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Gundam Fury
A Fatal Fury Crossover
by Chibi Shi-Chan
Chapter Nine

The castle stood in the middle of the forest, rain falling all around it. It looked exactly like the castles one would see back in the medieval days of time.

Inside the castle were several pictures of many men, each looking to be very important to the household. A man stood in front of one of the pictures, light gray hair sticking to the sides of his head with a matching goatee. He wore no shirt, only a pair of baggy blue pants with a gold looking design at the end of each pant leg.

The stealthy blonde haired woman hid in the shadows and watched the old man stare at the pictures. His face said 70, but his body said 30.

"So this is the Mishima house, the house that has been holding the breastplate for generations." Dorothy whispered to herself. That day in the library back in Turkey she had overheard Quatre's little friends talking about where the armor was, but they didn't actually give out a location.

They did leave the book, and as soon as they were out of sight she snatched it up and read all it had to offer.

The breastplate was here.

"And that must be the head of the household, Heihachi Mishima (1)."

"Sir, it is good to see you have returned home." A servant said who had approached Heihachi. Heihachi smiled at the servant.

"Yes, it is good to be home. I had some business to take care of but now it is over with." Dorothy remained in the shadows, her eyes looking at the pictures, the further back they went the older they looked. But the last picture she laid eyes on had a man in it that was wearing what she was looking for.

"So the breastplate is here."

Heihachi frowned and turned his head in the direction of the entrance, swearing that he heard someone there.

"Who are you? I know you are there." Dorothy only chuckled and stepped out of her hiding spot, grinning at the old man.

But she had her guard up, this man would probably put up a fight.

"No one you would know, so let's end this quickly and you hand me the breastplate." She grinned at her opponent's glare. The servant immediately stepped away from his master as lightning bolts seemed to surround his body.

"I suggest you watch your tongue young lady." He said as he held his hand out. A sword suddenly appeared in his hand. Dorothy jumped into a fighting stance as the man attacked, the sword slashing at her. She dodged and blocked, the sword clanging her wristbands. Heihachi suddenly came up and gave her a deadly uppercut, her body flying in the air.

Dorothy screamed when she felt the sword slash at her again as she fell to the ground. She quickly rolled away and stood, noticing the little cuts all over her body suit. She held up a particularly nasty cut on her breast, the cloth of her suit opening up to show her nipple. She only grinned at the man and licked her lips.

Oh how she loved a challenge.

"Hm. You're pretty good for a little girl."

"I'll show you what this little girl can do." Dorothy said, her body glowing with a bright red energy. Heihachi watched her power rise and felt the earth shake all around him. He could hear the sound of water outside crashing into his castle, as if it was helping the girl in her battle. He saw waves of water form behind her, making even more of the castle collapse around them.

"Nice trick girl but it won't be enough!" Heihachi glowed with the lightening bolts again and let out a nasty looking attack at Dorothy, but she smirked and let the water surrounded her body. The water then flew at the man, making him crash into the ground.

Heihachi groaned and got up, spitting out the water that had entered his mouth and glared at his opponent. The water surrounded her pretty figure in a circle, almost daring him to attack. He stood, feeling the water all over his body from the attack.

"It's over!" She screamed, raising her hand in the air. A wave of water rose high up in the air, touching the ceiling. Heihachi glanced up and shut his eyes, not wanting to see the water sweep him up.

But he did feel it.

The water tossed his body into the far wall and pressed him into it, the pressure crushing his body. When the water disappeared, Heihachi was left perminently embedded in the wall, blood escaping his lips and his eyes wide open.

"How...how did...I...I..." He coughed up blood and water, struggling to breathe but the water and blood that was inside his throat choked him, killing him almost instantly.

Dorothy chuckled and turned to see the servant trying to get away.

"You there!" She screamed, making the man stop in his tracks. She smiled softly at him, her steps slow and deadly.

"Where is the breastplate?"

A red convertible pulled up at the castle that now looked like several tidal waves hit it. Solo stepped out, his eyes scanning the area for any sign as to what could've happened.

But deep down he already knew.

He left his brown jacket in the car and rushed in, hoping that Trowa and Quatre would already be there, holding up a piece of armor, and the mess be Trowa's fight with some easy bad guys.

But again, deep down, he knew that wasn't what happened.

He entered the castle, not using the door but through one of the holes in the wall and noticed that a pool of water was all around the castle grounds.

Was there a flood or something?

"Great....just fucking great...they beat us here too." He heard a low groan and saw a man who appeared to be a servant in what looked to be a secret passageway. Perhaps he could tell him what happened.

Solo ran to him and grabbed him, but his blood went cold when he felt no kind of pulse.

That groan was his last breath.

He sigh and took a look around and cringed when he saw a gray haired man stuck in the wall.

