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Pairings: 1x2 (Heero is coming out of the denial little by little) slight 6x2, and uh...?x? and ?x? ^_^;;;
Warnings: Touch of lime and naughty Duo ^_^

Gundam Fury
A Fatal Fury Crossover
by Chibi Shi-Chan
Chapter Seven

While Trowa was struggling to hold onto his life, Solo was on the way to Germany to report back to him.

And Heero and Duo were doing what any good guy would do at a time like this...

"Welcome to the Hot Spot!"

They were in the hottest club in town...

...trying to find their contact so they could get to the armor. Why they had to meet him here they didn't know, but Duo wasn't one to complain.

"Wow! Check this place out!" Duo screamed, stepping into the flashing lights and dancing bodies. There was a huge stage up in the front of the club where huge speakers boomed loud music that killed the ability to hear yourself think.

Duo bounced happily in his tight leather pants and backless shirt, happy to go somewhere fun in this little adventure.

Heero just frowned as he scanned the area. Duo took that time to gaze at the tight leather Heero wore with the open black vest to reveal his spectacular chest.

"Why would Sephiroth want to met us here?" Heero asked, looking around for the man.

"You know him...he likes places like this. But forget about that right now." Duo looked into Heero's eyes and smirked at him.

"Let's dance baby!" Heero blinked at him.

"What was that? I couldn't hear you." Duo bowed his head down and let out a sigh of hopelessness.

"Heero Yuy?" Heero turned to see a man looking to be mid twenties or thirties smile at him.

If only you knew his real age.

"Laguna hi! You haven't seen Seph around here have you?"

"Nope. It can't be too hard to find him though. Tall silver hair guy looking like a Greek god....hey Heero...who's the cutie with you?" Heero found himself smiling before he could stop himself.

It was nice to parade around with Duo sometimes, it made him look good.

"Oh this is..." He looked down and his face turned blank, "Who are you?" The person had green hair and bright blue eyes.

"Hiya!" She said to him happily. Heero pulled himself away. Where was Duo?

"Just like you Heero to hog all the cute ones." A deep voice said. Heero looked up and gasped.

"Sephiroth?" The man smiled at him, his silver hair flowing all around him. He wore only tight leather pants and an open silk shirt.

Heero had to admit that he was happy to see the naked chest. The guy WAS a Greek god.

"Heero. Relax with me and have a drink with my friend." Sephiroth pointed over to a table where a man with long black hair sat wearing all black with a red scarf. He had a claw for a hand but he still looked gorgeous.

"Who is that?"

"His name is Vincent." Heero saw Sephiroth sit next to the man and put an arm around him. Vincent only smiled and sipped on his drink more.

"Uh...I would love to really but I can't. I need to talk to you..."

"Later...later..." Sephiroth said, his fingers dancing along Vincent's neck and lower, making the other man sigh in happiness.

"No Seph. We gotta talk NOW!" Suddenly the music stopped and everyone's attention was caught on the stage.

"Ladies and gentlemen. We got us a sweet little number from America over here. A cute and sexy little kitten here to perform for us."

"Duo...you didn't..." The light was shown on the stage and a figure was seen curled up in a fetal position. The figure opened his eyes to reveal bright violet orbs and crawled around the stage. The figure stood to reveal his full body.

He wore a pair of cat ears with a cattail attached to a pair of tiny shorts. The shorts barely reached mid thigh in the front, and in the back they went into the crack of his ass. A tight black crop top swallowed his upper body and knee high boots encased his legs.

"Duo...you did..." Heero said with a sigh.

The crowd went wild when the sex kitten purred, his long braid dancing around his body while he shook his hips to the beat of the music.

Above all the music and dancing, a boy with wild spiky blond hair and a very interesting tattoo covering the side of his face watched his club with a smile.

Big money was going to be coming his way.

Suddenly, a bundle of roses were tossed on the control panel. He took the roses in his hands and smiled as he turned to look at the door.

"Nice club Zell. It seems like a big hit." Zell smiled and walked over to the tall cowboy in the doorway, his cowboy hat covering his eyes.

"Thanks Irvine. Why don't you go down and enjoy it." The cowboy, identified to be Irvine smirked at the shorter blond. He bent over and gave him a quick kiss on the lips.

"Or I could stay up here and keep you company."

"You could...but then you might miss Heero. I saw him down there."

"Heero huh?" The two of them had a long history together...both being obsessed with guns and wanting to constantly have duels.

It had been a while since the last one.

"Yeah. He's definitely here cause Duo's on stage." Irvine looked out of the window to see that Duo was indeed on stage, bending over and swaying his pert little ass. The two boys just stared for a minute and then Irvine smirked.

"Nice pet to have don't you agree?"

"Hell yeah." Irvine smiled and smacked Zell on the ass before heading to the door.

"I'll see you later on tonight, I gotta go say hi to Heero." With that, the cowboy disappeared. Zell looked out of the window again and grinned, silently thanking Duo for putting them both in the mood.

"Oh yeah...Irvine definitely has to come over tonight."

"Gotta love the kitty." Sephiroth purred. Vincent smiled back and straddled his hips and began to kiss him all over his face and neck.

Heero sighed.

"Seph...about that armor..." Sephiroth leaned his head back when lips attacked his chest. Heero glared.

"Seph...the armor. Where is the armor?" Heero asked.

"Well...uh...there is a...oh gods...a...a..." Heero's eyes widened when he saw Vincent unbuckle the man's pants, his body lowering to get on his knees.

"A what Sephiroth. Try to remember."

