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Pairings: More 3x4, and slight Dorothy x 4. Again, this chapter has no 1x2 because they are not in it.
Warnings: yaoi, language, angst, lime, evil Wufei

Gundam Fury
A Fatal Fury Crossover
by Chibi Shi-Chan
Chapter Six

~Frankfurt, Germany~

Trowa drove down the busy streets of the highway with Quatre in tow. The blond rode behind him, his arms wrapped tightly around his waist while his eyes took in all of the scenery and the fast moving cars.

Trowa took a glance at the boy behind him and smiled softly. While Trowa wore his normal outfit of jeans, T-shirt, and red sleeveless jacket Quatre wore a pair of spandex type Capri's that reached his knees. The pale blue sweater matched well with the dark pants.

He really did look like an angel.

"If you're tired we can stop somewhere and rest a little." Trowa yelled over the wind.

"Oh no...I'm fine. It's only a few more miles until we meet up with Solo right? I can make it!" Trowa smiled, the little blonde's excitement was rubbing off on him. Quatre smiled back and looked at the road ahead.

Then he froze.

"It can't be..." Trowa had two seconds to catch his words before a huge fireball was sent their way. Trowa swerved out of the way, but just barely, and rode on. The cars behind him were hit and set on fire. Quatre looked back and his eyes widened.

Not this.

Not now.

Another fireball headed their way and this time Trowa couldn't dodge it. He grabbed Quatre and jumped off of the bike. The bike made a nasty spin and headed right for a truck.

Trowa took one look at the truck and the color drained out of his face.

It was a gas truck...the explosion would he huge.

He looked around quickly and noticed a parking garage behind him. Not putting Quatre down for a second Trowa took off just as his motorcycle ran into the truck.

The explosion rocked them hard, and the heat from the flames could be felt all around. It didnít hit them too badly, Trowa feeling his clothes burn a little but the flames didn't actually get to his body.

Trowa protected Quatre's body with his own once they made it inside the garage. He didn't let go until the noise from the explosion quieted down some.

"You O.K. Quatre?" Trowa asked, standing up. The blond nodded, his eyes filled with worry as he looked around the garage.

They were coming after them already?

They both glanced up and gasped, seeing an old red car come racing at them from the roof. Trowa took Quatre in his arms again and jumped out of the way, the car hitting the ground with a loud thud. A small explosion set off this time, the flame not nearly as bad as the last explosion.

Trowa was about to ask if Quatre was O.K. when he heard a loud shout. He looked above and saw a man jump down from the roof where the car came from and land before them.

"Who is that?" Trowa asked. Quatre gasped when he took a good look at the huge man.

"Rashid? Oh no...why...why you?" Trowa frowned. It was obvious that this man meant something to Quatre. He growled and went in to attack, but they were all blocked like they were nothing.

This guy was tough...very tough.

The crashed car took that time to explode even louder, the flames causing the sprinklers from above to set off. Everyone was drenched in water and Trowa looked into his opponent's eyes.

He looked as if he hadn't even started yet, after flinging a car at them and blocking all of Trowa's moves.

It was time for a new plan.

Trowa shot out a glowing blue energy from his hand, Rashid shielding his body with his arms and skidding into a nearby car.

"Come on Quatre let's get the hell outta here." Trowa took Quatre's hand and the two ran off to the elevator. They both let out deep sighs of relief as they were taken up and away from Rashid.

Or so they thought.

Rashid moved away from the car and slowly walked towards the elevator. He stopped about halfway to look up, his eyes meeting Trowa's own since the elevator had glass doors so you could see the inside of it.

He powered up his hand.

"Oh shit." Trowa muttered. He quickly lifted Quatre up and told him to open the little door above them. Quatre did and pulled himself up and on top of the elevator and reached for Trowa. Trowa quickly pulled himself up with Quatre's help and grabbed him and jumped up just in time before the elevator exploded.

Trowa grunted in pain, feeling the fire and the glass cut through his back. He held onto Quatre tightly with one arm and with the other hand he grabbed the ledge of the floor they were trying to get to.


"I'm fine. Are you O.K. Trowa?"

"Just fine." Trowa groaned again as he began to pull Quatre up with his one arm. Quatre frowned when he noticed the blood on Trowa's back but didn't say anything. He soon found himself on the ground again, Trowa pulling him up and over the ledge. After taking a short breath he turned and helped pull Trowa up. Struggling and tugging, Quatre finally succeeded and promptly fell on his ass from the exercise.

Trowa stood up with Quatre and the two looked around, noticing that they were on the roof of the parking lot.

"Now where to?" Quatre asked.

"Why that's simple dear brother. Back home with me." The two boys froze.

Quatre and Trowa looked up and saw a dark shadow standing on a high pillar that was on the roof. Quatre gasped, recognizing the person even in the shadows.


"So this is Chang Wufei. We meet at last." Another figure stepped out of the shadows below Wufei, smirking at them. Quatre cringed.

"And you too?"

"Why Quatre, sound a bit happier about seeing me again." A female voice said. Trowa looked ahead of him to see a woman stand before them, a tight red outfit and long blonde hair with forked gray eyebrows.

"And this is..."

"...Dorothy. One of my brother's helpers." Quatre said, his voice sounding sick when the woman smiled at him.

"Enough with the introductions. I have an offer to propose," Wufei eyed Trowa and smiled, "Join with me and watch me become a god." He made the offer sound so good. Trowa smirked.

