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Pairings: Developing 3x4 and 3 x Middi
Warnings: yaoi, language, angst, lemon
Note: This chapter has NO 1x2 in it at all, due to the fact that it's showing Trowa, Quatre, and Solo looking for the armor. And there is a touch of angst in here too.

Gundam Fury
A Fatal Fury Crossover
by Chibi Shi-Chan
Chapter Four

~Antakya, Turkey~

The group entered the room, all of them tired and hungry after the long flight. It was fortunate that they were able to get three separate rooms, each wanting to have their own space to rest in after such a long trip.

Solo eyed the bed and immediately jumped in it, sighing happily and the comfortableness of the mattress.

"This is the life. I'm liking this trip already." Quatre smiled at him as Trowa went to go and pay the bellhop. He turned just in time to see Trowa take out his wallet, but along with that a paper fell out of Trowa's back pocket. Quatre frowned and bent down to pick it up and felt his body freeze.

It wasn't a piece of paper.

It was a picture.

The picture wouldn't bug him, but it was who was in the picture that got to him. It was a woman, a very beautiful woman with long curly blond hair and a soft, peaceful smile. She had pretty light blue eyes and looked to be wearing a white dress.

It was almost like he was staring at a female version of himself (1).

"Oh...thanks Quatre." Quatre snapped out of his trance to see that Trowa was holding his hand out to get the picture back. He quickly handed it back to him and Trowa slipped it back in his back pocket.

"Guys...let's go eat O.K. My stomach can't take much more of this abuse." Solo said, hearing his stomach groan at him.

"O.K. Let's eat then." Quatre watched the two guys head towards the door and slowly walked behind them.

He was still seeing that woman stare back at him.

Who was she?

The three of them sat in the dining area outside, enjoying the nice weather of the night. They had all dressed up a little, silk shirts and nice slacks being worn since the place had a sort of wealthy atmosphere.

That didn't change Solo's eating habits.

Quatre held his fork up, a piece of steak on it but he couldn't bring himself to eat it.

The site of Solo Maxwell eating was incredible.

"Wow...you must've been really hungry..." Quatre said, watching portions of food leave Solo's plate at an alarming rate.

"Quatre...he always eats like that." Trowa said with a sigh, eating slowly. He was use to the Maxwell eating habits.

"Hey! I am NOT as bad as Duo Trowa and you know it." Solo said in between bites. Quatre had finally found the energy to eat his own food, but still glanced at Solo as he inhaled the food.

"Whatever." Trowa said, eating his salad.

"Anyways. What is the game plan now? And ideas?"

"Well we may have to check the library. They would probably have the best records on something like the gundamnium armor."

"I agree. So we can check there in the morning." Quatre said with a smile.

"Uh...the library..."

"You know Solo. That place with all the books. The place where people go to read..."

"Oh YEAH! That's the place where I use to fuck...I mean...uh study..." Solo said, smiling at Quatre. Quatre only blinked in confusion as he ate more of his food. Trowa only shook his head.

"You are hopeless Solo. All you do is fight and have sex."

"And speaking of fighting. Trowa...you should go pro like I did. You're pretty good, you and Heero." Trowa sighed. The guy was telling him this for the longest time.

"No thanks. I just fight to get stronger and to help others." Trowa said, looking at Quatre who blushed.

"Aww...you and Heero and just the same. He takes after you ya know."

"He is my only family you know. He has no one else to take after but me."

"Poor guy." Solo said with a laugh. Trowa gave him a mock glare.

"Wait. Heero is...your only family?" Well that took the idea of that pretty woman being a sister or aunt. Quatre frowned more.

"Yeah. Just him and me." Trowa said, eating more food. Talking about that was kind of painful to him. Solo looked at the two of them and could literally feel the tension rolling from them. He looked into Quatre's eyes and could almost feel him about to ask the question he knew that was coming.

He had seen him look at that picture Trowa had dropped in the hotel room.

"But the woman in the picture...who is she?" Solo felt his body tense. He knew the question was coming, but it was still hard to hear it. It was such a painful topic.

Everyone knew that Trowa killed Goro, no one but his closest friends knew why.

"Girlfriend. She..."

"...oh? You have a girlfriend? That's nice. She's very lucky to have you Trowa. I'd like to meet her someday." Quatre said. Deep inside he was crying. Why did he have to have a girlfriend? Nevertheless, he would still be his friend, which was good enough since he was apparently attached.

Quatre was so busy musing over his feelings that he didn't see the sadness creep in Trowa's eyes.

"I don't have a girlfriend Quatre." Quatre's head shot up.

"What do you mean. You just said..."

"...she died a while back." Quatre felt his heart stop and his body trembled. He could feel the pain coming from Trowa and it added to his own pain for being the one to cause it.

"I'm...I'm so sorry Trowa..."

