oldest, it was his job to step into the spotlight, and he did a really good job of it too.

Dorothy smiled at the exquisite man beside her, running her hands down her knee length red skirt and business jacket.

"Dorothy...have you gotten any word on my dear little brother yet?" Wufei asked, loosening the jacket of his white suit. It went well with his dark hair, which flew freely down his shoulders.

"Yes. It appears that the group has split into two teams." Dorothy said. The two stepped out of the elevator to reveal what appeared to be the inside of an Arabian palace, a long red carpet at their feet which lead to what could only be called a throne. There were huge pillars on the side of the carpet and plush looking throw pillows next to the pillows. Wufei looked to his side as he walked to see his two men sitting down.

Wufei sat on the throne and took off his white jacket, sighing happily at the coolness that hit his arms after wearing the hot jacket all day.

"Rashid and Zechs, you will go after my brother and his little party immediately." Wufei said, unbuttoning the first few buttons of his silk shirt.

"What is the rush. We are unstoppable my lord." Zechs said confidently.

"You better hold your tongue Zechs. Trowa Barton has joined with Quatre, along with some of his friends." Dorothy said.

"Oh yes. It appears that Trowa has picked up a stray. Feeling so sorry for sweet little Quatre, the boy who is trying to stop his brother from accomplishing the inevitable." Wufei said, his voice taking on a slightly evil edge at the mention of Trowa.

Oh he knew who he was, hell everyone did. The man who defeated Goro. Everyone knew the tale.

It would be great to kill him, especially in front of poor little Quatre. Wufei had a feeling that the blond was getting fond of Trowa already. It would be the best way to show Quatre where his allegiance should lie.

With the strong. With his brother.

"Trowa Barton is very strong I heard." Rashid said.

"Yes, if you call defeating Goro strong. Goro was weak, he had weaknesses. I have no weaknesses. Rashid is weak too...he is too soft. He believes in a fair fight where I use any means necessary to win."

"Zechs. You can stop now. The opponent this time is Trowa Barton and his little band. If they get in your way...kill them." The two men stood and bowed before Wufei along with Dorothy. Wufei only smirked.

"Bring the armor to me...and my brother as well. I want him to see me become a god." This was met with nods, but there was a tinge of regret in Rashid's eyes.

He had no problem following Wufei's orders...unless if it came to Quatre.

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