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Pairings: 1X2
Warnings: yaoi, language, angst, lime

Gundam Fury
A Fatal Fury Crossover
by Chibi Shi-Chan
Chapter Five

~Baghdad, Iraq~

Warm water came crashing all around, causing a puff of steam to surround the area. Everything became lost in a fog and the only sound heard was that of running water. Suddenly, a black robe was hung around the doorknob. A bar of soap was grabbed along with a face towel, a long drying towel placed on what appeared to be a toilet seat.

And a long braid was taken down so chestnut locks could hang loosely around a gorgeously nude body.

The nude form kicked his discarded clothes away and stepped into the shower, welcoming the heat it brought to his skin.

Violet eyes closed in bliss as warm water hit their owner's body not to gently, but it was exactly how he wanted it.

Being around a hot Japanese stiff can do that to a person.

But the figure smiled, because things were starting to look his way.

"Let's see how Heero handles this one."

"Why the hell is there only one bed?" A lone figured mused, pacing inside a decent looking bedroom to a hotel. The Japanese man plopped in one of the plush chairs and sighed, rubbing his head in soothing circles.

One bed.

Two people.

The boy let out a loud sigh. To make matters worse, the bed wasn't even big enough for ONE person it seemed like, and he knew of Duo's sleeping patterns.

The beauty would be all over him, which wouldn't be a bad thing to any normal man.

Too bad the wild haired boy wasn't normal.

"Heero? Whatcha doin?" Heero looked up and gasped when the dripping wet form of Duo Maxwell stepped from inside the bathroom. His hair was plastered to his skin and his cock was huge and swollen, looking extremely...


"I was just thinking about us... you know... not being able to sleep in the same bed..."

"Well sure we can Heero." Duo seemed to float over to him. Heero swallowed a huge lump in his throat, his eyes moving with Duo's swaying form. He gasped when the seductive little minx spread his legs open and got down on his knees right in between them.

"Duo? What are you doing?"

"Heero. We've been doing this dance for too long..." Duo purred, his fingers dancing over the evident rock hardness in Heero's pants. Heero threw his head back and let out a low moan, Duo smiling at him.

"For far too long Heero." Duo grinned and bent over to kiss the bulge, his tongue licking at it through the material of the jeans. Heero let his hands tenderly stroke Duo's hair, giving the other the encouragement needed to move on. Heero felt his zipper being pulled down slowly and teasingly, his white boxers showing. Duo grinned and pulled the jeans and the boxers down, revealing his treat.

Duo licked his lips and bent his head down to take the huge organ in his mouth.


"What Heero?" Duo asked. Heero opened his eyes and looked up to see Duo standing in the doorway of the bathroom, tying a short black silk robe around his body and drying his hair with a towel.

"Uh... uh I was just thinking that we can't share the same bed." Heero said.

Oh they really couldn't share the same bed now.

Heero's cock frowned at his brain, of COURSE they could share the same bed.

"Well it can't be helped. This is the only room they had Hee-chan." Duo said, plopping down in the bed and crossing his legs, his robe lifting up a little to show way too much skin.

Once again, Heero's cock thwapped his brain.

"Don't worry Heero. Once I'm sleep that's all she wrote ya know?" Duo grinned and turned his back on him, snuggling into the covers.

He shut his eyes as his ears picked up a scuffling noise behind him.

What was Heero doing?

Duo turned on his stomach and laid his head into the pillow, trying to relax his body as much as possible.

It didn't help when he felt a weight on his back.


"Yes Duo?" Heero asked, taking the covers off of him to reveal his robe covered back.

"Just... making sure it was you..." Duo stuttered. Heero chuckled, his hands massaging the silk robe and making Duo's breath quicken.

"Who else would it be?"

"I don't know. Solo likes to play tricks sometimes..." Duo gasped when he felt his hair being pushed away from his neck and the exposed skin being kissed.

"...he's in Turkey with Quatre and Trowa. It's just us..." Heero whispered hotly in his ear. Duo shivered, feeling Heero's weight move lower down his body.

"Yeah... uh... just us..."

"Duo. We aren't nervous are we?" Heero asked softly, pushing the robe up Duo's body to reveal his naked ass. Duo blushed at the exposure.

"No...no. Just surprised that's all. I never thought that this would happen..."

"...you've tempted me for far too long. I think it's about time I did something about it." Duo moaned out loud when he felt Heero spread his legs apart, his hands massaging the back of his legs and working up to his naked rear.

"Oh Duo... while you were in the shower... I couldn't help but think about you...dripping wet and naked..." Duo bit into the pillow, feeling Heero spread his cheeks apart, his fingers caressing down there.

"And when you came out...I knew that it was time...time to make you mine..." Duo shut his eyes tight, the sounds coming from his throat enticing Heero now. He felt wet kisses all over his naked globes, a hot tongue entering his crack and gently swiping down there...

"Oh gods..."

"I want you." He felt his tongue gently circle down there... ready to plunge inside... ready to explore this new territory.


"Yeah?" Duo blinked and looked around to see that he was still snuggled in the covers and all alone. He sat up and turned to face Heero and gave him a nervous grin.

"Uh...I was just... uh.... wondering about the bed situation too..." This was not a good night for the two of them to share the same bed.

Duo's cock glared at his brain.