"...don't worry about it." The rest of the meal was eaten in silence.

Trowa laid on his back in his room after the meal and sighed. All the lights were turned off and his window was wide open, a gentle breeze blowing inside the room. He didn't bother to take off his clothes from earlier and he just laid, looking at the picture he had dropped earlier.

The picture Quatre saw.

He sighed louder, looking into the woman's eyes once again. Then at the same time he thought about Quatre. He was like a carbon copy of her, only he was a boy with shorter hair.

"You still think about me don't you Trowa?" He heard a calm and gentle voice say to him. He could immediately recognize it as his old lover's beautiful voice.

It didn't seem odd to him at all to be hearing her. He heard her often whenever he was troubled by something.

He looked at the window and saw he standing before him. He sat up as she approached him, her short white dress blowing along with her hair in the wind.

"Trowa. You need to move on and live without me." She said, sitting on the bed next to him.

"I can't. You died because of me. We aren't together because of me."

"Oh Trowa," The woman leaned against his back to try and comfort him, "Meeting you was the best thing to ever happen to me. And the fact that you still think of me makes me happy. But you need to be happy too my love, and I think you will be if you move on." Trowa sighed.

"You should see him Middi. He looks...just like you." Middi chuckled.

"Well then he must be cute." They both laughed.

"I...I miss you so much."

"I miss you too Trowa, but it's time to move on. Go to him. He will be there for you just like I was...like I am." She kissed his cheek and stood up, fading away in the darkness.

"Wait Middi...please..."

Trowa jumped up, his breathing heavy as his eyes scanned the room for any sign of anyone being there.

A dream.

He must've dozed off.

But what woke him up?

He sighed and then found his answer when a gentle knock hit his door. So that was what woke him up. Trowa stood and stretched, his back popping from the move and he headed to the door.

Quatre stood on the other side wearing thin white pajamas, his head hung low.

"Huh? Quatre?" The other boy refused to look up at him.

"What I said...before...I am really REALLY sorry. I just...wanted to know you better...you know...become friends or...or something. So...I just...please forgive me..." Trowa cocked his head to the side, seeing the boy's eyes water and his body shiver.

Go to him.

Trowa could hear her voice talk to him again.

He will be there for you.

Trowa smiled softly and put his hands on Quatre's shoulders. Quatre flinched as if he were being burned, but then gasped when he was pulled into a gentle embrace.

"I would like to be your friend...or something." Trowa said, teasing him from his earlier words. Quatre looked up at him for the first time that entire night and smiled.

"Thank you Trowa."

"But right now, we should rest. We have an early day tomorrow." Quatre nodded and Trowa kissed the top of his hair.

"Sweet dreams Quatre." Quatre blushed and smiled back.

"Sweet dreams Trowa."

The group sat in the city's library the next day, all wearing comfortable clothes since they knew that they would be sitting and reading for a long time.

Well at least two of them would be.

Solo snored loudly in his seat, his arms folded over his chest and a newspaper on top of his head.

Quatre sat next to him, reading one of the books on Antakya while Trowa read something similar.

The mood was broken with a loud yawn coming from Trowa. Solo was right, this was boring. He was hoping that the trip wouldn't take so long. He was hoping for some action fast. Why did there always have to be a boring part with everything one had to do?

He looked up to see Quatre watching him, as if saying, "You're going to sleep too?"

Trowa immediately shook away his tiredness and looked very alert. Quatre giggled and looked back down at the page. He hated to admit it, but he was getting tired too. Perhaps he could take a small nap and...

...then he saw what he was looking for.

"Guys listen to this!" Trowa leaned over to hear and Solo...

"Solo wake up." Trowa said. Solo still stayed sleep. Quatre grinned and leaned over Solo's ear.

"Cloud's here and he's naked."

"WHERE WHERE!" They both sweatdropped when some of the people in the library shushed them. Solo glared at Quatre.

"That was low and sneaky. You are learning our ways quickly." Quatre giggled and sat back down.

"Listen to this. This book says that a piece of the armor was taken to these ruins 900 years ago." Quatre said, pointing to a map of Antakya 900 years ago.

"Good. So where are the ruins?"

"Well, if we compare this map with a map of Antakya today..." Quatre matched the two maps and grinned.

"It's a police station. So, shall we head over there?" Quatre asked. Trowa was about to nod but Solo interrupted.

"No need. Check the headlines of today's paper." Solo help up the paper that was covering his face not to long ago while he slept. Everyone frowned.

Police Station bombed three days ago.

"Damn. He must've beat us to it." Trowa said.

"Yeah listen to this. They found ancient ruins below it, and an empty box was found that appeared to contain some type of armor."

"The gundamnium armor I presume." Trowa muttered.

"That would be it Tro. We missed it by three days. Son of a bitch."

"Wait guys. We didn't miss anything." The two guys blinked at Quatre.

