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Pairings: 3x4, 1x2, and 6x2
Warnings: Angst *frowns*

Gundam Fury
A Fatal Fury Crossover
by Chibi Shi-Chan
Chapter Eight

The wind blew gently over the land, a breeze that could calm the troubled soul. In the middle of this peaceful place stood a quiet church, looking very ran down and broken apart.

It was the perfect hiding spot for a troubled heart.

"It isn't working. It isn't enough." A voice said quietly, a glowing hand roaming over a body to try and heal it. Blue eyes watered sadly, but then looked alarmed when the doors to the church flew open.

No one was there; it was just the wind.

The fact that they were hiding and were sort of on the run had the little blond on edge.

Not to mention the fact that only one of them could put up a decent fight and that person was on the borderline between life and death.

"Trowa...Trowa please wake up." The boy on the floor only shivered and groaned in intense pain.

Death looked so pleasing to him right now.

Quatre looked down and ran his fingers through the unruly hair and sighed. Determination was written all over his face as he stood up and looked down at Trowa.

He would save him, no matter what the cost.

Clothes fell to the floor and the small blond stood naked before the dying man. He quickly kneeled down in front on the body, only to lay right on top of it. He let his fingers intertwine with Trowa's and took a deep breath and closed his eyes.

A white light engulfed the two boys, and only time could tell if Trowa would respond to Quatre's powers.

Or if Quatre would survive the job.

Images appeared in his mind, one right after another.


His brother.

His friends.


The image of her stayed around the longest time, of the woman he had fallen in love with and then lost just like that.

She was always so happy, so carefree. And she brought out the happiness in him like no one else could.

And she was murdered right in front of his eyes.

She was murdered because of him.

Go to him.

Her image shifted to a new one that looked so similar and yet wasn't. Instead of long blond hair it was shorter.

Instead of a young girl it was a boy.

A young boy who needed his help.

I can't die...he needs me.

He will be there for you.

The images changed more and more before his eyes, the young boy smiling at him and laughing happily.

He was so full of life, just like she was. He was happy and lived life to its fullest.

He was kind and gentle and sweet. He was pure and innocent. He was so strong too, facing his own family for the sake of the world.

And he needed his help...but he couldn't help him if he died now could he?

Go to him.

He saw the boy in his arms, his eyes were closed and he was no longer breathing.

Was this the boy's fate if he didn't return?

He couldn't let this boy die, not like his previous love. He wouldn't let him die, he would protect him.

He would be there for him.

Green eyes flashed open and looked around the area. Last he remembered he was fighting on a roof.

Then jumped over the roof.

And then the rest was a blur.

"Quatre?" He felt someone shift above him and looked into dreary looking eyes.

"You're...you're O.K.? Quatre asked softly.

"Yes...yes I am now." Quatre smiled at him then his eyes drooped, his body sagging into Trowa's own. Trowa gasped and wrapped his arms around Quatre's waist.

Quatre's naked waist.

"What happened?"

"I...I healed you. But...but I may have used too much of my powers. I can't move...can we stay like this for a while?" Quatre asked. Trowa smiled and lifted up to shrug off his jacket. He then wrapped the garment around the two of them and held Quatre closer. Quatre smiled softly and laid his head on Trowa's chest.

"Are you comfortable?"

"Yes...thank you Trowa."

"I should thank you. You saved my life Quatre. That fight was tough...that man..." He felt Quatre tense in his arms.

"That was Rashid. He...he...was like a second father to us. He helped raise us. He was the only other man my father trusted besides...the man that killed him." Trowa felt his blood turn cold. How could someone kill their friend?

"Your father was killed by a friend of his?"

"Yes. For the armor. You heard Wufei right? He killed that man with the first piece of armor. My father had it, but didn't use it, but as soon as Wufei put it on he changed. He wasn't always so cold-hearted Trowa, not at all." Quatre said with a sigh. Trowa tightened his hold, thinking of his own brother.

He wouldn't know what to do if the two of them were in the same situation.