"Oh...uh...well I was just going to work out some and then maybe sleep in the chair...or the couch..." Duo looked around him and discovered what the scuffling noise had been all this time. Heero had moved the table out of the way to give himself room to work out.

"Oh... O.K. then. Well... uh... goodnight..." Duo turned and laid back in the bed, lulled by the sounds of Heero doing push-ups.

And the dreams that occurred that night made them both glad that they slept in separate spots.

The next day, the two sleepy friends stood in a museum in the city. Sleep wasn’t something they had gained too much of last night.

Nevertheless they had a mission... and it appeared that they had failed as they gazed at a box.

An empty box that was suppose to contain the gundamnium armor.

"So...this armor was taken away to China 500 years ago." Duo said with a frown, reading the inscription on the display case.

Then this whole trip was for nothing.

"It appears that way. And I'm sure that Wufei has been here and knows." Heero said with a frown.

"Shit. Now what do we do?"

"Hey guys!" The two boys turned around to see Solo running up towards them.

"Solo? What the hell are you doing here?" Heero asked, the other boy stopping to catch his breath.

"I have news."

"Well we do too. Take a look at this." Duo pointed at the box. Solo frowned.

"Great...so this one is empty too?"

"Too? Solo, maybe you should fill us in."

Everyone sat on a fountain in the city in the middle of what appeared to be a market place. Duo sighed, listening to the information Solo gave him, his baggy jeans and T-shirt making the situation more comfortable instead of his usually tight clothing.

He had a lot of his mind after last night, and when he got like that he went for comfort.

Solo had teased him about it and Duo didn't even have a good comeback. His head was spinning after the dreams last night.

He'd always have them, but he was really getting sick of them. He wanted to play them out. But he knew that this was not the time for it, it was time to find that armor.

As Solo told the story he kept his eyes on both of his friends. They both looked exhausted, and Solo prayed that they were exhausted for good reasons.

If you catch my drift.

It would do them all a favor if the roller coaster ride that was Heero and Duo stopped. Heero just nodded as he explained the situation and where Trowa and Quatre were headed and why, his green tank top and spandex shorts moving along with his movements when he acknowledged Solo.

"So that's it. So how do we find the other piece that's in China. The inscription just said an area... not an exact location." Duo said.

"I don't know kid. Who would know about something like that in China?" Solo mused.

"You all know who." Heero said. Duo grinned and jumped up.

"Oh yeah...Sephy has connections everywhere! I'll go and call him!" Duo jumped up and went over to one of the phones.

"So Heero... how was he?" Solo asked in a soft yet eager tone.

"How was... who?" Solo grinned and put Heero in a headlock, much like the one he had put Trowa in over Quatre.

"Duo man! How was he in bed? You two had to share a room and are totally exhausted today. So how was he?"

"Solo... let go of me..."

"Not until you tell me all of the dirty little details. Did he make a lot of noise?"


"Did you suck him off?"

"Solo!" This was met with a blush.

"Or did he do you... or did you guys 69? Oh wait... wait... maybe you rimmed him..."

"Solo... let go before I..."

"Did you make him scream? Did he beg for it? Did you take pictures cause if you did I want copies..."

"That all depends... did you take pictures of Cloud?" Heero asked. This caught Solo off guard and Heero smirked, breaking the hold. Solo grinned at him.

"So you two DID do something huh? Did he taste good? I bet he did. And I bet he was tight too..." Heero glared even more... enough to burn an entire city into ashes.

"Or maybe... oh wait I see... you let Duo take you?"

"Shut UP!" Heero pounced him, Solo giving out a rather unmanly squeak as he crashed to the ground. The two rolled around the ground like a couple of second graders, grunting and clawing at each other.

"Mreow. Cat fight." Duo said. The two stopped and looked up at Duo who was standing before them. The two immediately backed off one another and giggled nervously.

"Well if you two boys are finished, I have a message for you."

Wufei sat against the window sill of the office, the sun setting in the background and illuminating his face. Dorothy stood before him to make her report.

"So the armor is in China?"

"Yes sir. I heard those three talking about it in Baghdad. They are meeting some guy to find out the exact location of the armor."

"Hm... send Zechs over there."

"Do you think that is wise? Zechs has a thing for pretty boys and this boy with the braid was very easy on the eyes." Wufei grinned.

"Let him have his fun. He will not fail me. Rashid is already in Germany right?"

"Yes he is my lord."

"Good. I think... I will go to Germany too." Dorothy gasped, Wufei sipping on a cup of tea while he spoke.

"My lord... your interference is not necessary!" Wufei stood, watching the sunset. Dorothy eyed his gracefulness from afar, Wufei wearing a black warrior's kami with red trim.

"You did say that my brother was with Trowa Barton right?"

"I... I did."

"And I think that my dear little brother has taken a liking to him." Dorothy glared. Quatre was taking a liking to someone besides herself? Wufei chuckled, seeing the glare on the woman's face.

"How... how do you know that?"

"We are connected Dorothy. I can feel the feelings that are growing inside of his heart. I must meet this man...personally."

"My lord... may I go as well?"

"Hm. Jealous Dorothy?" Dorothy blushed.

"No... I just want to see the man who defeated Goro. I also want to see what we are up against." Wufei nodded.

"You may accompany me then. We must depart at once. I am interested in seeing this Trowa Barton."

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