That must've been the lord of the castle.

"Damnit. Now I know they beat us here."

"So we're too late." Said a voice. Solo turned to see Trowa and Quatre enter, eyeing Trowa as he held his side in obvious pain.

"Yeah. But Trowa...what happened to you?" Trowa actually smiled at him.

"A little battle, but thanks to Quatre I'm alright." Quatre blushed at him.

"You don't have to thank me. It's my fault you're hurt anyway." Trowa shook his head.

"Don't blame yourself Quatre." Solo snickered at the scene, despite the awful stuff that must've happened.

He could tell that Quatre was one of those types of people who blamed himself for everything.

"Another piece was lost. I'm sorry." Trowa said. Quatre gasped and turned to look at him.

"It's fine. There is still one last piece. Maybe..." He suddenly stopped talking when he felt something extremely powerful in the air.


He gasped and held his head in pain, feeling a lot of power surround his brother.

Too much power, so much that it was causing Quatre great pain.


"Yo kid, are you O.K.?"

"It's...it's Wufei. He...he...AH!" Quatre dropped to the ground, his body trembling from the surge of power he felt.


"Make it stop. It's too much...please...Wufei stop it. STOP IT!"

Dorothy, Zechs, and Rashid watched the room fill with red bolts of lightning. Wufei was back in his leather pants but the shirt was gone, his chest now covered with the breastplate. He also had another piece of armor on his arm, and with the previous ones he had there were now five pieces of armor on him.

And the power he felt was incredible.

The glowing soon stopped and Wufei gave them a dark and chilling smile.

"There is only one more piece left." Wufei said. They couldn't help but shiver.

Even his voice sounded powerful.

"We...have no leads." Dorothy said sadly.

"Oh but I have a clue as to where a lead is. I say it's that pendant my brother has, the one in the chocker he wears. I want the three of you to collect the pendant and my dear little brother and bring them both to me." The three nodded at their lord and he smiled.

He would have the world on its knees, and Quatre would be there.

Whether he liked it or not.

He would not lose the last of his family, and if Trowa Barton or any of his little friends got in the way he would kill them right in front of Quatre to show him the power he had obtained.

And he would rule the world, with his brother by his side.

Back in the cave on Rhodos Island, Quatre and the others sat inside the part with the map of the five locations. After getting all of the information Duo basically made a not so secret discovery.

They were screwed.

Wufei had five pieces and only one more remained, one that they had no clue where to start looking to find it.

Duo sighed and leaned against the pillar as far away from Heero as possible. Everything was going straight to hell.

"I'm sorry everyone. It's all my fault that all of this has happened." Quatre said sadly. Solo noted that his previous revelation about the blond was right.

Give him time and he'd blame the fact that there was no air in outer space on himself.

"It's O.K. Quatre. It's not your fault that we aren't good enough." Heero said coldly. Duo flinched at the words and closed his eyes, telling himself that breaking down would not be a good thing in front of everyone. Solo frowned at the way Duo was acting.

Something was really wrong with him, and with Heero too. Duo had told them that the armor was taken from them...but he didn't say how it happened or anything.

There was more to that story, and it showed in Duo's face and in the fact that he was wearing baggy clothes again.

"Hey guys. Don't get so upset, there's still one more piece left out there." Solo said, trying to brighten the mood.

Funny, that was usually Duo's job.

"Yeah Solo but it could be anywhere. And I don't think we have enough time to look all around the world. It's fuckin hopeless." Duo said with a frown. Solo frowned too. There weren't enough days in the year for that plan.

"There has to be some kind of clue somewhere." Quatre said, trying to think of something that could turn the tables in their favor.

"I think there is. In your pendant Quatre. It has been showing us the way so far so there has to be something about it that we can use. Frankly, there isn't any other thing we can turn to." Quatre sighed and fingered the pendant at Trowa's words.

That was true. All of their clues came from the pendant, it had pointed out the way to go so far, so why stop now?

"But we've already gone through this place. There isn't anything we can do. Shit!" Solo screamed out in frustration, hitting his fist against the wall of the cave.

He blinked when a piece of the wall actually moved.

Everyone gasped when the wall showed a circle that seemed to have something glowing from within it.

"It looks to be about the size of your pendant Quatre." Quatre nodded and took his chocker off, unfastening the pendant and placing it in the circle.

Whatever was glowing from inside the wall now lit up the pendant and a little ray of red light shot out from the pendant...

...and pointed at what appeared to be a sea on the map.

"It's pointing the Dead Sea."

"The Dead Sea in Israel."

It was the last piece, and their last hope.

(1) All my fighting video game playing peoples, if we know our Tekken history we know who this man is. I HATE him, and I really enjoy kicking his ass in the game.

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