"He got three people on his side. You haven't met Zechs, but he joined him shortly after my father was killed and Wufei acquired the first piece. I have no clue where he came from exactly but as far back as I can remember he has always been an evil man. Dorothy...Dorothy has been in the picture for a while. We were friends...then she wanted to be more then friends and I didn't. When Wufei started to collect the armor she joined him too, saying something about proving herself and seeing the birth of a god. And...Rashid...he's been with us forever and promised to watch over us to make sure that we headed down a good path. So I don't know why he is helping my brother in his evil plan. I...I never thought that he would become that way...I never..." Tears slipped down his eyes as he recalled the past and how things were. Trowa kissed Quatre's forehead, the other boy opening his eyes in surprise.

"Quatre. Let me protect you. I want to help you. We will get your brother back...I promise. Everything will be O.K." Quatre's face lit up and another tear slipped out of his eyes. Trowa smiled softly and kissed it away, the two of them lying in each otherís arms.

The sun shown brighter that day, glowing down on the two figures whom were destined to find each other.

~Hebei Province, China~

Duo sat on the steps of the temple and sighed in boredom. If he would've known that he wouldn't be going with Heero inside the temple he wouldn't have dressed for the occasion, wearing a black traditional Chinese outfit. He sighed again and stood up to glare at the temple on the top of the stairs.

"HURRY UP HEERO! Gods, I didn't mean to hit that priest so hard but I didn't like the way he was lookin at me or where his hand was goin!" Duo shouted. It had been two whole hours and Heero still was at the temple. He sighed and was about to sit back down when he felt a gust of with hit him.

It wouldn't have bugged him, but the sudden change in wind had come out of nowhere. He turned and saw a silver beam that seemed to cut through the air come towards him.

He gasped when he felt the energy make his clothes shred apart, leaving his body nude.

And he could swear that he heard someone let out an amused chuckle at his nude state, a chuckle that became a low moan.

Duo glared and jumped high in the air, flipping over and landing on one of the pillars by the stairs. He was now dressed in his normal fighting gear.

Black knee high boots dawned his graceful legs and black gloves that reached his elbows were on his arms, the gloves fingerless. The top of the outfit seemed to be debating on being gray or black and it split open, the only thing it covered was his nipples. There was a black band around his waist where two pieces of cloth hung down, barely covering his crotch and ass area. The sides of his legs were on complete display to the world, and attached to the black band around his waist were two thin ribbons that flowed down to his ankles.

His attacker purred at the new outfit, his eyes leering through the mask he wore.

Duo only laughed at him.

"Please don't underestimate me kind sir." He said, recognizing the man as the one that was at the club.

"I would never underestimate you pet, I want to know what you can do." Zechs said, licking his lips. Duo glared at him more.

"I suppose you are looking for that damn armor too."

"That...and perhaps a nice little dish to go with it."

"Hmph. I don't think so. You get neither asshole!" Suddenly Duo jumped high in the air and seemed to float there for a minute. Zechs had a fraction of a second to see three silver ninja stars headed towards him. He used his wind power to block the attack.

While he was blocking, Duo took the chance to drop to the ground, sweeping Zechs' legs from under him. Zechs was about to fall to the ground, but Duo stood up and spun around once, a black energy appearing around his body and knocking Zechs down the stairs and to the ground below.

Duo smiled.

"And that's that...you bastard." Duo said.

He had a short time to celebrate.

A high wind picked up and Zechs' form was revealed as if unharmed at all. Duo's face paled as he looked into amused blue eyes.

"Oh shit." Zechs chuckled and shot out several blast at Duo, each one Duo dodging. He bounced backward faster and faster, but the beams were catching up to him quickly.

Too quickly.




Cobalt blue eyes flashed.

Help me...

A Japanese body tensed.

...he's mine.

The box with the armor in it was taken and Heero rushed down the stairs.

Heero looked around the area by the long staircase. Something didn't feel right. It looked as if there was a battle recently, and he knew he heard one.

And Duo was nowhere to be found.

"Looking for someone?" Heero looked up and nearly dropped the box.