"A...a temple...in...AH!" Sephiroth shut his eyes when he felt a warm mouth encircle his hardness, gently sucking on him.

"In where! Tell me!" Heero really needed to know so he could leave. Seeing this and Duo-kitty was putting him in a frenzy.

"It's in the Hebei Province in...China...there's a temple there...and...SHIT!" Heero turned his back and nodded.

"O.K. Duo and I will go over there...if I can pull him off stage..."

"Well well Heero, didn't know you were leaving so soon." Heero turned and grinned at the figure before him.

"Irvine. Nice to see you."

"Hm. I also didn't know you were a voyeur. You know you're welcome to swing by my place with Zell...and Duo..." Heero turned bright red and took a glance behind him to see Sephiroth putting Vincent in his lap, and Vincent's pants were gone. He immediately turned to face Irvine.

"We'll discuss that later. I think that we haven't had a duel in a long time. I say we remedy that situation." Heero said with a smirk. Irvine smirked and a man in a black suit with long red hair handed him his gun. A shorter man in a similar colored suit with spiky black hair came over and gave Heero a gun. The two boys smirked at each other.

"Hey now...we don't do that in here!" Laguna shouted over the music. The two boys just stared into each other's eyes, ignoring the man and only focusing on the battle at hand.

A movement behind Heero caught Irvine's attention, a shadow behind the mirror Heero was standing in front of. Irvine gave Heero a look that clearly said to hold still. Heero gave a low nod and Irvine aimed at the figure in the mirror and fired.

The glass broke with the shot and Heero jumped out of the way to stand beside Irvine. The two stared as the figure moved and jumped out of the glass. Irvine gasped when he saw that the figure had the bullet in his hand and just dropped it on the ground. The man jumped high in the air with a drink in a hand and landed above the stage.

Duo stopped his dance and looked above.

"What the hell?"

"Is that one of the people after the armor you guys are trying to get?" Sephiroth asked, now standing besides Heero along with Vincent. Heero looked at the man, taking in the long platinum blond hair and silver mask.

Those other guys with the tight black body suits had mask too, but theirs didn't look the same.

"I think so."

"What's goin on?" Zell was now on the scene standing besides Irvine, wondering why all the dancing stopped.

"Some guy is here causing trouble." Irvine answered. The group looked up as the mysterious man chuckled at them.

"See what you guys did? You made my dancing lovely stop." Zechs said, eyeing Duo who was busy looking at him. He grinned at the boy.

Dorothy had told him that he was a looker, and it appeared that she was right.

It was time to have some fun.

Heero watched the man drop his drink, the wineglass hitting the ground below while he jumped in the air. His eyes widened when he saw where the man was headed.

"Duo! Get out of the way!"

"Duo? Nice name." Duo jumped when he felt someone pull his tail. He glared and turned to stare at the masked man.

"Who the hell do you think you are?"

"Feisty. I like a feisty kitty." Zechs said, his hand coming to pull the tail again. Duo gasped when he felt himself land into a solid chest...

...and a solid erection rubbed against his thigh. He smirked up at the masked man.

"What's with the mask Birdman? Or are you afraid to show a boy your face?" Duo asked, letting his hands run up Zechs' chest. Zechs grinned and kissed Duo's hand, then he stepped back to take off his mask.

"Does this please you?" Zechs asked, revealing his handsome face to Duo. Duo gasped and covered his cheeks with his hands in an overly dramatic way.

"Oh what a babe! But you're not as cute as Heero!" Duo said with a grin and jumped off the stage and right behind Heero.

Zechs glared when he saw Duo wrap his arms around Heero's neck and blow a raspberry at him. His glare softened into a smile.

"You will be mine Duo." He said and glared at Heero.

"And next time we meet we will see who is the strongest. And the most beautiful." Everyone sweatdropped. Zechs blew a kiss at Duo and jumped high in the air. Suddenly, a big gust of wind hit the club.

The people screamed, watching tables and chairs fly around. The stereo speakers were knocked over and all of the little things like napkins were blown away. The people in the club ducked down trying not to get hit by anything, some occasionally getting whacked with a random object. Heero held Duo in his arms so the boy wouldn't fall over while Sephiroth and the others stood their ground.

Heero knew Duo could stand on his own but right now he didn't care.

That evil bastard had his site set on his Duo.

And Heero was finally able to admit to himself that claiming Duo as his had a nice ring to it.

"SHIT! Look at what the hell he did to my CLUB!" Zell screamed out when everything was over. He felt Irvine wrap his arms around his waist to try and calm him down.

"It'll be O.K. Zell. We can make a new club."

"I know but..." Zell pouted. Irvine had to hide the smirk when Zell buried his face in his chest. His grin widened as he ran soothing hands down Zell's back.

"There there...it will be O.K. I'll come over tonight to comfort you." Zell looked up at him and smiled brightly, hugging him tighter.

Irvine only smirked. He would comfort alright.

"Duo. You O.K.?" Heero asked, still holding onto him.

"Yeah I'm fine. How about you?" Heero only nodded to respond to the question.

"Did you find out about the armor?" Duo asked.

"Yeah. We'll go over there right away. I have a feeling that's what that man came here for." Heero said, holding Duo tighter. Duo gasped but didn't say anything, letting Heero hold him.

And Heero didn't let go either. He was the only one who could hold Duo...ever...even if they weren't together yet he was still his damnit!

"Heero. You better stay sharp boy." Sephiroth said, his eyes dead serious. Heero nodded and continued to hold onto Duo. Sephiroth smiled.

That man had done some good today. He got Heero and Duo one step closer to being together.

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