"Hell no."

"You do NOT speak to our master that way!" Dorothy said angrily.

"He ain't my damn master." Dorothy glared even more. What nerve, and to think her Quatre liked this guy?

"Well then...how about you return my brother to me." Wufei said, jumping from one bargain to the next.

Despite what others thought, he was a nice guy. He liked to give people chances to escape their death.

"I don't think so." Trowa said. Wufei chuckled.

At least he tried.

"Very well." Wufei suddenly jumped down from his spot and seemed to float towards Trowa. Trowa stood, ready to fight, but then Wufei vanished into thin air.

"What the..." He suddenly reappeared right in front of him. Trowa tried to block the attack but it was too quick. Wufei punched him in the face twice, then kicked him so hard that he went flying into the elevator shaft.

But he didn't fall.

Quatre gasped when Rashid stepped out of the dark elevator shaft holding Trowa by his shoulders.

"So is that all this Trowa can do?" Quatre jumped at turned to see Dorothy before him, a small smile on her face.

"Not much of a protector if you ask me Quatre. You can do so much better." She said, approaching him. Quatre backed away, wanting to get away from the evil woman. Wufei chuckled at the two of them.

"I guess this Trowa isn't much after all. Dorothy, bring him to me." Dorothy smiled.

"With pleasure my master." She reached out for Quatre and was about to grab him when they heard a loud groan. They turn to see that Trowa had kicked Rashid's feet from under him and hauled him over his shoulder, sending the huge man flying. Dorothy took this chance to wrap her arms around Quatre's neck, choking the distracted boy. He gasped and grabbed the arms in pain, trying to pull away.

"Watch your protector die by Rashid's hands." Dorothy purred in his ear.

"He won't die. Now let me go!"

"Mmm Quatre...I can't. You know you should've just stayed with us. We could've been so happy together." A flash of light interrupted her. The two looked to see that both Rashid and Trowa sent energy blast out, hoping to hit the other person.

Trowa had shot out his blue blast at the same time as Rashid's fire. The two waves hit and the two warriors stood their ground.

Until the fire engulfed the blue light.

Trowa screamed when the flames swallowed his body up and made him hit the ledge of the building, that being the only thing keeping him from falling. He took a peak over and noticed that there was water below, obviously the city's sewer started here. He stood on shaky legs, various parts of his body bleeding badly.

He saw Wufei chuckle at him and raise up his arm, the piece of armor around it glowing and an orange ball forming.

"Farewell...Trowa Barton."

"NO!" Dorothy gasped when Quatre elbowed her in her stomach hard, causing her to release her hold on him. The little blond dashed right in front of Trowa and right in front of the blast.


He will be there for you.

Trowa blinked when he heard the voice again and gasped when he saw that Quatre was about to get hit by the blast intended for him.

He was about to push him out of the way but the look on Wufei's face told him that he didn't have to.

Wufei gasped and closed his hand, the energy ball he released vanishing right before it hit Quatre's chest. The little blond opened his eyes, his arms spread out to protect Trowa.

Eyes the color of the ocean met eyes darker then the shadows.

"Well well Quatre aren't you the little hero. You really need to stop this silliness and join your brother's side." Wufei said in a calm voice. Quatre put his arms down and frowned at Wufei, tears forming in his eyes.

"You are not my brother."

"What?" Wufei frowned at him. That statement hurt worse then any physical attack could.

"I...I don't know who you are. I don't know what happened to my Wufei. He would never do such terrible things to people. Your soul is cold and you have become nothing more than a monster!"

"You don't mean that."

"I do Wufei. My brother died when he put on that armor for the first time."

"How dare you say that to me you little brat! I did it to avenge our father! I am the one who avenged his murder!"

"And look what happened to you when you did that Wufei! You are cold and emotionless! Don't you get it...you not only lost father but you have lost me as well. Wufei please...stop this madness now." Quatre gasped when Wufei began to chuckle.

"Madness? This is not mad Quatre. This is very sane. Hell this is as sane as sane can be. Now I would change the tone of voice you take with me or else I may be forced to kill your little friend." Quatre froze and took a step closer towards Trowa, his eyes watering more.

"You can't...please Wufei..." He looked at his brother with pleading eyes, begging him to reconsider. He glared at his two henchman, but especially at Rashid.

He expected Dorothy to help Wufei...but never Rashid.

"Quatre...when I give the word...I want you to jump out of the way." Quatre looked down at Trowa and gave a quick nod.

Wufei lifted his arm up to fire another blast and at the same time Trowa's eyes flickered.

"Now." Quatre jumped out of the way and Trowa lifted his fist in the air, the blood soaked hand dripping as a blue light glowed around it. Wufei froze when Trowa hit the ground hard with his fist and it began to crumble, blue energy headed towards him.

There was a loud explosion and Trowa took Quatre in his arms and jumped over the side of the building, landing right in the water.

After everything calmed down Wufei grinned, his hand held out to protect himself from the blast. He chuckled a little to himself.

Trowa would be an interesting opponent.

He snickered more until it turned into a full-blown laugh. Dorothy watched like a good little henchmen and Rashid watched as well, but his eyes were full of sorrow.

He couldn't stop thinking about Quatre and how he betrayed him.

And below everything in the city's sewer a heartbroken little blond dragged a bleeding and broken warrior through the water, praying that he could get them out of danger in time.

Or else Trowa would die from his injuries.

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