Zechs stood on one of the pillars smiling at him, his arm around Duo's waist. The longhaired boy had his back turned to Heero and his head seemed to be cradled in the crook of Zechs' neck. His clothes were torn here and there, showing off more skin to everyone. Zechs smirked at Heero and let his hand wander lower, groping Duo's ass hard while his other hand yanked on the braid.

"Wakey wakey Sleeping Beauty." Zechs sneered. Duo groaned and opened his eyes, and felt his body being spun around to see what was going on in front of him.

"Heero?" He heard Zechs chuckle at him and felt his arm wrap around his neck tightly, cutting off his air.

"Yes...it's your Heero. But he is powerless." Zechs said. Duo struggled and let his eyes lock on concerned blue orbs.

"What do you want?" Heero asked, his eyes narrowing at Zechs.

"Well isn't it obvious? I want the armor of course. Put the box down and step away."

"Don't do it Heero..." Duo's rant was cut off with a tighter squeeze against his neck. He cringed, feeling Zechs wrap his other arm around his waist and crushing his body into his.

The hardness he felt against his ass was sickening.

"You have no say in this Duo. So what's it gonna be Heero?" Heero sighed and put the box down and stepped away.

"Just leave him alone O.K." Heero said, his eyes cold as they looked at Zechs. Zechs only smirked and jumped to the ground, Duo still in tow. He grinned at the box and adjusted Duo's body so he could reach for the box.

Heero took that time to strike.

He charged at Zechs while he was distracted, about to elbow the man in his face.

Then violet eyes blinked at him in surprise.

"What?" Zechs smirked, he had sensed the attack coming and quickly used Duo to shield himself. Heero was barely able to stop the attack from hitting Duo right between his eyes. Zechs grinned and used a series of punches and kicks on Heero to send him flying into one of the pillars.

"HEERO!" Duo tried to rush over to help him but Zechs grabbed him again. His grin grew at the look of despair on Duo's sweet little face. He used one hand to hold Duo's arms behind his back, the other around his slender waist again.

"Can't you see how much you're making him suffer?" Zechs asked in a sweet tone of voice. Heero pulled himself together to meet wide violet eyes and glared harder at Zechs', seeing his hand wander in places where it didn't belong.

"Hmph. Losing a loved one is painful at first..." Zechs started. Both Duo and Heero gave him a confused look until Zechs brought his hand up to cup Duo's chin. Duo gasped in horror when his head was tilted up and Zechs looked into his eyes, his lips drawing closer.

"No..." Heero whispered, feeling his power boil over at what Zechs' was trying to do to his Duo.

"...but don't worry pet, you'll get use to it." His lips came closer to Duo's, Duo able to feel his warm breath on his trembling lips.


Not him.

Anyone but him! And in front of his one true love.

A tear slide down Duo's cheek when he felt a gentle touch on his lips.


"I'll kill you!" They heard Heero scream. Zechs turned to see that Heero was charging at him. The fool, his anger was clouding his judgment.

He might as well take him out of his misery.

He threw Duo down to the floor and growled at Heero, letting himself power up. Duo landed on the floor and gasped when he saw Zechs fire at Heero...

...and his target was right on the mark.


The rain fell all around the temple. It was a rain full of sorrow and grief. A Japanese boy laid in the lap of a very concerned American.

Duo's hair flowed freely around him, the rain soaking it and the two of them. He watched Heero's body twitched in pain, his face twisted in agony. Duo felt more tears in his eyes and he moved a strand of hair out of Heero's eyes.

"Duo..." He groaned out, his eyes shut and his body tense. Duo nodded sadly.

"Yeah...it's me..."

"Are you...are you O.K.?" Duo felt a tear fall at that simple question. Here he was injured trying to save him...and all that mattered to him was Duo's safety.

It was all his fault. He shouldn't have tried to fight that man alone.

"I'm fine Heero...worry about yourself..." Cobalt blue eyes opened and Duo felt a hand come up and touch his cheek. His eyes widened when Heero smiled.

"...but I do worry about you." With that, Heero passed out. Duo just sat in the rain holding him, the rain swallowing his tears.

Heero was hurt badly because of him.

And the armor was gone.

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