"You remember I told you in the cave that I could feel my brother's power increase when he got the armor right? Well...I haven't felt anything. So that means that the piece is still safe." Quatre said.

"So where is it?" Solo asked.

"Someone found it and took it for their own." Trowa said.

"Wow Tro, how'd you know?" Solo asked.

"This book says so. It would help if you read sometime Solo." Solo stuck his tongue out at Trowa.

"Reading is boring and thinking hurts like hell." They all laughed.

"So who has it Trowa?"

"Some lord in Germany found it and took it. It appears that this family has had it for generations. I guess when your brother blew up the station he didn't think to check the library to see where the piece could be." Quatre frowned.

"So many innocent people. Oh Wufei..."

"...we'll stop him. Let's just jot the name and location down and go and get it." Trowa said. Quatre smiled and Solo grinned, balling his fist up.

"Finally! We get some action!" He blushed when the other two shushed him. He kept forgetting that they were in a library.

"We better tell Heero and Duo what's up."

"Oh so I guess I have to go and tell them then right?"

"If you insist. It would be best to go in person anyway, maybe they have their piece and can join up with us."

"It's a plan."

It was unfortunate that the three boys didn't notice the figure in the shadows, overhearing their conversation.

It was even more unfortunate that they left the book with the family's name sitting on the table.

"So you two are going to Germany now while I go to Baghdad and tell the two lovebirds the scoop." Solo said, everyone standing at the airport.

How funny that they were just at the airport yesterday coming, and now they were going.

"Yeah. For all of our sakes, I hope that they are finally lovebirds." Trowa said with a grin. Solo grinned back and Quatre just blinked.

"You two gonna be O.K.?" Solo asked.

"Yeah. I'll take good care of Quatre." Quatre smiled and felt his heart flutter. Solo frowned and bowed his head, tilting it over to signal Trowa over to him. Trowa gave him a blank look and walked over there.

He was suddenly put in a headlock.

"Listen Tro. I don't know if you've noticed but Quatre likes you."


"And I don't know if you've noticed but you've been flirting right back with him."

"Have not." Trowa mumbled with a blush.

"Oh sure, Mr., 'I'll take care of you.' You can stop with all the corny lines cause Quatre's as good as yours."

"Solo...some of us don't try and bag everyone we see."

"Ah come on Tro, you wanna be Trowa, 'The Lonely Wolf,' Barton forever?"

"Solo...that's lone wolf, not lonely. Besides...Quatre's too nice for that. Too sweet and innocent. He's just a child."

Quatre glared, overhearing the conversation. If only Trowa knew how far he was shoving his own foot up his ass right now.

"Hmph. Call him what you want. And I had the lonely part right thank you very much!"

"Whatever Solo," Trowa turned and smiled at Quatre, "Ready to go Quatre?" Quatre glared harder at him and turned his back, his face held high in insult.

"After you Mr. Lone Wolf sir." Trowa groaned.

"I guess you...uh...heard us..." Trowa could hear Solo snicker at him. Quatre turned and smiled at him, but then the smile turned into a dangerous looking frown.

"Who me? Oh no...I'm too sweet and innocent...just a mere child." Quatre stomped off into the airport.

"Damnit. Quatre...Quatre it's not like that!" Trowa rushed off and Solo snickered more.

"Hey kid! I'm on your side on this one!" Solo yelled back to Quatre. He heard Trowa groan again and run faster to try and catch up. Solo only smiled.

It was about time Trowa had found someone.

"Quatre wait up. Listen...I didn't mean any of that stuff..." Quatre kept walking, refusing to let his eyes focus in on Trowa.

"...hm...now who's the child? Lies are for children Mr. Barton." Quatre continued to walk on a little faster. Trowa turned red and ran in front of Quatre.

"Look. I'm sorry. I was just trying to make Solo shut his mouth." Quatre cracked an eye open.

"Really? Well that was a rather cruel way of doing it. It is very dishonorable to talk behind people’s backs." Quatre spat out.

"I know. Look I'm sorry. Please forgive me, I was a jerk."

"You were a jerk. Why should I forgive you?" Trowa took Quatre's hand in his and smiled, watching the other boy turn red as their eyes met.

"I give you my most sincere apologies Quatre. It would make me very happy if someone as kind and gentle and cute as you would forgive me."

That did it.

Quatre smiled happily and gave Trowa a tight hug.

"I forgive you!" He giggled cutely and held onto Trowa's hand. Trowa smiled as the little blond drug him away towards their flight.

"Come on Trowa. We have to go and get that armor. And I know that we will find it, we just have to."

(1) Anyone know what Middi actually looks like? Cause I don't. All the pics I've seen were black and white (Trowa's episode zero) so I don't know. And she was a little girl then right? So I thought it'd be fun if she looked like Quatre...for the fic's sake.

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